2010-09-20: The Hideout


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Summary: Vincent tracks down Envy at her apparently not-so-secret hideout.

Log Title: The Hideout

Rating: PG

Old Warehouse

While most warehouses in this area of town tend to be frequented by runaways and the homeless, this particular building seems to be avoided for the most part. If you ask around the locals street-folk will tell you that a frightening mutant uses this building as her base of operations, though the inside looks much like any of the other warehouses in the area.


If one were to venture past the empty crates and occasional rodent in the lower level of the building, they would find a set of stairs leading up to a series of offices. Most of these appear to be vacant, but one has been made into a rather comfortable apartment. The room contains a bed, a computer, and a bookshelf filled with books and disks. Laying randomly around the room are various weapons of all kinds. There are several kinds of guns, a few crystal weapons, and something that may be a bomb. Eris is currently hunched over a desk looking over photographs of Stark Towers with a magnifying glass. The woman is wearing what appears to be a black ninja's outfit without a mask.

"ENVY!" A shout echoes through the mostly empty warehouse. Vincent walks in, but his hair has been cut shorter and while that makes him look older he still looks about 18 or so. "ENVY I know your hear." Vince says, trying to find the mutant he helped escape from Stark. Vincent's hands aren't clenched he seems to have an aggressive agenda, but not upset about anything.

Eris's head snaps up as she hears the shout echo through the warehouse down below. She narrows her eyes and turns to her computer, typing in a few commands before a series of video windows pop up on the screen. She scans through them before finding the camera that Vincent is on. She zooms in on the image and smirks, pressing a button. "There is a set of stairs to your left. Do not step on the third, fifth, or seventh stair if you value your legs." The voice seems to be transmitted through a PA system.

Vincent's head snaps towards the sound of the speaker but misses the source, and he looks as if he can see the sound waves. His head turns to the left and looks at the steps, and mumbles to himself. "3. 5. 7." And then nods before he moves to the stairs and makes it with no problem. There's a knock on the door. So he has something to talk about, but he's not kicking down doors. How polite.

The door is slightly ajar and creaks open as he knocks. It opens a bit further as a black cat comes through and rubs past the man's leg. “Come in.“ Eris glances over for a moment, having returned to studying her photographs. "I suppose I should be concerned. If you could find me so easily it can't be too hard for those artificial mutants." She sits down her magnifying glass and looks at the boy expectantly. "Well? I'm sure you didn't come all this way for idle chatter."

"I have not, and I just talked to one of your friends that painted my car last time." Vincent says with a smirk but walks in, only after he bends over and gives the cat a stroke down it's back. He looks up at Eris and closes the door behind him. "Alright, I wanted you to know that I'm no longer myself. At least for the foreseeable future." He starts his speech as he walks closer, leaning against her desk with his palms on the top and his bum on the edge. "I am David Shiff, a anti-mutant activist who is taking a part in this 'Game' where they get points for killing mutants."

Eris perks up suddenly. "Are you now? That is very interesting." She collects up her photographs and places them in a file. She turns to her bookshelf and fingers through her texts for a few moments before pulling out a black binder. "The information I have gathered on that organization is sparse. I have a contact in Mutant Town who keeps tabs on a few individuals there. It seems Magneto and his lackeys are plotting some sort of trap there." She pulls out a few papers with information on some of the shooters that had been killed, some maps of Mutant Town with drawings and notations on them, and a few photographs of Magneto, Dingo, Chamber, and the blue-haired bartender from Nowhere.

Vincent nods, rocking while leaning against her desk next to her, looking down to her. He raises his eyebrows as she mentions Magneto and his lackeys, surprised she didn't catch on to him being one. Though he's only met the man a few times now. "Well, I was shot by David, to his surprise though, I don't die easily." Vince shrugs, grabbing a pen of her desk and holding it before his face, examining it, "Yeah, about that trap, I'm the bear claw… you could say." Vince says, lowering the pen and looking to Eris for a reaction, hopefully approval.

Eris quirks a brow and jots something down on one of the papers. "David? I don't know that one." She fingers through a few of the papers to double-check. "Is that your gift? To not die so easily?" She asks it passively, but many of the files on the other mutants have notations about abilities. It is likely she intends to start a file on Vincent. Eris frowns upon his mention of his role in the trap. "I see. Then you would be one of Magneto's lackeys I suppose?" She makes a few other notes. "And let me guess. Magneto somehow orchestrated that you would be present to rescue me when I escaped. Now he wants me to repay the favor?"

Vincent listens intently, soaking up all the knowledge she's willing to give. He chuckles, "No, I'm a self healer." He says without worry, as he generally isn't concerned about being a target or harassed. "I'm not-" He shoves off the desk and starts to pace around the room slowly, softly, "I'm doing this because /I/ believe it needs to be done. One way or another this has to be stopped." Vince says, stopping and looking back at Eris. "And he had nothing to do with me saving you, I don't think he even knows about it, and if he does, he doesn't know I was there." He throws his hands up in frustration. "I'm not a lacky, and I helped you because I was there and wanted to."

Eris crosses her arms and leans back, tapping her foot expectantly. "If you expect me to believe for one minute that Magneto wouldn't use something like that above me…But I'll believe you for now." It seems that she still suspects that Magneto is somehow pulling the strings behind this meeting. She will not be used as a pawn, but she can pretend to be one for now. "So? What is it that you need from me? Weapons? Maps? Assistance?" She moves over to the computer and clicks a few buttons. "I'm afraid my face is on every wanted list and FOH site on the internet. I won't be able to infiltrate anything any time soon."

Vincent shakes his head, "You should." Vince says in a slightly sarcastic tone. "I did save your ass a few days ago." He puts on a smile. He's been doing that a lot more lately. He stops pacing and moves back over to the desk and stands there, and scratches the back of his head quickly. "Well, about that. I could use a place to stay. Just for the time being, I can't exactly go back to my place, I don't want anyone to figure me out before their big rally."

Nodding, Vincent steps away from the desk and his voice has gotten solemn. "Thanks for the help." He opens the door slowly, making sure the cat doesn't get out, especially onto those steps. That'd be quite the mess. He raises his hand in farewell and motions to leave.

Eris turns and watches the man as he heads out the door. She crosses her arms again and calls out. "Let me know if you need help setting anything up, but you probably shouldn't be seen in public with me until after this is all set up." She glances at the cat and points to the bed, "Inque, up!" The cat jumps up lays down as Eris turns back to her papers and makes a few more notes.

Vincent's hand rests on the knob as he peers in and listens to Eris' last request. He raises an eyebrow in that cocky way that he has mastered in a full lifetime before adding, "I was thinking the same thing." With a quick wink before he shuts the door and starts down the steps to get to work on his new home.

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