2020-06-23: The Harbingers Move


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Summary: The Harbingers emerge from secrecy to wreak destruction on a Sentinel factory.

Date: June 23, 2020

Log Title The Harbingers move

Rating: PG-13

El Cajon, CA

El Cajon, California. That's where the Harbingers have sent tonight. The mysterious Strange was able to help them out with a direct portal to where they needed to be. They've been dropped a safe distance away but they can see that there is wire fencing with all sorts of warnings signs about 20 feet high surrounding a factory. Three large Sentinels loom around it as security and there's no question that there is more laid out to protect the building with TRASK ENTERPRISES in large lettering on the side of the factory.

Distance looks at the fences and says nothing for a moment. No, he's checking out the situation laid out before them all. Then he glances back to the others, Do you want me to get us past the fences and guards? I can. Something he has done before. Many times. Slip past the security and get into the secret, private spaces that are suppose to be most heavily protected.

Objective: Destoy everything. Secondary objectives, Thought? asks Hope, confirming the current mission, cloaks seemingly blowing slightly in the breeze even though there seems to be little actual breeze to cause such motions. The Harbringer's arms are crossed and the figure seems to be contemplating something.

Devotion crosses his arms over his chest as he looks over at the others. The harbinger just staying silent for the moment before he says, in his own deep modulated voice. Both Thought and I can get in on our own." He looks over at the other Magik chosen. "But, it depends on how Thought wants to go about this.

An armored gauntlet creaks faintly, as Thought surveys the compound beyond the fences. We enter in pairs, comes the eerily modulated voice from the depths of the rune-trimmed hood. Secondary objective aligns with the primary; make our presence known as Harbingers seeking the destruction of this place, and escape without incident. Turning, the rest of the Harbingers are studied in turn, something like a smile in the aharmonic tangle of Thought's voice. Devotion and I each may take another in the stepping discs. I shall place us inside the northern sector; Devotion, where you wish to begin will be your choice. We burn our paths through to the middle of the building to join forces.

Reaching to his back, beneath flowing black layers, Distance pulls a golden rod down from where it was waiting for use between his shoulder blades. It has a strange, horned, rounded end, but is otherwise without ornament. He carefully fits a strap around a wrist so that it isn't casually lost. I've no preference. Doesn't matter if he gets people in, or someone else does. Mass destruction isn't his forte however, so this mission will be somewhat difficult for him. Means he seeks out critical places that he can harm to do the most good. Mass destruction isn't among my powers however, be warned.

From behind the group a voice speaks to them. "Well well well bonjuor mai pettes. What lovely evenin' we be havin' t'night, non?" If they look behind them they'll see the former X-Men Gambit dressed head to toe in black leather, his hair has gotten quite long, there's a black collar around his throat and the 'M' above his right eyes. It seems like they have a Hound guarding the place. "I thought I be smellin' mutant miles away, now Gambit can't be lettin' ya go inside." He says letting a red playing card glow before tossing it at Distance.

Noted, says Hope in reply to Thought's explanation, I will accompany Thought. I cannot pass barriers on my own. And then Gambit shows up. The Harbringer spins around to face the former X-men member. With a few hand motions, some mumbled sounds and a dash forwards, Hope raises a mystic shield to try and protect Distance from being injured by the playing card, just in case it might catch the other member of this 'team' off guard. Stop us, Hound. Try.

Devotion looks over at Thought as the harbinger tells of the plan. A soft nod before he glances behind them as Gambit makes his appearance. Seems we have some company before we can begin the mission. His arms drop down to his sides, the cloak hiding them as the wind blows. A dagger forms in his hand, shrouded in the eldritch silver that accompanies it. I agree with Hope here. Try. See what happens.

As the other Harbingers rush forward into battle, a multi-tonal sigh floats from beneath Thought's hood. There is no *time* for this, the Harbinger grumbles, drawing a long, glowing sword humming with power from beneath the cloak. A quickly-drawn circle is traced out in the air, followed by a rune in the center, and a stepping-disc flares to life beneath the Cajun-spiced Hound.

Like the others, Distance turns at the voice. Hope throws up a shield before him, and with that he shakes his head before simply disappearing. Removing himself from the chance for harm, even though he will thank Hope for the attempt later. He reappears a short distance away, a gun in one hand, rod in the other, but there was that wait as people reacted. We should split the team. Said because he agrees with Thought. There isn't time for this. Choose who stays and who goes. Even as Distance speaks he watches Gambit warily.

The card explodes but none are harmed thanks to Hope's shield and then the disc forms under Gambit and with a cry of surprise he slips to..well…only Thought knows where, not giving him time to warn the others.

Hope watches Gambit fall passively, lowering the shield and looking back to Thought. Now that we are no longer distracted. Let's move. The Harbringer is glad that the X-man is removed so that the priority tasks can be taken care of, adding, As I said, I do not have the ability to pass barriers on my own. Hope faces towards Thought and says, Unless there are objections. I can also find more direct means of entrance. Provide distraction and chaos.

Devotion only lets out a small chuckle as he watches Gambit vanish. We'll deal with him later. He turns back to the compound, and seems to just stare off into the distance. Lead the way, Thought. I'll follow. He turns his head to look back at Hope before he waits for Thought to start moving.

Thought's hood dips in a nod of acknowledgment, looking between the others. Devotion. Carry Hope to the southern side of the compound. I will take Distance, to the north. We destroy what we can as we head to the center, and make our final action there before leaving. Looking to Distance, Thought's hood tilts slightly. Shall we?

A firm nod from Distance, even as he crosses to where Thought is. The gun is tucked away in a holster all but hidden beneath folds, but the rod remains in hand. Ready.

Done, says Hope, floating over to accompany Devotion, nodding once at the others in a gesture that can almost be interpreted as 'see you in a bit'.

Getting to the fences is no problem and the two groups will know they have to get past not one but two chain link fences, with barb wire on top, to get towards the facility. Guards make patrols as do the three Sentinels. The ground vibrates a bit with their foot steps. Distance and Thought on North while Devotion and Hope are to the South. For Distance and Thought there's a Sentinel about 100 yards away but for Devotion and Hope they're luck if it's 45 yards away.

Devotion looks over at Hope, giving the harbinger a small wave over. Once the Harbinger was close enough; the souldagger is produced once more as the light appears beneath them. Both of them slip into Limbo, and then reappears behind a wall, or nearby it. The vibrations of the ground make Devotion curse under his breath as he presses himself back against the wall. This is going to be interesting.

The moment the Sentinel on their side of the compound is spotted, Thought's sword traces a complex sigil in the air, wreathing the pair in spells of nondetection, cloaking their movements from Sentinel sensors. The fences, glanced over briefly. Distance, Thought says, what shall be done of this?

If the way in is to walk and set off all the alarms, Distance growls, Why are we being stupid when I could get us all in without being detected, and in complete safety? With that he offers Thought his hand. Well, almost more of trying to take it, but he doesn't go that far. Take my hand and we can walk in without having to worry about any of this.

Sighing softly, a strange sound coming through the voice modulation, Hope looks up towards the nearby Sentinel and says, tone lost through the vocal transformation even though the chosen words may still convey it, Sentinels here. How surprising. The Harbringer floats slightly off the ground while saying this, mumbling a few words and sending a couple of mystic bolts towards the head of the sentinel, trying to give it a good jostle or better yet knock a few screws loose.

"Mutant Detec…" WHAM WHAM WHAM! The Sentinel on the South end barely registers that there is a mutant there before the mystic bolts slam into his head leaving significant dents. Magic works wonders! It's not down though as he brings a palm at Hope and it starts to glow with a charge. As for the two up North, Thought and Distance, the Sentinel just gets in range and a scan goes over Distance then it goes over Thought. "Mutant Detected, Begin termination."

Devotion whispers under his breath, a sigil drawn into the air in front of him. Right before he's finished the spell, Hope launches off the bolts. He lets out a curse before a circle of light appears under him and he vanishes for a second before appearing on the robot's shoulder. Aiming to drive his dagger into the head and start to cause havoc on those electronics inside the machine.

Hurry, Thought says, cursing inwardly as the Sentinel voice booms out, snatching hold of Distance's hand. Hope springs eternal, the Harbinger grumbles as they make their way inside, but it would be *nice* if this particular avatar of Hope would show restraint, now and again…

Hand taken, the two disappear immediately. And yet to Thought the change isn't quite as complete. Everything goes somewhat hazy. Sounds are muted. The world turns washed out, yet still there. Distance doesn't give Thought time to process this. Let's go. Time is running out so he begins running in turn. No one can sear, nor hear them, in the real world, but Distance is quite solid to Thought's vision. They can't see, or hear us, so don't worry about that. Also, nothing but the ground is solid. We can pass through fences and walls. Which they do. The fence doesn't even tingle as it's passed.

Raising a mystic shield to protect against the incoming blast while floating a little further upwards to try and mitigate the strain from being hit, Hope says to the other Harbringer at the South end, Apologies Devotion. Sentinel too close. Detection coming too quickly. Had to act. This particular Harbringer isn't really all that well suited for stealth, either. If the sentinel does not seem more of a threat once Devotion is through with it, Hope moves on.

Between Hope and Devotion with the shields and mystic bolts and dagger the Sentinel dose manage to go down. Mutant powers it can work against but magic, not so good. The other two, Distance and Thought manage to sneak by without a problem and are making their way into the base. Unfortunately that one down Sentinel alerted the presence of a few guards and one other Sentinel.

If what I suspect of this place is correct, Thought muses, hurrying down and through the network of rooms at the outer edges of the compound, then we must begin destroying every machine we may find. An industrial place, this, one that leads me to believe the Sentinels outside are not the only ones we will find.

Devotion curses as he reappears next to Hope, running with him. Looks like we're the distraction. He grins a bit as he draws a sigil in the air with his dagger; a swarm of demons bursting into existence around him with the small of sulfur and brimstone shrouding them. Then a distraction they'll get. You get the guards, I'll deal with the Sentinel. His dagger glows as he starts to head for the robot, sending the demons after the guards if they get in his way.

Let's scout first. Distance doesn't mean to argue. No, if Thought says so, he believes. He just wants to hit the right spot first. We'll get one shot at this, so let's make sure we can do the most damage possible. There's a grin behind those words even if it can't be seen. Passing through all kinds of walls and equipment, Distance wants to make a brief look around before picking a starting point. He's going to see if they can't find an optimal spot. What do you think is here? Asked, for all it honestly isn't important.

Keep swift. Hit hard, says Hope, nodding at Devotion's words, Rejoin with others fast as possible. The Harbringer's cloak seems to take a life of its own, lashing out to knock back one of the guards before the not-so-subtle Hope raises two hands up in the air and starts to conjure up more mystic bolts to fire off at the guards before they necessarily get a bearing for what's happening.

A facility for construction, Thought replies, a cowled head poked through a wall to scan the room beyond. There. Left, five hundred feet beyond. See, Distance, and understand. Taking hold of Distance's shoulder, Thought guides the fellow Harbinger toward the factory floor sighted beyond the room on the other side of the wall.

Once Distance and Thought hit the factory floor it's a scary sight. More Sentinels then one could conceive stand in this place, most depowered luckily. Sentinels on conveyerbelts just seem to pour out and the heat and steam in here is almost stifling. There are guards and operators and even a few smaller robots working diligently. Outside though is a different story, as demons swarm the guards keeping them from attacking the two. Another group of guards all get hit by Hope's mystic bolts. Devotion starts to attack the sentinel with the Dagger but it's not out of commission yet as it fires a net at Hope to hopefully knock her to the ground and keep her pinned there.

Devotion takes another step before a circle of light appears under him and he vanishes from sight once more. He appears next to Hope, wherever he is, and he goes to grab onto him. If he does, he teleports once more to reposition Hope somewhere save before he vanishes again. He reappears on top of the Sentinel's head. The dagger spinning in his hand before he goes to slam it into the middle of the robot's face. To drag it upwards, and slice it through the metal to bring it down.

Oh ho! Distance is amazed, but that can't show with his mask. He looks where he's directed and nods, Let's hit them where they hurt then. Doesn't move the two back to the real world yet though. No, that will happen when they are in the perfect spot for it. Ready? Asked when they reach that spot. Rod in one hand, the man shifts them back when she is ready, and immediately lashes out. Rod is lifted and he blasts at a critical power line running to some important systems. This won't be the only attack of course. Doesn't linger after the blast. No, Distance heads for that important system, his hands taking on a distortion. His goal is to cut into pieces everything that lays before him. So long as he doesn't hit Thought, he doesn't care what his power cuts through.

Ready, Thought replies, springing into action the moment the curtain pulls back from the muted otherwhere they had been traveling through. As Distance targets critical power lines, Thought concentrates on the banks of computers hooked to the depowered Sentinels. Destroying the machinery is important, but to have so many completed soldiers active, disastrous. Thus does the glowing Soulsword arc and skate through the air, hewing apart the computers with extreme prejudice.

It is as if Hope is not even jarred by this repositioning, the Harbringer's hands raising up once again to fire more bolts towards the guards, speaking for Devotion's benefit, Thank you. It was unlikely that Hope would have been able to get out of the way of the net in time, so the teleportation was certainly a boon. As soon as things are clear enough, Hope attempts to move on.

Panic inside the building, alarms start going off as things just start getting destroyed. Any humans start to run for their lives as they don't want to be in this mess. Robots try to fight Thought and Distance but at least this is a factory, none of the Sentinels have been activated yet. The beginning of the destruction of Sentinel Factory. Outside a second sentinel is taken down which leaves one to strafe the with small missiles not caring if it hits any guards as well as the two Harbingers. *Mutants Detected, powers….unknown* It's having trouble figuring out magic.

Devotion looks towards the new Sentinel, a soft mutter coming from him. A light shrouding him as he vanishes into Limbo once more, dodging a missile that hit just before he vanished. He reappears behind it, his cloak flaring behind him before he starts to run towards it; his souldagger glowing brightly as he gets near it.

Distance's work is particular in that as he cuts the pieces tend to disappear. Not all of them, but as the distortion of his power slices through machinery, it occasionally ceases to be. This makes things even harder to fix, which is the idea. Aiming for anything that seems computer and important. He does have to pause at spots to murmur to himself, hands motioning as he finally casts a spell. Tosses up a magical shield to help him against the robots. Going to ignore them for as long as he's able. Get more damage done that way. Thought! Tell me if you feel we need to go. Calling out to his companion.

It will not be long, Thought replies, armored arm and leg glinting under the harsh factory lights, as a stepping disc flares to life, disgorging the Harbinger atop one of the larget fabrication machines, eldritch blade shearing into and through a central support. Wreak what havoc you can, we move on in five minutes.

Watching the missiles coming, Hope drops down towards the ground near some of the guards, raising up the shield so that the missiles' explosions do maximum damage on the targets before retaliating with a couple more bolts at the Sentinel that fired the missiles. We must be faster. Though secondary objective is probably moving along well.

More and more of the base is destroyed, even some small explosions go off and outside the two Harbingers would be able to see people fleeing the building. As more and more is hit, more and more is destroyed. Over the next five minutes things inside are decimated. Back to the other two, they have one last Sentinel standing. The missiles are missed on both of them but not the guards and some mystic bolts hit ones leg. In retaliation the Sentinel moves a foot to squash Hope and another hand to blast Devotion at the same time.

Devotion curses as he sees the hand point towards him and light shrouds him once more; vanishing from the ground before he reappears on the hand. He slams the dagger down and starts to run up the arm, aiming to slice it upwards to the shoulder and even into the head if he can get there in time. Eat dirt, you damn scrap heap!

Understood. Distance can do a lot in five minutes. Well, if he can keep the robots off himself. He turns to disable some, before once more ignoring them in favor of getting a last hit in. That rod is lifted once more and used to open a portal to a nether realm. It'll use the rod's charge, but Distance thinks it worth it. Opens a portal in the air over a very fancy looking terminal. A big one. Then drops it down and closes said portal. Oops. Misplaced the terminal. Ah well. After that the man disappears. Tucks rod between shoulder blades and heads towards Thought. I'm near the end of my ability. Said as he reappears near her, offering his hand. We should go.

Thought catches hold of Distance's hand, clawed gauntlet cold to the touch. To the center, Thought agrees, a circle of light forming beneath their feet. One short stopover in a realm of hellfire and screaming later, the two emerge in the center of the compound, accompanied by a small horde of lesser servitor imps, let loose to rampage however they desire.

Not really a fan of being squashed, Hope fires a couple more bolts towards the bottom of the sentinel's foot, all the while floating quickly backwards away from the point of impact. Hope is not quite strong enough to withstand the crushing force of one of these sentinels, and would rather not pit a shield against it right now.

The damage done to the Sentinel factory tonight is not something that will be easily repairable and will probably be out of commission for the next several years. Somewhere the head of Trask Enterprises is screaming for bloody murder. The last Sentinel falls and pretty much all is calm outside as the building starts to crumble from the damages.

Devotion lands on the ground and looks down at the grounded sentinel. And now they know. The Harbingers mean business. He runs over towards Hope and asks, Are you alright, Hope? He looks over at the crumbling building and an unseen grin forms on his face before he lets out a soft, yet deep, chuckle.

Good work, my friends, Thought says, the Soulsword digging into the hard-packed and blasted soil at the center of the compound. Great progress is made this night; soon the Sentinels will be altogether more precious than the money spent to make them. Precious enough, not to squander in their conflict with the Rebels. The Soulsword raises with a flourish, before disappearing into the folds of the cloak, leaving behind a chilling, three-word message: [The Harbingers move.]

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