2010-04-26: The Potty Mouth


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Summary: Jonothon finds Nazca struggling with her luggage.

Date: 04-26-2010

Log Title The Potty Mouth

Rating: R (Language)


Nazca carries several suitcases on a little fold-up trolley. There are about 3 large suitcases, two medium, and two crates with small locks on them. "Alright, now I feel smart, I knew the little handtruck luggage thing would come in handy! Now all I have to do…is…..get this up the stairs. Huh. Well, I guess it's not as well bloody handy as I thought. Hmph. Well, a girl doesn't have super-strength and agility for nothing! I suppose it's female empowerment time.." She looks to the left, looks to the right, and when she sees the coast is clear, she picks up the truck, starts walking, and trips. The cart falls down, a few of the suitcases bouncing off. The girl on the other hand, bounces backwards, waving her arms wildly as she falls onto her butt. "Yikers!"

Coming in through the same front door, a thin man wearing black finds luggage dropping to the floor, along with brunette flailing along with it. Arriving far too late to even begin to drop rump hitting floor, Jonothon merely blinks and closes that door behind him. His attire is a snug top that covers to the jawline, and over this a leather jacket with a British flag on the back. Jeans and heavy boots are also dark. Someone doesn't believe in color. «You alright, gel?» His accent is British, and with a smile he approaches to offer a hand up. If there are intimidating people at the school, Jono doesn't number among them. «Why aren't you taking your bags to the student wings?» Sorry, assuming wrong here.

Nazca looks up from her spot on her rump. "Huuuuh?". She tilts her head a bit, then shrieks softly. "Oh no! My Atari!". She opens a bag filled clothing, an old Atari 8 bit computer, a 800XL, and a Falcon Atari 16bit computer inside. She gives an audible sigh,resting back onto her rear. "They don't make these anymore, I'd hate to have my computer broken. These little guys have been going for 20 years!". Looking up, she eyes the man oddly. Her own accent is British, but there is some American, and 'other' mixed in. "Oh! I'm sorry, you asked about the student wing, didn't you? Well, my name is Nazca. Nazca Elizabeth Fitzgearld, and I shall be your new Physical Education instructor!"

His hand up ignored, Jonothon doesn't bother to keep his arm extended. Instead he's looking oddly at Nazca about the game box. Heh. She'll learn in time that Forge can fix anything. And then he's stopping dead at the idea of her being a new teacher. What? Eyeing Nazca in disbelief, the Brit none the less offers back, «Jonothon Starsmore.» He doesn't believe, and yet he still points off a direction. «There's a lift down that hallway that gives access to the professors wing.» Has a room there too after all. To help out he rights a suitcase before adding it back to the cart.

Nazca shakes her head as she gets up to her feet. "Well actually I am a teacher, I just sort of have a condition where I don't age normally. Or..well, at all. I have a degree and everything. It's..packed in here somewhere..oh, that's right, there is a elevator! I rode it down with the boy with the potty mouth. Hmph. Talking about his genitals and what he would like to do with them. You know, such foul langage really isn't proper. He said he was not some kind of student..I hope the students don't pick up any bad habits from him. He was an odd one though. Wanted to go to the kitchen, and when I started lecturing him on keeping it in his pants, he bloody well went off the other way. Maybe I should have one of the male instructors talk to him. He's going through this weird robotic-boy phase."

Woosh! Watch this whole conversation go right over Jonothon's head. See, he's normally the quiet one. «…» That's about as far as he gets for a while, allowing the woman to chatter away. When the Brit can squeeze a word in edgewise he asks, «You remember the bloke's name? The potty mouth.» Sorry, can't help himself and smirks for that one. Heh. Potty mouth. And you know, it's funny. Jono accepts the non aging without blinking an eye, but potty gets him. Go figure. «This way.» Come on, Nazca, elevator is this way! Just starts walking off, cart handle in hand. He's absconding with the luggage! Or not.

Nazca hmmns. "I think his name was Alex? It was 'shit this' and 'shit that'. That kind of potty talk is really unappealing. You seem pretty easy to talk to..do you think you could talk to him? Let's see..how'd he put it..oh, yes! Could you talk to him about 'popping boners' and such? I did not seem to really connect with him, but I think it's because I don't have the proper plumbing, yes?" She follows along "Oh, and I see the little flag there, are you from England? I've never been to Britain."

«Heh. Alex isn't a student.» That explains a lot, doesn't it? «He won't be staying here.» Jonothon says back over a shoulder as he stops before the elevator and hits the call button. «In fact today is his last day.» No need to worry about talking to him. «Honestly, gel, you're doing great at being a potty mouth yourself. You might want to curb that.» He's glad none of the kids are around to hear this. Elevator door opens with a ding and Jono pulls the cart inside, holding the door with a hand until cart and woman are settled. «Yes, I'm from England.» Frankly, he could have thought Nazca was too.

Nazca places a hand over her mouth with a gasp. "Oh! I am aren't I! Well, we are still a place of learning, and someone should talk to him. I know I was confused when my special abilities activated, and I'd think it'd be nice if someone could just..guide him a little.". She steps inside, resting her hands behind her rear "Well..actually I have british roots going way back, but I'm actually from Africa. My family there is pretty well-to-do. I'm the only mutant in the family though. I was the oldest, and..well, now I'm the youngest.".

Jonothon smirks for the gasp. «He's gone as of today. Don't worry about him. Alex is going somewhere he can get help.» It's not that he's getting tossed out, but that he's going somewhere more suitable. It's a very quick elevator ride thanks to the fact it's only a floor, and so soon those doors open again. «You tell everyone you meet your life story?» Asked as he moves into the hall. Of course he has no idea which room is Nazca's. His own room is right over there, but that doesn't mean they have name plates. «Know which one is yours?» Looking back, he tilts his head in a curious manner.

Nazca shakes her head "Actually that is just the abridged version really. My life is long, complicated, and all kinds of different shades of confusing. I bet yours is as well, hmm?". She points at one of the doors "That's my room there..and..how come your lips move, but nothing comes out? Just in my head?"

«Heh. That sums up nearly everyone here, gel.» Jonothon says in amusement. As the door is pointed out he heads that way, fully planning on helping her. Asked of his voice, the man looks back, and after a moment he shrugs. «I can't talk out loud.» Doesn't explain why. «So I talk in the only other way available to me.» The door to the room is tested, and as it opens freely he pushes it inwards. «Some people can't hear it.» So it's a good thing that Nazca can! «It's called telepathy.» May as well say what it is. Didn't really mean to leave that off. It's just that he gets used to everyone here being used to it.

Nazca nods. "I'm not really used to people having superpowers..but everyone did have a tendency to have a lot of guns. Kind of the reality of having an unstable land, you know? Though I miss the sun in Africa. There was nothing quite like it. Texas wasn't too bad though, a bit cooler.". She walks in, looking about. Surveying. "I guess this'll be like my office, I was planning on buying a house nearby. I suppose it'll take some time to set up showings though."

Not used to powers.. «You are in for a shock then.» How else can he say it? This is a school for people with powers, run by people with powers. «Nearly everyone here has a power, gel. Excepting for this one lunch lady.» And from his tone, Jonothon isn't entirely sure about her. «Not too dissimilar to people having guns truth be told.» And yes, he's been shot at so many times by now that he understands very well. «This place takes getting used to. Be warned of that.» Said with a smile just the same. «It's a weirdness magnet. Something strange is always going on.»

Nazca shakes her head "I'm a 33 year old permanantly stuck in a 16 year old's body..for eternity. I think I'm a little used to some weirdness. Maybe not a overabundance of it, but some. You've been kind enough to help me this far, would you care for a spot of tea? I know I have the automatic teamaker in one of these…"

For some reason, being told that she's stuck in a sixteen year old body has the man smiling again. «You haven't met the pink bubble boy, or the brain bottle girl.» And Jonothon is totally serious. «And thanks, but no. I can't eat.» He shrugs as he gets the cart to a good spot and lets the woman get at it. «See, you discount what I've said, but it's true. I'm the bloke who killed himself when he was eighteen by exploding, but was too stubborn to die. You don't age? Sorry, seen people with that before. You haven't seen weird yet.» Shakes his head right back at her.

Nazca reaches over to pinch at Jonothon's cheek, trying to give it a light pull. "Well, that doesn't sound like it was very productive. But you don't look very near-dead, so that's a good thing I think."

Brown eyes narrow at that. Jonothon clearly doesn't enjoy his cheek being pinched, even though he endured it. «Good luck, gel.» He so believes she's going to need it. Another shake of the head and the Brit removes himself from the room, quietly shutting the door behind him.

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