2010-06-16: The New Professor


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Summary: Jono helps the New Professor get settled in.

Log Title: The New Professor

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.


The school is quiet during the summer break, and so there are few people here as a car/hummer pulls up to the front doors. A thin man wearing black rises from where he had been sitting on the steps, and he pulls ear buds out with an absent motion. Looks little more than one of the students here really. Jonothon tucks cords into pocket and waits for the vehicle to come to a stop, and in as much as he waits for the woman to emerge, there's a voice that offers greeting. «Hey.» Sounds British to boot. «Welcome to Xaviers.» Not quite the welcome wagon, but hey. «Sorry it's just me, but everyone else got caught up in things. Need any help?» He'll get around to the naming stuff in a bit.

A woman steps out of the hummer, her boots resonating with a metallic clang as they are set upon the asphalt. When she stands the vehicle noticeably moves as though a great weight has been lifted from it. Hildegarde is currently wearing a blue and white dress with brown boots. Her hair is tied in a bun and she is wearing large sunglasses. She lifts the glasses to better see the younger gentleman greeting her. "Oh hello there. Do not worry yourself about the others being busy, I did not expect the plane to be so late. I can meet them later." She motions to her Hummer and smiles, "No, no thank you. I can manage my own luggage easily. I am Hildegarde, your name was…?" Her accent is a little odd. It sounds British, but there are a few pronunciations in there that give away that she is probably German.

The auburn head tilts at the shifting of the car. Wow. Jonothon is also curious over the sound of those boots, but he doesn't ask. Instead lifts a hand in greeting as Hilde responds. «Jonothon Starsmore.» That's his name. «Most call me Jono though.» Which gives the woman permission to do the same. «Part of the support staff, but not a teacher. A room is waiting for you. I'll show you where if you like.» There's a small smile for this. He doesn't show teeth. Lips do move as he speaks, for all his voice is sure kind of strange. Since she doesn't want help with her luggage, the Brit merely tucks hands into pockets. «Hope your flight went well. You come directly over from Europe?» Which is a long flight.

The woman smiles and shakes the man's hand. She attempts to be gentle, though it will probably feel as though she is squeezing him a little. "Ah, Jono. Very good. Yes if you could show me to the room that would be wonderful." Hilde opens up the trunk of her vehicle and pulls out a rather large wooden trunk. The woman lifts it one handedly with great ease, something perhaps not surprising if Jono has heard of the woman before.
While Hilde does note the oddity of the man's voice, she decides not to ask right away. She shakes her head, "Oh no. I stopped over in Iceland and then made a stop in Ontario. They are having just translated my latest book into French and I did a book signing for the new translation. I do not know why Ontario, Everyone there speaks English, but whatever. My PR lady knows best I suppose."

Jonothon grimaces slightly as his hand is gripped a bit too hard, but no, he's not much surprised. The clues are all there, on top of that Hilde is another teacher. They don't really hire non powered instructors. That gets dangerous way fast here. ..Never mind it already is dangerous even with powers. There's a smirk about Ontario, «Probably due to the large French speaking population.» Which he assumes she knows, but says it anyway. «Sounds like you took the scenic route.» Since he can't help with the luggage, the man holds the door open so that she can carry that trunk in.
«What kind of books do you write? History? Heard we were getting a new history teacher. Hank was thrilled. He's been pulling triple duty the last several months, and could use the breather.» Points towards the upper level, but there is an elevator as well. «Teacher rooms are upstairs. We're in a the main building, while the students are in dormitories. It's not too bad even during a semester.»

Hildegarde chuckles at the Ontario remark. "Well yes, I know this. I just wondered why not Paris? It's not like France is too far away from Germany." She shrugs while holding the trunk. "Oh well, I'm sure I'll be stopping out that way eventually." She nods to the man as he holds the door for her and offers a quick "Danke". Glancing around the foyer, the woman smiles, "Ah, it is lovely here. Better than I had expected." She nods to the question, "Yes. I will be teaching History and German. Also probably an elective course on Mythology and Ancient Civilizations. I do much Archaelogical work. My books deal with such things and the cultural aspects of mutation. I have copies of my books should you be interested."

«Probably due to being better received in Canada.» The tone he uses though says he's mocking the French, if only a little. Jonothon has nothing against them personally though. «It gets rebuilt a lot.» For that the foyer is lovely. Says it in such a casual manner too, for it's simple truth. The building yearly has work done. Something you get used to. «Sounds like you'll be busy.» Said with a smile.
And for the books, the Brit nods. «Sure.» No hesitation about wanting to read. Doesn't doubt they will be over his head, but he'll give them a try. «Not my usual focus, but I'll give them a try. Hank, the bloke I've obviously already mentioned, probably has already read them. And memorized them.» The roll of an eye as he leads the way to the elevator. «Don't worry, it can handle you.» There are some extra buttons, but he picks the second floor and not the various sublevels.

Hildegarde casts an amused glance toward Jono for the jab at France. "Actually you are probably correct there. But I'll probably still stop by eventually." She glances around the foyer once more as she waits for the elevator. "Oh I do not doubt, with a school such as this." Yes, she imagines various areas of the school must be constantly rebuilt. "Oh do not worry, the books are written for most people to understand, though that last one caused a political firestorm. I may wait a little before writing again." She chuckles at the mention of Hank, "I shall have to meet this Hank fellow. He teaches History as well? Or he did before me I suppose, what is his focus?" She enters the elevator when it arrives. She does not question Jono's seeming knowledge of her weight, she assumes he was told. It was one thing she warned the school about before her arrival. All of the furniture in her room would have to be reinforced.

Jonothon shrugs about the books. «I've been told that before.» That things are written to be understood, but he's smiling as he says it. Dark eyes dance with laughter. Doesn't ask about the political trouble yet. The man is curious, but that's something for later. «Hank McCoy. The Avenger, scientist, and all around can do everything while making blue look good.» Jono admires the man, if in a quiet way. Hank's rather amazing. «He's been teaching history because there's been no one else. He's so good at so many things that he fills in where ever there's a lack.»
The elevator trip is a quick one, for it's only a level. The teacher's hallway is nicely laid out, and the rooms large. They can afford nicer things since the staff tends not to blow them up as often. «You taking over history makes things that much easier for us all. I've been Hank's unofficial teaching assistant for the year and it's insane. Think I've learned more about the topics this year than I did actually being in high school.»

Hildegarde waves a hand dismissively at the book comment, holding her trunk with a single hand as they ride the elevator. "Nein nein. They are not technical books, just views on different cultural paradigms really. No fancy theories or anything…For the most part." She listens as Hank is described. "Ah, well I should speak to him at least to see what topics he has covered for each grade. And though I have heard of the Avengers, I am not too familiar with most of them."

When the teacher's floor is reached Hilde takes a moment to look around. "Ah, this is a nice floor. I hope they had time to prepare for me." Her weight causes her to need things to be built in a specific way. She has no desire to destroy anything in her new home if she can help it.
You aren't carrying anything.

«Should be interesting.» The books. Not his normal focus, but he'll certainly give them a read. Jonothon really should read more anyway. «You're sure to like Hank. Very few people dislike the man.» And he means that in a very good way. Clearly someone has a good opinion of McCoy. Even if he does want to knock Hank's lights out sometimes. As Jono leads the way, he shakes his head. «Don't worry. You are hardly the first we've had with that issue. The school is built to hold up people like the Thing, and worse. Your room doesn't have a lot of furniture yet, but that should be arriving soon.»
He opens the door to the proper room and allows Hilde to enter first. Private bathroom, bed, good view from the window.. just not a whole lot beyond that yet. «Warning about Hank? He loves to talk.» There's a more proper smile for that though. The first one that seemed without having to force himself.

Hildegarde thanks Jonothan for showing her to her room and enters, taking a look around. "Oh my, it is larger than I thought it would be." She misses the smile about Hank, too busy looking out the window at the moment. "Oh and the view here is very nice as well." She sits down the trunk, the sound it makes seems to indicate that it is extremely heavy. "Do not worry about the furnishings. I am sure I will be too busy trying to meet people and know the grounds to spend much time up here for a few days anyway. And I am happy for to have someone who likes to talk." In response to Hank. Looking out the window again, "The children will be done with the schooling very soon though, correct? I am not to start full classes until next season I believe."

«Classes are already over.» Jonothon answers that first. «The kids here are those with no where else to go.» He should know. He's one of them. «We offer summer courses, but they seldom have attendees.» A shrug about that, for the man is young enough to understand it. Summer is for goofing off. «I'm just down the hall, so ask if you need anything. You can normally find Hank in the labs in the lower levels. Don't know if you have access for that yet. Scott Summers, the headmaster, can normally be found lurking in his office.» Amused there. A pause as he thinks, «Can't remember if there's anything else you should know about that you won't discover on your own…»

Hilde smiles, "Oh of course. The children would not want to spend their summers learning when they do not have to. Maybe I will offer something fun for the summer. Dancing or cooking, then they will not think me so boring when I teach them about history." She chuckles softly. "Yes, I will look for Mr. Summers a little later. I do need to move a little more luggage up here and then move my auto to the garage." She ponders for a moment, "I am sure I can find my way around, or find someone to help me should I need it, thank you."

«Sounds like a plan.» Something fun for the kids. Taking that as a dismissal, the man nods without taking issue about it. A long flight and he wants nothing more than to hide and de-stress a while. «Cheers.» Jonothon lifts a hand in farewell, and gets out of the woman's way. No, he isn't one much to linger, and with that he's heading back down stairs. There's some work he needs to get done.

~ Fin ~

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