2010-08-06: The Pincushion And Spots


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Summary: Quill and James find out why they're paired as roommates.

Date: August 6, 2010

Log Title: The Pincushion And Spots

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - James and Quill's Room

This is James' room, and by his, we mean 'His.' From the looks of it, in the absence of a roommate, he's taken over the accommodations of two. In one corner of the room, two beds have been pushed together while the window itself has been covered by a few blankets and a large plank of wood (probably a desktop) to block out ambient light. But even with such personalization, there's still at least one desk and dresser left intact. With schoolbooks in one and clothes in the other (although not necessarily in the right order) the room obviously belongs to a student. But, with a lack severe of personal effects to describe what type, all that you have to go by is a large occurrence of gnaw marks distributed randomly across several items.

The return to Xavier's for the next semester, it really sucks that Max has to redo his Sophomore year but then he did leave half way during it. So now it's a new school year and a new roommate but still the same Quill. Hey the school even still has that teenage funk smell about it, it's like being home. With a duffel bag in hand he walks to his room assignment and knocks on the door. "Helloooo, did someone order a roommate?"

The door creeks open and the resident hyena peers out from the darkened room. "Pizza?" he asks, a frown forming on his face when he realizes the…porcupine standing in from of him hasn't got one. The old favorites are still his, so with a shake of his head, he repeats the same advice he offered Lucas nearly 8 months ago, "Wrong room. Down the hall, to the left, down the stairs, out the door. Walk 'till morning." He waits to see if it works.

"Wow, I guess I shouldn't have rigged Ms. Moonstar's garbage can to dump all over her when she walked into the class room last year, I guess this is payback." Max says with a shrug as he grins at James, though he has to look uuuuuup to smile at the Hyena. "Heya! I'm Max but also known as Quill. I'm your new roommate. I promise I won't bring any snakes into the room….this time."

James gives Max a long, suspicious look, "No, this is what I get for rigging Emma's car so the airbags to go off when she inserts the key." He moves out of the doorway and holds it open, "I'm James. I bite people. Roommates included, so snakes might be a good idea, it'll keep me busy." Allowing Quill a moment to enter, he inspect him fully, "We should call one of those organizations and tell them that the school is putting all the minorities in one room."

Walking into the room there's a grin as James mentions the thing with the air bags. "Please tell me you taped her reaction, I'd love to get Kitty but I heard she isn't around right now." He says looking at the bed and throwing his stuff down. "Don't worry, I stab people so if you bite, I'll stab." He says as he looks at James. "Minorities? You part Braizilian too?" He doesn't get that he means the animal types, it goes right over Quill's head…as does most things he's so short. "Seems a lot has changed since I left."

"No," James says with a head shake, "I dunno if she's even used it yet. Heck, I didn't even know it was hers at first." Or, honestly, if it was. "And no, I'm not. I'm talking about the whole furry thing. You know…that thing that clogs up the showers and sucks in the summer." He has to smile at the stab thing…he might get along with this roommate. Or at least remember to wraps him up in a blanket before he tries something. "Oh, you returning or something?"

"I like to consider myself more Quilly then Furry." Max says with a nod as he sits down on the bed, he'll unpack later, besides there's more stuff downstairs he's being lazy about. "Yeah, I'm returning. Had to go back home for a few months but, now I'm here again! I was hoping that Remy would be here but he's probably off banging Rogue or something." Quill was never one to really watch his words. "It does suck in the summer, though at least the A/C here is pretty solid. I gotta meet the other students here see who deserves what."

At the mention of who deserves what, James rolls his eyes, "Who doesn't deserve something in this place?" Himself included. Having never had the pleasure of Remy— other than stories in his classes —the hyena shrugs at the whole banging thing. "Dunno…I've never seen him in person. Just as a Danger Room generated stand-in a few times." Door shuts and James ehads for his bed, giving it a solid *THUMP* as he lands, "But, if you get the chance, offer to take people on tours. I think I've played that out. No one lets me do it anymore after the….lake incident."

"I dunno if I'm a 'tour guide' type, and the 'lake incident', this I gotta hear." Max is being noisey but the information is there so he must know! "Though tours could be interesting…." There's a smile on Quill's face that means it definately won't lead to anything good. "And who doesn't deserve something…Nori if she's still around. She's kinda cute."

James smiles, "The tours are more fun than you think if you take in account that you can tell the newbie anything and they'll eat it up." There'sa snort, "LIke that all freshmen live in tents and the bad students have to eat behind the horse stalls." Quill asks, James provides, "Some fish kid. I told him all his classes and stuff were at the bottm of the lake. And that he was late, and the teachers were pissed becuase the schedule was all wrong and he was supposed to be there uesterday. Turns out, while he was down there looking, he found a pipe and 5 hours later the staff found him like 10 miles up the road." James shrugs, "Since then I havn't been allowed to 'tour' kids." Nori? No idea…but he's not the meet and greet type.

"I was juuuuuuuuuuust thinking that." Max says as he snaps a finger to point it a James with his usual grin. "See that's just hilarious, they're so stiff here. Like Mr. Summers, whose my team leader. So back to the Corsairs with me!" He says as the accuracy training is nice though Scott's not easy to get away with things. "Nori, she's got blue hair, eletricity, eh, like I said thing's have changed. Oh well." There's a nonchalant shrug at that. "I think I'd rather tell them they all have to jump from the communications tower to test to see if they have latent flight abilities."

"Tell me about it," James says in respose to the stiffness. Though, this is coming from the guy who can be as unmoving as Cyclops one moment and the opposite the next. "Ehh, dunno her. Closest thing to blue hair is a skunk girl who's into dying hers." He likes the idea of the tower and gives the pin coushion a nods, "You may be okay. Just keep your quills on your side and I won't mark your side of the room as my territory—again."

"Hey, if you're going to mark any territory do it in Emma's office, I think she could use some colour in there." Who knows how man times Quill has seen the inside of that place to get yelled at. Getting yelled at by teachers has become something of a usual happening to Max. "I don't have any hair, unless you count this fur. I lose hair and get quills…you think I can die them blue? Then maybe I can get a cool cape and be like "The Blue Quill! Theif terror of the night!"

James grins, "I dunno…but if you're willing to try…" or unwilling as the case may be, "I know where we can get about a gallon of blue ink." He's still not sure about this whole 'roommate thing, so avoids anything remotely dealing with Quill's life, family, classes…nearly everything. "So…you wanna grease the girl's toilet seats with me?"

"I think I'll stick with the brown for now but if my shower water comes out blue, I know who to blame." Quill says with a smile, which grows wider at the question. "Duuuude." He says taking his duffle back and going through it, lock picks, rubber bands, rope, a package of confeti, a hand held mirror, noise makers, party poppers and…a tub of crisco. "You totally read my mind, that was gonna be my 'I'm back!' gift to Xavier's."

"I havn't given the school my 'I'm Back' gift either, so I'll give you a hand," James says with a smile even when mentioning his recent 'vacation' that came courtesy of Selene. "Hmmm..you know," the hyena says with a head tilt, "At first I kinda wondered why they'd put you in here. Now, I see it's so they can watch us both, easier."

"Awesome, we should do it late at night when it's darker in the hallway so they don't realize two guys are on the girls floor." Quill says as he takes out a wooden rubber band gun from his bag and starts to fiddle with it. "Who needs watching? I'm an Angel…or is it devil in an angel's body..I can't remember which my Mom said."

James has a pretty good idea which of those two catagories he himself falls in. Quill, of course, is yet to be seen. But he's already got a pretty good idea. "Soudns like a plan to me, Pin Cushion." He's really not got much else to say, as he's not one to talk in the best of situations.

Standing up, well more hopping off the bed, Quill grins. "Okay I'll catch ya later spots. I'm gonna get the rest of my stuff and haul it up here. I'll try not to shed quills to much on your side of the room…they can get lost in the carpet which can be funny if someone is barefooted." He says giving James a mock saluet as he heads out to grab his stuff.

At the news of the carpet, James looks down at his bare feet—the ones he never wears shoes on. He hmmms as the other boy walks out of the room. Well, if nothing else, he'll never have want for a thumb tack ever again.

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