2009-06-03: The Jeweler And The Weatherman


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Summary: Stephen and Pudge meet again in the park.

Date:June 3, 2009

Log Title The Jeweler And The Weatherman


NYC - City Hall Park

In front of the large white building with pillars, American Flags, and bell tower on top, is City Hall Park with its extravagant fountain. Four sets of black iron gas lamps sit on the four corners of the fountain, there the only gas lamps left in the city. Four spouts of water shoot in the center tier of the fountain and shower down into the water below. Four smaller pools sit on each side of the fountain where water pours into them from the main part. Benches sit all around the fountain with trees and flowers covering the grass behind.

It's a nice day at the park today, and not because Pudge made it so, but he knew it was going to be days ago. Since he doesn't work until later this afternoon, Pudge has brought his latest copy Weatherwise Magazine to leaf through while just enjoying the day. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and black t-shirt as he wants to stay away from the suits he wears nightly for now.

Stephen himself is out and about as well, with his chainmail kit in his hands. The kit consists of a large box, much like a tackle box, filled with various needed odds and ends for his work. He's dressed in a red shirt and a pair of jeans, himself as he moves near Pudge, not quite noticing the man just yet.

Even though he knows a lot about meterology and has a connection with the weather it's always good to read up on the latest studies. After finishing reading one article Pudge leands back on the bench and stretches, which is when he notices Stephen again. "Hey Stephen! Seems we've run into eachother again."

HEaring his name, the animal mage turns his head with a grin. "Oh, heya." He grins, sliding over that way with his box. "What are you doing out and about, Mr. TV Man?" Stephen chuckles, giving a wink. "You didn't tell me you were THAT weatherperson."

"What? Am I supposed to introduce myself as Pudge Weathers, Channel 4 Weather everytime I introduce myself to someone?" Pudge says with a chuckle. At least he goesn't go by Gale on the news. "It's a nice day so I thought it'd enjoy it. Do some reading, what about yourself?"

"I was coming out to do a little work on what I started the other day, myself." Stephen says with a chuckle as he pulls open his box, grabbing a pair of needle nose pliers. Taking the rings, he starts connecting them one to the next to make a long string. HE works quickly and efficiently.

Pudge watches Stephen work for a bit before tucking his magazine away in his bag. "So is chainmail something you work on often or something new that you've started doing." He doubts it's new seeing how fast he works at it. "And what exactly did you mean by THAT weatherperson before?" Pudge asks curiously since he seemed to have emphized the That.

"The one that people seem to like because he's never wrong." Stephen chuckles. "I don't really watch TV much. I prefer to let things surprise me." He grins, working away. "It's been a hobby off and on, but I've nverreally tried to make jewelry out of it. THAT is new."

"What can I say, I have a talent for the weather like you have with animals." Pudge says with a smile and leaves it at that. "Actually I don't watch much Television either, when you're working behind a camera most the day you don't really want to sit infront of one." He watches at Stephen work a bit more as he finds it interesting. "I'd be curious to see what else you've made."

"Come by my shop sometime. I have a lot of things there." Stephen says with a grin. "And yeah, I figured that out last night." He says with a chuckle, stretching out his arms before going back to his work. "I spend most of my time just practicing on things and collecting new pieces.

Pudge remembers the buisness card and he makes a mental note to stop by and check it out sometime. "I spend most of my time studying the weather. I have to make it look like I do some research or else people will get suspicous. And just because you know and feel how things work it's good to all fully understand it. So how does someone get into jewlery making?"

"I just… started. Took a few design classes in college. And… boom. I apprenticed myself to a jeweler and finally got to the point to go off on my own." Stephen explains with a grin. He starts at the beginning of the same row he created, placing a single ring between each two.

Pudge nods as it sounds simple enough. He gives Stephen that friendly smile of his before looking up at the sky a bit. "I guess it's just about doing what you enjoy. So how'd you find your other talent? It's not that common to find someone who also knows about the mystic arts and such."

"I'm… not to talk about that." Stephen says with a shake of his head. "It's a private matter. But, we'll leave it at the fact that it's Shamanic Magic." He says with a grin. The native american fetishes were already a dead giveaway, but hey.

Pudge nods understanding and doesn't press the issue. His powers aren't Native American in nature but it's not common to find a fellow mystic. He's quiet for a bit as he just watches the world around him. "I still owe you a drink sometime." Pudge says as he turns to Stephen and smile.

"I know. And don't worry. I'll let you take me out. It'll be a date." Stephen says with a firm nod before he realizes what he said. "I mean… you know… just a friendly date. Not a… shit." HE says, face scrunching a little.

Pudge can't help but laugh. "Not a shit? Well I'm glad about that cause that doesn't sound pleasant at all." Pudge can't help but joke a bit. "Don't worry Stephen, I got what you ment. Outside of work I don't really have many friends or people to hang out with so it'll be fun."

"Good. I don't really have that many people around here either. Everyone I know is in another state." Stephen say with a laugh, relaxing again.

"I just moved to the city about three years ago so I'm in the same boat." Pudge says and even though his aunts live with him there's only so much you can hang around with your 'parental figures' when your in your early thirties. "And honestly most people in the television business are so full of themselves.

"I live on my own. It does get… a little quiet and annoying sometimes. I'm more of a people person." Stephen admits. "But… I have trouble getting to know people around here."

"I live with my two aunts. I couldn't leave them when I got the job offer down here so they came with me." Pudge would willingly take care of his two aunts for as long as need be. "I have trouble getting to know anyone I'd want to be friends with around here. I can get to know anyone I work with easily, I don't usually want to know them though."

"I know the feeling. Most of the people around here are either just rude or shallow."
Stephen says with a nod as he looks down at what he's been working on. It's now a few inches long and made up of about six rows of rings, interconnected. He nods, starting to pack things away. "Well, you're more than welcome to come and visit anytime. I live near the shop, so if you go for a visit, there's the start."

"I'm orginally from Salem, I've been to Boston, I'm used to rude." Pudge says meaning it to be light humoured but comes out in a sort of annoyed way, like he's moved from one city of rude people to another. "Sounds good Stephen, I'll definitely be stoping by soon."

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