2012-09-19: The Plot


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Summary: Nigel enlists Theo's help to track down the Friends of Humanity Church.

Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2012. 9:14am

Log Title: The Plot

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Nigel sits on the couch, watching the TV rerun the news of the attack on Salem center for the 50th time. "God I'd love to shave off Jameson's goofy mustache.."

Theo saw the message, he really did. However, he wasn't too quick about responding. He didn't e-mail Nigel back, expecting it was another request for homework help. Theo is inbetween his classes, and as such he has decided to raid the kitchen. a sliced up apple with some carmel is his choice this morning, an excellent breakfast. He wanders out from the kitchen, catching sight of the screen. "I'd take off more than that," he adds. "You still watching this stuff?"

Nigel looks over and smiles a bit "Eh just keep hoping they're going to show somthing I missed in all the chaos.. no such luck. Glad to see you, I've got a bit of somthing you might be able to help with if you've got some free time and wanna stick it to these bigots where the sun don't shine."

"Oh?" Theo's eyes perk up at the statement. "I have fun with things like that." Which is definitely the truth. He hops over the edge of the couch to land next to Nigel, balancing his plate as he does. One apple falls off, and he bends over to pick it up, placing it on the end table. On a coaster. Go figure that. From the back pocket of his blue jeans he pulls a fork, and stabs one of the slices, and dips it into the carmel. "Please," he says, "I'm all ears.

Nigel pulls a dart from his pocket "These bastards are packing some serious tech.. these things can take your powers away for several hours. Also got sonic cannons, net guns and god knows what else. Church has to be paying somone for this tech.. there has to be a money trail and the stuff has to be made somewhere. I figure you've got the tech skills needed to find out where the money's going and where the tech's coming from. Then we cut their supply lines."

Theo glances at the dart, taking a bite from his apple. Just enough carmel to get the bite into his mouth without making a mess. He chews, looking at it and listening to Nigel. "Yeah," he answers after swallowing. "There are no secrets on the internet. I found this place, I'm sure I can find whoever is supplying them. Maybe I can even intercept the shipment and we can bust them up. That would be fun."

Nigel nods and grins "Man after my own heart.. find out what you can. You name the targets and I've got some folks more than happy to reduce them to rubble and scrap. They fired the first shot.. but this is far from over. We will find Warlock and Nicholas and expose these clowns for the warmongering assholes they are."

Theo grins, "I guess I can leave some for you. Their fancy tech isn't of much use to them with me around." He dips the next piece of apple into the carmel, and extends the plate toward Nigel, should he want a slice. "Who would you be bringing? Anyone I know?"

Nigel chuckles "Quenton and Taylor are in, planning on asking a few other of the more destructive types around here as well. Not exactly planning to be subtle about this."

"Okay," Theo repiles. He doesn't know much about Taylor, but he knows that Quenton is a ball of rage that is hard to contain. "As long as there won't be any pansies that want to pull punches and 'be the better man' kind of garbage." He points his fork at Nigel. "If I am going to be helping you, I'm playing for keeps. This isn't the type of group that you go half way with."

Nigel nods "Absolutely.. I'm going to say try and avoid a massacre. But we're gonna do what we have to do."

Theo puts down his plate on the coffee table, and looks Nigel straight in the eye. "This only works if we don't feed their propaganda," he says. "You have Quenton with you, which tells me you don't really care about their lives that much. Survivors tell stories." Implied, he will not have any interest in leaving survivors.

Nigel nods "Lets see what targets we have before we start planning to hide bodies. Anything we do is going to feed their propaganda regardless of witnesses. We're more than likely going to have to level at least church building.

"We'll see," Theo says. "But remember, we can spin propaganda, too. Those nutcases don't have any corner on that market. The news just cares that it sells." He takes his fork and sticks another apple slice. "Let me help by orchestrating this, this is the kind of thing I do." What is that supposed to mean, he's done this before?

Nigel nods "Sure thing, I'll be waiting on word from you then and I'll gather whoever I have to deal with it. Thanks for the help Theo."

Theo nods, "No problem, pleasure doing business with you." He picks up his plate, and takes a bite of the apple on his fork. "I'm going to go get on that now." So he does, getting up to his feet, and walking toward the door. He has some new homework to take care of.

Nigel gives a wave and turns the TV off. "Keep in touch."

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