2009-05-22: The Power Is Mine


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Summary: The Green Power Stealing Being Strikes Again!

Date: May 22, 2009

Log Title The Power Is Mine

Rating: LPG-13

NYC - Battery Park

Located at the Southern tip of Manhattan, Battery Park faces New York Harbor. There are various statues along the paved paths of Battery Park. During the day various vendors can be found peddling their wears to the tourists of New York City. At night the park is usually empty, looking across the Harbor to the Hudson River, a beautiful view of The Statue of Liberty can be scene.

It's mid morning in New York City and most people are alreay busy at their jobs leaving Battery Park fairly empty except for a line of tourists waiting to see the Statue of Liberty. Dante is out of school for the day and has come down to the park to relax. The mute telepath sits there flipping through his latest Hellboy comic and to top of the fandom he's sitting there in a B.P.R.D t-shirt.

Erik is not, as many people at the institute are, the kind to wear comic t-shirts. He always kind of lived one, and thus in the immortal words of Barney Stilson he preferred to 'Suit Up'. Another trip to the NYU law library to do some research for a brief he is sending in without pay and unrequested because all of his crap (degrees, dissertation, identity) are in another world. He wears a red button up shirt with a purple silk tie, always thinking highly of irony, as he makes his way through the park.

Another being enters the park with a definitely dramatic entrance as he's entirely green and has a pair of green feathery looking wings from his back. As soon as he's landed he looks at both Dante and then Erik and says "Mutants Detected." He puts a hand towards each of them and then immediately turns invisible.

Dante stands up and looks around as he realizes it was talking about him and as it goes invisible Dante uses his telepathy to try to find where it when but he realizes, it doesn't have a mind to locate so instead Dante concentrates on forming an illusion around himself so he's invisible as well.

Erik blinks and looks up at the creature flying in, and shakes his head. "Green thing it is." He says. His hand goes into his jacket and pulls out a small bag of BBs, which spring out of his hand and move to occupy the space that the creature was just in, at high velocity. If they hit nothing, they'll start circling in a widening circle to try to peg it.

As the BB's hit the Green Being they hit some sort of armour that forms on his skin, it seems like a green rocky type armour. As the pellets circle him he seems to watch them for a second before just teleporting out of the way and teleporting behind what appears as nothing. There seems to be fur that's formed on the being now. He reaches out and wraps his arms around nothing and that nothing becomes Dante as he loses his powers.

If Dante could scream he would since his power is just drained from him but now his telepathy and illusions are no longer there. He looks around frantically and just tries to run now that he's just a skinny geek with no powers.

Once Dante is getting away Erik drops the bag of BBs and holds out his hands, attempting to fling a park bench at the green furred armored…thing. "You don't know who I am." He says angrily once the bench is flung. He knows that he can't run from something that can teleport, and he doesn't have the power yet in this reality to simply rip it apart. But he is a Lehnsherr, and where others would flee or quake he stands with an arrogant sneer on his features. "But I am Erik Magnus Lehnsherr the second. And I will see your wrongs undone, and I will see you wrecked and ruined, and with my hands I will tear apart the plans and dreams of whatever little fool sent you to harm my people. 'And I will punish the world for their evil and the wicked for their inequity, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible'." He says in a cold, cruel and alltogether too familiar voice.

The bench is blasted to pieces by a red optic blast that comes from the beings eyes, very reminiscent of Scott's eye blast. The words have no effect on the being and he doesn't say anything back. Instead it throws out both hands to send out this weird energy string from both hands that wrap around Erik to hold him tight in place, the threads wrap around his arms and torso so that he hopefully can't move.

Dante on the other hand, he's still in the area, just out of the fight. he's trying to take mental notes of what's going on so he can report it to his teammates later.

The point is not necessarily for the other thing to understand the words, just to have said them. Dramatics are as much a part of the Lehnsherr blood as the hair, the eyes and the strong chin. Erik does try to dodge away from the string but isn't quick enough on the drop, and he gets encircled. So, in the last few moments before he lose shis power, Erik will idly try to rip a piece of the armor off with his power, seeing if it is metal. "For behold the lord will come in fire, and his chariots like the whirlwind, to render His anger with fury, and His rebuke with flames of fire."

The armour that's on him is definitely not metal, he stole the power from Danny so it's a rock like substance. Once Erik is tied up there is a blast of cosmic energy that's sent to hit him in the chest and hopefully send him backwards, as the energy hits the energy threads will disappear. After the blast he starts flying towards Erik using the wings to glide in his direction.

Erik woofs as he is hit in the chest with the power cosmic, groaning in pain as the thing flies at him. "And then, when I'm done with all of that, I'm gonna kick your mother fucking ass." He curses as he pulls a pocket knife out of his coat. One of the benefits of having magnetokinesis is the ability to make a knife /really freaking sharp/, like monomolecularly so, and so Erik holds out the knife and sharpens it, intent on trying to stab the thing in the neck as it comes at him.

Before he comes up on Eirk a portal opens up infront and behind the white haired man and the Green Being goes through the portal and comes out right behind Erik and reaches out to wrap a strechy arm around him. As soon as he connects with Erik his powers are sapped and he'll feel the weird draining feeling as his powers are absorbed into the being.
"With steel toed boots." Erik says as suddenly the thing is behind him and he feels the draining, shuddering as something so…essential to his being is drained out of him. "Hope you enjoy the headaches, asshole."

The Green Humanoid doesn't respond and just looks around the area. "Mission Complete." It says before taking off and flying into the air. The way the Humanoid acts and fights is very cold and methodic no passion or emotion behind it.

Erik shakes his head as he looks down at himself. He holds out a hand and tries to raise a passing aluminum can from the street…nothing. He looks stricken for a moment. "How…quaint." He says softly as he looks down at his hands for a moment, as if they hold the key.

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