2011-05-21: The Raputre is coming


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Summary: Just some random events in the mall

Date: May 21, 2011

Log Title: The Rapture is coming

Rating: PG

Food Court - Salem Center Mall

It's a slightly cloudy Sunday afternoon and while the temperature isn't too horribly warm, it still seems a bit of a nice day for people to be inside. Needing a bit of a break from school grounds Kieran decided to hit the mall and is currently sitting in the Food court eating food that's quite unhealthy for anyone and a thing of sheet music for a guitar placed nearby open so that he can look at it.

Making his way through the mall, dressed casually in a polo shirt and jeans, all fancy brand name typically not sold in this mall, Jordan Mayfair can be seen shouting into his cellphone followed by an an exasperated assistant who struggles carrying multiple bags. "I said it was to be here by the 21st! Today is the 21st! While you may have the thought the world would end, it has not! However if it is not at my estate by the time I return, your world will end!" He continues shouting into the phone as the assistant drops one of the bags and he turns and scowls as he hangs up the cell phone and looks at his assistant disappointingly.

"Good lord…" Kieran mutters under his breath as he hears the shouting. He actually feels sorry for the poor assistant as no doubt people are staring at both the well dressed man and the assistant for the commotion they're causing. However, he begins humming slightly the song from the sheet music, which turns out to be Layla by Eric Clapton. THe blonde teen adjusts his flat cap slightly upwards so that his visibility is a little better.

"I would slap you, Farnsworth. But we are in public." Jordan Mayfair frowns as he composes himself and will most likely fire the lad when he reaches his Mayfair estate. "Pick up the bag and bring them to the car an wait for me." He exhales as he looks about the food court, "I'd be grateful if Judgement Day did happen today. Then I wouldn't have to deal with the rest of these." He mumbles, "humans." He is about to walk towards a stand when a woman approaches him, "That wasn't very nice of you to yell like that at your assistant." Jordan gives her a once over and grins. The woman stands a moment continuing to lecture Jordan on etiquette and manners when she suddenly stops a moment. She looks around someone oddly for a moment and then scared and then drops her bag and runs off. Jordan then heads to a counter and orders a coffee and scone.

The scene seems somewhat odd to Kieran who tries to call the woman back about her bag, before giving up and considering finding a security guard to turn the bag over to them so that it might make it back to its owner at some point. Jordan's given a rather peculiar glance. It was rather fishy for a woman to go from lecturing to running for the hills without any real indication as to why. "Poor woman." He mutters slightly under his breath.

Returning the scene of the woman's running away, Jordan spots Kieran and offers to the youth, "She won't be coming back for that bag or probably to this mall ever again." He takes a sip of his coffee and a bite of his scone and he looks for a nearby table and sits to enjoy his meal and chuckles as he looks at the bag.

"Well that sucks." Kieran says in a light voice,"Still probably best to give it to security. Maybe they can get her to have it shipped to her." He adds with a helpless shrug, pulling his sweater jacket up on to his shoulders a bit. "Any idea why she bolted like that?"

Offering smugly, "I think she heard the voice of God telling her the world will end." Jordan grins as he finishes up the scone and then looks about the boy, "Hand me the bag, boy. If you don't mind." He asks as he finishes the cup of coffee, "I wonder what someone like her would buy."

"And she actually believed it?" Kieran says blinking a bit but offering the bag over, no real harm in that,"Probably some ugly ass dress or something that's supposed to make her look like a young woman instead of an older lady trying to hold on to the vestiges of youth."

"Well, maybe God spoke directly into her head." Jordan pauses a moment an smiles as he flips the bag over and out falls an ugly ass dress, cheap too. From Sears. "Well, my boy, it seems that you must be a clairvoyant." Jordan then tosses the dress into a nearby garbage can and looks at the boy a moment and attempts a mindscan of the boy's surface thoughts.

"Not really. Just know the type. There used to be a lot of them that would bring their kids to my mom for piano or voice lessons." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"Plus isn't it obvious about older women and trying to look young?" He asks laughing a bit. The boy doesn't really have any real shielding to his thoughts. So it's easy to see he's curious, and suspecting that the man he's talking to is a mutant of some kind.

"Maybe you are clairvoyant, after all." Jordan says aloud about Kieran suspecting him to be a mutant. "True. I tend to see a lot of those women in the city too." He then looks to the boy, "So what's your name." Jordan asks directly. "I'm Jordan Mayfair."

"Nah. I'm logical." Kieran says smiling a little bit,"I'm Kieran O'Toole." He says before pausing for a moment,"So are you related to the Parker-Mayfairs?" He asks curiously. Doesn't hurt to ask since he does know one of them well, and least heard of several others in the family. "One plus One does usually equal two, except every once in awhile where some random thing happens and suddenly you're left wondering if it adds to something else entirely."

Smiling widely when Kieran mentions his family, "Why, yes. So you must know my brother and brother-in-law. I take you are a student of theirs at the school?" Jordan pushes out a chair for Kieran, "Please join me." Jordan is always up to seeing what he can learn from any of the students regarding his brother's happenings at the school.

"Yeah. I'm friends with their son Kevin." Kieran says sitting down, "I don't really know your brother and brother-in-law too well though. Most familiar with Kevin, who seems a really good sort." He says casually as he settles into the chair,"And yeah, I go to the school."

"Kevin, huh? And how is he?" Jordan offers as he pulls out a blackberry and begins typing something, "Sorry. I just remember something. But please continue. You're a student at the school? What is your mutant power? Oh and feel free to get anything you want from the food court. My treat, since you are a friend of the family and all."

"He's good. Adjusting. I think I had a more worldly life than he did." Kieran says before frowning slightly as he looks around,"Not sure that I should say in this public a space… And I definitely can't show you without attracting attention." He says sounding a little bit nervous,"Also, I just ate so I'm good."

"Well, of course, then Mr. O'Toole. Glad to see you they tell you to keep these things secret at the school." Jordan finishes typing something and returns the blackberry to his pocket, "More worldy. What do you mean by that?"

"Just seems like a really sheltered kid, and trust me, coming from someone from Cincinnati that went to private schools there, that's saying something." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"You can call me Kieran if you like. COnsidering my age, not sure Mr O'Toole is right for me yet."

"Sorry, Kieran. One never knows how relaxed to be around new people they just meet. Especially mutants." Jordan offers, "Feel free to call me Jordan. And Cincinnati, huh. I think I was in the airport there once." He laughs, "How're you enjoying the school? I've met some students from there time to time."

"Big airport, one of the major hubs of the midwest." Kieran says nodding his head a bit at Mayfair. "School's good. It's different since in Cincinnati, I was attending an all male school, so going from that to a coed school is a bit odd. Although thank god they've got a cool music teacher so I've gotten to keep up on that."

"Yes I believe the airport also goes into Kentucky, but I could be wrong. I was only out of the jet for a little while." Jordan also nods as Kieran responds, "Wow. I attended an all-male boarding school. It was." He pauses, "Well I learned a lot. I guess. But you were saying. Good much teacher. I don't think I've met the music teacher. Are you a musician yourself?"

"It wasn't a boarding school, but we did spend all day with just guys." Kieran says nodding his head a bit,"And yes, the Cincinnati Airport is in Northern Kentucky." He says with a bit of a chuckle,"And yes. I play guitar and piano mostly. I do a bit of song writing as well."

It is the afternoon and Jordan Mayfair and Kieran are seated at a table in the food court simply chatting. Jordan responds to Kieran, "Well, I guess depending on who you are 'spending all day with just the guys' can be fun." Jordan looks about, "So that is pretty good. Is music connected to your other talents that brought you to the school." As they chat, a crazed woman is being escorted by security as she mutters something about God and the Rapture. Jordan smiles as she is escorted away.

"Not in the slightest." Kieran says shaking his head a little bit,"Unfortunately those talents keep me from playing certain types of guitars." He adds shrugging a little bit,"Oh dear. It looks like drinking and listening to the preachers on the sidewalks have taken their toll on her mental health. I do hope she can recover at some point." He says with the utmost innocence to his voice, before he says,"Don't get me wrong. The guys were awesome and soccer was great with them, but it's just different."

Before heading to class this morning Cloud actually had to comb his hair which means it was time for a haircut, now thats out of the way he's gonna pop into the salem center and start looking for ideas for Star's birthday presant (when he leaves it later he tends to forget) he's dressed in black sneakers, grey shorts and a white t-shirt, the ranting woman gets a raised eyebrow before he continues into the mall.

Watching the woman being escorted Jordan smiles as she begins to scream again, "I hear his voice again. Don't you hear? Don't you hear it?" She rants as she is finally escorted to the security office. "Crazy, huh? Hearing a voice in her head." Jordan shakes his head as he goes "tsktsk." He then returns his attention to Kieran, "So, I can imagine going to school with humans must be different than going to school with mutants. But you seem to have adjusted well enough. How're the other students there?"

"Really there's no difference in terms of how they think. The basic way they think is the same. You have each of the masks that you get from any high school." Kieran says shrugging a little bit as he speaks,"I don't really think it's any different other than an additional bit of training that they put us through." He says before waving towards Cloud, who he met the other day when talking with Kevin.

Spotting the wave from the kid Kieran he met the other day Cloud changes direction and heads over in his and Mayfair's direction, "Hey Kieran, what brings you here?", he doesn't know Mayfair but he gets a nod in greeting out of politness.

As Kieran waves to Cloud, Jordan does a mindscan of the arriving teenager for surface thoughts and as he arrives at the table Jordan nods, "Friend from school?" He asks Kieran as Jordan rises, "Name's Jordan. Nice to meet you."

"Just a bit of music shopping." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"This is Kevin's Uncle." He says absently,"And I don't think I'd say friend but I have met him there. Also met his sister." He says casually and giving a bit of a shrug.

"Nice to meet you Jordan, didn't know either of the Parker-Mayfairs had a brother", Cloud turns to Kieran, "You've met my sister?, just to be clear, we are NOTHING alike", he for one rarely tells people what to do also she's slightly smarter than him, but just by a little.

Blinking a bit as how easy it is to scan Cloud, "Well, I guess this mall is just littered with students from the school. That's good to know. I should tell a friend of mine to hang out here more often. He is about your age and it would him well to meet some mutants his own age." Jordan then smiles to Cloud, "So yes, I am brother to Dr. Mayfair. I guess mutancy runs in your family too. I guess we all have good genes, so to speak. I wonder what it must be like to have more than one mutant in your family an attend the same school too."

"She wasn't that bad… A little bit touchy but from what I've heard about what she's been through that makes sense." Kieran says shrugging a bit,"I think I'm the only one in my family. Course the younger two aren't really old enough to tell." He says shrugging slightly as he stretches slightly,"She mentioned you to me and I shouldn't let you know what I can do or you'll get yourself into trouble."

"Actually it's really unnerving, having my sister in constant danger is worrying", Cloud ignores the 'good genes' comment, they're just a random mutation, "Why doesn't she want you to tell me what you can do?, how would it get me into trouble?"

Having gotten enough information for the day, Jordan rises, "Well, it was nice to have met you both. I am glad to see Kevin has such good friends." He bows, "My assistant is waiting for me. So I must be off." He smiles and makes his way out of the food court.

"Well she didn't exactly say what you would do wrong, just that you would." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"Something to do with rushing in and getting yourself into a lot of trouble." He says casually as he sits still.

Cloud rolls his eyes, "When do i ever rush in and get into trouble, she always worries for no reason", he's only got into trouble twice, barely even counted anyways, "She gets into more trouble than me anyways".

"So I've heard." Kieran says laughing a little at Cloud,"Although I have heard you're highly impulsive." He says with an absent little smile on his lips."Let's just say I tend to be rather shocking."

"Who told you i was impulsive?, if it was Star she just means i don't do what she tells me too do", Cloud scratches his head, "Electrokinesis?", yep he knows that word, "Why'd that get me in trouble?"

"A bit more than that but yeah. That's part of it." Kieran says shrugging a bit,"And no not just Star, but Chloe as well." He says nodding his head a bit,"Something to do with charging you for something."

Cloud nods, "Ohhh, Chloe. yeah she thinks that whenever shes around me, something bad happens", that may have some truth to it, "What do you mean charging me for something?"

"No idea. She said something about it." Kieran says with another shrug,"So did you ever find a poem to use?" He asks curiously.

Cloud shakes his head, "Not yet, i'm trying to convice the teacher to let me do song lyrics instead, not going well", at least song lyrics are interesting, "I'll figure something out"

"Did you try looking up Poe?" Kieran asks curiously,"I like some of those." He says casually,"And there's the poem of the Highway Man."

Cloud nods, "Yeah i did, not really my thing though, bit depressing really, i think the guy had some issues", some of that stuff is just plain dark, "Classes going ok for you?"

"Well yes he was a bit depressing." Kieran says nodding his head a bit,"But delightfully creepy at the same time. He had issues. One thing he ended up dying fairly young." He says casually,"My classes are going pretty good. Some of the books are boring as hell."

"I don't even understand the point of poems when we've got music, does the same job but better", yeah Cloud is completely missing the point there, "I still dont know why we learn about old stuff at all".

"Because poetry and music aren't the same thing." Kieran says seriously,"Sometimes music and poetry are the same but poetry exists without the new for music. It's a way of expressing oneself without having a bunch of other things ornamenting it."

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