The Main Event


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Summary: The public execution of four mutants is brutally interrupted!

Date: October 20, 2012

Log Title: The Main Event

Rating: R

New Jersey - Giants Stadium

Filmed Live! New Jersey - Giants Stadium, home of the 2011 Superbowl Champions, the big Giants logo at one of the field and a Redskins logo at the other, but today the stadium has been prepared for other uses than football. On one side of the field, around the twenty yard line, a large sinister looking platform has been erected, a podium sits on the right side while for nooses hang from a beam on the left. For the most part the seats are empty, the occasional guard or sniper at their post in the stands. The crowd is all in the field in front of the stage, several thousand people with picket signs declaring their hate of mutants have congregated for the show.
In one of the locker rooms four mutants have been dragged out of their cages, feet untied, so they can be marched, hands tied behind them and blindfolded, to the stage. Connor, Nicholas, Quenton and Warlock are lead up to the platform and put in their positions, standing on foot high, foot wide, blocks and a noose fit snugly around each of their necks, above the collar, making it slightly difficult to breath. Their ankles are retied and they're left to wait as one of the Purifier's, dressed in the standard long jacket with the white cross over the front, makes his way to the stage and stands in front of the podium.
Casting a shadow over the stage and the crowd is a twenty foot monstrosity in purple, blue and gray steel. Anyone whose been in a danger room session or studied anything about Mutant History will instantly recognize it as a Sentinel. The head scans the crowd and the stands, standing still ominously as a protector from any mutants that might be lurking in the stadium.
"Greetings my fellow supporters! Thank you all for coming!" Rings the voice of the man through the stadium. "You are all gathered here today to witness history in the making. Standing before you are four mutants, Connor Blake, Nicholas Gerhardt, Quenton Michaels and Warlock Corvus. These four are destined to be responsible for the failure of our mission! Destined to take down the Church of Humanity, The Purifiers, The Friends of Humanity, Humanities Last Stand, Every Anti-Mutant Group out there and God's Will! Today, we are here to see history be made! With the execution of these four abominations, these four hell spawns, we will see that God's Will be preserved! Mutant Destiny is not our Destiny!" He pauses to let the cheers that have been building up settle down. "Today the mutant registration and relocation act will go into effect! Let the execution begin!"

Quenton, and his companions are, needless to say, a mess. Wearing only a pair of grey pants each, Quenton himself is not the Avenger Boy people would remember, nor is he the Rage his classmates would recognize, either. His hair is much longer, almost shoulder length, and carved into his face is a brutal half-glasgow smile, not healed at all yet and outlined by moisture. Another cut runs through his brow to his cheek, missing his eye, and an ugly 'M' has been burned into his arm. His breathing, however, is terribly relaxed, even despite the tears streaking down his face, and his maimed lips are twisted in a macabre smirk. "Cut the shit and get it over with already. I got shit to do downstairs."

Maxwell stands near the stage, a bandana pulled over his face. He wears a bulletproof vest and a tactical helmet over his usual clothing. To make a good show for the purifiers he carrys a pump-action shotgun and wears a pair of .357 revolvers. What the purifiers don't know is that except for one of the revolvers these weapons are loaded with rubber bullets. He tries not to act nervous though he constantly scans the crowd waiting for the jailbreak he knows is coming.

From the opposite side of Nicholas, where Connor hangs, Quentons little comment makes him give off a rather silly and not quite entirely sane-sounding giggle. With his head shaved like it is, the scar that goes from the left-top side of his scalp, down his forehead, and crosses his left eye, a bit of it on the cheekbone to complete the image. It's not obvious to anyone else who isn't close but his body is covered with spots of makeup to keep the bruises and burns out of view. He slumps in his walk, almost collapsing once as he's struck with a rifle in the small of the back to keep him moving. As the first to be executed, he just murmurs out in a weird little voice, something not quite all there, "You better get me a cookie… and sooooooon. Or else something bad is gonna happen."

Quite visible is the word 'Mutant' brutally carved into Nicholas' chest as he stands uptop the small box which is obvious he's having trouble balancing on. His heart feels like it's about to beat it's way out of his chest and every breath is shuddered as he can't hold back that tears that soak through the blindfold. He does his best to hold his head high even though he knows that within minutes, everything will be over. "It was good knowing you guys, see you on the other side." He says but his voice can only be heard by those nearby, the screams of the crowd drowning out his words otherwise.

Cable is here, the big man concealed and his gear concealed by the Tech Bracelet around his left wrist, functioning as an image inducer. He crouches in the upper bleachers, hidden in the shadows cast by the stadium lights directly above him and hidden from the ones across the field by support pillars. A pulse rifle with 8X zoom scope is slung across his back, and twin modified .50 desert eagles rest in custom holsters on his outer thighs, moving as he flexes. With his artificial eye scoping out the crowd below, his main concern is the Sentinal scanning the crowd. He's simply fortunate that it's an early model, with the long range scanning not developed yet.. Unless he was getting his dates wrong. That happens sometimes. A gear pack full of high yeild shaped charges, a few stun grenades and other goodies is slung across one shoulder.
Cable found out about this little gathering by beating the shit out of a pacifier flunkie who got a little too talkative at the bar. He'll be damned if these kids are going to be killed. But operating solo… as he's not sure who else is here.. he has to time this perfectly. A bluetooth headset in his right ear, he unslings the rifle and takes up a snipers position, the crosshairs dancing over the heads of the crowd and the man on the stage. Who to kill…

A black on black figure in the rapidly darkening dusk sky, perched on the balls of her black boots on top of a light pole in the stadium's parking lot, Jill gives an involuntary wince at the echoing cries of hate. Enthusiastic, cheering mad hate. Maniacs. Every one of them. She can't un-realize it now. Terrified. Hyperventilating. The emotional state has plowed headlong into the physical. Trembling. Waiting for a signal. What signal? How will she know? What if she goes too early? Or worse, too late? Gnawing, clawing the teenage vampire up from the inside. Is her domino mask on straight? Will there be cameras? Of course there will.

Heather is presently wearing her tinted goggles, and a bandana to cover her mouth, as well as her signature weapon, a combat umbrella, is strapped to her back. The young woman is presently hiding off, however, and waiting for a signal to proceed. She is not leading the strike, but has gladly come out to lend a hand to any others who have come out to stop the atrocity. If they weren't doing something, she certainly would have. Her eyes survey the area, readying herself to move, and move fast.

Dingo curses his luck as he finally pulls his motorcycle into an alley a short distance away from the stadium. He has only recently been able to verify this location and time as the setting for the mutant execution, and traffic had not been on his side. The mutant steps off his cycle and climbs up a fire escape there, making his way to the roof and trying to get a good look at the goings on in the stadium through a pair of binoculars. There's not much he can see from here, he may have to get closer. The man pulls out a small communicator and clicks it. "Lil, this is the place. Going in." It sounds like she tries to respond, but the man shuts off the device before she can get a word in. He glances again with his binoculars and sees Jill in the parking lot. Of course others would be here, and they probably have a better chance together than alone. He turns to sand and moves over to her as a small storm, landing on a near light post and crouching down, waving to get the girl's attention.

Warlock is the least damaged of the three but still has his fair share of cuts and bruses, biting his lip at the strain being put on his arm he looks over at the other three and at that moment finally starts to except what the others have been saying, they're through. Still a small smile crosses his face when he finally finds out why them four were targeted, "Lucky us, we're all destined".

Not far from the cround, standing behind a parked van, a woman in baggy cargo pants and a hoody has been quietly watching the proceedings. She has the hood drawn low over her face, keeping herself hidden from view; her arms are folded across her chest, and leather driving gloves conceal her hands. So this is what it has come to? "Not without a fight," she mutters. The bright glow from an Android cellphone illuminates her clothing as she taps out a quick text message, before she slips the thing into her pocket. Then, Tabitha jones reveals herself in full, as she pulls the hoody over her head and ties it around her waist, leaving herself clad in a tight tube-top with a large 'B' emblazoned across the front. Twin glocks rest in holsters to either side of her breasts, and she brushes her hair back, breathing quickly as she gets ready to step out into view.

From the nosebleed seats a voice is heard, rolling over the crowd unaided by loudspeaker, but audible just the same. Its eldritch reverberations grip the heart of all who hear it with a churning, gnawing dread, a sense that something truly Not Of This Earth has taken notice of these events.
I call upon the fury of the breaking storm! Now, split the skies and sow destruction on the enemies of humanity! On the railing, a woman stands, arms thrown out to either side, head raised heavenward as the stars are slowly blotted out of the skies, an inch at a time. The mutter and grumble of a gathering thunderstorm is heard now, as if in answer to the pale woman's screams.
Regen-Tod uber meine verhassten Feinde! Diesen Tag werden sie solche Angst wissen, die ihre Traume fur immer verfolgen wird! Her hands raise, fingers hooking clawlike as she makes tearing, beckoning motions, and arcs of electricity dance along her skin. Come, lightning! Come, thunder! Shine the light of judgment on man!
And now she lowers her head, and a hellish, blood-colored light gleams from within one eye socket. Skirling winds kick up, grabbing hold of black hair and red leather halfskirt, whipping them around her slight frame. Ich beschworen die himmlische Lanze zu Erde zerreissen! GEWITTER AUSBRUCH!!
There's an instant of hushed silence, as the world holds its breath.
And then the skies open up, and a bolt of lightning as wide as a man streaks earthward with a shattering roar, searing all shadows from the playing field, and digging a deep crater in the stadium's turf behind the gathered crowd.
While the bulk of those present are distracted, the black-haired woman kicks at a slender coil of rope at her feet, the end not secured to the railing tumbling down to the field.

Jill's eyes like glowing rubies find Dingo into the growing dark. Something predatory in that look, tense to a breaking point, dangerous. Jill lifts a finger, putting it to her lips. If he were against her, he'd be doing something about it. And if he's not against her, then he must be with her. She smiles, despite herself. Carefully, she points toward the stadium, indicating a high parabolic arc. Up and over. Three fingers. Two fingers. One.
Springing hard like a grasshopper from the lamp post, the metal arm beneath Jill's feet buckles and showers the cars below with glass. Flight, momentum, it's all the same. A black streak over the bleachers as her knee-length black coat (leather, of course) fans out with the sound and impression of bat wings. The vampire lands with a massive impact, directly onto the stage in front of the stunned audience. Ropes, get the ropes!

*MUTANTS DETECTED* The robotic voice of the Sentinel rings through the stadium not moments before Stormwaltzer's voice resounds through the stadium and a bolt of lighting cracks from the sky leaving a large crater only feet from the crowd of people. Dirt flies everywhere and screams of 'Mutant!' can be heard. The Purifier leading tries to keep some semblance of sanity about. "Now is the time where we must fight back! Any mutant that is found, kill them! The Sentinel is here to protect us!"
A hand motion is given and two Purifers start to kick the blocks out from under the feet, starting with Connor and Quenton first then Warlock and Nicholas. The drop is short but enough to let them hang from the gallows. A blast of energy is fired from the hand of the Sentinel in the direction where Donna cast her spell. As for Jill as soon as she lands on stage, three Puriifers open fire on her.

Dingo gives an involuntary start as he sees this girl up close. She doesn't LOOK too strange, but he gets an odd feeling when he looks at her. He nods to indicate he understands her plan, crouching down on the post and looking toward the stadium. The light from the storm illuminates his face for a moment, the wind that has been kicked up causing his coat to billow out behind him. When Jill indicates "one" Dingo turns back into a sandstorm and moves with her over the stadium wall. He lands amidst the crowd, a swirling cloud of sand that becomes a man. He lets out a laugh as he senses it, the turf on this field has a layer of sand beneath it for drainage. An entire field of ammunition. This will be fun. The man holds his hands out in front of him and flexes his fingers, causing sand to stream up from the ground within 25 feet of himself.

Cable raises his head at the sound of thunder. Tonights forcast was clear. But then he spots the woman chanting atop the bleachers. Not far from where he lay concealed. "Amateurs. Gonna get those kids killed." He murmurs to himself, and his eye goes back to his scope. Not on the speaker this time, but to the wooden beam the ropes they would be hung from are tied to. Simple set-up.. single beam for all four executed.. a box for them to stand on, and the executioner kicks out the boxes.. Rather simple to foil. He chambers a specialty round from his bag, takes quick aim and fires. The silencer deadens the sound beyond a slight Tsssew of gas escaping. The small dart impacts the heavy wood with a quiet thud. But nothing happens.
Then the big man is up and running, a quick hand across his weapon, setting it back to pulse and three round burst. "Five.." He mutters, takeing the steps by leaps and bounds. A sniper intercepts him, trying to find something shoot down on the field. A quick and silent knive to the sweet spot takes the man down. Fourth lumbar down, left of the spine. "Three." He keeps count, and slides to a stop on the inside of the crowd barrier of the stands. "One." He mutters and watches the dart detonate. The blast should effectively sever the beam holding the boys, without harming them. The falling beam however.. well.. they can stand a few more bruises.

When the box is kicked out, Connor doesn't even struggle, his head hanging listlessly to one side as his neck isn't broken, which is how a proper hanging is supposed to work… instead he's left to choke to death. Eyes not even going wide at it, he begins to cough and wheeze, head listing to one side. He might as well be dead at this point, simply not fighting what's happening anymore, but his face is taking a rather grim shade of grey.

As she had prepared, Heather runs forth, drawing a small blade from one of the pouches at her belt, zipping towards the boys on the stage. As Connor and Quenton have had their blocks kicked down first, upon arrival, Heather swipes at the ropes with the blade to try and slice them, the velocity of her blade making the blade cut through rope like butter., however, with the beam being targeted by Cable, this might not be super effective. When or if it becomes clear that the boys will not immediately die, however, she returns the knife and draws the umbrella. "Say something if you are able," she asks of the boys, readying herself to defend herself against any purifiers.

Maxwell jumps back and shields his eyes as the lightning bolt slams down onto the feild. Blinking to clear the spots as the whole stadium errupts into chaos. That giant robot was giving him the creeps to begins with and seeing it in action makes him wonder for the millionth time what he's gotten himself into. The explosion from behind him on the gallows is ignored, he knows they're going for the mutants but now he's got a bigger problem as Dingo shows himself. Even with his full armor and gear he doubts he could stop this mutant, but he knows Dingo is a certified killer and while he hates these Friend of Humanity fools he wants to keep the bodycount low. So he begins to advance on Dingo firing the shotgun as fast as he can pump the action. The gun loaded with pancake rounds designed for knockdown.

Tabitha's arm flies up to shield her eyes from the lightning blasts, and when she lowers it once more, all hell is very clearly breaking loose. The rat girl springs into action, leaping out from behind her cover and into full view. "Mutants detected indeed," she mutters, as she runs towards the crowd… then jogs and stops. The Sentinel sure looks a whole lot bigger now that she's closer to it. She draws both her pistols, and rests her fingers on the triggers; a quick glance is spared to the four boys on the gallows, and she sights down one pistol towards the rope one of them hangs from. Her eyes narrow as she concentrates; but no, it's too far away, and there are too many people. She shifts her aim instead to point both weapons at the Sentinel; aiming for the constructs upper body, she opens fire, adding the sharp staccato of automatic gunfire to the chaos in the stadium. How's THAT for 'Mutant Detected'?" she shouts, and shifts one pistol to point upwards so she can give the robot the finger, before diving off to the side to find some other cover to crouch behind.

Nicholas would let out a cry of surprise as as suddenly he has nothing to stand on any chance of breathing is cut off. His face quickly turns red but he can't help but struggle. He doesn't see it coming, the blindfold prevents that, but he hears everything and knows something big is going down. Then the beam is hit and once the explosion breaks it, Nick falls to the ground in a heap. He can breath again and just gasps for air and coughs which is about all the answer he can give to Haether's voice.

There is a sickening snap as Quenton drops from the rope. He's still moving though. He's alive, nothing broke, the sound was just the whiplash as the rope wet straight. The falling beam hurts. Hurts bad. But the pain's something so rote that the red eyed rager barely registers it. He's breathing's labored. What does he say at the sound of Heather's voice? "Get Warlock." Number one priority, apparently. It's hoarse. He's moving, exhaustedly, trying to twist his body so that his bound hands will be in front of him.

From the sky, there's a rumbling sound, like a jet liner taking off from the airport. However, instead of a plane, what appears to be a man is flying through the air. Smoke trails from behind the thrust engines in the feet of a rust-red armor that looks like it was made in the style of Iron Man, only much stockier, and lacking any of the polish that the infamous Stark armor has. For several seconds there's just the noise, and then suddenly the Sentinel is hit with a 400 mph shoulder tackle, meant to send the massive metal man staggering to one side, possibly knocking him into the bleachers. But that sends the form sprawling into the stage, bouncing a couple times before digging a large furrow in the turf. Moving to stand, the Crimson Dynamo, but one of the older ones stands up, and says through a grating electronic voice, "Well… that could have been going better. So. You are wishing to be oppressive, yes? And not being inviting us. Typical American mentality. Thinking you are doing everything better."

Two bullets hit Jill in the back, one high and one low, the third striking the stage as it buzzes past her head. She staggers forward. Blossoms of blood spray from the back of her coat and the front of her shirt as they clearly go through and through. Grimacing, she rises and grabs at two of the hooded figures, unsure who is who in the frantic explosion of activity. "Get up!" she snarls, grabbing at them with no delicacy and trying to fly away. Can only carry two. "Help them, get them out of here!"

Dingo's body is sand as he collects the dust around himself. Several snipers fire upon him, but the bullets pass through him with no effect. These people are nothing to him. He knows that the other mutants who showed up here can tae out the gunmen, but that Sentinel is a definate threat. The sands gather around the man, encasing him in a sphere and pushing the croud away from himself. A moment later a dingo construct approximately the size of the Sentinel erupts from the sphere, charging toward the robot and knocking the crowd aside as it moves.

Donna dives over the railing as the towering Sentinel raises its hand, her arm reaching out to snag hold of the rope to turn what would normally be a very painful fall into a controlled descent to the lower seats. The clink and jingle of chains can be heard by those close by as she pelts toward the railing, a dark iron book bouncing hard against her hip. Vaulting over the rail, she lands hard atop the dugout, a pair of blackened-steel spheres thudding on either side of her. "Well then," she says to herself, voice contemplative, "Now that the party's started, who shall I—" Whatever else she was about to say is cut off as the Sentinel is body-blocked by a flying armored Russian, and the very sand of the stadium rises up against the huge machine. "Good lord… it was *quieter* in Moldavia…" Shaking her head, she hops off the dugouts and strides toward the panicked crowd, lightning arcing over her skin. "So! Who's first?"

With hell breaking lose the Purifiers start to act, especially since most of the spectators in the crowd are barely armed, and if they are armed most have nothing more than a hand gun or knife. "Get off the podium and start taking care of these mutants!" The leader yells as he pulls out an assault rifle and jumps down making his way towards Tabitha, firing a few bursts. Another group jumps down and starts their attack on Dingo, knowing full well his reputation and hoping their bullets hit him. The Sentinel is unaffected by Tabitha's bullets as they ricochet off the metal. The Sentinel turns it's attention towards the stage and sends a blast of energy right at the middle trying to hit the group of mutants down below. Right after the shot is fired the Crimson Dynamo crashes into it and rocks it back but not knocking it over. More energy blasts are fired at the Dingo construct from the Sentinel. Cable, up in the stands, would find he's quickly being descended on by a group of guards.

Moving down from the top of the stands is a man who looks a lot like Lock, Liam Corvus was planning on trying to keep calm and stealthy but the second he spots the Purifier's leg kicking out at his son's box Liam kicks up his rusty mutant powers. Still his speed is very easily controlled and he quickly finds himself next to the strange girl with the umbrella. First things first get the boys out of here, hearing one of them mention his son he starts on moving the beam and removing the ropes, keeping an eye out for the Purifiers and the Sentinel he gestures to Heather to give him a hand, "Don't worry kid we're getting you all out", still nepotism wins out as he's started with his boy's rope.

Warlock's yell of shock is cut shorts as the rope is suddenly tight around his neck losing complete hope of some kind of rescue the beam is broken and he's smaking his head on the stage, half conscious he faintly thinks he recognises a voice or maybe it's just wishful thinking, "Dad?".

Cable rises from his cover spot, spotting the guards as the descend on him, weapons raised. But his priority is that Sentinal. He drops his pack with an explosive primed and jumps over the railing, taking off across the turf, bullets nipping at his heels. He's counting on the guards closing on his last position, to get a closer shot when his pack detonates, taking out around a 15 foot diamter chunk of the stands and reducing anyone caught in the blast to smoking bloody chunks.
As he runs, the rifle gets shouldered and he stats taking shots at the Sentinal. Unlike the Tabitha's bullets, these are fusion generated bolts of pure energy, centuries beyond anything modern science can cook up or defend against. They'll have a better effect, his shots peppering the Sentinal's tempered titanium hide.

Right before the energy blast hits the stage, Nick feels himself being grabbed by someone and dragged away. He has no clue that it's Jill as there are just a few groans coming from him. The fall didn't help and he feels a bit dizzy from it. He can't see and can barely move but as he feels himself being lifted in the air all he can manage to say is - "Are you that Kali girl from my dream?"

The dingo construct crashes down where the Sentinel had been standing moments before being knocked back by the man in armor. Unable to see, the sand-dog seems confused that it missed it's target. A moment later a beam from the Sentinel blasts the construct apart, causing the sand to scatter in a large arc. It's useless, Dingo will have to resume human form to see his surroundings. The sand recollects and Dingo appears, moments before being pelted by bullets. There is a cry and blood can be seen staining the man's coat before he vanishes again, the sand construct reforming and turning toward the gunmen. A paw is brought down heavily on a nearby man, ending him with an audible crunch. The construct turns its head toward the Sentinel once more as a swirl of sand forms into Dingo, standing atop the construct.

"C'mon c'mon c'mon," Jill repeats through clenched teeth, a mantra to spur herself into acting faster. A smoking hole explodes in the stage from the Sentinel's energy blast, scaffolding creaking and beginning to buckle. A body in each arm (still alive, she prays), she and her passengers are thrown violently about, spiralling awkwardly in the air like a helicopter with a broken rotor. "Shit!" she squeaks, squeezing harder to not let go. It's disorienting enough even though *she* can see. One of the people in her arms is speaking, but the words are just meaningless sounds. "Hold on!"

Tabitha pokes her head out, checking to see if her ploy to get the Sentinel's attention had worked. It hadn't, apparently, but that might be mainly to do with some Iron Man wannabe crashing into it. The rat girl looks over just in time to see the head purifier opening up on her with an assault rifle. She leans back, though one of her ears takes a nick with a mild spray of blood. She squeaks involuntarily, but grits her teeth and stands up, swinging both pistols to bear on the man. A quick squeeze of the triggers sends a single bullet from each weapon screaming at the man, though she's aiming low; like for his knees. Then she's running, moving laterally. "Stormwaltzer!" she shouts. "Behind you!"

Heather nods once towards Liam Corvus, restrapping her umbrella and taking out the knife again in one quick motion, to slice at the ropes that are around the necks of them, moving to cut the rope of whoever is remaining, as Jill seems to have taken care of some of this, keeping an eye out for any hostiles that might threaten them.

Maxwell grits his teeth as everything is going to hell in a handbag in very short order. Thankfully all the heavy hitters seem focused on the Sentinel. He turns and spots the Purifier leader advancing on Tabitha, he's seen firsthand what that Mutant can do and moves in her direction firing the last round from his shotgun towards her.

While he's exhausted, Quenton's hands are now where he wants them to be, and he sinks to his knees, pulling at his blindfold. He needs to at least see, to see if -she's- here. His hands are wrapping about his collar, and he's tugging at it violently, before closing his eyes and cursing before leaping back, trying to dive towards the Sentinel beam that was fired down in an effort to fry his collar, at the risk of getting hurt, perhaps badly.

The Crimson Dynamo armor leaps once more into the air, giving off a short blast from the leg thrusters before landing on the stage, in front of the kids and those trying to free them, spreading his arms wide. Unlike the Iron Man, this armor has no repulsors, nor any of those other cool weapons systems. So it gets ready to soak up the punches as the electronic voice grates out, "Get the young men out of here. NOW!" Switching on his comm system inside Yuri scanss the bands, and then frowns as he sends out a signal that only Cable would pick up, "For whoever is being here to be rescuing… this is being what Americans call a clusterfuck. Please to be coordinating with clearing route for escape."

With the ropes cut Liam grabs Lock and Quenton, jumping off the stage and trying to shield the boys while trying to see if the girl who cut the rope got away ok, "Can you boys stand? If so you're going to have to run while I help keep these fuckers off you".

Warlock pulls off the hood completly and almost freezes with shock seeing his dad standing in front of him, "Da.. er yeah I can stand, and I can help Quenton get out of here", dispite the situation he smiles, they ARE going to get out of this.

Donna ducks away from a burst of gunfire, whipping around at Tabitha's warning and firing off a much smaller bolt of lightning, striking her would-be assailant in the chest and sending him flying backward. As she turns back, her eyes widen as she spots a shotgun being leveled at the rodent. "DOWN, LASS!" she cries, a slim fan of electrical arcs leaping from her fingertips toward the gunman. Should they hit, they'll keep the gunner busy, but only as well as a brief blast from a taser dart.

Jumping in the way of the beam will leave Quenton quite injured as the energy blast rakes across his body leaving him looking a bit fried, but the effect is almost instant as the collar's effects are shorted out. The Sentinel isn't quite down but it's obvious that Cable's bullets are having an effect. In retaliation though to the Crimson Dynamo cables shoot from it's hands and attempt to wrap the flying red armour up. The Purifiers still standing still continue their assault at the Dingo, throwing a few concussion grenades at him as well. People run terrified to where ever they can get to, some firing randomly. Bodies lie in the grass some unconscious some worse. The legs of the Purifier leader are shot and he goes down, but he hasn't lost the fight, pulling out a grenade from his jacket, pulling out the pin with his teeth and throwing it in her direction. Approaching Donna is a man with more knives displayed than should ever be feasible, he pulls out a long blade and chucks it in her direction. "I'll be first sweetheart." Cable is spotted easily enough in the crowd by the Sentinel and he flies up in the air sending a barrage of energy blasts in his direction then in Jill's direction.

Quenton's smoking body is dragged by Liam, and while he's terribly burn scarred now, he eventually yanks himself out of the other man's grasp. Whatever had his wrists binded together are ripped off easily now, and he's backing away, grabbing his face, as if hiding it from view. "Run, Lock, just go," he breathes. "Just go. Just…" He can't finish the statement. No. Instead, he's screaming angrily, and the closest Purifier is suddenly yanked off his feet and tossed with overwhelming force at the Sentinel.

Cable is back in his element. War.. bloody carnage of what one man does to another man in the name of idealism or profit.. the two main causes for one man to kill another. He leaps forward, avoiding the searing beam of energy by inches, feeling the heat against his back as he narrowly avoids being incinerated. Rolling with the motion he's up, semi crouched and his rifle is up again, firing, keeping up a steady stream of punishment at the robot's head and upper chest area. One Purifier runs at him with a long knife in his grip, a small sideways motion and Cable punches the man in the groin with a wave of telekinetic force, very likely pulping his genitals. Cable fights to win.. not above fighting very dirty. Attentions back on the Sentinal, he keeps up his assault, trying to hit something critical.

Heather indeed finds her way off of the stage before she is completely vaporized by the Sentinel's blast, grimacing as she notes Quenton lurching towards it too late. She swipes down a couple of the Purifiers on her way with the umbrella, zips over towards Quenton once he is hit "Quenton, are you okay?!" But her eyes widen slightly underneath the tinted goggles as Quenton seems to start raging. Now, she keeps her distance and reconsiders the situation.

Tabitha doesn't hesitate when she hears Donna's instruction, she just pitches forwards and rolls. On the way down she gets peppered thoroughly by the rubber round from Maxwell's shotgun, and cries out at the impact; and that, it may be said, is going to leave one hell of a welt later. The rat girl slows only a moment in getting up though, and spins her pistols around to bear on- hold up. "GRENADE!" she shouts, before jumping to her feet and leaping at Donna, aiming to grab the woman in a full on tackle and knock her to the ground; the idea being to get as much distance from the explosive as possible first, and to use herself to shield the spellcaster from the explosion.

Hanging in Jill's grip, Connor is a limp, blindfolded heap. There's little to no movement from the young man save for the raspy and laboured breath that comes from him… combined with the feverish skin and the spots of makeup that rub into Jill's clothes, putting pink-brown smears against the black. He suddenly speaks up, a bare whisper, "Take… it… off…"

Dingo frowns at the Sentinel as it flies up out of his reach. He lets out another yell as his shoulder sprays blood from one of the many gunshots being aimed in his direction. He turns his body to sand once more and surveys the scene. Cable isn't too far off, and he appears to be doing something to that robot. The purifiers are starting to notice this though. The construct melts and Dingo storms his way over to Cable, standing back to back a few feet behind the other man. He raises up a half wall of sand to block the other man from bullets while not blocking his aim at the Sentinel and begins attacking nearby humans.

"Kinda busy!" Jill responds to the whisper from one of her passengers. Energy bolts sizzle past Jill. Flying is one thing, evasive flying is quite another, and it's a skill she's not practiced. "Crap, crap, cr-AAAH!" An energy blast from the Sentinel strikes the aerial vampire squarely between the shoulder blades. If her flying was bad before, now it's just falling gracelessly. Smoke trails from her back along with the cloying smell of burned meat. She tumbles, thankfully no more than a dozen feet in the air, landing like a flailing crash test dummy in the endzone, Nicholas and Connor tumbling from her arms and into the precisely mowed and maintained grass. A hole the size of dinner plate is burned clear through her jacket, but she struggles up on hands and knees, crawling to the two figures and pulling at their hoods.

Maxwell stifles a cry as the bolt of ecectricity hits him HARD, thankfully as a force of habit he's taken to insulating his combat gear so the jolt doesn't incapacitate him but it certainly hurts like hell. Stumbling and sporting a smoking patch in his armored vest he staggers over to the Purifier leader and tries to help him to his feet. "Gotta get you out of here sir, we're getting overrun!"

Being told to hold on when your hands are tied behind your back is kind of an impossible thing. Nick has no clue where he is, who has him or what's going on and things are just getting fuzzier and fuzzier in his head. The only thing that snaps him out of the daze is a yell, the sounds of Quenton starting to rage. "Put me down and get me to Quenton!" He yells trying to twist out of whoever's grasp he's in and then they're going down. He rolls and tumbles on the ground, more injuries on top of previous ones. He struggles against his bonds. "I need to get free, I need to see!"

Nodding to his boy Liam turns to see Jill and her rescuees falling from the sky, speeding in their direction he's not fast enough to catch them but he's there to crouch down next to the boys near Jill, "You alright hun?", he quickly breaks the bonds around the struggling Nick's wrists while helping Jill get the hoods up.

When the cables wrap on his arms, the armor very well hides the grin of the Crimson Dynamo's pilot, "Stupid American piece of garbage… Thank God for that!" And the free arm wraps around the cabling, and as he blasts off once more, all of the prisoners clear, he yanks and twists hard, ripping them free of their housings, but leaving the barrels clear. Dropping the heavy metal cabling to the ground, he continues to fly upwards, pushing his aged thrusters as hard as he can to deliver an uppercut to the towering metal man.

Warlock grimises as Quenton goes into rage mode, not sure where to run too he heads after his dad towards Jill, Nick and Connor much slower due to having to avoid the battle going on around them, "Be nice to have my powers back now, or maybe just two working arms".

"You're *serious,*" Donna says of the knife-festooned Purifier, hopping a step to the side to avoid the thrown knife. "You see what I do and you wear *that much metal?* Are y—OOF!" And she's borne to the ground in a *very* undignified tackle, shoving Tabitha away from her before the roar of the grenade has time to die down. "Cheers lass, now GET OFF ME."

The Purifier tossed by Quenton doesn't do anything to the Sentinel but it's more like a bug hitting a windshield as the Purifier breaks against it. The Sentinel flies to dodge Cable's attacks, some hit taking a few chunks off here and there but nothing to disable it. Another energy blast is fired in his direction trying to take out Dingo's sand wall. Tabitha feels the explosion go off and dirt and grass shower her. Before the Purifier leader has time to react Maxwell is there and he nods. "Yes, it's time to retreat. Stryker is not going to be happy about this." The Sentinel is hit with an upper cut, an energy blast going wild and causing some of the lighting to spark and fall across the seats and to the field. Though when Tabitha shoves Donna, it leaves the rat girl open for the a knife that is thrown by the man, aiming to sink right into her flesh with considerable force.

"Just take them and go!" Jill snarls at Liam between clenched teeth. She doesn't even recognize him. She wouldn't care anyway. Two bullet wounds to the chest, a plasma burn on her back so bad it's exposing blackened vertebrae. She's not in a good mood. She fumbles at the two captive's restraints, but is having a hard time of it. Her domino mask is askew and blocking her vision so she simply rips it off. Red eyes might be one thing, but now they are truly, frighteningly red. No white sclera, no black pupil. Solid arterial red.

With his hands free, the blindfold is torn from his head and he reaches down to untie his feet. Nicholas spots Jill and pauses for a second just enough to give her a smile before moving to stand on his feet. "Warlock, help me find a downed Purifier to see if there's a key." He tries to run but it's a weird sort of wobble since his left leg is broken. He finally finds one and tosses it to Warlock. "Get yours and Connor's collars off, I'm gonna see if I can find one of those darts from before." His eyes scan the area for another downed Purifier, preferably by the stage, and/or Quenton.

Maybe the splat is what he expected. Then again, Quenton's not too much of a planner when he's enraged. And he is ENRAGED. More so then he's ever been without stasis protecting, his strength level is far greater than it usually is, though the damge from the burn has made it so it isn't as exponential as it would be if he was in typical fighting condition. Still, another Purifier is grabbed by the back of the skull with one hand. And that skull is squeezed, Quenton roaring challengingly at it.

Tabitha feels a certain amount of shrapnel hitting her, leaving bloody wounds in her back and arm, but at least she'd managed enough distance that it's not immediately life threatening. She's shoved off, and rolls onto her stomach. "You're welcome," she grumbles, and pushes up to her knees. She rises just in time for a knife that she could hear or see coming to strike her right between the shoulder blades. The rat girl's eyes bulge, and her lips peel back as she lets out a raspy, unfortunate sounding gasp. Her arms go out to her sides, and for a moment she looks like she's going to pitch forwards; but she doesn't. Instead, she stands all the way to her feet, and sucks in a deep breath, even as blood trickles from the corner of her mouth. "…Ow," she says at last, as she turns to face the man who's just put a blade into her. She raises her pistols, and squeezes the triggers, holding them down to spit several bullets from each weapon; and this time, she isn't aiming for the knees.

Dingo punches one of the Purifiers in the face, the impact leaving the man bloodied. A quick glance at the man would show that he has a shell of sand covering his skin, areas of the shell stained crimson from multiple gunshot wounds on the man. He glances back as he sees the Sentinel aim at Cable, darting back to shove the man aside and fortify his wall in front of them. The bean strikes the sand wall and blasts its way through, striking Dingo directly and sending him flying back several yards. All of his sands collapse to the ground as he ragdolls across the field, slamming into a bench on the sidelines.

Heather stares towards Quenton for a few moments. Now, the girl starts to work as acting as a sort of reverse bodyguard for Quenton, keeping anyone who is not a purifier away from him so that they do not get injured. She also does her best to keep purifiers outside of Quenton's grasp range, knowing that, despite Quenton's terrifying strength, she's usually pretty good at not getting hit. She smacks back some of them with the umbrella. Anyone who wants to get to Quenton, however, would have to go through her now.

Maxwell tosses the empty shotgun away, with the leader's knees shot out helping him up isn't an option. So he braces a moment "This is going to hurt sir, not gonna lie." With a grunt he lifts the man onto one shoulder and heads for the nearest exit. Thankfull to have somthing to do that both scores points with the leadership and gets him out of the firefight.

Liam catches the key thrown by Nick but the kid is already moving so he doesn't correct the boy, with Connor closest his collar is unlocked before Liam is up and running towards Lock and taking off his collar, "Right, now use you powers and get the hell out of here, I'm going to help the rest of these guys and then I'll be right with you", with that he's running to start smacking down Purifiers still fighting.

"Time to piss off, lass," Donna says to Tabitha once the gunfire dies down, giving the rat girl a shove on the shoulder to turn her around, and a none-too-gentle kick in the posterior to encourage her on her way. "*I'm* not explaining this to your girl." Turning back to the melee, she eyes the relatively few remaining Purifiers that look to have some fight in them, and aren't occupying themselves with the others. Those clustered too tightly feel those taser-like sparks, and one that shows himself a truly clear danger is put down with a blast of lightning, leaving a smoking, charred burn high on his shoulder. For all her sound and fury, it seems the lightning-throwing woman is aiming to incapacitate, not kill.

With his collar finally off Lock shakes his head as his dad runs off, "Sorry dad", spotting Jill he starts running in her direction with any bullets coming his direction bouncing off. With a grin Lock reckognises one of the Purifiers heading towards Jill, switching to strength Lock leaps clearing a good twelve feet before crashing into the man and slaming his face into the ground with his good arm, solid for his first act of violance in a five years, "Jill you ok?!"

Most of the field is cleared of people, leaving a few remaining Purifiers and a lot of bodies. The Leader lets out a cry of pain as he's carried off by Maxwell. "You are going to get a promotion." He groans out to him before they leave the stadium. Another Purifier is killed by Quenton and most of them are now trying to stay clear of the mutant, clearly terrified of him. Tabitha's bullets aim true and hit the knife laden Purifier, knocking him to the ground with a lack of life. Up in the seats, bodies of Purifier guards and snipers start to pile up from Cable and Dingo and thus they start to retreat but not before tossing a few concussions grenades in their direction before getting out of there. Donna becomes a target and one of the snipers still sticking around in the stands decides to make her his target firing one shot towards her.

The moment the collar comes off, Connor's body becomes a starfield of black, something cold and oppressive reflected from it, even the eyes not really there, instead as two eye-shaped blue-green shapes inside the field. Anything close to that body suddenly feels a pull, starting slow, but lifting things off the ground and out of people's hands. The two collars are sucked in quickly, and then followed by the key in Liam's hand. There's a weird ripping noise as part of Jill's jacket tears off and plunges into the dark. Sparks of blue-green fire begin to dance off the form as a voice that sounds like an entire crowd of the same person doesn't so much speak as echo out of the form, "Get away! NOW! He'll suck everything in around him!" Even bullets fired close to the form are bent on their course as light itself begins to be swallowed up… The pull strengthening as the form just curls into a ball on the grass.

Blood runs down the front of Jill's shirt, wisps of oily smoke still coiling from the burn on her back. "I'm fine!" She doesn't look fine. "Now would somebody please listen to me and just get the hell out of here?!" Jill simply throws herself at the nearest Purifier, grabbing an arm and swinging him around like it was the hammer throw in track and field, clearing space around Lock and Connor. There's a soft, wet pop of a dislocating shoulder from the man and she hastily lets go as if startled by it.

As Maxwell scampers off with the Purifier leader a new sound joins the battle as.. somthing comes out of the sky. Rock music blasting through the air with the sound of a revving engine as somthing an equal size of the Sentinel drops down on it delivering a vicious double-handed slam to it's head. The lyrics blasting from the speakers.
Living here in Jersey, fighting villains from afar!
You gotta find first gear in your giant Robot Car!
YOU dig Giant Robots!
I dig Giant Robots!
CHICKS dig Giant Robots!
The massive cartoon bot begins pounding the sentinel relentlessly. "Sorry I'm late! Traffic was a bitch! Ahahahahahahahaaa!"

The Crimson Dynamo flies up for a good six hundred feet, and then flips over, the maneuver somewhat clumsy from the out of practice ex-hero. Legs flail a moment before he manages to reorient himself on the Sentinel, and then the jets fire once more, and this time, so do the booster engines along the back, the vents deploying to provide the flight speed that was needed to catch Iron Man in the first place. But this just turns the red armor into a half-ton ballistic projectile, aiming right for the Sentinel's Head!

Heather doesn't have to worry. The Purifier he's killed, it's corpse is taking abuse right now, probably a reason the Purifiers begin to avoid the mutant, that and her blazing speed. He's destroying the corpse. He drops it to the ground, and then begins to smash into it's face, over and over again. The scene is pretty much madness, especially when Connor begins ripping things towards him. It is, as the Crimson Dynamo put it before, a clusterfuck, and Wildcard's arrival probably makes it more so.

Nicholas stumbles in the grass but keeps pressing on, searching several Purifiers before finding what he wants, a single dart. He really hopes it's the right kind of dart. "Heather!" He shouts as he makes his way towards them. "Let me through." It's pure adrenaline that he's running on, forcing him to push on as he moves forward. Once close enough he tries to rush forward towards Quenton "QUENTON!" he screams hoping to get the dart jammed into him remove his powers.

Dingo's body moves slightly as he tries to stand after such a strong blast from the Sentinel. He manages to make it to his hands and knees before a grenade lands nearby and rolls directly underneath him. Anyone watching closely will see the man beginning to turn into sand when the grenade detonates. The site is not pretty, a crater with blood and sand fanned out around from the blast. Dingo's tattooed arm is lying several yards from the crater, clutching his dogtags.

"My girl will understand," Tabitha gasps, after being kicked and stumbling forwards a couple of steps. She groans, stumbling until she reaches the stands; she pushes her pistols one after the other into their holsters, before reaching behind her back to grab hold of the knife. She squeaks and gasps as the gleaming steel is revealed inch by inch, before she stuffs it unceremoniously into one of the pockets on her cargo pants. And then, the rat girl is on her way; taking the fastest route out of the stadium, while pulling donning her hoodie and pulling the hood down over her face.

Heather continues to keep watch over Quenton, however, ready with her umbrella. She blinks a few times at Nicholas and then says, "Keep your distance!" The young woman then recognizes the dart in Nicholas's hand, nodding a few times at noting it, and escorting him towards Quenton to administer the power inhibitor, to pull him out of harm's way if it is needed.

The sudden gravitational pull upsets Jill's balance, snatching at her coat with heavy clawing hands of pure force. It rips noisily and she throws herself forward onto Warlock, fingers digging into the turf to anchor herself and pin him down. "Shiiiiiiit!" It's like climbing a wall with only her fingernails, but laboriously she pulls them both forward a foot at a time and away from the black hole called Connor. The toes of her boots dig furrows in the carefully maintained grass, dragging the pair of them further and further away, inch by inch until the pull is lessened enough to risk standing again.

The Sentinel fires a frenzy energy blasts where Donna is followed by where Heather and Quenton are then where Connor is using his powers, trying to just kill any of the mutants. He's aiming where ever he detects mutants when he's hit in the head by a speeding red object. Through one side of the head and out the other it explodes, shutting down the Sentinel and causing it to crash to the ground in a heap, landing only a few feet from where Jill, Warlock and Liam are and then starts to get pulled, chunk by chunk, into Connor's black hole.

Quick reflexes and reactions are invaluable on a ground fight, especially when backed up by spell-borne electrical deterrent. Such things, however, are less so when an attack comes from behind and above, and a considerable distance away. What feels like a sharp punch in the soft meat of her side spins Donna around, and it's a moment before she registers the warm flow of blood dripping down her uncovered thigh. "Well *fu—* GAH!" Clutching at her wounded side and stumbling away from the Sentinel's desperate attack, she fetches up against the stadium wall, panting, staring wide-eyed at the *new* giant robot landing in the middle of the fray. "….Yes, Donna," she murmurs, edging along the wall toward the nearest exit. "Perhaps it's time to take Fiona and go someplace quiet. Pakistan, perhaps…"

The pieces of the Sentinel, the two collars, the key, the parts of Jill's clothes, and a few other items… one of which is a ten foot perfect half-circle divot in the ground all vanish in the sound of a reverse-explosion, which leaves just a glowing mote of blue-green that pops like a bubble afterwards. Connor Blake is gone… everything that was pulled into him disgorging with the hurt and sick young man back in the last place he opened a portal… his Apartment.

Quenton is injected, well, with something. Either way, he twists, letting out a growl as his powers fade, be it from a tranq or power inhibitor, they'd both have the same effect on him right now anyway. Still, his rage near dies instantly at the sight of Nicholas, though it's taken it's toll, the spiderweb pattern of veins on his body not disappearing, just fading slightly, almost obscured by his bronzed skin. He does tackle, though, in an effort to either harm Nick or drive him out the way of the beam. It doesn't have any strength behind it though, and all he's done is just take Nick out the way of the Sentinel blast while falling unconscious.

Warlock grabs hold of Jill aswell and add his own strength into moving the two away from Connor, the two of them working together should speed up. Nearly letting go with the crash of the Sentinel, he's grabbed by Liam who also reaches out to grab Jill and help pull Lock and Jill out of the dangerzone of Connor's powers.

That red armor digs a long furrow into the ground as the boosters continue to fire for a bit. Inside the armor, cushioned from most of the assault, Yuri Petrovich just grumbles out as the joints on the aged Cold War battlearmor have seized up, "Bozhei Moi. I am getting too old for this." He begins to wriggle his fingers, and bangs his head on the back of the helmet to try and get something to restart in the now mostly-brown piece of Soviet supertech.

Wildcard frowns from behind the controls of his massive construct "Aw it's down already? Do you have any idea how long it took me to build this thing?" He pauses as alarms go off and the large toon stumbles at the force of the black hole. "Oh this isn't good…" Though when it pops out of existance he looks around again "Ok I obviously missed somthing here…" The speakers on the bot blare again "Ok get everyone who needs got and take off, me and tiny here will make sure any backup that might be on the way is suitably.. distracted."

As soon as Nicholas starts to see that the dart is having the desired effect any fight left in him his gone so when Quenton tackles him, he flies to the ground and rolls a few times, the blast missing him. A weak groan escapes Nick's throat before he falls unconscious, his breath shallow and labored.

Any remaining Purifiers, upon seeing the fallen Sentinel, decide to scatter and run for the hills. Which ever exit their closest too they just run to, leaving their fallen comrades behind, not even caring if their tech is left behind either. They know they've lost this fight and they're going to need to recover. The Stadium is a disaster, lights and chairs broken, the grass destroyed, smoke coming from various areas. There's no way it'll be repaired for tomorrows game.

"That was close," Jill breathes into Lock's ear as Liam helps them both to their feet, raising her hands to continue to fight. But panicked flight is taking over and the fight seems to have left most of them. "Can we please go home now?" She warily eyes the massive impression in the football field where the Sentinel fell. A little closer and she would've been a Jill sandwich.

Heather jumps out of the way of the blasts, dodging from side to side to try and keep out of harm's way. It's a relief when the sentinel stops firing, and she looks down to Quenton and Nicholas in an exasperated way, there are probably more injured people about… Time to do cleanup…

While the Purifiers run and the rescuers fall back Wildcard amuses himself by using his large construct to kick the fallen sentinel a few times. "Man I dunno what those things were in the danger room the other day but these are wimps.." After a few minutes he gets bored and exits the bot which disolves into nothing once he loses contact with it. Looking around he breaks into his tazmanian devil spin and sweeps over the battlefield gathering up Purifier tech, darts, guns, and any discarded collars "The eggheads will love to see this stuff."

One other thing Wilcard will note is a pair of red boots sticking out of the dirt, thrusters in them, and at the angle of the thing that blew through the Sentinel. But above there is the sound of what must be a VTOL vehicle, and soon enough a SHIELD hoverjet comes into view, the spotlights flaring to life and playing over the damage. A speaker flares to life, "Clear the Area! This is now a SHIELD reclamation zone! Anyone caught inside the stadium by the time we land will be arrested. With prejudice. You have been warned!"

Pausing a moment with his swag-bag he sticks a thumb in his mouth and blows. His body bulking up and increasing to about 10ft in height, speaking with a definate AHnuld accent he grabs the boot and pulls, yanking the Crimson Dynamo from the ground "Ooooo goody.. soviet vintage battle-armor with Kung-Fu grip, too bad it's been taken out of the box." As the SHIELD hoverjet shows up he frowns "Aw well, time to take my toys and go home." Giving a Hulk-like leap he valts the stadium wall, taking the soviet battlearmor (and Pilot) with him.

Shortly after SHIELD arrives on the scene so does the Blackbird, piloted by one Sam Guthrie. The jet lands in a clear spot in the field and Cannonball steps on out. He didn't join in on the fight as he was told to stay in the area with the Blackbird. To anyone whose still conscious from Xavier's, he directs them onto the jet and to anyone who is unconscious or two badly injured, he has Cable help him get them onto the plane via stretcher. Once everyone from Xavier's is safely aboard, the Blackbird takes off back to the school.

Gingerly, as if walking off a pulled muscle, Jill moves with the awkward caution of someone not wanting to exacerbate their injuries. She stoops, grabbing a dazed man lying on his back by his shirt collar, hauling him up to her face. His eyes roll and blood is already crusting from a busted nose. "M-mutie bitch," he wheezes, undaunted. She runs a finger across his upper lip, swabbing a tiny bit of blood into her mouth. "Oh, no. I'm not a mutant," she hisses at him, baring her fangs. "I'm a vampire. I will live for hundreds of years. And now I know you." She waggles the bloody finger in front of his eyes. "I know your blood. If I ever see you involved in *anything* like this, any hate group ever again… I can find you," she lies. "It may take years, decades, but I will find you. I have the patience. I will hunt you down. And I WILL. END. YOU." Dismissively, she simply lets go and he falls back to the ground, heading for the plane.

The hover-jet turns to give chase on Wildcard, while at the same time two platoons of agents begin coming in from the entrances along the stadium, covering each other in pairs, some of them pushing some of the captured Church of Humanity members along in zip-ties. However, none of the ones captured are any of the real culprits. Just bystanders, and wannabes. As they begin securing things like the spherical divot, and Bruce's severed arm, a hail of rubber bullets are launched at the cartoonish man, as the person on the speaker yells out, "PUT THE RUSSIAN SUPERTECH ARMOR DOWN AND STEP AWAY! YOU ARE IN POSSESSION OF SHIELD PROPERTY. I REPEAT. PUT. THE RUSSKIE. DOWN."

From inside the armor, Nigel can just barely hear, "Rooskaya? Feh… Hello, Dugan. Now be going back to the bottom of your cheap booze bottle."

Nigel blinks as he lands in the top teir of the stands and gets pelted with rubber bullets "You're kidding me right? I mean seriously I just called down a 30ft friggin superrobot and you goobers are shooting at me? I swear the things you gotta do to earn a little respect these days." He tucks the swag-bag into his coat where it vanishes. Dropping the armor, he reachs up his sleeve "You boys wanna fight.. well I got plenty to go…" He pauses and seems to be listening to somthing. "Dammit what do you mean I gotta play nice with the loser federal agents that couldn't stop a public execution.. I mean these SHIELD jagoffs are as bad the Purifiers! …… Awww come on.. just a few missles? … Ok can I hit one of them with a hammer?" He seems rather wrapped up in talking to himself.

A grapnel pylon deploys from the hoverjet, and an electromagnetic limpet launches out, clamping onto the armor. That is then lifted into the air… and the Crimson Dynamo is rather unceremoniously taken away, as the voice from the loudspeaker says, "Thank you for your cooperation, Citizen. SHIELD appreciates your efforts."

Wildcard sighs "Eh whatever, ShIELD can go suck a wall Socket. I got what I came for.. I know a techy that is gonna cream his jeans over this stuff." He simple jumps off the wall of the stadium, a black hole opening on the street before he hits and he just vanishes.

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