2010-04-22: The New Suite Mate


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Summary: Teddy successfully makes his new roommate, Travis, uncomfortable.

Date: April 22, 2010

Log Title The New Suite Mate

Rating: Apirl 22, 2010

Barnes Academy - Billy, Teddy and Travis's Suite

A standard adult suite, this room is basically a combination living room and dining room, with a small kitchen in the back. There are four doors leading off to the sides, each to it's own bedroom and personal bathroom for the person who lives there. The TV is good quality and easily accessible for video games or movie systems.

Billy and Teddy have a new suite mate and he's currently sitting on the couch. A bowl of cereal in one hand, while he eats with the other and a third hand is currently chaning through the channels. His other three arms are just kind of resting on the couch for the moment. He's dressed in the Barnes Navy Blue cargo pants, jungle boots, and a gray BARNES t-shirt made specificallly for someone with six arms. He's gotten a bit of custom clothing since getting here since it's not easy to find something that comfortably fits his shoulders area.

Theodore Altman, Party Guy. Nah, he's struggling out of his room to be awake because he was out quite late doing something he's missed lately: Being The Big Hero Guy. Well, not really though. Perversely nothing was happening where he went, and he kinda fell asleep for an hour sitting on the side of the Trinity Building, making faces at the empty street, then decided to drag himself back here for a shower and sleep, in some order.
He stops when he sees someone who isn't Billy in the suite, and spends a few dishevelled seconds observing the new guy. Arms. Wow. That looks cool. How will that work? I need … yeah, the scapular wing joints aren't gonna work cause that's actually a different process in the shoulder joint…

Travis looks up at Teddy and waves a hand, one of the three that are in use. "Hi, you must be Billy or Teddy. I'm Travis, the new roommate here." He says pointing at the door to his bedroom which is open at the moment and looks to be a sea of black, gray and purple in there. "I just moved in a few days ago and have been busy with all the new student orientation type stuff."

"Why yes," Teddy replies brightly, blinking as though the sun were shining through a window. "I must be. Which must I be though?"
He considers the walls. Still haven't painted those windows yet. Billy hasn't had time to do it with him and its much more fun imitating the Color Splash guy with Billy around to throw brushes at him. But it has allowed him to search for themes.

"You're that guy, who lives in the room, with the hair." Travis answers not really up for a guessing game since he has no real way to make a guess when he's just heard their names. Hell he doesn't even know who the Young Avengers are. Travis stands up and offers his middle right hand for a hand shake. "It's nice to meet you, hopefully I don't prove too awful of a roommate."

"Oh, fine," Teddy says, "Then I'll be Teddy." He accepts the hand and shakes with his usual care, just enough strength to go with the apple-green jock image.
"Do you mind if I stare rudely at your shoulder joints? I'm trying to figure out how that articulates."

"Nice to meet you Teddy." Travis says before he reaches a hand to rub his three shoulders on the opposite side of his arm reflexivly. "They areticulate like arms, but I know it's weird, I just kind of woke up and had six arms. I don't even really remember feeling a chance." It was a weird night for Travis, but that's his power. "So yeah, now six arms and I'm a student here and my Mom got offered a job here so she's here too."

"She does? Cool. Where's she work?"
Teddy shifts in a second set of arms, matching the 'top' set, while looking at how Travis is doing that movement. "Ah, that's how it works… this is kinda awesome."
He shrugs a bit, before figuring out the bottom joint and making the last two arms. And thank you Mr. Richards for inventing unstable molecule cloth. His black tee-shirt looks like it was MADE for six arms.
"Do you mind my trying this out? I make wings sometimes but they come out of my back. Wow, this needs more chest and back … there. You're made for the V-Taper look, y'know?"
Teddy adjusts the muscle connections so that the arms are equally supported, and grins.
"Do you play ping-pong?"

"She got offered a job teaching High School English, Mrs. Smith, that's my Mom." Travis doesn't have a generic last name at all. As Teddy shifts, he just gets a weird, uncomfortable look from Travis. "Dude, you don't need to do that…what are you doing anyway?" He says as he's never seen anyone shapeshift before. "No, I don't play ping pong, I play baseball." He says still giving Teddy the weirded out look.

"I'm a shapeshifter," Teddy says, stating the obvious. "I wanted to see how your shoulder joints work, they're REALLY neat. I played JV and Varsity baseball, until things got really messed up my senior year. We really need to get a metahuman sports league going. It's no fair that we don't get to play."
He sits next to the couch, crosslegged on the floor.
"So what were you watching?"

"ESPN. I wanted to see last night's Rockies highlights." Travis says still a bit uncomfortable around Teddy, especially with the talk of Shoulder Joints, particularly his own. Having six arms is weird enough for him, the biology behind it, weirder. "I was third basemen on Varsity all through out high school." Yes, Travis made Varsity as a freshman at his old high school. "Even with a meta-human…as you call it?…team, six arms would still be an advantage.

Teddy nods, "Yeah, true. Hey, if this bothers you I can stop. I just like the feel of it."
Yes, and Billy will probably be a bit surprised. The shapeshifter starts watching the sports thing — making rude faces at the sports guy who has grown the evil twin beard. "He looked much better without that."

"I was just watching for the highlights, I don't really care what 'stach he's sporting. As long as the Rockies win, which they didn't." Travis says making a face. "But it's still early in the season." He's not your full out jock, he mostly likes baseball. "Yeah, please stop. I'm still getting used to this myself and to see soemone kind of 'trying it out', it's just weird to me. Life was as normal for me as it could be till recently so all this….big change."

Teddy nods, returning to his normal two-armed self. "Sorry, man. So, wanna talk about it? I mean with someone who isn't a shrink. I do a mean Freud impersonation but his whole 'efferytingk is bekuss of zekks!' approach is just too ridiculous outside of comedy. Or we could, y'know, talk about classes and stuff. Whatever it is people do at college when they're sharing a common suite. Oh, Billy and I were planning to make fake windows here, do you want to do that too? I'm torn between a fake windowsill and hanging art behind it, or doing the more primitive, in your face paint-directly-on-the-wall thing that Danny and Troy did next door."

"Well, if you want to paint windows here, I have an idea. I can make a wooden window frame, it's no problem. I don't paint like scenery, I'm better with just staining stuff, but if you guys paint a scenery, I can put up a frame with a wooden sil and it could look window-ish. There wouldn't be any glass of course but it could work." Travis says taking the bait with the topic switch happily since it causes him to think along the lines of wood working. "Sorry, I'm done with talking about things. It's just more adjusting, I'll be fine."

Mission accomplished! Teddy grins at the offer, "Great, cause my woodworking skills are not that great, and Billy could magic one up but then it might actually BE a window, and who knows where it would open, right?"
He points to the blank spots on the walls between the room doors. "See, I was thinking, either we do one big one and move the television, or we do one between each of the doors, that way people can have their own personal impression. But that left us short one window. Also, do you think we should put up a window treatment? Drapes, sheers, that kinda thing?"

Travis raises an eyebrow. "Magic?" he doesn't want to ask. "But yeah, my father was a carpenter so I learned most of what I did from him. I actually have a bunch of tools in my room, I'd just have to hit a Lowes or something." Travis says happy to have a project as he goes over to look at the walls to see how best to do it. "You just tell me what you want, I'll build. I'm so not the decorator type. Look at me, I'm a dude, I don't know this stuff."

The 'I'm a dude' gets a slightly raised eyebrow look from Teddy. "Hey, I refuse to be the stereotype," the green teen says, "but this place gets oppressive after a while, y'know? I like the outdoor views."

"What sterotype? The green guy who looks like he could be from Mars?" Travis really has no clue what Teddy is talking about. "Yeah, I've always loved being outside. Where I used to live, was beautiful, I miss the mountains. Maybe I can get one of you guys to paint moutains behind one of the windows." Travis says as he plops down on the couch and shoves two of his hands in his pockets and two of his arms over the top of the couch.

"I saw the mountains some when I was a kid but they were more lump-on-the-horizon things. If you find some pictures on the web of the mountains you want to have, I'll try. I'm not a bad painter. So far nobody's told me I make the world suffer for my art anyway."
Teddy stretches, making popping noises with his spine. "Do you follow super-hero blogs," he asks, apropos of nothing.

Travis gives Teddy a look like he just asked him if he survive in space. "No, I've never really been into the whole superhero thing. Sorry but, I never really cared who was fighting who in some big ass battle up North. I have my own life to worry about without worrying about dude with cape beats up lobster man for the tenth time this year."

That lobster man crack gets a laugh out of Teddy, and maybe earlier it might've gotten a mock-wounded expression for the famefail, but all the shapeshifter says, is, "Ah, that'll probably change a little, here in New York. If you spend much time at all in the city, you'll need to know the names and reps of the guys who are flinging fire or tossing cars."
He can wait until later to mess up his suite-mate's life by explaining his and Billy's side job. Avocation. Whatever it is.

"Why do I need to know it, it's not like I'm planning on being a Super-Hero, maybe a six armed carpenter since I can't be a baseball player. Follow in my Dad's footsteps." Travis says but that was always something he thought about anyway, being a carpenter. "Nah, I think I'll leave the superhero stuff to the superhero and I'll take the baseball and wood working. That'd be good for me." He just has no real interest in superheroes at all, it's not his thing.

"Like I said, they're everywhere. It's sometimes good to know the names that go with the capes and ridiculously tight spandex, so you can tell whether to run, hide, fight, or surrender." Teddy shrugs. "I do a bit of it sometimes, just … for me it's like something I have to do. I can't sit by and let people get hurt. And some of those guys are just ratbags. Toejam. Whatever it is that one guy calls them."
"I think run, run and hide, run faster and hide or be the fastest and get the hell outta dodge are the best options for a superhero fight." Travis says as he isn't really much of a fighter type. He also doesn't like violence all that much, with good reason. "Well if that's your thing, that's your thing Teddy. More power to ya." Travis says with a smile as he's not gonna impeed on anyones fun. "And Toejam and Earl?"

"OH MAN, Toejam and Earl, we have GOT to find a copy of that game."
Easily Distracted Lad is Distracted! Teddy enthuses some more… "I loved the music part of it. Also startling santa. That was the best. Too bad everyone else likes that Capcom Vs Heroes game so much. Nobody enjoys the classics any more." He mutters, "Chainsaw chainsaw chainsaw, Eli, I am SO gonna show you where that chainsaw goes…"

"The chainsaw goes into the face of the zombies." Travis says as he does enjoy a few video games, especially the kill 'em all Halo, Left 4 Dead type movies. "I don't really remember it too much, I was a kid when it came out. I'm only eighteen so Sega Genesis was my first system. My Dad and I used to play the baseball games a lot. I still love the base ball games."

"I kinda prefer real world baseball. Didn't have a dad growing up, he died before I was born, so I kinda just watched from afar until highschool, when I decided I should just go for it and BE what I wanted instead of wishing I was, y'know? All the videogames I just played by myself so I preferred the RPGs. Mom was really pretty busy all the time, she was a real estate agent, all that kind of thing. I spent a lot of time alone when I was old enough to be left alone."
Teddy pushes forward onto his hands and knees and pulls over the metal-clad "trunk" which contains the videogames. "I wonder what we have in here… I know we brought some of the duplicates from the warehouse…"

Warehouse? Travis files that under 'things better not asked'. "I'm sorry to hear that Teddy. My Dad passed away too, when I was fifteen. Cancer." It's almost automatic the way Travis says it, like he's maybe said it too many times and there isn't much emotion behind it. Or it's just the lie he's been telling people for years. "I miss him so now it's just me and My Mom so she kind jumped at the chance to take a job here since we like being close." It helps with dealing that his father's gone. He stands up and walks over to look at the games. "What do you have in there?"

"Halo, Halo 2, Halo 2 Junior Edition, two copies of Madden Football, Rockband but I know we don't have a controller, City of Wonders, Dragon Age, Dragon Old Age which is some kind of a joke cover… God of War, the one where Hercules modeled for the title character and Ares sued over it, and … Hm. Tetris. Four different versions. That's the first layer, the baseball games might be under that." Teddy looks up. "No Toejam and Earl. Didn't bring everything over of course. I have my Genesis in storage somewhere."

"I lost a lot of my stuff in the fire and at least all my old shirts were usless anyway, though it makes me sad I can't fit into any of my Jersey's. I can't exactly contact shopmlb.com and be like 'can you make a custom shirt for somone with six arms? Thanks!" Travis shakes his head with amusement. "Well Toejam and Earl is old, I would be shocked if you had it."

"Well, I _had_ it when we moved all my stuff out of the apartment," Teddy answers, abstractedly. He leaves off the 'after Mom was killed' because really who needs to hear that kind of thing when they're looking for some stability and relaxation. Second layer. "Hm. Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball for Genesis. Wii Sports … Hm. That's it for this box."

"So Roger 'The Rocket' 'I've never done steroids' Clemens?" Travis says joking around before standing up. "Well it was nice meeting you Teddy, we'll have to game sometime soon. I gotta grab a shower and then get to class. I'll definately see ya later since we're living in the same spot." He says with a wave as he goes to his room and closes the door behind him.

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