2012-09-16: The Next Morning


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Summary: Those injured in last night’s attack wake up in the infirmary at Xavier’s.

Log Title: The Next Morning

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Hildegarde sits upright in one of the beds in the medical bay. She is fully healed, but the staff here want to keep her for observation after she had lost her powers earlier. She finds herself gaining them back slowly, and is told that she will likely be back to full strength in the next few hours. The lab took the darts from Sophie and began analysis last night, and Hilde has heard that they are trying to locate the two missing students now.

Hildegarde sighs, taking a rest from the book she is reading. The woman glances up as a nurse walks in carrying a pair of boots and a phone. "Miss Hilde? I just got word. They were able to retrieve your car and boots. I'll just put these here for you."
Hilde smiles and thanks the nurse, picking up her phone to check for messages. She frowns at the device. Of course the battery is dead. She hadn't charged it before the attack, and it was left in a car all night.

The door to the infirmary opens, and Sophie DeCosta makes her way inside, guiding herself with her cane. She has her left hand cradled against herself, and comes to a halt just inside the door. "Hello?" she murmurs. "The Doctor said I needed to come back in the morning, to have my hand checked. Is… anyone there?" She goes to clasp both hands around the top of her cane as she often does, and winces upon flexing her fingers on her left hand.

Fiona is, of course, in the infirmary. She's deep in the midst of a happy dream about something or other… involving herself as a hippie and probably drugs or something. Who knows really. Who is she, even? Aside from her keys and that tazer, she has suspiciously /no/ personal effects on her when Connor brought her in - no ID, no credit cards, not even any cash. She's in somewhat better shape than she /was,/ thanks to Xavier's tech.

The nurse walks over and pulls Sophie toward one corner of the room. She sits the girl down and examines her hand, cleaning and redressing the wound. "I think you'll be fine. It looks like it's healing nicely. These things take time though. Keep it clean and come see me if you think anything is wrong." The woman stands and gestures toward Hilde, though she feels foolish when she remembers Sophie is blind. "Um…The professor you brought in last night woke up a few hours ago. She is a little ways to the left if you would like to visit her." The woman walks off to examine Fiona.

Hildegarde continues to frown at her phone before sitting it on the bedside table, laying back again and looking up at the ceiling. She plays idly with the fabric of her hospital gown. Her coat and dress were covered in blood and filled with holes. The staff had decided to discard those items. Hilde sits up again as she hears a voice. "Sophie? Is that you?"

"Si," comes Sophie's reply as she approaches Hildegarde, after the nurse has finished examining her hand. "Are you alright, Professor? I did my best." She probes the floor with her cane, until she finds her way to Hilde's bedside, where she comes to a stop. "I don't know if anyone else was hurt," she murmurs. "I was told to get a good night's sleep, but I've hardly slept."

Fiona continues laying on her bed, opening her eyes slowly finally and rubbing her head; her head, which, as it turns out, is not riddled with pockmarks or anything horrible like that. She vaguely remembers… something, though. "W-where is this…" she blinks owlishly, purple eyes glowing slightly as they scan about the room.

Hildegarde gestures behind Sophie. "There is a chair behind you, if you care to sit. Just reach back and you should feel it." A short pause. "I hear you saved me. Thank you for that. I am fine now, but my powers have not fully returned. I guess I should be back to normal in a few hours though, they're just keeping me until they're sure. Nigel was in here earlier, too. Not hurt, just exhausted. I don't know where he is now. Maybe up in his room." Another pause. "No word on Nicholas or Warlock. I hope they find them soon."

Hildegarde glances over toward Fiona when she awakens, turning back to Sophie and gesturing to the other girl. "Oh yeah, she was brought here by the man who was fighting alongside Wildcard." She looks over at Fiona, "Miss? You're in a hospital of sorts. One for mutants. I'm told you were badly injured in the fight. Do you remember anything?"

Sophie opens her mouth, about to reply, when she hears Fiona speak. "…Oh! I do recognize that voice." She turns to face in Fiona's general direction. "I… sometimes I do not remember… But, Fiona, si? We have met before." She quirks her lips upwards briefly in a smile, before she goes to find the chair that Hilde told her about. She sits, and bobs her head. "Si, you are in a hospital. Are you all patched up?" Her brow furrows, as she tilts her head back towards Hildegarde. "Professor, you exagerate, I think. It was you who saved me, if you had not been there to look after me I care not to imagine what would have happened. …I am worried sick for Nicholas and Locke, as it is." She pauses, and perks an eyebrow upwards. "I think I have the lord God to thank, also. …They hit my backpack with a dart, but my Bible was in it, and stopped the dart."

"I… don't know… I was getting ice cream and there was some kind of fight and…" Fiona grasps at her neck instinctively to make sure her portal keys are there, only to find them missing. "My keys!" she gasps suddenly, patting the sheets around her frantically looking for them until she locates the necklace with the attached keys, laying neatly on the table beside the bed. Her eyes glow a vivid purple as she panics, and then calms, looping them around her neck again. "Sorry… I… think I got shot… I remember being sure that I was dead and then… I don't know, it's like I lived a whole other life only it wasn't me…" she blinks, looking over at Sophie.

Hildegarde nods and appears about to say something, but the nurse comes by to check on Fiona now that she is awake. The nurse seems satisfied and comes over to Hilde's bed. "Miss VonReginleif? The lab called up and would like to run some tests with you in the danger room. They had your battle armor sent to the women's locker room on this floor. If you wouldn't mind, they'd like to conduct the tests as soon as possible."

Hilde looks up at the nurse and nods. "Of course. Sophie, Fiona was it?" She looks to the two girls. "I…Should be back in a bit. If you're not here when I return Sophie, I'll come find you once I leave the Med Bay." The woman stands and collects her boots, leaving the room to head down for testing.

Sophie smiles softly, and bobs her head to Hilde as she departs. "Of course, Professor. Good luck!" She waits until the German woman has left, before turning back to Fiona. "I was 'sure I was dead' once," she murmurs. "But perhaps, one should not be so quick to be certain of such a thing, until they actually stand before God, si?" She tries to clasp her hands over her lap, which brings about another wince, until she opts for just setting one hand atop the other. "I didn't know you were there," she murmurs. "Or I would have insisted on healing you. But you got help it sounds like, and that's what matters, si? I am glad you are alright, Fiona."

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