2011-09-29: The Mysterious Man


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Summary: Hosea mentions a mysterious man he met looking for Sophie, Christopher is adamant about him speaking to Emma Frost.

Date: September 29, 2011

Log Title: The Mysterious Man

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's not unusual that Christopher is in the kitchen cooking away. He seems to be in here a lot nowadays, to the point where one might be surpised not to see he's set up a cot in here. A large crockpot sits on the counter and Christopher chops away at carrots before putting them into the pot. As the man cooks away he sings a bit of a Lady Gaga tune to himself as he works on making his pot of chicken soup.

While Hosea has been hungry, and should be eating, something has been wearing on him lately. The large African steps solemnly into the kitchen. "Your soup smells vedy good," he comments. Hosea opens the refridgerator, and stares at the contents for a few moments, and then closes the door again. He opens the door of the pantry, does the same, and closes it again. "Hmm."

Also making his way into the kitchen, the African-America teaching assistant yawns a bit as he somewhat sludgingly enters the room and looks about at the two people already there. Offering a smile and a wave, David covers his mouth to stifle another yawn, "Good day, gentlemen." He looks about, "Christopher, you wouldn't happen to have made some coffee, would you?" His voice sounding as if he could really use a strong fresh cup at the moment.

"Hello Hosea, hello David how are you both this afternoon?" Christopher inquires as he goes from cutting carrots to cutting celery. "Thank you Hosea but I haven't started cooking it just yet so what you're probably smelling is breakfast left overs or just the variety of spices I have lying out here." He says before nodding to David. "Yes I did and don't worry I don't make coffee like Moria. I never figured out how someone could make coffee so horribly when it's just add the grounds, add water."

"Hmm. I am all right," Hosea says in a neutral tone. "I am deciding whether to eat." The Nigerian hasn't been seen around the campus much, he's spent a lot more time in his room lately, and it's been almost a week since anyone has seen him eat. Whether he has or not, it is hard to say. He glances at the counter, realizing that Christopher indeed hasn't started cooking. It's an unusual thing for him to be so carelessly unobservant. It's definitely not the Hosea people are accustomed to.

Letting out a sigh of relief and a smile to match, David ambles straight for the coffeepot, "Christopher, you are a godsend today. I'd been up most of the night working out some new Danger Room scenarios and I need to want to run them by the squadron leaders before inputting them." Inhaling the strong aroma of the caffeine, his smile widens. Reaching into the cupboard for a large mug and pouring some coffee of the coffee. Taking another whiff, he sips it and finally awakens a bit more than when he entered and looks to Hosea, "Hey Hosea. It's been awhile. How's the semester going?"

"Well let me know if you're hungry and I can whip you up something quick. Are you looking for breakfast or lunch?" Christopher asks as he doesn't really know Hosea that well so he figures he's just not sure if he's hungry or not. "Do you do anything besides work with the Danger Room David? You're young, you should find a hobby that isn't the danger room. Live a little or else you'll find yourself becoming a shut in like Forge." He says chuckling.

Ahh, da semester is going well, thank you," Hosea answers David. "I am hungry," he says. "I decided to break my fast today, but I am still not in a mood to eat," he reveals. "I do wish dat da Danger Room could prepare us for all difficulties, yes? Maybe you could come to church wit me, it is a good way to spend your time." He lets a smile crack his face.

"Actually I think all I've done since the semester is run some new scenarios, trying to cut down on the 'violence' factor." With the mention of going to church, David's expression changes as he ponders that, "Maybe. I haven't been to devout as of late. Could be good for the soul." Turning to Christopher as he takes another sip, "You make a good point, Christopher. I've been hanging out in the city some more. I've met some alum from here that I didn't really know when I was a student, so that has been kinda cool. I kept my nose so much in the books that I neglected the fun part of being a student. Hoping to catch up. And I /may/ have a date too." He grins a bit at that.

"Well a recomendation is to talk to the squad leaders David, find out what they want and what their goals are and tailor to that if you want to program." Christopher says as he nods to Hosea. "Why were you Fasting Hosea, and you should eat it's unhealthy to go so long without eating." Christopher says as he now goes to start slicing some potatoes into cubes to drop them into the large crock pot. "Oh a date, that's always fun David. I love going for nice dinners, wine, oh dates can be so fun."

"Ah, it is good dat you have a date, yes?" The Nigerian smiles at David's declaration. "Fasting may be unhealthy for da body," Hosea answers, "But it is healthy for da soul. If you can discipline yourself to not eat food, which your body needs, you can discipline yourself not to sin, which is bad for you." He arches his brow a little. "But dere is reason for my fasting, I have been heavy in my heart about a meeting of a man in Midtown. He was looking for Sophie, and wanted me to give her his telephone number. I feel uneasy about da meeting, I know dat Sophie has not always felt blessed by da people she knew before coming here."

Agreeing with Christopher, "I'll send out an email to the squad leaders today. And if you got a second later, I could use some input for the date. It's been awhile and I want to make this special." He then listens between Hosea and Christopher. As Hosea recounts his encounter with the man in Midtown, he blinks and stiffens his posture, "Do you feel the man might be dangerous or cause some harm to Sophie?" Better to ask questions before jumping to conclusions and making more of this than necessary though Hosea's concern is enough of a warning for David.

Christopher shakes his head at David. "No, not email. Talk to them, many things can get lost in translation in text." He advises before just nodding to Hosea. "Well if you feel uneasy then don't give it. You shouldn't give anyone's number to someone else. It's just not good ettiquette. Have you talked to Sophie about it?" He asks Hosea with a raised eyebrow. "So let me get this straight. So you met a man who wanted Sophie's number. I amusming you didn't give it to him since it made you uneasy so you're fasting because of it? Pardon but it seems like a silly thing to starve yourself over." Christopher then turns to David. "Okay, date advice if you're willing, what kind of date are you looking to take her on. Casual or romantic? It's your first date, do you know eachother well already?"

"No, of course not," Hosea answers dismissively. "I was firm and told him dat I would not give him her information. But he gave his number for me to give to her. I have not yet told her. I do not know if he is dangerous, but he seemed urgent on da matter, and I am clear dat he wishes to take her away from da school. Maybe not by force, but I believe he will try to convince her to leave." He shakes his head. "I am sorry David, I do not believe I would be vedy helpful in giving date advice." Even if he does have a girlfriend, he's not all that good at date ideas. Fortunately for him, Sophie doesn't seem to mind.

"It's a third date and I want it to be special. It's actually a double date and I know her VERY WELL." David smirks, but when Hosea speaks more of the man, "Not too worry about the advice now. This man seems more important. What did this man look like? And would you mind if I got the number?" Pulling the cybershades from his pocket, David has taken the effort to not constantly wear them as much so as not to be as dependent on them. Placing the yellow pair on, "If you don't mind, I may be able to find out some information on him, if you feel he may be harmful to Sophie."

Christopher looks at Hosea curiously. "Have you talked to Ms. Frost about this? Or Sophie? I mean it's /her/ whose mainly involved and you aren't doing anything to protect her by witholding what happened nor are you doing anything to help by not eating." He then looks to David and nods. "May I suggest the Melting Pot? It's a bit pricy, like probably spending around one hundred dollars on the both of you, but it's a nice and casual place. You can dress up or dress down and it's a four course meal of fondue so it could be quite fun for the four of you." He then looks at David and then Hosea. "Hosea, I wouldn't give anyone, including David here, that number until you talked to Ms. Frost or Sophie. May I remind you David you are neither full fleged staff or the Headmaster here. I know you have the best interest in mind but it's better for him to talk to the Headmistress." He's quite adamant about that.

Hosea pulls out the card that he has been carrying in his pocket. "I do not expect dat you would find much. His name is Costanza, he appeared to be a Catholic priest. He comes from Spain, so I expect dat it is a temporary cell phone." He shows the card to David. "I am not just failing to eat out of worry. I am spending time in prayer, which is da most important," he informs Christopher. "I believe da man has little resources to find Sophie already. He was searching in New York City for her, so he does not even know what city to look in. But I will talk to Sophie. As for Ms. Frost, I do not mind her knowing, but I worry about her judgment. She may mean well, but is not known for her prudence."

After Christopher's words, David nods, "You're right. Sorry." Instead of doing search for the information Hosea has given, David instead inputs information on the Melting Pot and sending it to himself via email. Once done, he removes them and places them in his pocket. "Christopher is right. Talk to Sophie since this directly impacts her. She should know. And prudent or not, Ms. Frost should also be made aware, Hosea."

Christopher crosses his arms over his chest and looks like he's about to fume! when Hosea gives the card to David. "Hosea you are a foolish student." He says to him. "You know nothing of Ms. Frost's judgement or resources. She protects you more than you know in regards to this school." He shakes his head in utter disappoint ment and he picks up his phone and dials up none other than Ms. Frost asap to inform her that her presesnce is requested in the kitchen. "Hosea, you are not Headmaster or Headmistress here nor have the expericence or resources she has. And I will bet you anything it is an untracable number unless the mysterious man is more foolish than you Hosea." He then looks at David and gives him a mouthed 'thank you'.

Hosea is patient, though the look in his eyes that he gives Christopher is not one that should be taken lightly. "I have more experience den you recognize," Hosea tells the others, "I will be telling Sophie, do not be concerned for that. I will divulge to Da headmaster at my discretion," he adds, though he knows full well that they might tell Emma before him. "For now, I must go to class." And with that, he decidedly teleports out of the room.

Nodding in response to Christopher's 'thank you' David grimaces at Hosea's response and abrupt teleportation exit. Shaking his head, "Well I was not expecting that this morning." David continues to sip his coffee, "I hope whatever is going on is resolved without any danger to Sophie, Hosea, or any of the other students." Moving to take a seat at the table, David looks to Christopher, "So yes, it is a third date. This Melting Pot place looks good." Finishing the coffee, David places it down on the table, "So yeah, I can use some advice. Relationships are not my forte, and since you and Jericho have been together awhile. There are not too many examples of how we handle relationships here. How are Jericho and the kids?"

"If you called me down here for dating advice for Mister Alleyne here, Christopher… I will be most unforgiving. I might even become annoyed." Emma Frost says in a rather richly demure tone as she strides into the kitchen, taking a moment to look around before arching a brow, and her white lips perk into a less than amused smirk, "You rang?"

Christopher rubs his temples and sighs. "I'm sorry David. I usually don't snap like that but I have a lot of respect for Ms…" He stops and looks up at Emma and smiles. "No, I'm sorry. That's not why I called you down here but Hosea was just here." He says. "Apparently he met some strange man in the city looking for Sophie and it caused him concern. The man gave him his information to give to Sophie but.." He looks to David. "I believe you still have it?" He inquires before continuing. "I advised him to talk to you and he gave some whole sphell about how your not prudent." He says with an eyeroll. "Which is the biggest load of b.s. I've heard." He mutters. "Anyway. Yes, that is why I called you down here because I felt Hosea would rather put himself and Sophie in danger and tell you later rather than asap." He says brushing a short strand of hair out of his face. "Thank you for asking DAvid, Jeri and the kids are doing great." He says politely.

Standing up when Emma enters, David stands up rather quickly out of respect or fear. Probably both. "Oh sorry." As Christopher recounts the reason for his call and the issue with Hosea. David retrieves the card from his pocket and passes it over to the headmistress, "Here you go, Ms. Frost." David seems a bit embarrassed talking about his personal life as if caught like a little child doing something wrong in front of his parents. The card lists a number. "Hosea said the man's name was Costanza and that he was dressed like a Catholic priest."

Emma closes her eyes for a moment, and despite the fact that Hosea might be at class, but he's on school grounds. Which means she can pull from his mind… after a few moments of her stillness, she then takes the card and looks at it, "I will take this and cross-reference what Diocese directories we can access, and see if the man can be matched to a face. Forge has some of the most lovely fire and forget hacking technology. Better than the psi-interface I use when needed." Speaking frankly about the fact that yes… there are those lovely grey areas, "Thank you for bringing this to my attention." The card goes into a pocket, and she then levels a look at David himself, and arches a brow, "Third dates are not dinner dates, Mister Alleyne. A third date is an active date. I would suggest a club, or someplace where you both can share an active interest. Daytime is preferred. Evening times have the connotation you will be going back to bed. Together… or seperate." Her lips still smiling.

Christopher smiles and lets out a sigh to relax a bit. "Thank you again Emma. Even if this is just something minor I figured you'd best handle it." He goes back to cutting potatoes for his chicken noddle soup. "And you might want to talk to Sophie about it see if the name Costanza rings any bells. Unlike Hosea I don't expect Sophie will be as rash." He says before smiling. "Well it's a double date Emma. I suggested Melting Pot, a good place to be social between two couples, fondue is always fun and it can be either fancy or casual depending on what you would like. Then if they wanted, since it's in New YOrk, there's a number of things they can do as a follow up. Such as an activiy like bowling."

Nodding his head at how Emma will be obtaining the information on Costanza, David quirks an eyebrow but says nothing. If it helps the students, all the better to use whatever is at hand. Taking the suggestions from both staff members, David blushes slightly at Emma's bed comment, but he smiles and mumbles, "Hopefully." A bit more relaxed David continues and welcomes Emma's input too, "Yes, it is a double date. Third one for myself and…" He looks to the headmistress almost as if to make sure it is allowed for TAs to be dating, "Um… Star. And her brother and a former student from here. I would like the date to say something along the lines of, 'I am enjoying where we are at, but I would like to progress more' but also for a nice introduction for the others. As romantic as possible in public, but a fun group activity. Melting Pot sounds pretty nice and maybe afterwards Nowhere in Mutant Town?"

The sound of Emma's teeth can be heard clicking shut in her mouth, despite the fact her lips have not moved, and Emma looks at the card that she was handed once more, slipping it from her pocket and checking it over, "Yes, take an underage girl to fondue, and then a club owned and operated by an admitted member of the Mutant Liberation Front. You're an adult, Mister Alleyne, please puzzle out how many wrong things you've just said in front of me… and once you have done this… I would suggest not coming within my immediate reach in the near future." Leaning over, she gives Christopher a peck on the cheek, and says to him, "I'm going to start some work on this." And with that she sweeps out… but the room seems a bit more… chill… than it was a moment ago, actual frost where Emma was standing melting into small bits of condensation.

Christopher returns the kiss to Emma's cheek and smiles. "Thank you Emma." He says as he looks over to David and gives him a shrug. "I met Jeri when we were both teachers here so if things work for you and Star, that's wonderful. Just make sure to treat her like a lady. And clubbing, that's so informal but going to mutant town, that really doesn't have much class. I understand we're mutants but trouble does happen there and you don't want to risk that on a date. Look for a safe 18 and over club in Manhattan and go to that. Trust me when I say this, enjoy the date and don't let being mutants make you act different. Be normal."

Making a gesture with his arms as if placing a noose around his neck and hanging himself, David sighs, "You can't win. Seriously." He sits back down a bit sullen, "I gotta say it's been tough here. It really has. Waling on eggshells around students and staff. Different personalities and types of people. Sometimes it really fucken sucks. Really does. But it's my home and is worth it.." He finally lets out an exasperated cry of, "UGH!" Shaking his head, David half-smiles, "But I am a work in progress. You were right when I walked in before. Less time around technology and more time around people to avoid mistakes like that and learn how to deal with bullshit." Having heard the advice that Christopher has given David listens and nods, "Normal would be nice for once. And I do want to make this work."

Emma's mental voice suddenly cuts through the din, before either man can speak again, -Forgive me, David… I was thinking of her brother… the two tend to cause a mix-up… perhaps because of the fact she came so late to the school. Given the dual connotations… one I apologize for the misstep, and two… good luck to you. But please behave appropriately on campus. I do not want to have to hear about any romanticisms I may have to address later on.-

Christopher is finally done cutting up everything and starts to pluck apart a chicken now. He has some homemade stock sitting in the fridge. "Don't worry about it David. Do what you wish to do. And you are in a tough spot I will admit. You're in that age where you're younger than most of us but older than most of the students. There aren't many here you're age so it's hard to connect. But I know you want to be a teacher here but unfortunately you aren't full staff here." He does't say it to be mean, just a fact, almost unfortunate for David fact. "Let me ask you something DAvid, and be honest with me. If you were to have received any information on this Costanza fellow, and I hadn't been here or said anything, what would you have done with it?"

Letting out a loud exhale, David smile when he gets Emma's telepathic message and simply says aloud and mentally, "Thank you." Looking up at Christopher, David smiles as he feels understood, when asked about what he would have done, he pauses a moment, "I would have done some research on Costanza, see what I could find out, which probably would have been nothing and then I probably would have gotten more active trying to seek him out, which…" David shaking his head, "would accomplish nothing and could potentially get me, Sophie, or Hosea in trouble. It would ultimately have proven ineffective and worse could get people hurt." He understands why Christopher contacted Emma, "I tend to rush into these things a bit too much. I can't save the world and I need to know my limits." Chuckling to himself, "My abilities let me learn and know things from others, but I need to know and learn things for myself."

Christopher goes to put a hand on David's shoulder but stops as his hands are covered in chicken. "I'm like you, I've been part of this school for years but I know I'm not a superhero. I don't hesitate to go to Ms. Frost because ultimately it'll be worse if I don't." He says laughing. "I care about the students here as much as you and as much as Emma. You can though, always offer to help Emma with research if you wish to be involved. You're not a student David, but, like many of us, you are still learning." He says as his cellphone goes off and he pulls it out of his pocket. "Sorry David, it's the salon. I have to take this it's probably important. I'll let you know when soups on." He says as he picks up the phone and steps out of the kitchen.

Smiling, David stands up, "Thank you. It was nice to be heard. Sorry I cursed and this was helpful. Go to the saloon if you need to. I'll fill you in on how things go with the date." Feeling better, the young man heads out of the kitchen and outside. It's a nice day out and he should enjoy it.

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