2011-01-13: The Ramblings Of A Psychopath


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Summary Eris mistakes Jordan Mayfair for an informant. After he walks away from her she decides to go pester Connor.

Log Title: The Ramblings of a Psychopath

Rating: PG (L)

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.


The night is chilly, but not as cold as it has been. The streets have been mostly cleared of snow, but a few piles remain pushed up along the sidewalks and shoved into alley ways. Steam rises from the manhole covers, shining in the street lights and giving the area a generally eerie appearance.

This part of mutant town is mostly shops and bars. Many of the shops have metal fences covering the doors, most of them having closed several hours ago. Music can be heard coming from the bars when one of the doors opens for someone to come out and smoke, but aside from that the area is mostly quiet.

The door to one of the pubs opens and a woman steps out into the night. She is wearing a long black coat with fur trim and black boots & gloves. She stops outside of the door and looks around, crossing her arms and tapping her foot in annoyance. He said he'd be here. Why is he so late? Eris sighs and reaches into her coat pocket, pulling out a cigarette and lighting up.

A limo pulls up in front of the pub from which Eris walks out. Jordan Mayfair looks about and sighs as he steps from the limo. "And here I thought I was either going to have fun or see this place in ruins." He exhales as he ponders the bar and the woman who steps out from it. Jordan is dressed for a night on the town in a nice looking suit. He walks towards the bar and stands outside, pondering if he should enter or not.

Across the street and down slightly, a lone figure steps out of a small chinese food place that's run by parents of a mutant who fled China. Connor has over his usual clothes a russian military overcoat and a beanie cap, looking almost like a bum in some respects as in one hand he holds a box of lo mein with something that smells like meat, and the other a pair of chopsticks. Taking a few bites of hot noodles and vegetables, he looks over to the club and for a moment there's a stare at the limo pulling up in Mutant Town of all places.

Eris frowns slightly as the liom pulls up, shaking her head and approaching the man who stepped out. She doesn't look especially happy. "God-damn didn't I say to be discreet? That idiot Stark probably has all of these things bugged." She opens the door to the limo and pops her head in, glancing around a few times before shutting the door again. She turns to Mayfair and ashes her cigarette on the ground. "What are you wearing? You expect not to stand out wearing something like that?" She sighs. "Alright well where are they? I don't see a folder…Did you put it on disk?" Apparently Eris thinks that this is the man she was supposed to meet tonight.

Mayfair blinks a moment, but it's not often a beautiful woman approaches him, <This could be fun.> He smiles and pulls out his own cigarette and looks her over as he takes a drag. He places his fingers to his lips and shoots her a look as he mentally scans this woman's mind to attempt find out what she is talking about, or at least her surface thoughts.

Moving to sit down at the bench in front of an ill-used bus stop, the young man dressed for the cold continues to have his cheap chinese, reaching into and pulling out an energy drink from his pocket with his chopsticked hand. Once he's got that done, and a few gulps, he take another bite, hissing a bit at the sour taste of the heavily peppered food he's got. But after a moment the heat and sweet combo fades, and he takes a couple more bites. Connor exhales and looks up to check the bus times, and then his cellphone, steam from his food and his mouth wafting off with the light winter winds.

Eris shakes her head and approaches the man, holding out her hand. "Come now, you have it don't you? You know I can pay well." She reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out several large gemstones. "Not enough? You know who I am. I can make more…I just need that disk." She glances past Mayfair to the other man down the street. He appears to be waiting for a bus, currently disinteresting to her.

Mayfair smiles as he looks at the gems but more at Eris' thoughts. "We'll be in touch. I need a drink. Wait here." He enters the bar.

Eris seems a bit taken a back by the sudden disappearance of her contact. "Seriously? You people have no class." She opens the door to the pub and pops her head in, verifying that the man is indeed getting a drink and not setting up some sort of trap. She stands outside of the pub for a few moments and taps her foot in an irritated manner. Deciding she'd rather not remain so close to a possibly bugged limo she begins walking down the street a bit, stopping near the homeless looking man and glancing back at the bar. "Idiot humans…I should just kill him and take the disk…"

Connor looks up after several moments from his food, and says in a tone that ages him much younger than was first assumed, "Excuse me?" Standing up and moving towards the bus sign and standing there leaning on it slightly before adding, "No offense lady, but you really should watch who you talk about stuff around. I could be a cop or something."

Eris turns and looks at Connor as though seeing him for the first time. "Oh? Well I assumed a human wouldn't be wandering around Mutant Town this late without reason…" She looks him over again. "And that any mutant who'd hear such a thing would hold no love of humans after that war they brought on us a few weeks back." The woman turns away from Connor and takes another drag from her cigarette. "And you're not a cop. If you are you're not armed. And in either case you wouldn't pose any threat to someone like me."

From under that beanie cap, the young man's eyes narrow a bit, as he looks away for a long moment, "You know what? I was there… and I don't recall anyone like you being on the side of the good guys… with the way you talk, you'd be just like one of them, lady." Snorting softly, some steam puffing from his nose, "But I love the ego… can't wait for the day when you see someone pop it and you fall from that rosy cloud you're on."

Eris barks out a laugh and continues to watch the club, not really looking at Connor. "Were you there? I guess you weren't in the park then or else you would have seen me. Or maybe you're one of the many who ran away. Is that it? Rather run away and talk about peace than fight for your own right to live?" She drops the cigarette and stamps it out with a heeled boot. The woman glances over at Connor and smirks. "Actually without me just about everyone on that lawn would have been mowed down by the helicopters. Especially since that idiot Magneto employed got himself blown up."

Connor for a moment seems to look angry, incensed, and then it fades, as does the glow in his eyes before he actually begins chuckling himself, "Great… of all the people I get stuck waiting for a bus with… it's a petty little woman with petty little needs and lofty ideas that are nothing but an excuse for her to be a thug…" Shaking his head once more, the chuckle turns into a smirk as his hands go into his pockets, "See… I could be like you. It's easy. Hate like yours is something that doesn't take work. It just takes the ability to turn away from any kind of compassion or understanding you should have for others. There is no them or us… there is no difference. Genetics threw us a curveball. So what. Your being able to make gems from nothing doesn't make you any less of a bitch than half the female population of New Jersey. Congratulations, Snookie."

Eris actually laughs at Connor. It seems she's come a long way since coming to this city. Just a few months ago she would have killed him on the spot for saying things like that to her. "Oh my. You really don't understand how the world works, do you?" She shakes her head. "Do you know why those men were trying to kill us in Mutant Town? It wasn't because we did something to piss them off. It wasn't because they were trying to make a political point. It was a game. They were killing us for sport. Each mutant was worth a certain amount of points." She smirks "And who was in this elite group? Military, police, wealthy humans. To us we are something to be killed. And so I say, why not kill them back? You can stand here and talk about your ideals and how we're all the same, but eventually you'll end up in a camp somewhere with a number tattooed on your arm."

"You don't think I'm aware, lady? You think you're talking to someone with any sense of naivete?" And then Connor takes off his beanie cap, and puts it away, then pulls off his gloves slowly, "I looked the Master of Magnetism in the eye and he told me what he did. He called me a fool for believing there needed to be something better. Then he showed me the pictures. The victims. Not mutants. People who had mutant children. Friends of Mutants. Families. Children. And I don't know how you rate on their list, Miss Situation… but I think I scored pretty high by holding the line in the tents around the concert." His hands squeeze together, and flex lightly, jaw clenching on one side, "People like you are part of the problem… you don't care about finding a way. You just want your fight, and the ability to crow your superiority… but God forbid you actually consider that if we do nothing but fight, there won't be anything left to fight for."

Eris runs a hand over her mouth, still smiling. There is the slightest edge of annoyance on her face. "They are not us. They are a step back in evolution. And they seem to think that we need to die. Perhaps not all of them, but there is a good portion. And as long as they're around I'm not going to sit by and do nothing." The amusement is gone from her face now, she glances at the boy with general disdain as he removes his gloves. "People like me are keeping people like them from wiping out our species. Without people like me and Magneto and all the other people out there who are trying their hardest to keep our species alive the enemy would overrun this country in a week. I'd rather fight every day for the rest of my life until there's nothing left than sit back and watch my people be destroyed."

Connor counters with, "And never asking once what they want. Well… I'm supposedly one of 'your' people…" And suddenly he's gone, and from behind you comes his voice once more, "I'm someone with a dangerous ability. A threat to national security." Before you can turn around he's gone again, and standing beside you, "I have every idea how dangerous and powerful I have the potential of being, and I know the responsibility I have to make sure people don't see me as a monster… a bogeyman to scare children and politicians to sleep at night…" Finally he's back where he started, "Tonight… you get a pass. I don't need another fight coming down on my head. But don't test my resolve… I will fight if I have to, and I will defend what I believe in. Beating you wouldn't do anything but make you want to come after me. Because until you'd beaten me, you couldn't be right." And with that he just starts walking across the street and towards and alleyway.

Eris seems slightly confused when the boy vanishes and appears behind her, but she makes no move to turn around. By the second time he moves she seems generally unimpressed. When he appears in front of her she has a look of general disinterest on her face. "A teleporter? That is what you consider to be dangerous?" She chuckles slightly as the boy begins to walk away. "Beating me would probably prove a little more difficult than you assume. I do a bit more than just make pretty stones." She stomps a foot on the ground and there is a loud cracking noise before a massive spire of diamond erupts from the ground beneath a car near Connor. There is a terrible noise as the car is impaled followed by a few seconds of an alarm before the systems die. Whoever owns that car is going to be pissed come morning. "Do not beguile yourself into thinking that you are letting me go with a warning tonight. It is the other way around." A few people glance out of their windows into the street below, but when they see the spire they close their curtains again.

Connor keeps walking, showing nothing in regards to the crystal impalement of the vehicle, except, "And people wonder why car insurance rates are so high in New York… heh…" and he continues into the alley. Stopping for a moment as he has his face covered in shadow, the young man looks back at Eris, and then says just loud enough to be heard, "Have a nice night… and understand… I don't need a warning about a bully. I've had my fill of your kind recently. And you're not even the biggest or toughest I've faced. You'll just be the next one in line." And a glowing ball of light appears in his hand. Tossing it nonchalantly into the alley, it suddenly vanishes, only dilate back out into a six foot wide spinning disc of blue-green light, like water. Turning his back on Eris, the young man just steps through and it vanishes like it happened, leaving no trace that he was there. And if she goes back to where the food, drink, and chopsticks were? Somehow in the ruckus those were compressed together into something the size of a marble in his hands… and a perfect sphere to boot.

Eris genuinely laughs at the car insurance joke. She's probably a bit unstable. She watches as the boy vanishes and waits for a few moments before turning back to the limo, placing a hand to her chin and pondering for a moment. "Hmmm…Well I'm not going to stand out here all night. I suppose I'll need to find someone else to get that info for me…But for now I'll just send him a warning." She walks up the street a bit and pulls back a hand, whipping it forward in a throwing motion. A long crystal spike flies out of her hand into the rear tire of the limo, causing it to flatten. The driver steps out of the car to inspect the damage, after noticing Eris he decides to duck into the club. Eris sighs and continues on her way. Unbeknownst to her the man she was actually supposed to meet was detained by Stark security. Looks like she won't be getting those plans any time soon.

~ Fin ~

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