2009-11-19: The Power Of Flight


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Summary: Daisuke and Kael discuss learning to fly and become flying buddies.

Date: November 19, 2009

Log Title The Power off Flight

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

It's a nice day outside; a bit chilly, but that's to be expected as it's fall heading closer and closer to winter. A light breeze blows its way through the Quad, but just the feel of it doesn't seem natural as it just seems to be circulating around the quad in a lazy fashion. The sound of a bouncing ball is heard as Kael is sitting on the ground; tossing a ball at a stone bench to have it bounce back at him.

Daisuke is out practicing his flying. He's gotten quite better at it even though backwards is easier than forwards still. He's wearing his Hellions uniform custom with the gliders under his arms similar to what Banshee wears. There's a thrum from his sonics as he lands down in the quad, looking around before breaking into a grin. "I didn't fall on the landing!"

Kael looks over at the thrum of the sonics and blinks a bit as he watches Daisuke land in the quad; letting out a laugh as he stands up. "Awesome! I guess I'm not the only one that's been learning new tricks then." He bounces the ball once more before he tilts his head a bit. "But, do those gliders help at all?"

Daisuke blushes a bit and nods. "Yeah, I'm trying to get better with my powers." He says a bit sheepishly running a hand through his hair. "Addison helped me a bit and I'm trying to learn what Banshee and Sirin could do." He then lifts up one of his arms to show the fabric under the arm. "It helps with the sonics cause I can stear better, using them as sails."

Kael snickers. "Everyone here is trying to get better. Least, I hope that you didn't learn how to fly like I did. It was kinda scary when I did it." He runs a hand through his white tipped hair for a moment before he looks down at the tails and hms a bit. "I wonder if that'd help with wind and stuff."

"How did you learn to fly?" Daisuke asks since how he learned wasn't that scary. "Addison just helped me mentally, showed me some stuff that Banshee did and I just kind of start logically putting things together." Then again when it comes to logic, that's one of Dai's strong points. "I dunno, it might, it would be like sailing since you use wind."

Kael lets out a laugh as he coughs a bit. "I… was pushed off of a cliff." He smiles a bit and shrugs as he says, "Kinda like how a bird learns to fly. Just gets booted out of the nest and hope that it can catch air." Luckily for Kael he did the first time. He hms a bit before he takes a look at the sails, "I think I should get speed control down before I go for anything fancy."

Daisuke goes wide eye with shock. "Who the hell would push you off a cliff to see if you could fly…that's horrible." He can't really understand how fear would help because he usually just freezes up when fear hits him. "I would have ended up as a splat on the ground before I could do anything. But about these…" He says in regards to the sails. "They help me with controlling which direction I go in, speed will come later."

Kael blinks a bit and then laughs a bit more. "Well, I've honestly tried to do it other ways, but I could never really get anywhere. I guess I needed survival instincts to kick in and show me how." His hair bleeds completely white as he rises up off of the ground a good three feet; winds whipping around him as he smiles. Then he drops back down to the ground with a slight stumble. "Still haven't perfected landing though."

"I've never had great survial instinct, just somehow always survived." Daisuke says not quite sure how he's lived through most of what he has. "That's cool, how your hair changes. Mine always stays brown, or whatever colour I've dyed it." Right now it's obviously been lightened from his dark brown. "You have time to work on your landing, it only took me a few months to get okay at it. I can only land while going slow."

Kael grins a bit, pulling a bit of his hair to bring it into his vision as it bleeds back to just being tipped. "Yeah, I always found it neat as well. Kind of a gauge of how much power I'm exerting or something like that." He lets out a laugh and rubs the back of his head. "I tried to work on speed, and I ended up landing in the lake. The water was /cold./" Well, duh. It's nearing winter.

"See that'd be another thing that'd be bad for me, landing in the lake." Daisuke says with a soft chuckle and a bit of a blush. "I can't swim, so it's best for me to practice away from water. Even if I land in the pool it wouldn't be good." He just never got to take swiming lessons as a kid and never went to a pool that often. "That's something I should learn how to do here."

Kael grins. "That'd be something to do, yeah. I'm sure there're people here that can help ya. I… am not that good of a swimmer." He bounces the ball once more and says, "I've also been working on wind walls. Ever since that Gak monster stole our powers. Thought of trying it out."

"That'd be cool, I can make walls out of sound and they make good barries." Daisuke says and if to show, he takes a deep breath and there's a low thrum that comes from him and a wall made of nothing but sound errects infront of Dai. You can see through it but anything on the other side is a bit distorted.

Kael blinks a bit, and looks down at the ball a bit. He takes a few steps backwards, and then goes into a pitching stance. A few years of peewee baseball under his belt as he then hurls the ball at the barrier just to see how well it works.

The ball hits the barrier and it waviers it a bit, but holds, as the ball is bounced back. Daisuke then lowers the wall and smile. "There's still a lot more I can learn to do too, only recently I've learned all the things you can do with sound." He says running a hand through his hair. "What squad are you on again Kael?"

Kael hops backwards a bit and catches the ball with a grin. "I'm on Corsairs. I just don't really wear the uniform that often." Though it makes for good training clothes. "There's a good amount of things I can do as well! I just need… well kind of a visual aide on how to form it right."

"Ah I'm on the Hellions, I was just thinking how different and similar are the things you can do with the wind that you can do with sound." Says Daisuke as he stretches one arm across his chest. "I need a kind of visiual aide as well. Once I see it done a few times, I can figure out the science and logic behind it and apply it to myself."

Kael isn't that scientific about things, and he just tilts his head a bit with a laugh. "I can see the shape of how things are supposed to be. ANd then try and get it to do it what I want. The wind is rather easy to manipulate in that regard." He hms a bit before he says, "Since both you and I are just now learning how to fly. Think we can help each other? I mean, with another person. I can practice controlling my speed without having to worry about blasting myself into a tree." Or the ground. The lake. A wall.

"Sure, that'd be great to have someone to practive with. It's not like Jared or Eddie can fly with their powers." Daisuke says trying to picture in his mind what Kael is saying about the shapes and slowly nodding. "I can see that with wind, picturing geometric shapes and trying to bend the wind to your will that way, I don't think that would work as much with sonics since it all comes from here." He says pointing to his throat.

Kael lets out a laugh. "For me, it comes from here." He points to his head. "Least I think it does. I don' have the control for most of the things I want to do. But, I do think that I can get to the point of being able to do wind blades in the future. Maybe before my birthday next year."

"Well do you create the wind yourself or do you kind of manipulate it? Like command the air to do what you want it to?" Dasuke says as he geek mind is takng over and trying to get an understanding of Kael's power. "Wind blands, like focusing a small bit of air to just move forward like the wind, kind of like currents moving in water in different directions over eachother, just one small bit moving as if a blade…" Daisuke says half speaking to himself.

Kael just shrugs at the first part. "I honestly don't know. A little bit of both?" He laughs a bit before he says, "The guy who's helping me with my powers told me that the wind blades are more like a saw. Two fast moving gusts of wind colliding together to make a blade. Or… something alone those lines." Kael isn't scientific at /all./

"I don't know much about controlling wind since my think is mostly sonics. I still have to work on my other powers I don't use much." Dai says but one of the two doesn't really require him to do anything. "Sonics is what I'm mainly working on getting down and I've gotten so much better than just 'scream' and blast someone." He say chuckling.

Kael lets out a laugh. "At least you could blast someone at the start. All I could do is get a gust of wind going. I mean, how the heck is that gonna stop someone." He bounces the ball a bit more before chuckling a bit. "Now, I have a good bit of things under my belt."

Daisuke shrugs and the chuckle grows into a laugh. "Yeah but you know how many people I ran into a first who realized that to stop me from screaming I just can't use my mouth, or I just wasn't strong enough to fight against them or I was just too scared. Wow, I really have progressed a lot since I first came here."

Kael chuckles a bit. "For me, I have to be put out cold in order for you to make me stop using the wind." He stretches tall before he looks up at the sky and hms a bit. "I honestly wonder. Now that I can fly… just how high can I go."

"I would guess fairly high up until the atmophere becomes to much of a problem for you to breath in or until it becomes too cold for you." Daisuke says as he doesn't plan on testing height yet. "Unless you're immune to cold or something?" He's trying to figure out how high he'd be willing to fly up there.

Kael hms a bit with a grin. "Guess I'll have to find out one of these days. Just not now." He bounces the ball a bit before he looks back up at Daisuke. "It's interesting. That with the right teaching, just how fast someone can improve."

"For me it was a mix of things, improving." Daisuke says running his hand through his hair nervously. "It was gaining confidence and self esteem and just getting tired of always being the victem combined with Addison just being really good at teaching me."

Kael nods a bit. "It's a mix of those things for me as well. Well, sans that last part." He grins a bit before he looks back at the cafeteria behind him. He put a hand on his stomach and says, "Wanna go grab somethin' to eat? I think the cafeteria is doing a small Thanksgiving thing till the actual day."

Daisuke nods. "Sure that sounds good, I could always go for food." For a skinny Asian kid, Daisuke can eat a lot. It has something to do with his super power metabolism, which also doesn't allow him to get fat! "How about I get changed out of this costume and then meet you in the cafe for some of Mr. Parker's Thanksgiving mini feast."

Kael lets out a laugh. "Right, I'll meet ya there in ten. I gotta go find someone first." He bounces that ball once more before he thinks for a moment, and then takes off. "See ya there!"

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