2010-01-21: The Powder Keg Has Been Lit


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Summary: Stress is high between Mikhail, Rashmi and Robyn, Mike watches awkwardly.

Date: January 21, 2010

Log Title The Powder Keg Has Been Lit

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Mikhail has been fading in and out of consciousness for the last twenty-four hours, he looks very pale, has several long, deep claw marks down his back, covered in bandages that are refusing to heal and is shaking, hes wearing a pair of Xavier school shorts and looks pretty distressed, at this moment hes awake and is doing what he was told to do, drinking alot of liquids.

When you were a kid and you scraped your knee, and you had this big scab, your mom probably told you not to pick at it. Mike would still pick at it sometimes. Last night he melted his hands while helping Rashmi catch her bad-boy romance. It was an interesting experience. It hurt, a lot, but it was bearable. It wasn't as painful as being hit by the train, not by a long shot. He was told to wait in the medBay, and he just woke up from an unusually long 6 hour downtime and he's sitting on a chair, looking at the interesting machines. And picking at his hands, using the sharp nails at the ends to try to separate his fingers where the rubber of his palmtreads has fused together… Pick pick pick.

Robyn woke up from his light sleep in quite a bit of pain shooting through his side thus why he's down in the medbay, to see if he can get some painkillers for his cracked and broken ribs. Looking around for Dr. Reyes or anyone who might be able to help, he spots Mikhail and rushes over. "Mikhail? What happened to you? I heard you fought some demons in the city but..Dallas didn't say anything about you getting hurt."

Mikhail looks over at Robyn as he rushes over, "Heya Robyn, Mikhail got poisoned, what bring you here?", hes still distant but he's being more responsive than he has been for the last few days, he is feeling something now that Robyn's here but do to his current mental state he cant put a name to it, hes not even sure its there.
The sound of voices distracts Mike from his so-far unsuccessful attempts, and he looks over at the tattooed version of Richard. His eyes light up (literally) for a second, and he stands, slowly, stretching to get the oil moving. He doesn't intrude on the conversation though.

Robyn smiles at Mikhil and takes a seat next to him, doing his best not to wince. "Don't worry about me, I'll talk to Dr. Reyes when I see her." He says not worried about his own problems at the moment. "Poisoned? You're gonna be okay right?" The new student, Mike, does get glace from Robyn followed by a double take and a bit of unintentional staring. "Uh..hey."

Mikhail nods "Dr Reyes say Mikhail be fine three or four days", he does notice Mike but hes very confused my machines so he ignores him.

Mike waves a hallo, revealing that the palm of his left hand looks like that piece of tread thrown by a semi-truck that you see lying along the freeway: bits of metal wire sticking through, smoke and grit staining the paint on his arms, there's a terrible pain in all the diodes along his left side, no, wait, that's just a big scratch in his paint, especially obvious as he's only wearing board-length shorts. He plays a burst of samples, fast, stitching them together. "HiThere/my name is Mike/I'm a new kid/Who are you?" … this would be so much easier if he could write, or if Jono was here, or if he hadn't stolen that car. Oh well.

Robyn nods at Mikhail. "Well, hopefully in three of four days we'll be able to get you out of here, or if you want out earlier, I'm sure Dallas and I can smuggle you out." He says chuckling. "So I heard you guys did pretty good out there." He says looking back over at the Matchbox Car-Kid. "Hello, I'm Robyn. I guess you were one of the new kids that Dallas was talking about. Welcome to Xavier's."

Over on one of the other beds, the lump under the covers stirs, the indrawn breath of a student slowly waking up heard. "Mmngh… 's that you, Mike…?" A lock of red hair falls out from under the blankets as Rashmi raises her head, peering blearily around the medbay. Hung over would be one good way to put how she looks; baggy eyes, pinched face, thick voice, and an exaggerated care to her movements, as though her head were made out of nitroglycerine.

Mikhail nods "Smuggle out please", he thinks back to the fight and grins slightly, "We do nice job", he says the nice job in Dallas' voice, he figures that Mike is a big radio so gives Robyn a weird look when he talks to him, he thinks Robyn may have gone crazy, he also ignores Rashmi for other reasons.

"its ALIVE" — Mike found that sample earlier this morning — he walks over to Rashmi's bed and … stupid hands that don't want to grasp right… fumbles with the pitcher and finally just moves the bedside-table thing where she can reach water. But then he turns and STARES at Mikhail using Dallas's voice. Woah.

Robyn smiles at Mikhail and nods. "That's what I heard, and I'll find Dallas later and we can smuggle you out. Maybe watch some movies later or something." There aren't a lot of people Robyn is comfortable being around at the moment but Mikhail is one of the maybe five. Rashmi is another, so when she groans he looks over there. "Rashmi?" He says sounding confused.

Rashmi looks up at Mike, the relieved smile on her face shining brightly, as she reaches for a glass. "Thank you… 's okay, I'll be fine…" Rolling onto her back and scootching herself to a sitting position, she hauls the pitcher onto her lap, the easier to pour out a glass. As Robyn speaks up, the redhead looks up, smiling weakly. "'M okay… got a re-e-eally big headache, though… Like, hair hurts, almost…"

Mikhail is very confused, is everyone going crazy?, they keep talking to a moving radio, and hes supposed sick one.

Mike's dry-erase marker is missing from his pocket but he probably couldn't manipulate it correctly at the moment anyway; thus he is frustrated. The guy in the bed looks confused. He walks over to Mikhail's bed, "I'm a 21st century digital boy," and then, "What I am is what I am, are you what you are, or what?"

"You okay Mikhail?" Robyn asks noticing his confusion. He looks over at Rashmi. "What exactly happened to you guys last night? I know Dallas, Mikhail and Trey ran into a few demons in the city, but..please don't tell me you're on a demon hunting binge too?"

"Hmm?" The redhead looks up from her appreciation of sweet, sweet water, eyebrows rising for a moment. The glass lowers, mouth tightening some. "No… Just one. We got Lucas back." With that, she looks down and away, seemingly unwilling to meet Robyn's eyes.

Mikhail looks at Robyn after Mike speaks to him, "21st century digital boy?", he says it in whatever voice Mike is using, when Rashmi says they brought Lucas back he lets out a deep very animalistic growl and jumps to his feet, the dizziness gives him a headrush but he pays no attention, again there is a flicker of emotion, hes pissed.

The matchbox-car-kid moves to catch Mik for a moment when he looks like he might be falling, but then backs away as it becomes obvious that he's just getting ready to bite someone. The growl startled him, and he's still got that "stay away from the dangerous animal" reflex.

Robyn just stares at Rashmi in disbelife. "Please tell me he's back to normal Rashmi and that you didn't bring a demon Lucas back to the school?" His voice is flat with a twinge of worry.

"Broken arm, broken ribs, probably something cracked in his head, and we tied him to the bed with everything we could while he was unconscious. *Then* we gave him over to the adults to keep everyone else safe." Pinching the bridge of her nose, the redhead lets out a long sigh. "Yes, Mikhail, I know. You hate him. You want him dead. Everyone does. I *get* it, okay?"

Mikhail give Rashmi a dirty look, "YOU THINK THIS ABOUT MIKHAIL NOT LIKE HIM, NO, THIS ABOUT STUPID GIRL BRING ASSHOLE DEMON BOYFRIEND INTO HOUSE OF INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!" he practicly roars, yep definatly a flicker of emotion, he closes his eyes to try and pick up Lucas' scent but the effects of the poison is impairing his sences, in frustration he punches a hole in the wall, "WHERE IS HE!!!"
Wow. Mike really doesn't know what to make of this. He KNOWS that Lucas won't be going anywhere, he helped put the chains on the guy, but … wow. Scanning doesn't find him anything, where is bland 1980s rock when you need Firefall to sing 'it'll be all right' to the mad russian mutant.

Robyn is about to yell at Rashmi but Mikhail says it first and he doesn't look happy at all. He looks beyond pissed. He doesn't say anything, Robyn just shakes his head and looks at Mikhail, he's not going to stop him. With out a word, Robyn goes to walk out.

"I don't know," Rashmi says quietly, eyes lifting to stare at Mikhail. "I'm assuming Jono knew what he was doing when he took him away, and that he told the other adults, and they have him somewhere where he can't hurt anyone." Her eyes narrow slightly. "So If you're looking to murder him, I guess you'll just have to get a teacher sign off on it, won't you?"

Mikhail growls, "WHY DID YOU BRING HIM HERE?", he tries to grap Robyn's sholdier, he doesn't want him to leave, he needs someone with a stronger sence of right and wrong nearby, plus hes starting to find Robyn's presance comforting again.
SO this is what it's like to be in a school full of mutants. Mike stands where he is, unmoving like just another machine when it's not being used, probably praying inside because HELP! I am surrounded by crazy and it's starting to creep into me too!

Robyn would have left, but it's Mikhail that stops him and he looks up at his friend and puts a hand on his shoulder. He looks back at Rashmi and closes his eyes. "I've done stupid things before Rashmi but…that was really dumb. I want to go back out there and find Jordan as much as you want Lucas to be back to himself." Probably more since Robyn and Jordan have been together longer. "I just learned from the last time, though next time, I might end up dead, or someone else killed. Not just injured horribly."

"WELL IF I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE LEO THERE WOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM WOULD THERE!" A sudden, blinding stab of pain brings the girl up short, her head dropping into her hands. "…It was Jono's idea," she croaks, once the headache recedes enough to allow her to talk. "And there wasn't another chance. You tell me, Robyn… you stand there and tell me that if Jordan was going to say goodbye to you forever and stay a demon… you'd still think I'm an idiot."

Mikhail walks forwards to look Rashmi in the face, "There will always be problem, Lucas evil, he kill people and you bring him here, do you care about anything but you boyfriend?, dont you think about anyone else life?, you idiotic, selfish little girl, if hr hurt anyone here, it your fault, by bringing him here you just as bad", hes not shouting anymore but there is serious malice in his voice, he turns and walks back over to Robyn to help keep calm.

"Ave Maria gratia plena, Dominus tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus…" the hymn sounds very faintly but probably audible to anyone close to him, and he's still standing motionless next to Mikhail's medbay/bed, Mike is hiding by listening to the Catholic radio station, still playing the Mass interspersed with exorcisms. It's not what he would prefer, but it's all there is at the moment.

Robyn closes his eyes and shakes his head. "Honestly Rashmi, I don't know. And honestly, I don't know if I am ever going to see him again. I just..I'm trying not to think of the wrose Rashmi, cause it's too much right now." He wants to yell, he wants to lash out, but he's trying to keep himself together. "I wouldn't bring Jordan back here though. Not in the state he's in."

Rashmi opens her eyes slowly. "No, I guess not… Probably none of the adults have ever dealt with this. Probably they're just too thick and stupid to be able to do anything, right?" Shrugging, she looks above her head, five spheres only, fading into existence, two so cracked they look like safety glass ready to fall apart. "If you want to yell at someone, yell at Jono. It was his idea." Sighing heavily, she drops her gaze to Mike, attempting a weak smile. "Sorry, Mike… Next time, I guess I'll just have to make sure we're saving one of the popular kids."

Mikhail hands tighten into fists as his temper flares again, "It not because it Lucas, dont care about him, you might care about him but look what he do to people i care about", the points at Robyn, "Dont care if you love your boyfriend, your selfish need to get person you care about back, is putting people Mikhail care about in danger", he bares his fangs, "So we clear, Mikhail ever see him, he dies".

Mike looks up, startled when Rashmi speaks to him about 'popular kids', and shrugs expressively. Very human looking body language for a brief moment. When Mikhail starts to speak he resumes the mechanical stance, but when speaks murder, Mike turns, looks at him, and plays another sample: Beastie Boys, "who made you the judge and jury?" with their typical rage-out delivery. He starts to move for the door; this isn't getting his hands repaired, and he's running low on fuel.

"God Rashmi! This isn't about saving a popular kid, this is about you being so caught up in this, you're blind. We saw Lucas kill people! Don't you remember what happened the first time after we met him?! He tried to kill Dallas! He had no problems with toasting any of us, except for you!" Robyn's not happy right now. "THIS ISN'T JUST ABOUT YOU! It's about what you did! You brought a /killer/ into Xavier's. What happens if he gets loose? What excuse are you going to come up with when one of us is killed by him? Tell me that! That…evil you brought here, it isn't Lucas, it's something else. The demon who broke my arm, wasn't Jordan. The other demon, wasn't Nathaniel!" And it takes a lot for Robyn to seperate the two. "Rashmi, I went with you that first time, not for Lucas, but for you. But I saw what he did and I paid the price. Are you willing to pay that price Rashmi? When everyone around you suffers but you?"

Rashmi's jaw falls open as Robyn goes on her tirade. "You think I'm not…" There's a small half-laugh, her head tilted skyward. "He thinks I'm not suffering…" Tossing the blankets aside, she stands, slowly, carefully, and starts to make her way toward Robyn and Mikhail. "Let me tell you a little bit about suffering, Robyn… When everyone was happily making plans to just nuke Central Park, and to hell with anyone who might be innocent, and looking down on *me* for trying to be the voice of reason? That hurt. When I… *I*, Robyn, not you… got everyone hurt and captured, because of *my* mistakes? That hurt. When Jordan wouldn't come back with us, because he wasn't strong enough to come out of it on his own all the way. I HURT, Robyn. When I saw what *Mike* was willing to do for a girl he didn't even know, and get himself *mangled* in the process?! THAT HURTS ME TOO, ROBYN. Don't you *ever* call me selfish again, because I'm already paying for everything I've ever done, every single day, just *knowing* that there is a *chance* that all the brilliant people who have been DOING THIS FOR DECADES NOW WHO ARE ALL RIGHT HERE could fix Jordan, Or Topher, or yes even Lucas, and *nobody cares enough to fight to give them that chance.* I *have* suffered, Robyn… Knowing everyone around me has the chance to do something *right,* and just doesn't care enough to try.""

Mikhail actully laughs, but its a cruel mocking laugh, something you'd never expect to here from him, "You being called selfish because you are, so you suffer, everyone has suffer, but no one else bring a killer into school, you self-righteous idiot, hope you enjoy tell people families how you boyfriend got into school to kill their children", their dark tone to his voice and every word is filled with venom.

Mike stops at the door when his name is mentioned. If he could speak eloquently instead of in stupid snips off the radio, he might explain why he went. Not because Rashmi asked him, because he could easily have said no, said "I need an adult!" - he had that sampled. So he'll type it out in an email, slowly because his hands are melted but they need to understand. He went because of Lucas. Because nobody should be left in a prison made of their own soul, without at least a chance to be saved. That's something he has been taught all his life: we're all depraved, evil, we're all unworthy, none of us, not even the guy with the personal inside line to the holy light dimension, is untainted. And even if nobody else believes in God, Mike does, and he won't leave anyone to be enslaved by tangible evil if he can do something to give them a chance.
But first he needs to get fuel.

Robyn looks at Rashmi and rolls his eyes. "You're so self rightous that you think that blaming yourself makes it all better, like it makes up for every choice you made. It doesn't. You think bring Jordan in this will make it seem all right for me? It doesn't. You had the chance to do something right Rashmi, but bring Lucas here, isn't right, it's far from that. I'm not looking down on you for being the voice of reason, I'm looking down on you cause you are gonna get people killed. I have no doubts about that. I followed you to get Lucas back the first time, don't you DARE act self rightous because I made MY decision. And don't you dare act like it's YOUR pain for what Nathaniel, when he was NOT HIMSELF, did to me, that's between US to deal with. I don't care about YOUR Lucas, if he's here or not, what I DO care about is that….thing you brought here and I will garuntee you, it's NOT Lucas."

Rashmi simply stares at Robyn for a long time, silent after the boy is finished. "…I know it isn't, Robyn," she says, voice flat as a crushing disappointment is seen in her eyes. "But he's in there somewhere. And if he can be brought back, he will be. Then, we can help the others. But if we hadn't gone? Nobody would have had that hope." Looking Mikhail up and down, she says nothing, simply stepping around the pair and heading for the door. "…I'm very tired. I'm going to find someplace quiet, and lie down."

Mikhail gives Rashmi a dark look as she leaves, "Fine, run and hide from you problems, coward", there is obvious discust in that last word.

Robyn looks at Rashmi and shakes his head. "Right now the only hope I have, is that you don't get anyone killed." And he's honest about that. He does have hope that Jordan will come back, but he's not going to get himself, or others, more injured or killed than they already are for his hope. What's hope when you're dead.

Rashmi pauses at the door. "So do I… I guess we'll just have to see." And with that, she takes her leave.

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