2011-01-16: The Platypus In The Park


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Summary: Bruce & Vinny Chat in the park for a while.

Log Title: The Platypus in the Park

Rating: G

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.


A quiet evening in mutant town and it finds one of it's more colorfull residents out and about at the late hour. Vinny sits on a bench at the side of one of the park paths, a long wooden tube in his hands and pressed to his lips under the bill. A deep resonating tone drifting from the instrument to echo through the park. The haunting melody stuttering and trilling from time to time as it's carried on the night air. The instrument a mystery to most, but perhaps not to all.

Bruce is out and about tonight, shivering against the cold in his usual winter atire. The man is dressed in blue jeans and brown boots with a bomber jacket and an Akubra. He trudges along with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a large German Shepherd mix on a lead in front of him. "Come on, Tiberius. Do ya have to sniff every tree in the park? Is it really that exciting?" He sighs and shakes his head, stopping for a moment and tipping his head. "Is that…A Didgeridoo?" He frowns slightly and looks around for the source of the sound, noticing the outline of what would appear to be the man he met at Nowhere the other night not too far away. He decides to move a bit closer.

Vinny has yet to notice the approach of Bruce as he plays on, cheeks puffing and deflating over and over in the circular breathing technique needed to play the instrument in his hands as it's sound continues to thrum and echo through the park. Vinny is rather lightly dressed given the weather but having a natural layer of fur is probably the explanation for that. As Bruce approachs he can see that Vinny's eyes are actually glowing, having become two featureless circles of blue light. Across the path from where he sits a large puddle had formed from melting snow and slush cleared from the pathway, a long snake-like tendril of water about three feet high and nearly six inchs thick writhes and dances to the tune, like a snake charmer and a cobra.

Bruce leans on one leg and watches the other mutant for a few minutes. "Interesting, so your only mutation isn't just being all fuzzy and duck-billed then?" He rubs his chin with one hand as Tiberius wanders closer to the puddle. The dog looks like he's about to go after the moving water, but Bruce pulls back on his leash. "Nope! Sit down." The dog looks back at him and does as he's told.

At the sound of another person Vinny blinks and the light from his eyes fades. The water splashs back into the puddle with a splat and he takes a breath as he stops playing. "Gah.. sorry Mate didn't see ya there. Nope I'm a bit more than just some good looks. Though it still needs a bit of work. They call it Hydrokenesis I think. Though I've been watchin' the telly here of late and frankly I like the term waterbendin' a bit more myself. Sounds a bit less stuffy." He lays the didgeridoo across his lap. "Wasn't disturbin' ya was I? Kinda hard to get some practice in most times."

Bruce shakes his head. "No no. You weren't bothering me. Just out walkin' the dog." He looks around. "I used this place for practicing a few times meself. And uh…Well when we had that big war here it became my personal battleground." He gestures around the park a little. There's still quite a bit of sand around, though much of is is burried in snow. And some structures that look almost like ice sticking out of the ground would be identified under closer inspection as giant diamonds. "Still kind of a mess. I'll clean it up when it gets warmer probably…Never hurts to keep stuff around you might need. Though water might be easier to find than what I use."

Vinny nods and sits back a bit "Yeah got here too late for that mess, probably for the best. Not as easy to come by in the city as you might think but I get by when I have to. Just need to get my control up before I break somthin' or hurt somebody. The Didgeridoo helps me focus a bit though I don't need it, just a few medation bits I learned from some tribals that were friends of the family."

Bruce nods. "Ah yeah? I trained meself up back in Oz. But I did it by meself. I have Psammokinesis. It's a…Sand control. Lots more o' that back in Oz. I make do here though. I mean, I planned for that battle a few weeks back, so I just stocked up sand all over the park." He waves a hand at a nearby hill, which rises up and forms itself into a statue of Vinny before collapsing back down onto the ground. "Should probably redistribute it before I get caught someplace without any amo…But it's been quiet recently."

Vinny laughs and nods "Yeah I guess in never never the sand is free and plenty. Been bush a bit myself but only knew about the water stuff about a year or so, still learning the trick ya know?" He looks over at the statue and grins "That's a right neat trick. So you was at that fight eh? Guessin' the stuff that bloke at the bar was sayin' about Dingo wasn't too far off eh?"

Bruce nods, still looking over at the sand pile before turning back to face Vinny. "Yeah took me a while to master things, and I keep learnin' new tricks. You'll get it eventually, just keep in mind the enemy's not gonna stand still while ya play a tune fer yer water stuff to work." He rubs the back of his head when Vinny mentions the man at the bar. "Well…It depends on who you're talking about. Dingo's a fairly popular bloke. The citizens all love 'im, but the Avengers tend not to like 'im."

Vinny grins widely "Oh I didn't say I needed the didge to make it work, just helps with the fancy stuff." He takes up an empty fosters can from under the bench and tosses it skyward. He then thrusts one hand into the air and his eyes flash blue for a moment as the water in the puddle suddenly geysers upwards and blasts the can with a hollow *poink* and sends it cartwheeling into the woods "Ah hell, gonna hafta go find that. Old man would skin my alive if he knew I was leavin' trash about." He looks back to Bruce "Havn't met an avenger yet, met a guy from SHIELD, met a few from that school in westchester I been meanin' to look into. But no avenger."

Bruce watches the can get shot off into the woods and makes a whistling noise. "Fancy. And don't worry about the can. You'll make some hobo's day when he finds somethin' he can cash in for money." He hunches down and begins petting his dog, who appears not at all alarmed by the strange creature in front of him. "Yeah the Avengers are ran by SHIELD. They're like some government erm…"Hero" group." He makes air quotes when he says the word 'hero'. "And that school up in Westchester is for kids who can't use their powers all that well. Heard pretty good stuff about that one but you'll occasionally hear about one of the kids going rogue and attacking someone."

Vinny sighs and shakes his head "Nothin' Fancy about it, I can use my power as a blunt object but that about sums it up for the moment. Anythin' else takes way too long or takes the focus of the didge to make it work right. A bit of schoolin' is probably my best bet. Just still gettin' settled in and all and havn't gotten around to goin' up there and seein' the place." He pulls his hat down a bit as they get a slight drizzle from his attack returning to earth "Sorry bout that.."

Bruce tips his head down slightly as the water rains down toward them, his hat blocking much of the water from hitting his face. "I haven't really been up there. I get some of the kids in the bar once in a while. Those three at the table. I think one or two of them goes to Xavier's. One might go to Barne's. That other one, Barne's? Like a…SHIELD school I guess? Not one that I trust." He nods in agreement with himself. "Xavier's seems pretty good though. Me boss works out there once in a while. Not the bar owner, the one who…Kind of coordinated our troops in that battle."

Vinny nods and stands, tucking the didgeridoo under his arm. "Well guess I need to get my act together and pay the place a visit then. I'm sure we'll run into each other again, probly hop by the boozer now and then for a pot or two. You have a good night then mate."

Bruce tips his hat at the other. "Sure thing there, mate. Just be careful wanderin' around up that far. Not everyplace is as safe fer us as Mutant Town. And ah…You stand out a little more than other mutants, ya know?" He chuckles and offers another wave as he turns and makes a clicking noise to his dog. "See ya around, eh?"

Vinny smiles and nods "Yeah I do tend ta stick out, but no worries mate I got a few tricks for any bloke who wants a go at me. Take care." He heads down the path back towards the condo complex, tucking the didgeridoo under his arm and whistling a bit as he goes.

~ Fin ~

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