2010-03-24: The New Kid Smell


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Summary: Theo and Cloud are out in the hallways during class, and meet Kenta and Jono shooting the breeze

Date: March 24, 2010.

Log Title: The New Kid Smell

Rating: PG

Xavier's Mansion - Atrium

The Atrium is large room with four corridors leading off in diagonal directions to the classrooms and dorms. A large window looks over the front courtyard. The Atrium has also been turned into a social area for students and teachers, with chairs, tables and a television set. Since its a main area of passing, it is encouraged that people keep things to a respectful volume.

Standing near the couch, and sinking down onto the arm, a sickly looking Jonothon shrugs at Kenta. He also looks like he has a really bad hang-over. «It'll probably take me months to get up to speed.» An apologetic sound to his teammate. «Sorry about earlier.» For he made a mess of things during the daily practice the adult teams have. New powers will do that. The man is wearing his X-Men uniform, for all that might not be apparent. A long, dark jacket over a pair of dark gray slacks, and a snug black top that covers to under his jaw. The only thing that might give him away is a silver and gold (X) at his collar bone, and slightly under the jacket. No, his costume isn't remotely skin tight.

Kenta waves his hand as he really doesn't care about mishaps ans such. "Jono, don't be sorry. You went through something fucked up. You, Addison, Brian and I are the guiena pig squad now." He says with a slight smile. "Take your time, get over things and too bad I can't take you out for a couple of drinks or something." He says with his careless grin, but then Kenta was always the type who delt with substantance as a solution. Alcohol, cigarettes, pretty much anything but drugs.

There is the sound of light footsteps coming down the hall. They aren't fast. A very casual pace indeed. Through the mid-morning light, one window to the next, Theo passes, holding his iPhone in front of him. He's looking at it intently, almost completely absorbed with his stare at it. It's then that he hears Kenta and Jonothon's voices, and his eyes drift up from the phone. His footsteps get quieter, seeming to not wish to disturb the adults nearby.

Cloud has arrived.

Rubbing at his face, Jonothon motions a sigh he can't actually make. He's no lungs which to pass the air. «Let's go out anyway. Christ, I could use a change of scenery.» Doesn't matter if he can't drink, and it's not like the smoking bothers him since he doesn't need to breathe. Now sitting, leg stretched out before him, he adds, «I already feel like I got completely pissed last night.» And then Theo. Noting the newcomer, the Brit tilts his head. That voice of his still has a British accent. «You okay, mate?» Doesn't recognize Theo, so he asks.

"Sounds good, I'll get my parents to watch Armande some night this weekend and hey, if you want, there's some kid move I might be taking him to Saturday day, if you want, you can join us for the fun and joy that is Disney." Kenta says chuckling which is part of the fun of having a six year old son. "And change of scenery, I felt the same way after I went thorough my ordeal but she wanted to stick around here. Which isn't always the best of idea. Hey, I have a place in the city, if you don't mind kids, you can crash there."

Theo gives an expression across his face that makes him look like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It only lasts for a split moment before he answers, "Me?" he stuffs his phone into his pocket. "Yeah, I'm fine," he tells Jono. "Just needed to get away from all the noise of everything." It's the middle of the day, so he might be presumably referring to class. His hand doesn't come back out of the pocket of the hoody once it goes in, and his right hand joins it. He continues on his course, which takes him closer to the adults.

Cloud has just finished class and is heading back to grab some books for his next class, he's dressed in white t-shirt, pale blue jeans and red sneakers, he's walking in the direction of a teacher, a new student and Jono who he heard is back and not evil anymore, which is pretty cool. As he reaches them he puts up a hand in greeting, "Good morning, Sir, Jono and new guy".

Jonothon looks amused at Theo in spite of how sick he seems. There's the little shake of his head before he responds to Kenta, «I haven't seen a movie in the theatre in four years. I'll go.» Sure it's with a kid, but he deals with kids all day. Besides, getting to spend some time in the company of adults, even if they are parents, will be nice. A shrug about the son, «I deal with kids all day, mate. Your son can't be that bad.» A bit of a grin there. He's watching Theo though. Until Cloud speaks. Blinking at someone he doesn't know, he asks, «..How'd you know my name, mate?» Could be some power, so he doesn't want to assume.

Kenta visibly winces at the 'sir'. "I don't look that old, do I?" He asks Jono as he looks over at Theo and Cloud. "Hey, I don't believe I've met either of you, I'm Kenta. I'm the music teacher here. No 'sirs' no 'Mr. Gilpatricks' just Kenta." He says with a grin, he seems pretty nonchalant and laid back for a teacher but then, he's the music teacher. "You deal with teenagers, my son is Six, I think there's a difference between this guy." He says motioning toward Theo. "And six year old Armande…unless I'm mistaken…Am I?" He asks Theo jokingly.

Theo stops in midstride, turning at the waist when he hears Cloud's greeting so that he can see him, but he keeps his feet where they are. "Um, yeah, I think so," he answers Kenta, his head turning back toward him. He knits his brow. "I think I'm at least a little smarter than a six year old. If not maybe I need to find a different school." He doesn't laugh at the joke, but he doesn't seem to be offended by it either.

"I met you not long after i joined this place, i was being all emo about my powers and being here, you cheered me up", Clous nods at Kenta, "Sorry Si…Kenta, thats just what i'm used to calling teachers", he then remembers to introduce himself, "I'm Cloud Rosen".

A smile is directed up at Kenta, «I've experience with six year olds too.» Not here, but before he returned to the school. Jonothon glances to Theo and seems to debate Kenta's answer. Teasing of course as he looks a little sly. «Can I get back to you on that?» After that though he motions a hand. Sure he looks hung-over, but he's not trying to make people go away. «Don't rush off, mate.» That to Theo. «We're adults, but I promise we don't give cooties.» There's an apologetic look to Cloud, «Christ, I'd completely forgotten. Sorry, mate. I can only claim to have had an utterly bollocks month.» Which is entirely true. He's had a miserable month indeed, and it's still going.

Kenta laughs and nods. "No problem man." Kenta says as he nods to Cloud. "Nice to meet ya Cloud and man, it's hard to resist the Final Fantasy Seven jokes on that." He admits as he was a bit of a video game fan back in the day. "Yeah well I'm a music teacher, I don't know if that really counts as teacher. Hell I don't even know if I have the authority to disipline kids." He looks at Jono "Do I?" He probably does but Kenta's not the type to really care. "Well Jono promises not to, but I don't know about teachers like Summers. And no need to find a different school, it's not all that bad here." He says with a chuckle.

Theo gives half a smile, but not much of one. "So you're both teachers?" he says. "I don't know most of the teachers yet. I never even met Mr. Summers yet. It's good to meet you all, I'm still kinda new." He hasn't given his own name yet, however.

Cloud nods, "Yeah, i know you havn't had the best month, also we only met the once", he smiles at Kenta, "Since i got here you're the first person to mention that connection to me, feel free to joke, it's a pretty silly name", turning to Theo he srugs, "Most of the teachers are cool, Summers is a nice guy, a little bossy but nice, whats your name by the way?"

«Yes you do.» To Kenta. Leaning to one side, he pretends to reel like struck at the mention of the headmaster. «Summers is another kettle of fish.» Jonothon gets beat up by Scott pretty much every day. Knows well what a rough teacher Scott can be. Straightening, he nods at Cloud, and then shakes his head at Theo. «Not per se.» A teacher. «I'm with the X-Men, and help out with the Hellion's team training. Some of the other students call me den mother.» There's a bit of a grin for that. Does far more than those, but doesn't bother listing it all. «And in reference to that, you need help with anything just ask.»

"I could tell." Kenta says to Theo. "You've still got that 'new kid' smell to you. Kinda like that new car smell. And Summers is a little bossy? That's the understatement of the year." Kenta says looking at Jono. "I don't know how you do it. Train with the X-Men and with us. You're one helluva trooper Jono. And yeah, I'm the only teacher among us here."

"Well, maybe Mr. Summers doesn't wanna meet me, then," Theo says. "My name's Theodore, but everyone here's been callin' me Theo. I don't do bossy, so maybe it's better if I don't meet him." Funny that he somehow came to the school without ever meeting Scott yet. He takes the moment to sit on the back of the couch Kenta and Jono are sitting at so that he's facing Cloud a little more than Kenta and Jono, but he keeps speaking to all.
"So I have a 'new kid' smell?" he asks. "I was hoping it wasn't that obvious, but I guess this isn't that big a school either."

Cloud grins, "Come on, Summers can't be that bad, is he?", he didn't seem that bad when he met him, he leans aganst the wall facing the other three, "We,ve had alot of new people latly, so i don't think you're the only one".

Jonothon glances to Kenta as Theo continues on. Yeah, Theo's attitude is so going to cripple the boy here. And yet the Brit seems more amused than anything else. He had a far worse attitude when he arrived. «You're in the wrong school if you don't do bossy, mate.» Even the students here are bossy. Just ask Rashmi sometime. Still, he says this with a smile, before his attention is caught by something. Glances away, seems to be listening, and then smirks. The pause is brief and could even be missed before he looks back. Sorry, comm chatter. «Speaking of being a trooper.» That ruefully to Kenta. «It's the only way I'll improve. This Sinister bollocks has made me unstable again. I've got to correct that.» And training twice a day with two major teams is how he tries. Sure wears him out though. «School's big enough I didn't remember Cloud.» Jono points out to Theo. «You don't train with him every day, Cloud.»

"Oh yeah you reak of that new kid smell." Kenta says to him as that smile is still there, showing he's joking. "It's more that you're still timid kiddo." Hey he hasn't given his name so Kiddo! it is. "Honestly. Mr. Summers really has everyones best interests at heart. Sometimes he gets a bit stressed between leading the X-Men and being a headmaster but he really is a good guy." He nods to Jono. "No problem dude, and if you ever want some one on one time in the danger room, you're welcome to try to kick my ass sometime."

Theo gives an unhappy look at the name, 'kiddo', but he doesn't comment. "Oh, so you're that guy that Magneto saved, right? I heard about that. I'm supposed to train with Mr. Summers, too, so I guess I'll have to meet him somewhere down the line." He doesn't look entirely thrilled about the idea. "Something about a group called the 'Corsairs'. I hear it's like some kind of combat training team or something. Do we beat each other up with our powers or something? I dunno if I wanna be part of that. I'm not much of a fighter."

Cloud shakes his head at Theo, "We don't beat each other up with our powers, we're just shown how to defend ourselves just incase we have to".

«What do you mean try?» Jokingly asked of Kenta as Jonothon thumbs his nose. Not that he's even getting in normal practice today. Between Hank and Addison he's feeling put through the wringer enough as it stands. He's the guy Magneto saved? There's surprise for that, but the man nods confirmation none the less. «That's right. Took me two days to put myself back together.» Magneto was not in any way kind. Jono motions a hand in a reassuring manner afterwards, «What Kenta and I practice isn't what the students do, Theo. It's not training you to fight if you don't want to, but instead getting you used to using your powers in awkward situations. The more control you have during those, the easier day to day life is. We group people in squads so there's teamwork, and cooperation.» Another important skill.

"Hey don't mistake yourself as being the only schmoo around here whose had their powers enhanced." Kenta says teasing as he lets Jono finish explaining things to Theo. "He's right, it's not all about combat and beating people up, it's also training for control. I mean, I didn't have great control with my powers and not everyone here is a combatant. I mean we've got someone with luck powers, another guy who can find things, it's not just about combat. It's about control, practice and teamwork."

Theo lets out a slight sigh of relief. "Well that's good," he says. "I think I'd get crushed by pretty much everyone here if I had to fight. Like that Rashmi girl and her psycho bowling balls." At least he doesn't think he's invincible, a rare trait among teenagers. "I go okay in day-to-day life right now without using my powers," he says.

Jonothon can only grin at Kenta, not honestly caring who is the stronger. That's never been important. Just the smile and he's back to nodding to Theo as Kenta further adds to his own comment. «We're a school, and we attempt to teach. That's all. This isn't a military academy where you get trained to be some soldier. Xaviers only wants to help make sure you don't hurt yourself and those you care about.» There are, after all, a lot of dangerous mutants out there. «Danger Room sessions are mandatory, as is the bollocks costume, but it's not about fighting each other.»

"What are your powers then Kiddo?" Kenta asks as Theo is now offically 'kiddo' with the lack of name. "Jono's right about all that stuff. They're not training us to be some mutant army, that's not the goal. The goal is to get an education while training for control, and to prepair ourselves for the unfortunate fact that mutants and the world…we're not looked upon as awesome."

"Yeah," Theo says with a groan. "I heard that costume was mandatory. I might try to see if I can lose it or something before my first session. I haven't tried it on, maybe I'll get lucky and it won't fit."
He finally pulls his hands out of his pocket, though his phone remains inside the hoody, and he rests his hands on the couch to steady himself.

"Yeah," Theo says with a groan. "I heard that costume was mandatory. I might try to see if I can lose it or something before my first session. I haven't tried it on, maybe I'll get lucky and it won't fit."
He finally pulls his hands out of his pocket, though his phone remains inside the hoody, and he rests his hands on the couch to steady himself.
"My name's Theo," he says again to Kenta, a little annoyed still by the nickname. He didn't answer the question, though.

Cloud nods, "Yeah, the uniforms suck, mine is orange and white, not exactly a good look, but we're allowed to customise it how we want, we just have to keep the colour".

Another shake of the head from Jonothon. «No skipping the costume. Especially not with the headmaster.» Sorry, Theo. «You are allowed to change how it looks, and make it more comfortable, however. So long as you keep the colors and have the X across the front.» Motions to himself and what he's wearing. The jacket, slacks, and dark top. «This is my costume. Doesn't have to be awful if you don't want it to be, but you must wear it. I'll ask one of the other Corsairs to show you the costume machine.»

Lucky for Kenta, in X-Force, there's not as much uniformity but then it's like the whole sports thing with the kids 'one look, one team'. Function as a team not individuals. "It'll fit Theo, they're made to fit you no matter what your shape is. Corsairs…whose else is on that team?" Kenta says tryign to remember, he doesn't do much powers training with the kids so he doesn't always remember.

"Well, there's Chloe," he says rather quickly to Kenta. "Um…and other people, I think there's another girl, and a few guys." Clearly, Chloe is the only one he is interested in. "I haven't really met most of them yet."

«Chloe, Kael, and John are the three I know off the top of my head.» The Corsairs. «Or I could ask Rashmi.» Jonothon eyes Theo as he says that. Yeah, psycho bowlingball girl. The idea amuses him. «She's done it for others.» And does a good deal around the school to help other students. To Theo directly he says, «There's a computer set up down stairs that lets you design costumes. If Chloe can't show you, I'll mention it to Rashmi.»

Cloud grins, "Chloe's cool, but man that girl can eat, even the guys on the team back home couldn't put that much away".

"Chloe…" Kenta says trying to remember. "Speedster, that's right. Yeah, soemtimes certain people just have to eat more with their powers. Or not eat, or eat weird stuff." Kenta says as weird stuff is pretty much anything that isn't plant or meat. "Yeah, the computers pretty easy to use, it's how I made my X-Force costume."

"Oh," Theo says, "I'm sure I wouldn't have too much trouble with it," he declares. "Still, I think I'll have Chloe show me anyway. Maybe I'll take her out to eat to say thanks afterward," he says with a grin. He hops off of the back of the couch, but seemingly with no where that he's headed. His previous drab personality seeming to lighten considerably.

Cloud laughs, "I think Chloe's got her self an admirer", lol, Cloud would add further teasing but he can here his voice of reason (which sounds like his sister) telling his its mean.

Funny how a pretty girl can lighten one's mood. So very amused over this, Jonothon none the less spares Theo any teasing. Cloud seems to have that in hand. What he wouldn't give for pretty woman here at the school to do the same for him. «Alright.» Accepting that Theo will get things taken care of. Rising to his feet, far less gracefully than he might have, the man puts a hand to back as joints pop. «I'm going to catch a shower. Hopefully it doesn't get away from me before I can pass my bed.» Since he does have somewhere he can be, he motions to Kenta, «This weekend. Cheers.»

Kenta grins at Theo and raises eyebrows. "Girls always like dinner." He says standing up. "And yeah, on that note, I should go prepare for my next class. Music Theory." He says nodding to Cloud and Theo. "Nice meeting you two, hopefully some day I'll see one or both of you in my music class." He nods to Jono and does the finger snap point thing. "Yup, this weekend." He says as he goes to head to the music room.

Theo doesn't wave, but he does bid farewell. "It was good to meet you," he says, "I hope that your class goes well." He doesn't seem too concerned about his own classes, though. "Hey," he says, turning back to Cloud to give him a light backhand tap on the arm. "You don't know Chloe real well, do you?" he asks. He believes in preparedness.

Cloud waves as the to adults leave, before responding to Theo's question, "I know her ok, but you're better off asking July, i tend to lean more towards guys".

Coat dogging his heels, Jonothon takes his leave of the group. So needs a wash and a nap. Been a hard morning, but that doesn't mean it was a bad one.

Theo's smile drops almost as suddenly as it started. "Oh," he says awkwardly. "Well, less competition for me I guess," he seems to be uncertain how to deal with the information he just received. He grows quiet, and his right brow slightly furrows, as if he's trying to read Cloud's thoughts.

Cloud notices Theo's reaction, "Dude, whats up, you look a little freaked".

Theo tries to shake the look, but fails. "Nothin'," he says, still obviously off balance. "Was just thinkin' I should get back to class. I told them I had to take a dump like twenty minutes ago."

Cloud sighs, "Was it sumthin i said?, i have a tendancy to put my foot in my mouth", he can't figure out what he said wrong, he doesn't imagine for a second it's the guy thing bothering him.

Theo shakes his head, "No, I just gotta go," he says, sticking his hands back in his hoody pockets, closing his posture. "Good meetin' you," his farewell comes without making eye contact, instead directing his gaze to the floor. He starts to move again, though he has to still pass by Cloud to get back to the School Wing.

Cloud sighs and shrugs, "Fair enough dude, i gotta go call my sister anyway", he notices that no eye contact is made, but it wont hit him why until later.

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