2010-05-12: The Request


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Summary: Connor and Robyn approach Scott about a roommate swap.

Date: May 12, 2010

Log Title The Request

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Scott Summer's Office

You see nothing out of place.

Opening the door to the Headmaster's office, Connor moves to one side to allow Robyn to come into the room before him, but not before taking a look around at one of the few places he'd yet to see on the Mansion grounds. After panning the room with an exploratory eye, he looks back to Robyn, and then nods once before stepping inside himself, and saying softly, "Mister Summers? Thank you for making time available to talk to us today…" Attempting to keep his tone formal and polite, eyes flicking back to the other student for a moment before taking a couple more steps inside.

Robyn thinks he's maybe been in Scott's office once, and that was when he had Scott's powers for a short period of time. (We don't mention whose powers Scott's had, that's just one of those topics that is filed under 'never mention again'.) He was in before Connor and nods. "Yes, thank you sir." He waits to be asked to take a seat before he actually sits.

After bidding the students to enter, Scott stands and nods to each of them as they thank Scott. "Have a seat gentlemen." He says before sitting himself and scooting up to the desk. "So, what's going on?" Yes, that file will never be opened again. Let's just say there was a small issue of bigger clothing involved.

Connor moves himself to sit down to the left side, leaving the other chair for Robyn to take a seat at. Just before he sits, he reaches down and wipes at the spot with his hand, settles back, and then presses his hands to his thighs flat before he looks up at the Headmaster of the school, "I came to ask if I'd be able to change out roommates. I was alone for most of my first month here… but then when another new student came in, we were assigned together. I attempted to make nice, but he didn't want any of it. This causes stress on me, Sir… which also makes my compulsive disorder symptoms worse. Which lead to my inexcusable behavior last week… but be that as it may… Robyn has offered to swap… despite knowing that we might occasionally have issues with me trying to neaten up his half of the room."

Robyn nods. "I was there sir. His roommate Quenton, he was intentionally insulting and rude. I thought it was maybe just him having trouble adjusting but..he's been that way with other students too." Robyn just think it's the case of someone wanting to be a jerk. Not very much unlike Lucas at first. "I think I can handle Connor's OCD problems, I mean we're already friends, I'm not mad about the incident and if he touches my stuff, he touches my stuff, I'm not gonna get mad."

Scott listens to Connor as he is explaining the situation. He remains stone-faced as he listens intently. "I understand. I think we may be able to switch around some things. " He says, typing on the computer to his right. The gleam from the computer screen shows somewhat on his red glasses. "So, we'll have Zack move in with Quenton. Doesn't seem to be a problem there." Scott's not exactly happy that there is a student that was intentionally being rude to another about a disorder one has. But that is something he'll have to sort out later with Quenton. The Headmaster seems to have an easy time doing this, mainly because of the nature of the request. Normally he would tell students to endure it, especially this close to the end of the term.

Connor sits back with an audible sigh of relief, and then gives a grateful look towards Robyn, "Thank you, Sir… I'm sorry that this had to come this far… I wanted to try to give Quenton every chance I could… tried to give him space…" Fumbling for an explanation, before stopping and frowning, hands bundling into fists, and then releaseing again.

Robyn nods to Scott. "Thank you sir. I mean…I hope he's not a jerk to Zack too but Zack's more laid back." And a lot bigger so maybe intimidating to Quenton. One can be hopeful. "I can move in with Connor if that's easier, I mean with Zack's size bed it might just be easier to move." He admits as he looks over at Connor and gives him a smile. "Hey Connor, don't let him get to you okay?"

"I think that may be a better choice, thanks Robyn." Scott responds, plus, making Quenton pack up his stuff to move would be a little punishment for Quenton anyway. "So. if you want, Robyn, you can go ahead and start gathering up your things." Then Scott moves his focus onto Connor. "Some people are like that, you give them every opportunity and they just want to bring you down. But we've at least got the roommate situation covered now."

Connor nods once more, not meeting the red-eyed gaze, "It would be easier on me too, Sir. I was willing to move in with Robyn, but because of the nature of my power… it would be uncomfortable until I got used to the space. I know all the rooms are the same, but it's one of the quirks I have to deal with. At least once Robyn is moved in, I can sleep comfortably again." Smiling over at the other young man, before looking back at Scott, and seems to just wait… as if expecting something more.

Robyn nods. "Okay, I'll start packing up tonight. Thank you so much sir, I know it's an odd request and that it might seem like we're asking cause we're friends and well…that's part of it but as a friend I want to help Connor be able to deal with his issues easier than if was with someone who didn't understand and wasn't tolerant of it."

'It's understandable, and a vary cool thing that you volunteered to switch." Most of the kids get along here, which isn't a surprise to Scott. But it still maakes him give a small smile. "So, if you need any help, Robyn, I'm sure there's someone who can lend a hand." In a school full of mutants, someone's gotta be able to help.

Connor just asks then, "Was there anything else, Sir? Or can we get back and start packing up Robyn's things?"

Robyn smiles at Scott and nods. "Thanks again Sir." He says as he goes to stand up, but pauses once he hears Connor's question, waiting to see if there is anyone else. "And I'm sure I'll be able to find someone to help, like Connor here."

"Nothing else. You can start packing if you want." Scott responds, not wanting to sound like he wants to force the teens out of his office. Though he does start looking at a file he pulls out of a drawer.

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