2010-01-30 'The New Doctor'


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Summary: People get to meet the new medical doctor at the school.

Date: 01-30-10.

The New Doctor

Rating: PG-13.

Library, then Infirmary

//Like most Libraries, this one has that respected quite hush about it. A desk to check out books sits next to the door, next to the desk sits a statue of an Orangutan with a sign saying Return your books or else. Row upon row of books goes up and down the room. In the middle of all the shelves are two computers for looking up titles and a group of tables for students to sit and study. Along the back wall are windows with padded window seating for students to read in quiet.

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.//

"Ah. I mostly nourished myself with pizza and chinese during my med school years, but.." Doc blinks a bit as she teases him. It takes him a moment to realize she's teasing. "Oh, sorry, I thought maybe I'd offended you. No, no, it's not that," he laughs nervously, waving a hand slightly. "I dunno, I just haven't been in the.. uh.. 'in crowd' since high school, and even then, that wasn't very long, either." He admits. "I guess I can't blame you for not wanting to eat in the dining hall, all things considered. I'll definitely have to eat in the dining hall to get the, ah.. experience." He smiles.

Amusing himself by walking not two hands, but one, Hank has a book in the free hand, and is balancing a few more on one of his feet overhead. All without apparent effort. He enters with Rogue's offer of a smorgasboard of local food, "Bowl House has some excellent sushi, if you're a fan of it." His deep bass voice almost a warm rumbling. "Hello Anna-Marie." This with a warm smile. Since he's where he wanted to be the book he was reading on Quantum Chemistry is closed and he reverses orientation, the other books landing on top of the first rather neatly. "Oh, hello!" He greets 'Doc', "Henry McCoy, most call me Hank, or Beast." A hand…blue, furred and clawed is extended as he grins brightly.

Rogue presses her lips together. "Now Hank, ya know Ah prefer to leave that name for quiet conversations." She really does prefer Rogue, most of the time. But even with the rebuke, her tone is light, features pleased. She's happy to see the blue fuzzy doctor. "Ah was just mentioning you to our new Doctor. Were your ears ringin'?" Smiling easily, a wink for Doc. "Relax. Ah don't get offended /that/ easy."

In the process of walking past, Jonothon slows dues to the voices he's hearing, and then he lingers in the doorway a moment to watch Hank. Oy. Still, he doesn't recognize Doc, so he's very curious about this. Whether or not he should be hearing this conversation, the Brit comes in. Wearing all black, he's covered from quite literally just under the nose, down to his feet. Arms are bare thanks to layered short sleeve shirts, but otherwise he's well covered. Also anything but impressive. Skinny and wearing clothing that makes you look thinner. That his hair is mussed is icing on the cake. «Hullo. ..New Doctor?» Asked with interest. A new doctor here is a wonderful thing.

Doc takes note that Rogue prefers to be called Rogue, but he does turn his head to take a good look at the newcomer. "Ah, so you're the Hank that I've heard so much about," he chuckles, reaching a hand out to take the blue furred hand. He shakes it as firmly as he can, before releasing. "A pleasure to meet you. Yes, I'm going to be the new resident medical doctor. Doctor Doc Williams. Always a pleasure." He offers politely. A quick glance at Rogue, and he nods slightly. "I'll keep that in mind, but still.. don't want to step on any toes. I'd rather make a good first impression, you know?"

When Jonothon enters, Doc again turns his head. Seems like he's going to introducing himself a lot today. "Hello." He smiles. Telepathy.. well, that's a bit new to him. Even so, he doesn't seem to have too much trouble getting used to it.

It is actually somewhat a pleasant surprise to not be recognized for Hank. It happens, just not all that often. His grip is firm, not at all threatening, but there's definite signs of strength held in check. "Ah, forgive me, Rogue." He asides to the young southern belle. Turning his baby blues back to Doc. "Doctor Williams, a distinct pleasure. If you'd like we can chat sometime about the various protocols and case files of the current students and and patients being treated." A smile to Jono as the brit enters. "Ah, hello Mister Starsmore." Hank reclaims his hand, and then carefully puts the books he'd picked back on the shelves, before turning back to the room at large. "And guilty as charged, Doctor Williams…" A wink. "…but only if what you heard was good."

( One gloved hand out to give Doc's arm a reassuring squeeze. "You're doing fine, sugar. Don't sweat it." Eyes turning. "Hank, honey, you're always a delight." The big blue guy getting a quick hug. A tip of her head to Jono. "Hey." A glance at the three men present. "Well gentlemen, as much as Ah'd love to stick around and pretty the room up for ya, Ah gotta run. See y'all around!" A wave of a covered hand, before the belle is heading for the door. )

As Hank gives his sur name, a hand lifts in greeting. «Call me Jono.» That's about as easy as it gets. And then on the end of the greeting, Jonothon offers a farewell, «Cheers.» Rogue is leaving, and he side steps to clear the doorway. «Doc, huh?» As he looks back to the man in question. «You a new professor then, or something else?» Can't say 'merely' anything, for this place gets right weird. Nor do mere people get hired on. Doc has to be damn special. The questioning is also friendly. Jono doesn't at all mind a new face around these parts.

"Well, Rogue here seems to think highly of you, so I think that counts as good," Doc chuckles. Well, he definitely figures he can get used to this. So far, everyone seems friendly enough. "But, yes. I'd appreciate if we could actually go over those things tonight. I'd prefer to be ready to take part of the work load. I can't say I like standing still," he admits with a smile. When Rogue decides she wants to take off, he waves a hand to her. "Take care, then, Rogue."

"Anyway, Hank.. err.. what would you prefer to be called? You can call me Doc, if it's easier," Doc offers. "If you have the time tonight, I'd like to. If not, you can just leave any materials I need in my room and I'll look over them tonight before bed." His attention is stolen by Jono, and he nods. "I'll keep that in mind. Nice to meet you, Jono," he moves towards the man to offer a hand to shake in greeting. "Yes, Doc. I'm going to be the resident medical doctor here from this point forward." He smiles. "I'm hoping I'll be ca

"I'm hoping I'll be capable enough, since I only just finished my residency and internships, so I'm.. well, I guess you could say.. fresh." Doc chuckles.

"Do take care, Rogue." Hank returns the girl's hug with obvious fondness, and then he lets her go and beams. As Jono corrects him, he nods. "Sorry, he does indeed tend to go by Jono. Short for Jonothan, he's actually been filling in as my teaching assistant so if you ever need to get discreet word to me, he'd be an excellent venue. Perhaps something of an engenue, and definitely a fan of the arts."

And then he nods. "I'll need a bit to get the materials organized, and I'll be happy to ramp you up to speed. Truth be told I'm delighted to have an actual MD on hand, I'm a geneticist and biochemist, I've been making do but your training will come in very handy I'm sure, fresh or no."

Hand offered and it's accepted. His grip is very normal in many ways, but there is something very strange about the man. Jonothon has no life force. If Doc can feel that, it might make the hand shake incredibly eerie. Yet he's neither cold, nor clammy. No corpse here, yet not alive in a conventional manner. Nor does that lower face of his move behind his mask. Upper features are expressive, but the lower might as well be a solid mask. «Pleasure.» Means it too. «We could use you.» So many of the kids are getting hurt these days, and he doesn't have the training to help them.

As Hank goes on, those brown eyes roll. «I grade papers. I'm hardly saving the world.» Sorry, but Jono so doesn't feel as though he were doing much. «But yeah, you need me, Doc, let me know. I'm around all the time, and don't have a lot of responsibilities yet.» Well, a team to train, and kids to chase after, but hey.

"Well, I'm fresh, but I spent a lot of my formative years studying to become a doctor, as strange as that sounds. My parent's influence. They're both surgeons," Doc admits with a smile. "So I'm fresh because I only became a doctor a few months ago, but I think that I'll be more than capable of handling any problems that arise." Actually, Doc can't feel lifeforce, so that's moot point. Just one of the challenges. At the offer of assistance, Doc nods at Jonothan. "I'm sure I'll be able to find a use for you. And I promise it won't be grading papers," he smiles knowingly.

With that, Doc looks back to Hank. "Well, take your time. It's no rush, I'm just eager to get established and be able to take some of the weight off your two's shoulders. Thought.. besides yourself, Hank, was there anyone else working in the infirmary?"

"You're a tremendous help, Jonothon. I'm sure my life would be much more complicated without your assistance." A grin. "However, if you'd like more to do I am certain such could be arranged." Hank looks to the Brit and offers a teasing wink. "THE world might not be being saved, but MINE is, thank you very much." And with that he smiles to Doc. "Please call me Hank, unless we're in the field and I'm in costume, then call me Beast. It won't take me long to give you the run down on the cases currently being worked on, as well as the protocols we follow in case of exotic events such as alien invasion, super humans attacking, or first manifestation of a mutant's powers." A nod. "There's a lot of protcols."

Oh, that there isn't any confusion about the lack of life force is a good thing. Jonothon doesn't much enjoy that being pointed out. He just wrinkles his nose at the knowing smile and Hank's teasing, but it's in an amused way. Laughing as best he can. «Anything has to be better than wading through the angst around here.» And yes, you know it's bad when /Jono/ is the one complaining about it. Sure it means more work, but he can handle that. A lot of free time to fill these days. «Why is studying to be a doctor weird?» Having no idea what Doc can do. «Am I missing something here?» A puzzled look to Hank. Can't answer about there being someone else working in the infirmary, for he's neither seen, nor heard, about them. Mainly because Jono doesn't spend a lot of time there.

"Yes. I'm aware of the protocols for normal doctoring, but I'd imagine that there are considerably more numerous protocol for handling other stuff. Still.. alien invasion? Nice to know that I have stuff like that to look forward to," Doc chuckles, but he seems to be taking it fairly well, regardless. He glances back over to Jono as he begins to 'speak' again. "Oh, well.. instead of picture books, I was looking at color diagrams of the human body. Instead of extracurricular activity, I was taking enrolled in Advanced Biology. My childhood was.. well.. medical-oriented. So I guess my formative years were strange." He smiles. "And.. angst? I'm assuming it's because there's a lot of teenagers here, then?"

"I was referring only to the protocols for the AB-normal doctoring, actually. I'm sure you're aware that this school is home to a great many mutants, and yes, most are teens. Add super-powers to the mix of teen hormones and public distrust of mutant kind and you have a potent recipe for potential mayhem. Consider the trouble for a school in the inner city, and the possibility of a child bringing a gun to school." Hank nods hie head thoughtfully. "NOW consider the possibly ramifications for a child who can tie a crowbar into a knot, or that can shoot fire from her fingertips, or any number of other possibilities and I'm sure you'll begin to understand the reallity of things here."

Hank smiles. "Ah…so you were in a family driven by academia, fortunately my parents encouraged me to play football, -and- take the various 'egg head' classes I so enjoyed. I don't think your upbringing odd, just a bit—focused." This from the poster boy for Jacks-of-all-Trades Anonymous!

«Heh.» About having strange formative years. «That'd do it.» His formative years were anything but strange, so he's little else to say on that. So Jonothon merely nods agreement with Hank. «We had a boy trash the foyer because he couldn't control a transformation. Put two other students in the infirmary. So yeah, teens and powers. It's angst central.» A pause and he looks away briefly, «One of the girls died this week.» Shrugging as he stops, Jono opts to remain silent a time. This place can be dangerous, no matter they try hard to keep it from being.

"Yes, I'm aware of it now. I'd never even heard of the Xavier Institute 'til I got a letter in the mail inviting me to come down," Doc admits, folding his arms across his chest. When Hank begins to describe it that way, he smiles. "Well, that's just part of the challenge of running a school, I suppose, but you definitely know how to convince a guy to stay, Hank," he grins a bit. "Luckily, I enjoy a good challenge. And, yes, my upbringing was definitely focused. My father's father did the same to him, and my mother kinda fell into her job. Still, they both seemed to agree that they wanted me to be a doctor, so they did what they could."

"Oh. I see.." Doc focuses on Jonothon as he begins to explain some of the mishaps, and they seem to go hand-in-hand with how Hank described it. "That explains why the foyer was trashed when I arrived.." He clears his throat a bit. Still, a girl died? How morbid. "Well, I'll do my best to insure no-one dies under my watch. I can heal wounds," he explains. "As well as a few other tricks, but.." He chuckles. ".. Anyway, I've actually not been to the Infirmary yet. I think after we're through here, I'll definitely need to head down there and have a look." A short pause..

"Speaking of infirmaries, um.. I'm not sure where it is, actually," Doc admits with a nervous laugh, looking to Hank for the answer to that.

"Challenge I'm sure we'll have no trouble with, it it is the mundane days that are the rare ones, Doc." Hank says this with a smile of approval as the man seems intrigued rather than put off by the information. As Doc reveals he can heal, "You're a mutant too? Most excellent, I've never had the opportunity to run any tests on a mutant healer, healers are in general quite rare. I do hope you'll let me examine you." Of course Jono would know that the exam will likely be a bit more involved than a few tests.

Hank smiles then to Doc. "And we appreciate that willingness." To keep people alive is a good thing! "Well, the infirmary is in the basement, one of the more secure areas." Hank grins. "And we can definitely give you the nickel tour, this place can be a challenge to navigate until you get exposure to it."

A nod to Jono. "Angst central, that's a very good description."

Jonothon nods agreement on that explains the foyer. «Thankfully deaths aren't common, but it doesn't change we can use all the help we can get.» So many kids, all needed help. He get's a bit over whelmed when he thinks about it. ..So he tries not to. Hank speaks of getting some examinations in and that big nose wrinkles, «Run. Really. Run while you still can, Doc.» Having been through many of those tests, oy! And rather like Hank, he finds the idea of a healer very interesting. Just nods about that though and gives Hank a side-long look. Doesn't need to say much with Hank around, does he?

Examinations? You know, ironically, Doc's not too keen on being the one examined, but considering that Hank is a peer, he makes a rare decision to try not to let it bother him. "Really?" He rubs his chin slightly at the mention that healers are rare. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt. Hopefully it won't hurt, anyway." He can regenerate, but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel pain or anything. At the mention of the infirmary being in the basement, he nods quickly. "Ah. Well, that explains why I couldn't find it when I walked around by myself on the first floor," he laughs a bit. He doesn't seem as embarassed now, anyway, since it's not his fault he couldn't find it.

Probably not good of Jonothan to joke like that, as Doc eyes him for a moment and chuckles nervously. "Well, it can't be that bad, can it?" He might be regretting that later, especially if Jono's right. "Anyway.. will I need a key or something to get into the basement? I'd hope that I wouldn't need to wait for someone with access to get to my equipment. I brought along some of my own, but I suspect I probably won't need them."

Van passes by in the lobby then pauses as he hears voices in the library. Moving over to the door, he glances in then nods to those assembled as he steps in more fully. He's dressed in USMC tank top and shorts, the shirt revealing fully the tattoos on each arm. "Hello there." he greets, though Doc getting a curious look. "We haven't met; I'm Van. Vance Walker. Nice to see you again, Hank. Jonothon."

"Very fortunately, and very rare." Hank agrees with Jono's assessment. Alas, he's been present for more than a few, sad really. However, Hank soon is smiling again. "Jono, really. I won't do anything that would hurt the man." An honest nature does compel him to add. "The tests -will- be rather thorough, but non-invasive, and definitely not painful barring anything highly exotic."

Hank nods. "You should already be coded into the security system, probably you should talke with Scott Summers, the Headmaster, I am sure as our Chief Medico you'll have a medical override for emergency access to most areas." Hank grins. "And I think you'll find our equipment is top notch." Especially since Hank designed a lot of it, and a lot is from the Shi'ar…yeah, cutting edge — NEXT century.

"Ah, Mister Walker, good to see you again, allow me to introduce Doc Williams, he'll be taking over as our head physician. Doctor Williams, this is Vance Walker."

The obvious discomfort has brown eyes narrowing. This is a good thing though, for those are laughter lines, and not anger. Jonothon is laughing, for he so understands that discomfort about being a test subject. Hank had him down there just a week ago. It wasn't all that fun. «That's what you always promise.» This won't hurt a bit! ..Ow. Still, there's laughter showing in brown eyes, for he's teasing on the whole. «Bloody understatement about the tech there, mate. More like it might almost be magic.» That nose wrinkles again.

Then Van is here and the Brit is looking over. «Hullo, Van. Thanks again for the other day.» Helping Robyn seems to have worked. «Call me Jono. Most everyone does.» Or Jon. Whatever is easier for you.

Doc smiles, and as he hears Hank speaking of the top notch equipment? Well, that gets him slightly.. giddy, if that can be possible. "I have to admit that I'm extremely excited to work here," he says simply, and he leaves it at that. Honestly, he's not sure he can explain in words how excited he is. At the introduction, Doc smiles and turns his head to look at yet another new arrival. Doc seems to be popular today. Ah.

"A pleasure to meet you, Vance," Doc steps forward for the fourth time today to shake the man's hand, or at least offer a hand for him to shake, at any rate. The mention of the technology gets him to again focus on Jono. "Huh. Is that so? I'm looking forward to seeing it, then," he admits with a smile. "I've seen some of the best technology that we've got while I was in school and residency, so if this stuff is better than what they had there, I'll definitely be looking forward to it."

"Well, thorough tests.." Doc again brings himself back to that. "I don't mind. If it'll help with your studies, Hank, then I'd be happy to spare the time."

"Call me Van." he tells Hank and nods at Jono's correction. "Jono it is. And helping out the students is not merely my pleasure but my duty. So you're the medic." he says to Doc as he clasps the man's hand. "It's always good to know who it is who can patch you up. And write a prescription or two." Which might be referencing the small limp he's got.

Hank is justifiably proud of the equipment in the med bay. "In the immortal words of Asimov 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic', of course David Brin had a corrolary, 'Any technology that can be distinguished from magic is not yet sufficiently advanced'." A wink. "I'd say we follow the Brin philosophy in our designs here."

Hank then wags a clawed finger at Jono. "Really, I did not hurt you, you were just being difficult. Yes, the tests wer—-oh, you're pulling my leg aren't you?" He grins then, and nods along with Van's commentary. "Definitely good to know whom is in charge of the mecical areas — especially if you're prone to injury or have a pre-existing condition that needs regular treatment."

«Still appreciate it.» To Van. «I couldn't have found him and driven there.» Kind of funny in a way. Jonothon's the only one here without an official place in the school. Other than helping Hank with stuff. Not that he minds, but still funny. And with Doc seeming to perk up at the technology idea, the Brit tucks hands in pockets and looks amused. Likely in for a surprise considering what's all lurking around this place. Jono is even wearing some of it in the form of his comm. «Quite.» Giving Hank a hard time and wrinkling his nose! «Honestly he won't take long.» There's that assurance for Doc. «And the tests don't even require you to take your clothes off. I think the worst part about this place are the costumes.» A roll of eye there. «Glad they let me skip the skin tight bollocks.» He's wearing his costume right now! It looks like his normal clothing.

Doc nods a bit. For the moment, he seems to just listen to the three talk. Or, well, two talk and one telepath. But hey. He nods a bit at Van. "I can patch you up, yes. I hear I'm good at it," he muses playfully. At Jono's attempt to reassure him, he laughs. "I'm not too worried about it, but.. costumes?" He glances at Hank and Vance in turn, almost as if he might have missed something, before returning to Jonothan. "I'm not going to have to wear one, am I? Well, not that it matters.. if it's required I will, but I prefer something comfortable," he admits.

"Well, you're welcome." Van tells Jono. "Let me know if you need anything else in the future. I can always free some time up if needed." Just a question of rescheduling classes usually. "Think of them as school uniforms." he says to Doc. "But mostly the students are the only ones required to wear them and even then only sometimes. I don't htink you need to worry about it and if anyone expects it of me, they haven't said so."

"The costumes are generally for students, or for those on the various teams if they're going to be in the field. As you're here in a medical capacity I don't think it terribly likely you'll be on many field missions." Hank ponders. "Though just in case we should get you fitted, you may not be on a FIELD time, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were asked to join an extraction team in case there's a medical emergency. It is also possible we might be scrambled to aid local authorities with some sort of a disaster, or invasion from another world or dimension." Hank's thinking of the demons. Hank grins then now that Jono and Van have both reasssured. "And yes, the costumes are generally quite comfortable, they're exactingly tailored and designed to work with your powers."

Jonothon lifts a hand and drags fingers through his hair before scratching the back of his head. «Maybe that's just the X-teams then.» Teasing again, not really sheepish. «Hank's right about getting you one though. They aren't just to scare people with how out of shape, or in shape, we all are.» A pointed look to those in the room who are in shape. Jono doesn't number among those. «The costumes come with a lot of perks.» The temperature extremes just one. Then to Van he nods, «Thanks.» Always nice to have someone there as a backup. The having items when needed was really handy.

Huh. That was definitely not in Doc's contract but, like earlier, Doc seems to have no problems with it, and even seems eager. It's all a lot to take, one can only wonder if it's just a tad bit overwhelming for the doctor. Even so, he seems excited. "Man, I used to dream about this kind of stuff as a kid," he laughs a bit. "Well.. I suppose you're right. As long as there's no gloves or anything.. I need skin contact to heal," he admits. "I'll have to make a note of that somewhere.. I'm not sure if I told anyone about it.."

Doc's in shape enough. He's kinda somewhere in the middle, but it's clear that he spent a lot of his time sitting and reading. "Oh, well, I hadn't considered that.." He admits to Jono. "But I appreciate your reassurances, anyway, from all of you." He chuckles. "I just hope I'm not being too much of a hassle. I know you probably have had your rounds teaching the new people how things run."

Van studies Doc with a trained eye. "Speaking of extractions and in shape, just how are you?" he asks. "And are you capable of defending yourself with powers? Weapons? Hand to hand? You should know the basics if you don't to make sure you don't end up a liability and needing rescueing instead of doing the rescue. I can schedule some time for you."

"Jono's right, it is primarily for the X-Teams, but also for any students that have powers. And the costumes are made of ballistic and temperature resistant materials, really quite handy. Their unstable molecules are designed to work with your powers, so there's a fair chance that you might be able to learn to channel through them, but gloves are definitely not mandatory in any case." Hank laughs as Van starts sizing the good doctor up. "And yes, some basic training is pretty much a necessity, childhood dreams of glory and adventure aside we are all too often the targets for evil doers, and they're notoriously rude about not respecting boundaries."

Normally he doesn't admit to it, but there doesn't seem to be any harm here, «I'm technically wearing one right now.» Jonothon plucks at the tshirts he wears. Looks like normal clothing except for the portion covering his face. «They can look like what you want. I need one as my normal clothes thanks to my powers, but that doesn't mean you have to wear it all the time.» Now if only Jono could get muscles from working out. Sadly he's kind of locked in this form. «You'll love the danger room, Doc. Until it bites anyway.»

Doc's attention is trained on Van when he begins to speak, noting the analytical look on the man's face. He smiles and relaxes a bit. "Well, to answer your questions.. not very, no, no, and no. If you feel it would be in my - and others - best interests, I don't see why not. Besides, I could do with getting into shape. They didn't require us to do anything but know how to treat people, and not to lift weights or fight, so needless to say, I kinda slacked on that a bit."

Again, Doc looks to Hank. "Well, if they can be channeled through them, then there might not be a problem. Guess we can have gloves and see what happens.. would have to practice a bit, but it might not be too bad." Seems he's got a lot to learn, at any rate. "Danger Room?" He glances at Jonothan. "Sounds dangerous, to me." Bad joke, Doc. Bad joke.

Van glances over at Hank. "Ballistic resistant? They're bulletproof? I'll be wanting one of them then. Though preferably something close to what Jono is wearing. I don't… need somethign so colorful." At Doc's answer, he turns back and nods. "In that case, I'll do up a schedule for you to follow. Some basic fitness training. Cardio and weights. And we can work out when it would be best for you to learn to fight. I think both hand to hand and pistols. You might be a doctor but keeping yourself and those depending on you alive sometimes means shooting people."

Hank nods to confirm what Jono says. "Absolutely, they don't need to look like costumes or armor, though the hardier designs tend to offer more robust protection than those that look like street clothes." Hank nods to Van. "Yes, ballistic resistant, akin to ballistic cloth, not quite as good as actual body armor but a lot better than nothing. They're also flame and chemical retardant, and protect versus extremes of temperature." He smiles. "SHIELD actually has similar gear for their field agents, though theirs is more combat focused and not designed to work with powers."

As Doc proves amenable to training, Hank beams. "I think you'll fit right in, Doctor. Right in." After all, he's being thrown a lot of curve balls and seems quite willing to come out swinging.

There's a quick, if laughing, dirty look to Doc. Old, old, and very old joke there. «..What Hank said.» To Van about wanting one. «I'll show you how it's done. Had to build my whole wardrobe out of the bloody stuff. What I'm wearing today doesn't have all the fancy perks. It lets me use my powers without ruining every shirt I have, but that's it. Still, you can have a costume that looks more normal.» His is in the closet right now. Jonothon is kind of like Wisdom in that he really hates costumes. Rather like he hates wearing color. Doesn't say anything about the combat training, for that's necessary around here. Jono drills nearly every day himself. Now if only he could look like he does.

On the other hand, Doc doesn't seem to have a problem with costumes. He does prefer a more comfortable wardrobe, but that's just a by-product of having to stand around for thirty, fourty hour shifts at the hospital during residency and wanting to be as comfortable as possible for the whole ordeal. "You think so?" Doc smiles at Hank. "I'm glad to hear that. I guess I've always been a bit worried about fitting in." And how. That's a long, sordid story.

"Ah, well.. I guess I've got a lot to look forward to, then," Doc smiles. "I think I'm just glad that it doesn't seem like it's going to be too slow around here. Four years of residency makes you antsy. Also makes you stay up all night sometimes, too."

"If you can get your hands on a SHIELD version…" Van suggests. "More combat focused would be wonderful and I don't need to worry about it working with powers. I'll settle for whatever's available though." If he only had that stuff before…

"The costume synthesizers are fairly easy to use, and Jono is more than qualified to help." Hank nods firmly. "We'll get you both setup with standard uniforms, I'll have to do some of the calibrations for Doc's gear of course, but the designs can be all yours." He looks to Van. "Well, SHIELD is a bit reluctant to part with the armor for obvious reasons, but I have some contacts I can approach, let me see what I can come up with and I'll let you know when I hear back. Fair enough? If they decline I could see what I might come up with based off the technology used here."

Jonothon tucks hands into jean pockets again as he suggests, «Why don't we take Doc down to the infirmary?» Let the man see where it is, and all the fancy technology there. Says nothing about how exciting being a resident is, for he knows how good he has it here. Demons, super villains, and all. There's a nod towards the door.

"Fair enough." Van agrees. "Anything better than the standard stuff is just a bonus. I appreciate the effort. Is the boy Lucas out of the infirmary yet? If not, that'll be his first patient. Formerly demon possessed." he informs Doc.

"Demon possessed?" Well, you learn new stuff every day. At least they're not looking at Doc to do an exorcism. Doc nods slightly. "Yes. Let me just grab my books here, and we can head down there," he turns around slowly to pluck up the books he'd found before Rogue showed up, and he turns back to them. That was fast. Of course. "All set. Shall we?"

"Righty-oh, off we go." Hank will lead the way to the nearest elevator, and then once in the basement, leads the way towards the medical bay. "Doctor Williams, if you'd be so kind and to try your luck at the elavator controls we'll soon know if you're coded on the security system yet." Hank nods. "There's actually two cases currently being worked, Lucas and Jordan." A nod. "I'll show you their charts when we get down there, and I'll forward you all their case history and information. Another case that's semi-resolved is that of Mikhail, he was poisoned by second hand exposure to demon blood, fortunately he responded to conventional treatment and should be fine."

"I was just going to start my own work out so I'll leave you all to it." Van says. "I'll come up with an exercise program for you, Doc. Nothing too strenuous at first and we can figure out later on when is a good time to give you some combat training."

His suggestion taken, Jonothon is content to follow the group. When Doc asks about the demon possessed, the Brit says with amusement, «You have to have an open mind around here. The incredible, and miraculous occur on a daily basis.» And he's not lying either. After that though he just trails along to watch.

"Well, I definitely wasn't arguing that, but I've got a pretty open mind, I like to think, but I guess this certainly tests one's boundaries," Doc smiles at Jonothan as they begin to walk. Once at the elevator, Doc notes that he somehow missed it coming in. Considering the high level of security, there's a good chance that, even if he had, he definitely wouldn't have tried to go down. He listens to Hank as he puts a palm to the place for it, and leans down to allow a retinal scan. Guess they can't be too careful. There's a moment there, before there's a gentle *ding*, and the door slowly slides open.

"Seems so. That was fast," Doc admits as he moves to step into the elevator, holding the door open for the others. He'll let Hank or Jonothan have fun with the buttons. Doc's not even sure where to begin there. Are there even buttons? Hm.

Rashmi sits next to James' bed, her eyebrows lowering somewhat as the latest question the recovering hyena has put to her. "They'll do for you exactly what you deserve, James… They'll give you all the help they can, and they'll never, ever blame you. I *wish* I could get Lucas to understand…" Sitting back in her chair with a sigh, she lets her hand remain where it is, clasped between the boy's large paws. "You know… If I'd have known that you were having these troubles? I'd've tried to do something about it. Remember… we're supposed to be here for each other, right? But that sort of… also means we have to be able to tell each other what's wrong."

James is sitting upright in one of the beds, covered somewhat by the blankets on top. He has Rashmi's hands between his, but his eyes barely make contact with his friend. He sighs, "I just…don't really…haven't really felt that I should be coming to anyone about anything. Up until today I've always felt that I was on my own. I'm…for lack of better terms…a zoo exhibit. Until the mall fiasco that was the first time I'd been in one for years." He goes silent, ears suddenly perking up from their laid back state as he hones in on some footsteps.

Hank, Doc and Jono enter the lab from the hall. Hank entering first, though he's apparently paying more attention to the men with him than to the room. He nearly stumbles, catching himself up short and managing not to step on a displaced stool, and then he chuckles. "Well, obstacle course … oh, forgive me, I believe the current term is 'confidence course'. The first term of course being accurate but the second meant to symbolize the intent of the thing." He pauses, and looks about the ultra-tech facility and motions. "And here we are, medical."

With Hank are two other men, one familiar but one new. "Doctor Williams, this will be the facility you'll do most of your work in." And then he turns about an notices the sleeping patient Jordan, and the one that's not only awake, but has a visitor. "Ah, Miss Franklin, Mister Palmer…allow me to introduce our new Medical Chief of Staff, Doctor Williams. Doc, allow me to introduce miss Rashmi Franklin, and Mister James Franklin."

Trailing behind the other two, Jonothon is kind of a hanger-on for this situation. Doesn't say a thing about Hank tripping, for he's done far worse. Also respects the man too much. Without his jacket today, leaving his arms bare thanks to the t-shirts he wears, he does lift a hand to those who are awake here and slips away from the two doctors. James being awake, and with Rashmi, has him heading that way. «How you two holding on?» Asked without even touching the 'you okay' option. Jono already believes someone demon possessed isn't okay the day after he's freed. «You remember me, mate?» Asked of James, but there's no anger or accusation.

Doc chuckles a bit as he steps into the Med Bay, seeming to pay more attention to his surroundings than much else. He leans down to pluck up the stool and set it aside where no-one's intending to walk. "Incredible. I would have never guessed anything like this was down here," he admits as he finally moves to a stop, peering about the room. It seems like he could definitely spend days down here.. and chances are he probably will. He folds his arms across his chest, and it's not until Hank introduces him to the two there that are actually awake does he bring his attention to them. "Oh. Hello. A pleasure to meet you," he smiles. "I'd offer you a hand to shake, but it seems yours are already preoccupied," he winks.

"But, yes, always a pleasure. If you ever need anything, I'll probably be here for a long time," Doc says distractedly as he peers around again. It's going to take him forever just to get used to where everything is and what everything does. "Or, well.. you get the idea." He chuckles

Rashmi chuckles. "Well… now you know, James. You *do* have friends here, and that's not going to change." As the trio enters, her head perks up. "Oh! Hello Dr. McCoy… Dr. Williams," she finishes, bobbing her head in greeting to the new arrival. As Jono approaches, her smile fades some. "All right, Jono… Honestly, I'm just glad they're back, you know? And… I'm pretty sure we won't have to worry much about Robyn, anymore."

James watches Hank with the eyes of a creature whose appetite suddenly returned….or that he finds him the coolest thing he's seen all week. Either could be true, and are hard to discern with the hyena-thing. He looks at Rashmi and whispers, "….that's the frekin' Beast…." OMFG! But it's short lived when Jono enters the room. His ears go flat, eyes a little intent. He nods sheepishly, "Yes sir…Unfortunately I remember everything." He clenches his jaw rather tightly, "I'm…overwhelming sorry for what happened." He looks over at Doc, to distract himself from the man that sent him through the side of a truck, "Pleased to meet you sir."

"You're a very lucky young man, Mister Palmer." Hank takes the lad's medical chart, flips through it and then hands it off to Doc. "Well, in a physical sense anyway, I can't begin to imagine the trauma you suffered, but rest assured you're not to blame for anything that the demon forced your body to do. Possession is a very tricky business, the sad fact is that most feel terrible feelings of worthlessness and irrational guilt and remorse. 'I should have been stronger' 'If only I wasn't weak', and so forth." Hank checks the other furry fellow's vitals. "BUT…you have a strong body, and you cannot expect to best every foe, for example—Jono's powers are entirely mental in nature, but even he wouldn't expect to be Professor X in a psychic duel. To a lesser extent what happened to you was much the same, with the scales even more askew. What is important is that you're well now, you're free of taint, and if you're smart you'll allow your friends and loved ones to help you regain your hope." A smile. "Plus,

«I'm glad too, gel.» Eyes narrow in the only smile he can make, especially for the mention of Robyn. «I sure hope so. Already talked him into not running away once.» …Oh yeah, James remembers. Jonothon isn't the kind to get in close anyway, so beyond reaching easy speaking range, he doesn't attempt to get in too near. «You have nothing to be sorry for. If anything I'm sorry you have to remember.» One thing the man doesn't do is have an issue with the furry. He understands being a freak only too well, and he's not the only one in the room. «Also sorry for having to hurt you.» Doesn't say more because, well, Hank speaks enough for any three people. A roll of eyes says what he believes of being used as an example.

Doc calmly takes the medical chart and he flips through it as well. He leans back against one of the counters and seems to look it over. Seems the devil's in the details, anyway, 'cause Doc wants to be sure he's got all the details he can get. At the mention of freaks, Doc glances up from the chart. "I'd imagine that we're all in pretty good company, don't you think? Being that we're all alike. Well.. not all of us have fur, but that hardly matters. We're still mutants," he smiles, looking back down at the chart.

"Anyway.. James..?" Just to make sure he's got it right, he glances down at the front of the chart. "How are you feeling?" He pushes away from the counter and approaches the bed. "Is there anything you need?"

Rashmi smiles, gently patting the back of James' paw as she's able. "Yep, it sure is…" Trailing off, she catches Hank's final comment and flushes slightly. "And he's nice, too, it seems. So… I'll be right over here, okay? I should give the doctors room to do their job." Touching James' shoulder, she turns back to stand next to Jono.

James does his best to digest what Hank has to say…but after about the third sentence, his eyes glaze over and he just ends up nodding a whole lot. It's overload…not Hank, but the whole situation. Recently, he's spent more time plotting the demise of his friends than he has in class for the year. He's uses Jono as a well timed distraction, "I had it, and a whole lot more coming." Doc's questions cause him to look over, "Actually, sir. I feel fine. Well…physically." The charts may point out his healing factor seems to have kicked in good and strong while he spent the day KO'd. "I'm actually hoping to get out of here soon. I have some post-possession self loathing I need to catch up on and all this cheer is keeping me from a good long pout." He looks to the left, ears folding a little, "That's a joke." He watches Rashmi leave with the look of someone who has just been left to people that he 'knows' are going to start sticking him with needles.

You know, Hank gets those glazed eyed looks a lot. Curious, must be something in the air, perhaps something seasonal. He nods slowly as the lad makes light of the post-possession trauma, and then sighs very gently. "If only Miss Manh were here, she had first hand exposure to possession, however, I can offer another candidate and one that is far more capable of direct assistance. Professor Xavier was himself the victim of a possession. I have first hand experience with that, and it was not any prettier when the possessor was a mutant. Though you feel better physically, please, Mister Palmer, please do not think that you shouldn't seek counseling and assistance for the mental trauma, which is far more insidious."

Pouting? No, Jonothon doesn't know anything about that. Noooo way. «Sounds like you've earned a bit of sulk time.» Said with good nature. «Like I tell pretty much everybody, you need some help, or just an ear, find me. I've been through it too.» Just not demons. He's kind of lost count how many times he's been controlled. After that though, he leans against a wall near Rashmi and lets the doctors do their worst. «Robyn found his boy then?» Asked of Rashmi. Jordan he means, for all he doesn't remember the name.

Rashmi nods to Robyn's sleeping form, slumped over in a chair next to Jordan's bed. "Perfect timing actually," she murmurs to Jono. "It was the perfect finish to Robyn's little birthday party, seeing Jordan just sort of stagger through the back kitchen door. It made *my* night, at least… well, until Owen."

Doc nods slowly, setting the chart back in its place. "I see. Well, if you have no problems physically, then there's not much I can do for you, and I certainly can't keep you here if you're capable of walking and being active. If you're tired still, stay and rest. If not, you're welcome to leave." He motions for the door. "Unfortunately, psychology isn't my expertise, and so I have to agree with Hank in that you should still seek counseling."

So, no, Doc isn't going to poke or prod. He's going to take James' word for it, at least for now. At any rate, he kinda gets the idea that James wants to be alone - or at least with someone he can trust not to put him through a battery of tests - and start healing in another way. He glances over at Hank. "Do you agree?" He glances at James. "I'm not trying to throw you out or anything, but I do want you to know your options and have our recommendations."

James nods to Hank, "There have been some people in and out of here all day, talking to me about it, but I will. And thanks for mentioning it. It's good to now I'm not alone." Not alone enough that he's beginning to think this sort of thing happens often. He gives a little thought to his current state and idly touches the top of his head, "You know what I could use though…my goggles. I think they're in my room." As a matter of fact, those things are something that he's never been without as some might notice. And until this moment hasn't realized he was, "At least, I 'think' they're there. I was wearing them when I turned, and that's where I was at the time." He looks over at Doc and nearly jumps out of bed at the suggestion…but stops. "Oh….I could use some clothes too." His ears go sideways and he reseats himself, sparing the room a view of his… Discovery Channel special.

When James almost jumps out of bed, Hank almost moves to stop him, nodding when the young man catches himself. "I'll fetch you some sweats, one moment." And true to his word he returns in a few moments with a pair of sweats that he had on hand, the're probably a little short for James, but baggy. "Here you go, you can return them later after you get back to yor room. Now, the goggles, were they anything exotic, or more or less standard? In the event they're exotic and missing I'll be happy to work on replacing them." Looking to Doc, he nods firmly. "I concur. He's well enough not to require medical attention, or monitoring but should seek counseling." A smile to Jono and Rashmi. "Fortunately you're not alone."

Dark eyes settle on Robyn before returning to Rashmi and the Brit nods. So very glad Jordan and James were returned. He didn't know them, but he could feel their lack in those they left behind. «Speaking of that, how are you, Rashmi? I heard you got hurt.» Jonothon hears a lot of things in this school, but really, is anyone surprised? Schools are gossip stations. The lack of pants problem has him rubbing his nose, trying to hide laughter, but he does a poor job of it. Hank gets a hand lifted in salute about his being there to help. It's very true.

Doc nods and smiles at Hank, for the moment, not seemingly sure why they all nearly jump when James tries to leave and catches himself. Then it just kinda dawns on him. Oh, right. He's used to putting hospital gowns on people that're unconscious in the hospital and not being treated, but hey, that's just him. He chuckles a bit, and nods. For the moment, he decides to let the people that know James better speak with him, moving over to explore some of the cabinets nearby. As he does, he takes stock of the inventory, insuring not to make much noise as he does. Don't mind Doc, he's giddy again as he looks at all the nearly new stuff.

"My ribs hurt a little, bu—eep…" As Hank trundles out a pair of sweats, the redhead all but spins in place, firmly putting her back to James. "…Anyway, I should be all right. Mostly it's Owen I was worried about, after everything settled down. You know… my powers and all, it really didn't help when he grabbed hold of me… Oh!" The clear sign that Rashmi's train of thought has skipped onto a new set of tracks, yet again. "Um, Dr. McCoy. I, um… I've meant to ask you about Lucas' gloves. Do you think there's any way he could get better ones? I mean, it's bad enough he can't take them off, but he can't even turn a page in a book without help, you know?"

James shrugs at Hank's inquiry about the goggles….by lying! "They're nothing. I'll find 'em." He kinda leaves it at that, arms crossing over his chest?until hand re-arrives with pants. He takes the pants and puts them on under the blankets. He looks over at Rashmi, "yeah, he can't even open the doorknob to my room….our room most days." He puts his legs out of the bed and looks around to see if anyone is going to stop him. With a good portion of his legs exposed he frowns a little, "These…are great. Thanks sir.." He looks himself over a little, "Is Jean-Paul still upset? I…sorta…exploded on him."

"Did you have them looked at, Miss Franklin?" The ribs. And then he nods, trusting to James to tell him the truth. "Well, hopefully they're in your room then. I know there are no goggles with your personal effects here…such as they are." He frowns at the description of the gloves. "Hrm. Let me see what I can come up with. Depending on how they were constructed I might be able to come up with something. I'll do my best." No promises though. Still Hank's worst is better than a lot of people's bests. Not knowing anything about Jean-Paul he instead smiles. "Excuse me." And then goes to give Doc the grand tour of the medbay, hopefully he has a good memory. There's a test after! Okay, no there isn't.

The whirl around by Rashmi only has Jonothon laughing all the more. Of course this only shows like he's having a mild fit, but really, he's laughing. An arm around himself, shoulders hunched forward, he shakes with it. Doesn't last long, and he turns to rest back against the wall, tucking hands into jean pockets. No, nothing to say here. Rashmi is asking questions of Hank, and James has been rescued with pants.

Doc glances over when Hank moves to meet him half-way, and he smiles. "I didn't want to keep you from yuor conversation," he chuckles, but yes, he's more than happy to accept the tour. Faulty memory or not, Doc is keeping a mental note of where everything is in the event he might need it later. That's just how he works. He doesn't want to move anything, either, so he just kinda runs with it. So to speak.

Rashmi coughs, turning the Look of infinite Patience upon the laughing Jono. "Well," she replies to Hank, "His hands are sort of…. constant fusion reactors, I guess… They're made to keep all the heat and energy contained… or… something like that." People and law are her specialties, not nuclear physics. "I'll try and haul him down here soon, will that be okay?"

James notices that everyone is distracted, so hops off the bed and starts looking around like he's about to make a break for it. He tests his weight for a moments, "If there's nothing else…?" The question's more directed to Rashmi and Jono than the doctors and their hidden needles! "I'd really like to go get dressed if nothing else. He looks sheepish, and quite silly wearing no shirt and sweats that are somewhat small.

At Rashmi's question, Hank pauses the tour a moment to listen. "Well, I'm primarily a geneticist and biochemist, but my physical sciences chops aren't too bad." This said with a broad smile. Plus he can always consult with Tony Stark or Reed Richards — anyone but Hank Pym, because then the gloves would wake up and try to kill someone! "By all means, bring him by so I can do some first hand study, and then I'll need to see one of the gloves to figure out how it works. I'm familiar with several possible dampening designs, but focus and control are very different things." And then it occurs to Hank that she might have misconstrued which 'them' he as asking about. "Oh! I meant your ribs. Doctor Williams here is a highly trained physician, and he has a gift for healing, if anyone can assist your sore ribs he's the one."

Hank doesn't mention that he's also going to study Doc. Hey! There's just not that many healers around, let alone mutant healers. A smile to James. "You're free to go, Mister Palmer, do let me know if you need help replacing your goggles or if you found them."

That look has Jonothon's nose wrinkling. Sorry, still laughing. Shows only too well in his eyes. He's allowed to laugh, and all because he's paid his 'need pants desperately' dues several times over. If there's a possibility of being embarrassed to extremes and looking like a fool? Odds are Jono's done it. «Go on, Mate.» Motioning a hand to James. «Get out while the getting is good. Let me know if you need anything.» Run, be free!

Doc nods slightly at Hank's mention. "Yes. Well, I have no reason to believe your ribs are broken, because if they were, you'd most certainly be in pain just moving.. so, if anything, they're probably bruised. If you'd rather not go through the whole process of being checked, I'd say to simply try to insure you don't do anything too strenuous for a few days so as to avoid aggrevating the condition." He offers. "But, if you feel you'd rather be safe than sorry, I can check to insure you don't have any cracks or fractures."

Doc glances over at the sweats-wearing James, and he nods a bit. "Indeed. Let us know if you need anything."

Rashmi blinks sharply, the subject of her sore ribs completely having slipped her mind. "O-oh! Oh… No, I suppose I may as well have them looked at. I'd rather not be sore if I can help it, you know…?" Blinking, she looks back to James as the hyena heads for the door. "No James, just… Don't forget again, okay? You *do* have friends, if you want them."

James can't seem to leave the room a second fast enough. While he appreciated the support…he's had a rather long day and could use some familiar surroundings. He takes a couple steps gingerly, toe claws begging for purchase on the non-carpeted floor. He ends up doing an exaggerated look-at-me-I'm-walking-on-thin-ice sorta thing. He bumps Rashmi on the way out, not hard, and not bay accident. It probably qualifies as the most bodily contact he's every given anyone that knows him, "I will. And thanks." He looks back over his shoulder before he leaves the door and exits the door.

"Well, there you have it, Doctor…your first patient here." Hank grins to Doc, and then smiles to Rashmi. As James makes good his escape the Bouncing Beast hurries to catch up. "It says in your file that you have heightened senses…I use a special shampoo that is as near to scentless as I could make, and is also good for your skin. I'll have some sent to your room." And then he finally allows the lad to get away. Leaving Rashmi to her exam with Doc, Hank moves over to one of his work stations to check on Jono's test results. "Mister Starsmore…if you have a moment…"

Poor kid. Hopefully some time along helps. Now also seems like a good time to escape. Pushing from the wall, Jonothon drags fingers back through his hair… and then Hank says his name. What? Damn it. Wanted to go practice in the danger room a little. Instead he heads over to that work station. «What's up?» There is a concerted lack of enthusiasm there. Sure he made jokes about having been tested, but Jono really doesn't like it.

At Rashmi's reply, Doc nods and smiles. "All right, then. I don't blame you. Better safe than sorry. Where specifically where you hurt?" He moves closer to her. "And how were you hurt?" He inquires curiously. Best to get the details now, anyway. He glances over at Hank with a laugh. "Yeah, no kidding. Well, I suppose I should be thankful it's just bruised ribs and not a real emergency first day on the job," he smiles. He returns his attention to Rashmi again.

Sparing a last concerned glance at Jono, Rashmi clears her throat, turning back to the new doctor. "Well… I sort of, um… got… thrown into my friend Mike who's kind of a robot mutant by an out of control bat thing that was Owen when he lost control of his powers…" All this, spoken in one long rush. Whether she isn't sure Dr. Williams will believe her or not, probably at the forefront of her mind. After all, who *goes* to a doctor for that kind of thing. "…Um… sir."

Doc believes her. He's heard about what happened with Owen when he arrived, so he has no reason NOT to believe her. He nods at her, and tries to keep up with the long rush of words she throws at him. Still, he has an idea of what she's trying to convey. "You can just call me Doc," he offers. "I've never been one for formalities." He reaches both hands down to gently rest against her side, working her ribs slowly. He presses firmly with both hands against her sides, making sure he doesn't make her uncomfortable as he moves from one side to the other. "Just let me know if you feel any pain, and how painful it is."

"Oh yes, no matter how insane it SOUNDS, we've probably seen or heard of worse." Hank nods. "Or lived it." This to Rashmi with a reassuring smile. As Jono returns. "I have your test results, I think we should talk about it first thing in the morning and figure out how we want to proceed…too long, didn't read version…it isn't good, but it also isn't immediately threatening. We believe."

Head hanging briefly at the news, a shrug follows the idea that it isn't good. «I knew that much already.» The tone is weary, and a little angry, but Jonothon tries not to take it out on Hank. «I'll be here in the morning. For now I'm heading to the danger room.» To vent some. Better that then get upset and accidentally destroy a wing of the school or something. «Cheers.» That to everyone, for all it's not all that pleasant sounding. Sorry, guys, nothing you did. A shake of the head and Jono departs. So doesn't want to deal with that news right now. Tomorrow is more than soon enough.

The sharp hiss as the doctor's fingers press on several of the ribs on her right side is a clear indicator. "…There," she says weakly, reflexively squirming away from the offending hand. "It knocked the wind out of me pretty hard, too…" Her brow furrows as Jono passes by, worry clear in her eyes. "I'll talk to you later, Jono…"

Doc glances slightly over at Jono as he moves to leave, having heard what all was said. He wants to offer some words of comfort, but considering where he's headed, he probably doesn't want to hear it from Doc. "Take care," he offers as the Brit departs, before returning his attention to Rashmi. Noting the hiss, he nods, and tries not to press any more on the offending area. "I see. How painful was that press, on a scale of one to ten?" He inquires calmly.

"Good evening, Mister Starsmore…" Hank sighs. "…Jono." For a moment Hank lets his smile slip, expression very serious and a hing weary, before he notes that he's not alone. His pleasant demeanor returns after but a moment of gravity, and Hank turns back around to keep working on some very complex looking genetic models rendered in amazing 3D. Though he's in the room, the room is rather large, and he's definitely not paying any heed to Rashmi's exam.

"Ahn… um…. yes?" Wincing faintly, the girl blushes. "Er… I mean, four maybe? Five? Not as much as Owen, definitely… but then I only got hit once."

Doc nods again. "Stay here a second," he offers her, turning to move to find a stethoscope. Good thing he'd taken inventory of where everything was. He pulls it over his neck. "How long ago was this? It was yesterday, correct?" He glances back at her before turning to return to her. He breathes against the end of the stethoscope, which serves a dual purpose: warming it up a bit so it's not cold and a bit of a shock, and so he knows it works. "As a precautionary measure, I'm going to check and make sure there's no fluid in your lungs. I'd say that your ribs are most likely bruised, and I can heal that for you, but I just want to be sure."

Doc kneels a bit and works up the back of her shirt slightly so he can press the end of the stethoscope against the bare skin of her back. "Just take a few deep, slow breaths for me, please."

Rashmi leans forward a little, obediently pulling a deep breath in, wincing as her ribs protest. "Last night, Doctor… A little after one, I think…"

"I see," Doc nods a bit, and he removes the stethoscope when she finishes her first two deep breaths. "Well, you don't have any fluid in your lungs, so no punctures. You're within a tolerable pain range, so no broken bones and probably no bone fractures, so I'll just heal you up so you don't have to worry about the pain and you can go on your way." He smiles, gently pressing a hand against her right side. His hand glows a gentle green. She'll feel a soothing warmth through the fabric of her shirt, for a few seconds. The green glow lingers, illuminating through her t-shirt even as Doc breaks contact.

"That should do it. Take another deep breath to make sure that you're fixed up, and you can go," Doc smiles at her, moving to a stand again.

Rashmi tenses unconsciously in reaction to the sudden warmth, sighing in deep relief as the pain ebbs. "*Thank* you, Doctor," she says with bone-deep sincerity. "I didn't think it was important enough for the Magic Fixit Machine, but that really is a whole lot better…"

"Magic Fixit Machine?" Doc guesses that's a machine that he's yet to be introduced to. Likely, Hank will do so at a later time, but he does chuckle at the name. "Not a problem. I've bruised ribs before, I know how it's a pain to try to work around it. Literally and figuratively. Anyway, go have fun. I don't want to keep you here if you've got something you need to do. And, I've still gotta get acclimated to the infirmary, so I suspect I'll be pretty busy.." He says more to himself than to Rashmi. "I'll be here if you need me."

Rashmi bobs her head, smiling. "Thank you again, Doctor… And I'll try to keep from having to come here too often… Good evening." Slipping around the nearby bed, she spares a last, concerned glance in Hank's direction. With a sigh and a shake of her head, she heads for the door, and back to her own dorm.

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