2010-03-11: The Message



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Summary: Cloud is selected to deliver a message to Scott from Mr. Sinister.

Date: March 11, 2010

The Message

Rating: R

Sinister's Lab

It's been a long night for Cloud, stuck in a cell with six beds and eight people, six of them who are seemingly brainwashed and enjoying working for Sinister. He's heard the word Marauders mentioned several times. When Cloud went to sleep, he wouldn't be so sure but now he's waking up, strapped to an exam table with no access to his powers. All he's wearing is just a pair of pants. There are machines and biolytical and clinical equipment all over the lab. At a table a man wearing all black sits, seeming to be inspecting something. "What progress." He comments to himself, not realizing his latest experiment is awake.

Cloud opens his eyes feeling groggy, he looks down at himself and sees the lack of clothing, the clinical equipment, then sees the man in black, He starts struggling against his straps to try and get loose, trying to make as little noise as possible, hoping he can get loose before the man sees him.

Poor Cloud, struggling will do nothing for him, as Sinister has had countless subjects on that same table, none which were able to escape before him. Either Sinister hears Cloud struggle or he chooses that exact moment to look over at his subject, but either way Mr. Sinister notices he's awake. "Ah…hello Cloud. Nice of you to join us. Don't worry, I won't be altering you like the others…too much." After all he doesn't need another minion, at the moment.

Cloud looks back at the man, there is fear in his eyes, "Who are you?, where are my clothes?, what do you mean alter?…", thats when it hits him, this must be the guy everyones talking about, Mr Sinister, if he was afraid before…, "How do you know my name?", his voice trembles slightly.

"Don't worry about your shirt, it's not necessary." Mr. Sinister says going over to Cloud and cleaning a spot on his arm as he starts to take a blood sample, he'll save that for later incase he needs it later. "Who am I? You know that answer, I'm Mr. Sinister. Alter, don't you like the job I've done on my Marauders? I believe you met Bullet and followed him here last night. I know your name cause it's all over your mind but we'll get to that in a bit."

Cloud gulps and places his hand palm down on the table he's lying on and attempts to absorb what its made out of to stop Sinister from taking a blood sample, not realising his powers aren't working, he winces when the blood is taken, "Whats wrong with my powers? and what are you going to do with me?"

"Nothing is wrong with your powers Cloud, you're control could be better but this absorbtion, it's quite magnificent. Too bad I need you to deliver a message for me." Mr. Sinister says as he takes two viles of blood from Cloud before going over to the table to get a scapel. "This is going to hurt a lot."

Cloud looks confused when Sinister says he needs him to deliver a message, "You're letting me go?", then he sees the scalple and begins struggling again trying to absorb anything he can, whether it works or not.

The absorbtion powers are completely cut off from Cloud. One of Mr. Sinister's neat little telepathic tricks is the ability to shut off ones powers. "Once I'm done with you." He says as he walks over to Cloud and without hesitation digs the scalpel into his chest and starts to carve a small line. At least everything he uses is sanatary, after all he doesn't want his work to get contaminated.

Cloud yells in pain then grits his teeth together tightly, he might not be able to stop this but hes not gonna let him make him scream.
Mr. Sinister continues his work, slowly carving the first word: SUMMERS. He wipes away the blood after each cut and keeps on mopping it up as he works. Once he's done with the first word he puts a sort of salve on the cuts, which is cool and feels a bit soothing. "So what do you think of my work Cloud, what I did to my Marauders, genius wasn't it?"

Cloud gasps when Sinister stops cutting, and decides to answer the question honestly as this guy seems to know what hes thinking, "You are fucking insane, but yes it does seem to be genius the way you made them stronger, but it is ficking wrong!", hes still struggling, "What are you gonna do with my blood?"

"What is wrong with Science, Cloud? Is it wrong because that school you go to teaches that it's wrong?" Mr. Sinister asks as he starts to cut the next word. "You see, there is always room for improvement, you admited the genius yourself." And like all good villains, when the hero is captured and tied down there is a need to monologue. "You see, many years ago my Son died from genetic faults, I used his body to see what I could do to fix it. Things evolved. Eventually I got my Marauders, but you should see what happens to someone after you've cloned them too many times. I needed fresh blood for my Marauders. Having used Daisuke and Brian in my failed attempted at copying Apocalypse, I decided to use them again. And Skyler…Ah Skyler." Sinister stops carving for a second as if reflecting on a pleasant memory. He sinks the scalpel in again and starts talking. "Skyler, his DNA is to copy, and it's perfect. Jono, I had marked him years ago and figured he was perfect. Jordan…he was just a bonus. As for Zack, he's my new bonus, he'll join their ranks. I'll have Seven to do my bidding, pretty soon they'll be able to get Summers for me and Cerbra. Then I'll be on my way to genetic perfection." He says wiping away more blood and applying more salve. He's almost done with what he wants to write.

Cloud grits his teeth again when Sinister resumes cutting, when he pauses to apply the salve he tries one last ditch attempt to escape, hopeing Sinister doesn't know too much about his powers, "Give me back my powers and make it a fair fight, genius!"

"Even with your powers it wouldn't be a fair fight Cloud. I'd prove it to you but I don't want to waist the energy, nor do I want you dead." Mr. Sinister isn't taunting Cloud, in his opinion, he's just being honest. "Though I do love the absorbing factor in your DNA. It makes me wonder just /what/ you can absorb." He says with a sigh before digging in with the scalpel and finishing the message. "There is no hope for your friends now, I've completely remolded them, they are mine now."

Cloud sighs with relif when Sinister finishes, then tries again, "Give me back my powers and i'll show you what i can absorb", come on, give them back and just get close enough for me to touch you.

"Oh I know what you can absorb Cloud, life force. I've seen it, it's in your mind." And with that Sinister jumps into Cloud's mind and starts quite the assault on it. Digging up memories and tearing through them. Leaving holes in his mind, and it's painful. By the time he's done, Cloud would be very unsure of a lot of things, in quite the daze. "Come on Cloud, it's time to take you home." He says but who knows if Cloud would hear him or not, after all his mind would be like tapioca right now. Trying to piece things together.
Cloud does yell in pain this time, loudly, Sinister's voice is muffled as he tries to remember to most basic of things, he barly notices the pain in his chest anymore.

There's a laugh from Mr. Sinister as Cloud yells. "I've been waiting to hear that." He says as he unstraps the boy from the table and carries him out of the room. Shortly after Cloud would start to feel really sleepy. After a few hours Cloud would wake up on the side of the road about a five minute walk from Xavier's.

OOC - The message carved into Clouds chest was - 'Summers - They are my Marauders now'

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