2009-12-27: The New Telepath


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Summary: Topher's first day at Xavier's.

Date: December 27, 2009

Log Title The New Telepath

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's a cold morning in New York and for Topher its his first, he is laying back on one of the couches, wearing black skinny jeans, black sneakers, a sky blue long sleeved shirt with music written across it in musical notes, he has his earphones in playing loadly enough that some sitting in the room would be able to faintly make out the words. He's missing LA and is trying not to admit to himself that the headaches have improved since he got out of the city.

There's the faint sound of a rocket blast as Sam lands outside of the rec room in the basketball court. He's just gotten back from spending Christmas with his family in Kentucky. Walking into the rec room from the back door, Sam is wearing a pair of jeans with a leather jacket and a pair of goggles on his head. Spotting the student with the loud music, Sam walks over and sits down in his eyesite. "Howdy." He says hoping the teen can hear him.

It's a cold morning in New York and for Topher its his first, he is laying back on one of the couches, wearing black skinny jeans, black sneakers, a sky blue long sleeved shirt with music written across it in musical notes, he has his earphones in playing loadly enough that some sitting in the room would be able to faintly make out the words. He's missing LA and is trying not to admit to himself that the headaches have improved since he got out of the city.

There's the faint sound of a rocket blast as Sam lands outside of the rec room in the basketball court. He's just gotten back from spending Christmas with his family in Kentucky. Walking into the rec room from the back door, Sam is wearing a pair of jeans with a leather jacket and a pair of goggles on his head. Spotting the student with the loud music, Sam walks over and sits down in his eyesite. "Howdy." He says hoping the teen can hear him.(re)

Trey actually doesn't know much about music, but he knows one thing. When he gets closer to the rec room his enhanced hearing catches the music and he is rather intrigued. He pokes his blonde head into the doorway and peers with his purple gaze around the room. He doesn't know either of those people so he decides to come in. He moves the rest of the way into the rec room. Like most of his clothes, he's wearing stuff that was given to him. This is a lavander purple t-shirt that really makes the purple of his eyes pop and a pair of dark grey sweatpants that have the Xavier's institute logo on it. He has Mr. Fuzzles under his arm as he walks in and stops to take in the two men.

Topher is consentrating on the beats in the music so he doesn't hear the rocket blast, but he does feel Sam as he enters the room, feeling the usual feeling of someone other than himself being in his head, he opens his eyes and looks up as Sam sits down, he recognises the greeting and sits up pulling out his earphones, "Hello" he gives a half hearted smile. As Trey enters the room he sighs as it becomes even more crowded in his head.

As Trey walks in Sam gives him a wave and a friendly smile. "'Morning. How are y'all this morning?" He asks the two teen in the room. His blond hair is a bit dishevled from the recent fly he took this morning. "Ah don't believe Ah've met y'all yet. Ah'm Sam, Ah teach the New Mutants 'round here."

Interestingly enough, Trey's head doesn't really have too much in it. His memories really only start a few weeks ago. He has a lot of questions floating around in the empty space. He looks from Topher to Sam, "Hello Sam, I am Trey." This seems to be his generic introduction that he's been using a lot lately. "The New Mutants. I believe I ran into a few of them last night in the kitchen. I think my roommate Dallas is a New Mutant." He looks at Topher, "Your music is really loud, doesn't that hurt your ears?"

Topher smile drops when Sam mentions he's a teacher, Topher really doesn't trust teachers, "My name is Topher, and im fine", he looks round at Trey when asked about the music, "It used to, but im used to it now".

Sam isn't really a teacher, he's just the squad leader for the New Mutants. "Some people just like loud music, Ah'm used tah loud noises. With as many brothers and sisers that Ah have and with my powers, Ah'm used tah constant noise." Samy says as he doesn't say anything about Topher's smile dropping. "So are the two of ya new 'round here or was Ah too busy tah notice?"

Trey scrunches his nose up and a look of distaste appears on his face. "Not for me. I don't think I could get used to loud music like that." It would hurt his enhanced hearing ears. "If you get used to it, doesn't it mean you have lost part of your hearing?" He looks to Sam and he says, "Hmm, well I wouldn't know what it's like to have to deal with brothers and sisters." He shrugs his shoulders at that. "I'm really new. Fell out of the sky only a couple of weeks ago." He isn't even joking when he says that, he did fall out of a portal in the sky and landed on one of the Professors car.

Topher nods "I got here late last night, so yeah im new", he stares at Trey when he mentions falling out of the sky, "Where did you come from before that", he might not be able to control his power enough to pick out one thought from someones mind, but he is incontrol enough to notice Trey's mind is a little different than other people he's met.

"Well then welcome tah Xavier's. And Ah'd ask more about the fallin' outta the sky but unfortunately Ah gotta run. Ah gotta call mah Mama and let her know Ah'm here safe." Sam says standing up with a chuckle. "Ah'm twenty six and mah Mama sit worries 'bout me." It also has to do with him being an XMen and his mother knows what that entails. "Ya'll take care now." He says as he leaves the room.

Trey looks at Topher and he says, "Your guess is as good as mine. Well actually you may be able to guess a little better then me. People have more memories and are able to make a much more educated guess then me." He shrugs his shoulders once again. "Okay, well it must be nice to be close to your family like that. I don't know what it's like to have someone worrying about me. I also don't even know how old I am." He waves goodbye to Sam, "Nice meeting you Sam."

"Later mama's boy" Topher sneers as Sam leaves the room, when Sam leaves the room he feels Trey's mind more strongly, "There are parts missing, looks like he cant remember anything", he says to himself

Trey looks at Topher as he pokes at Sam for calling his mother and he says, "Hey, he is lucky to have a mother. Some of us don't have that luxery." He scowls at Topher's comment even if it was meant in good fun. When he hears him speaking to himself he decides to go with ignorance to have heard it. Thinking to himself, Of course parts are missing, it's amnesia. A psychic who has encountered a normal amnesia sufferer may be able to differentiate the fact that it's actually from an obscenely powerful psychic and not an injury.

Topher ignores Trey's comment about mothers, and puts his earphones back in.

Trey frowns at Topher as he puts his earphones in and he just says,"Well nice meeting you too." He turns and heads out of the Rec Room.

Topher consence gets the better of him, "Hey! Wait up!", he runs out after Trey.

Trey tenses up when Topher runs after him and he spins on his heels with really fast reflexes and he turns to point at Topher. "You should not disrespect people, especially people that you just met. Everyone here is so nice to people and so accepting. It is not fair to be mean to them." The weather manipulator is actually getting rather upset on Sam's behalf. There is a crash on the window and hail stones start pelting the school. He's tense, really tense and that tension was released in the sudden change to the weather.

July decides to spend the day playing some video games, and so she comes to the Recreation Room, but didn't expect to find two people arguing in the room. That gives the rubber girl pause, and she blinks, "Uh… hello?" she waves to Trey and Topher, and blinks again, "I hope everything's alright?"

Topher stands there and lets Trey get it out of his system, "Fine im sorry ok, i just dont like teachers", his neverending headache increases slightly as July enters the room, "Everythings ok", he says clutching his head.

Trey looks towards Topher and he says, "Yes well he's not even a teacher. He leads a squad and he helps train students. It's not like he has a class or anything. There is a list of all of the professors and what they teach. You should be informed about a place that you are living at. Besides, you never know who you could be offending with comments." He crosses his arms over his chest and is clenching Mr. Fuzzles. When July comes in the hail raining down on the building softens. This is actually a first for him, who knew he would get so annoyed by something so small as a tiny comment.

July arches one eyebrow at that, "I see… something tells me things aren't quite ok as you guys say…' she says, looking Trey, then to Topher. "What's going on here?" then she looks at Topher, "Is your head alright, man?"

Topher gets annoyed as Trey has a go at him, "First of all, he said hes a teacher, so i thought he was a teacher, second of all i got here last night, so i dont know much about this place yet, third of all i am intitled to an opinion, weather you agree with it or not", he looks at July, "Yea, my head's ok, dont worry"

Trey just looks at Topher and he says, "Yes well you should probably be more educated before you jump to conclusions." He purses his lips together and turns towards July before he notices the hail pelting the glass. He looks towards the window and calms down the storm and he says to July. "Things are okay now. For me at least."

July sighs softly, her shoulders slumping a bit, "Trey… you should be more forgiving. The guy made a honest mistake. He didn't kill or maim anyone, man. So what if he mistook Sam for a teacher? What's the big deal? Let it go." she smiles a bit, shaking her head a bit. "Everyone makes mistakes."

Topher smiles at July, "Thanks, its nice to have someone on my side", he lets go of his head and leans against the wall, closes his eyes and breathes deeply in and out.

Trey scowls at the smiling psychic and he says to July, "Yeah well I don't see the need for him to make fun of Sam for his mother being concerned about his well being." He stomps over to the couch and he flops down on it. Even at Topher's plight, he is trying to ignore the other teen. It's hard to be mad at someone who is clearly in pain.

July sighs gently at the heated argument here, "And, you, it's not nice to make fun of someone because their mother called." she smiles a bit, "There are people around who would love to have their mothers calling to see how they are." she nods a bit, before sitting down on a chair, her will to play video games right now gone. "So, how bad is the headache?"

Topher smiles at July again "Im sorry, i just have some issues", he finds July much more agreeable, "The headache?, worse than five minutes ago, but better than usual".

Trey nods his head, "Yes, you have some issues. We all have issues. That's why we are here. You just need to remember that." He looks away from the two of them and looks out the window. Thoughts of John fill his head. That is something to help calm his annoyance.

July arches her eyebrow for a moment as she looks at Trey. The guy needs a wee bit of sensibility training, in her opinion, but she doesn't voice her thoughts. "Huh, what caused your headache, man? Name's July, by the way."

Topher walks over to July and holds out his hand, "My names Christopher, but i tend to go by Topher, the headache is always there, its linked to my ability", due to Trey's mind being quite clear as he has no memories, Topher can pull one thought out of his head, shocked at managing to do it he blurts out the question, "Who's John?"

Trey's purple eyes light up when he hears Topher state that question. And they actually light up, they glow purple with energy. Those are private things he was thinking about John and this guy just plucked them out of his head without his permission. So much for him staying calm. "Those are private thoughts. You stay out of my head!" He points at Topher accusingly. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Topher is a telepath after somethng like that. There is a loud smash as a giant hail stone slams into the side of the building. He's PIIIIIIISSSSEED! Perhaps the thoughts were not PG13.

July blinks as Trey's eyes glow and the hail outside gets worse, "Oooo…kaaaaay…?" she looks around, until her eyes set back down on Trey, "Ok, ok, calm down, Trey, please. Calm down." she then looks at Topher. "What did you do, Christopher? Did you read his mind or something like that?"

Topher eyes go black, and a couple of things made of glass explode, "Look, i didnt go looking in your head, i cant keep people out, it's not my fault that your mind was practicly shouting this guys name at me!", he looks to July, "Yes i did, but not on purpose, also not Christopher, Topher, i hate being called Christopher".

Trey just growls back as Topher gets all offensive back at him. "You were in my head and you took something private. If you can't help it, you don't have to announce it to the world." He is not happy. His head is rather easily read by telepaths, perhaps because everything else is locked in that vault by the psychic attack. So there is less to clutter his brain. That and he may be more susceptable to psychic attacks then others. He is heated and that isn't going to allow him to stop the hail right now. It doesn't help that Topher has gone black eyed and starts making things explode.

July sighs heavily again, "Trey… please, it was an accident. He can't control his powers, apparently. I understand that the thought he read from you was private but… he couldn't help it." she says softly, and then she gestures to the window, to the hail of ice outside, "Aren't you the causer of that? Can you be held accountable for the damage that hail does to the cars outside, and to the roof? You can't help it, it's tied to your powers. Please… calm down, man."

Topher blinks eye returning to normal, "Fine act like a child and have your little temper tantrum, im a little more grown up than that" he then goes and sits on the couch, puts his earphones in, and starts singing along, "Please won't you go back out, I'm fast asleep, Can't deal with this no more, On your way out please do, Turn off the light, And close the door too", singing calms him down, thats something hes always been good at, the one thing thats stayed the same since his stupid power manifested.

Perhaps most of Trey's problem with turning off the hail is that he doesn't want to turn it off. He listens to July's statement and he looks at her and says, "Hey. You have someone prod in your head and we will see how you feel about the situation." He looks outside and he slows the intensity of the hail storm and then he cuts off the falling completely. He stands up from the couch and he takes Mr. Fuzzles with him. "I don't need this aggrevation."

July blinks as Trey decides to leave, and then she elongates her arm to reach Trey's arm, her body soon following, "Hey, wait, Trey." she says, approaching him. "Look… I'm not against you here." she says softly, "And I never had my mind read, so I can only imagine how invaded you must be feeling, man, but… he didn't mean it. I've read about it, and people with psychic powers have a lot of trouble learning how to control themselves. Some even go crazy if they can't control and block other people's thoughts into their minds. I've read that it's kind of like if you're deaf, and suddenly you can hear again, and are immediately tossed into a rock'n'roll show! It's maddening." she tries to explain as best as she can. "It's… one of the trickiest… and toughest powers to master. Please… be understanding, man. Please."

As Topher sees Trey go to leave his consence once again gets the better of and he walks over to help July talk Trey down, "She's right, i cant keep people out, its like…", he gets an idea, he holds out his earphones, "Put these in and try and consentrate on not hearing the words and that might help you understand where im coming from".

Trey is still annoyed even when July stops him. "Yes well, you are not the one that invaded my privacy. You are not the one who should be trying to make ammends." He just shakes his head. "You shouldn't have to make excuses for him." When Topher comes over, Trey says. "Yes well, if you can't control your powers you can control your actions." He doesn't take the earphones when Topher offers them. "I didn't appreciate someone in my head. If you were in my position, you would feel violated too. Knowing it wasn't on purpose does not make acceptance any easier."

July sighs softly as her attempts of pacifying the situation don't work, and her shoulders slump a bit and she releases Trey's arm, "Alright, alright… do what you want, man." she shakes her head softly as she steps away.

Topher drops his hand, "Fine!, screw ya, i've explianed that i cant help it, but you a being such a child you cant listen to reason", he walk over to the objects he broke earlier, and begins clearing them away.

Trey squeezes his hand around the stuffed animal and he takes a deep breath and at least the hail has completely stopped. "I am a child. All of the students are. But I at least accept that I have flaws and need to overcome them. I am not able to forgive you right now. So we're better off not trying. Maybe after I get over the feeling I have about being violated." And being majorly embarassed by what Topher saw. "I can be more accepting to your inability to control yourself." And with that Trey leaves the rec room.

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