2010-01-14:To Protect



Summary: Finding his fears made light, Christopher makes a deal…

Date: January 14,2009

The Power to Protect

Rating: PG

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

It's early morning and Christopher has about fourty-five minutes or so to kill before having to open the salon. He's parked the car that Jeri got him for Christmas and has decided to make his way towards the Grind Stone, nothing like a nice cafe mocha to start your morning. The streets aren't that crowded yet as most people are at their cosy office jobs and the rest of the world is still waking up.

"Always worrying." A soft masculine voice says, from nowhere… somewhere… just at Christopher's ears. "You always worry that you cannot protect them all. And it hurts. The pain of loss. The thought of loss is enough to strangle the vocal chords at times." It whispers.

Christopher stops in his tracks and just kind of freezes for a second. It hits a cord of truth before he just tenses up and looks around, trying to find the voice. "If you're in my head, I suggest you just stay out and leave me alone." He's worked at Xavier's long enough to have experienced telepathy but he's really not sure what the case is.

"No, I'm not in your mind. I'm here." It says, remaining hidden still, for the moment. "You sometimes feel as though you'll never be strong enough to prevent the bad things from happening. The things that bring family and friends down the slippery slope to destruction. Of course, there are people that feel you'll never be strong enough, either. I understand."

Christopher looks around and then just stands there, not really sure where to focus his eyes as the words sink in. "I'm just fine thank you." He says knowing the words are true. "I won't lose them." He keeps a stern face on and anyone looking at him will think he's an annoyed loony. "What do you want anyway?" Just to remind me that I'm not good enough, he thinks.

"I believe in you." The voice says. From on high, a masculine form spreads wings and lowers itself to the ground, light blindingly brilliant around it. Nobody else seems to notice. "I simply want to offer you the chance to show them that you ARE strong enough. You are good enough without their condescension. And… help you protect them all. I am already protecting some of your students." He says softly.

This isn't the first time Christopher's heard about runins with angels so seeing the Angelic image in front of him, he doesn't find it hard to believe what it is. "Why me though? And how do you want me to show them?" He's confused by a bit of it, not knowing why he's being picked out and he also wonders, which students.

"Why you? You need more than most. Whether you know it or not, their desire to do what they want is petty. Your desire eats you alive at night. It is not good for you to have such a strong desire that you cannot fulfill. I simply wish to help you fill that desire." It says, chuckling softly. "You may show them any way you wish. I can… I suppose you could say… increase your confidence. Help you believe in yourself and let others believe in y ou because of it." He says with a chuckle, fiddling for words for a moment. A very human gesture of course.

Christopher's face flickers, showing that emotional chords are hit, but he just listens, nodding slowly. "I do believe in myself." To a degree, he mostly does it's just like everyone, small things that will always nag at you. "And how do you wish to propose this? It's not like I don't have power."

"You do have power. And you do believe in yourself. If there's no one around to tell you otherwise." It says with a soft nod. "I will simply give you the gift of confidence." The being nods, hands held serenely together in front of itself. "If only I could have found you earlier…" A name is mentioned… very softly.

As the name is mentioned, Christopher looks up to the sign above his salon, David's, and blinks a few times. "I couldn't save him." He says softly as a few tears start to form in his eyes. "If you can give me the confidence to protect Jeri, and my children, what do you want from me?" He says as a few tears finally fall. He's terrified of expericing that hurt again.

"Simply listen for your name. Accept my offer, and help me with something that will be happening very soon, Kryst'fyr." He says with a smile. "Do not worry. I believe that you will not mind doing it." Of course, considering that the enhancement of confidence will also come with a change of conscience. But he doesn't say anything about that just yet. He simply smiles.

Christopher believes the being in front of him is true to what his appearance is, not doubting anything sinister. Who knows, maybe some how David is trying to watch out and look after him. "If it means I can protect them, then I can help you with what you want."

"Exactly what I wanted to hear." It leans forwards, sliding up in the air slightly to place a kiss on Christopher's forehead. It's VERY warm. And will remain warm over the course of the next few days. "Listen and I shall call." He whispers before moving into the air to vanish.

Christopher just stands there for a few moments, almost in a daze, after the being vanishes. He touches his forhead before starting to walk, fighting back the tears that still want to come. Instead of going to coffee he goes to his salon to privatly deal with his emotions. Later on he'll ponder what just happened but right now, he's overwhelmed.

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