2010-01-17: The Ride Home


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Summary: John and Zack come to pick up those freed from the demons by Jordan.

Date: January 17, 2010

Log Title The Ride Home

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

Robyn pages, "Just to let you guys know, ontop of the broken arm and cracked ribs from yesterday, he's not got several burns and a lot of cuts/claw marks on him that have been bandaged." to Mikhail, you, and Dallas.

Zack is busy on the twitter, trying to find out where the guys are, riding shotgun in the X-Van which is currently excedding the speed limit, trying to find where the students and his friends were dumped! John is driving and he's holding on.

John is paying no attention whatsoever to the speed limit, hes just hopeing he cn get to the missing students before anything else can happen to them, and that the cops dont stop them.

Dallas lets out a groan as consciousness grudgingly returns. He feels like he's been hit by a truck. A truck that's on fire. Being a small guy who plays football, Dallas thought he knew how to take a hit. Being at the center of a fusion explosion disabused him of that notion. He opens his eyes and starts trying to get to his feet, wearing the tattered and blasted remnants of his squad uniform, which is more or less a set of shorts at this point. He's battered and bruised under what looks like a whole body sunburn on his face and the front of his body. "We're out?" The sound is disbelieving, as though he suspects he's hallucinating. And with that he starts stumbling towards his friends, to check on them.

Mikhail has been awake since before they left the castle, he is now curled up in a ball on the floor, trying to keep his human side from surfacing, the animal side of him isn't in as much pain, but as he's pretty much healed by now its not the physical pain thats bothering him.

Zack looks up and he sees an almost naked Dalls wandering in the street and he points a finger out of the window "There! There he is! That's Dalls! That's them that's then, hold on John! Right there pull over!"

John spots Dallas as well and brings the van to a screeching hault infront of him, before grabbing his backpack and jumping out of the van.

Robyn is currently unconscious, he's got many injuries and is no longer in his Alpha Squadron uniform, he's dressed in an oversized shirt and jeans that aren't his. Like Dallas, there isn't much left to it. He's still got his broken arm in a cast along with several new injuries, claw mark looking scratches and burns similar to Dallas's. It does't look like he'll be waking up anytime soon.

Zack grunts as he takes a little while to fit out of the car he's stuck in, but John would hit the ground before him but the large teen is quick to follow, "Oh jeeze, oh man, um, um, what do we do, just load them into the car or what?"

John shakes his head as he pulls the medical kit out of his backpack, "First we try and see if we can tend to any wounds they have, here", he starts heading towards the victims.

Dallas sees the van pull up and tries to focus enough to call his shadow and fails. When he sees the people who pile out he sighs in relief and looks over to the strange woman with the people he recognizes. He still seems shell-shocked.

Mikhail barely regesters the scent of the two people from the school who have come to help, what happened yesterday just keeps repeating itself in his head.

Zack nods, "All right, um, what should I do then? I don't know what to do, just gotta tell me" he says to John, not donig well in emergency situations, wanting to help but having the problem of being clueless.

John isn't really sure what to do either, but hes doing what hes always seen on Tv, stablise at the site, then transport, he has to shut his eyes to stop them from flaring red from the stress of the situation.

Dallas hears that from Zack and sighs. He can be unfocused later. For now, somebody needs to be on the ball. Dallas straightens up and takes a deep breath, trying not to wince in front of his fellow students. "Hey guys. Let's get everybody in the van and get out of here. Whatever is wrong will just get worse if he…they… come back." He tries to summon his shadow, fails again, though there is a momentary flicker of darkness around him and settles for taking the first body he comes to, the stranger's shoulders and dragging her towards the van. Dallas's jaw sets and sweat forms on his forehead and chest as he fights to both keep moving and not throw up.

Zack gives a small little nod, "oh…ok then, get everyone into the van. all right…" he says as he'll lift up Robyn, and Rashmi, taking the two he knows and delicatly lifting them up from the ground to take to the van.

The sound of Dallas' voice brings Mikhail to his sences slightly, he still isn't really working in the whole higher brain fuction department but he can follow simple instructions, as when they left the castle his powers started working again his injuries have began healing, and he animals skills make it easy for him to get to his feet, seeing Dallas struggling with the woman he draging, he walks over and picks her up before walking to the van, he may not be at full strengh but he is still much stronger that a normal person.

John nods at Dallas and drops his bag on the floor, seeing Zack pick up Robyn and Rashmi and Mikhail take he girl off Dallas, he walks over to help Dallas into the van.

As Zack picks up Robyn, he lets out a slight cry of pain and starts to wake up before falling into unconsciousness again. He has been bandaged up under the clothes he's in. He does mutter one word in his unconscious state: 'Jordan'. At least he's not having nightmares yet.

Dallas gives Mikhail a faint, tight smile and nods his thanks. "Hey, Mik. Sorry about not pulling off the rescue." He winces at Robyn's cry of pain and tries to slide the unconscious stranger into the van as gently as he can and then pauses a moment, resting his head against the relatively cool metal side panel of the truck and suck in another deep, stomach-quelling breath before turning back for the next task. "Anybody know how we got out? Or who she is?"

Zack will move, he made sure to get a van to get as many people in it as he can, the big teen, gentle as he can will try to slide Rashmi and Robyn into the back seat, and he swallows hard, ok, Dalls and Mikhail are up, the unconcious blonde is in there, meanining that that should be everyone…he looks around though, for anyone else dumped.

Once Mikhail sees that everyone is safely in the van, he turns to walk back to the school on his own, he doesn't feel right around people at the moment, especiaily since he was unable to help save his friends and Robyn told him that hes nothing but "an obnoxious brat".

Dallas watches Mikhail start to walk away and frowns deeply. His eyes narrow as he considers options and calculates plays. If being submerged in being the tactical guy, the quarterback is what it takes to get them through this and back to the relative safety of the school, then that's what he will do. He takes a deep breath and lets himself sound like he feels: tired, beaten and weak. "Mik? Dude? I can't defend them right now. Or myself. Can you ride shotgun?" He'll feel guilty about the blatant manipulation later. Everybody gets home first.

Mikhail looks round at Dallas, "Mikhail can't protect, didn't…", he wants to help but the last time he tried to protect his friends, they turned against him and there was nothing he could do to save them, hes feels that he's weak and cant help anyone at the moment he'll just get them hurt.

Robyn lets out a moan and stirs awake. "Where…are we?" He asks looking around. He tries to move but then winces and just lies back down. He can't really move but then he hears Mikhail's voice and the guilt hits him. He remembers what he said. "Mikhail…I couldn't protect you either." He says hopefully loud enough for him to hear.

Zack huhs a moment a he sees Mikhail will try to wander away, well that's not part of the plan, "hey, come on, we are all here. Now we gotta go and get back to to school come on…" he moves to set a big hand on his shoulder.

Rashmi stirs, her head turning to one side, eyes cracking open. "Wh…" There's a startled jerk from the seat, as unfamiliar surroundings bring a fresh stab of panic, but it subsides as soon as she swims back into more certain consciousness. Sinking back into the seat, the tension drains out of her back, and her eyes flutter closed again. "…Thank you, Jordan," she whispers, a tear falling down her cheek.

Dallas sighs and shakes his head. He nods at Zach's words. "Also, Mik, you're kind of rocking the Tarzan look. People notice. I'm not sure the school has an X-Bail fund." If appealing to Mik's sense of duty doesn't work, maybe humor will. When Rashmi wakes up, he glances at her sideways and says, quietly, "Hey neighbor." Well, if adjoining cages make you a neighbor, close enough.

Mikhail visibly winces when he hears Robyn's voice, which brings tears to his eyes, he doesnt turn round, "Wont get caught, will be fast", he'll do the whole talking through stuff later, when he calms down.

Zack does have his great big hand on Mikhail's shoulder, and he looks down at him, "yo dude…come on, we had to hotwire the van and everything, we'll get back and get treated. Longer we gotta stand here and talk to you, longer it is till we leave dude…" he offers with his rumbling voice. Still shyly quiet, but wanting to get everyone in the car and outta here.

Rashmi lifts her head, opening the door and leaning her head out of the opening. "Mikhail… please. Just, come into the car. We want you to be safe, too, Mikhail, so, please… just come in?"

John is sitting in the van waiting for Mikhail to be convinced to get in, hes not gonna let the other boy just walk off and will use fire to block his way if he has to, "Just get in the car mate, you guys need to get treated as soon as possible".

"Mikhail…" Robyn says pleading and his voice doesn't have that carefree tone it has in it. "I'll come out there after you and get you in here, if you're out there alone, they could get you again." He says as he feels beyond guilty for what he said.

Dallas sighs and says, "Dude. Obviously we're not going to stop bugging you. So come on. You can have a window seat. Hell, you can stick your head out the window and get scent-blasted if you want. Let's just go home." He nods at Robyn's words. "And we've have to come after you again. And I didn't eat my Wheaties this morning." Which, all things considered, is something of an understatement

Mikhail cant walk off when theres a chance someone will follow him and get hurt, but he's not riding in the van, so he jumps and sits on the roof of the van, "Fine".

Zack shrugs a little, all right, everyone is here so that we can go and head back to the mansion

Rashmi slumps back in her seat, closing the door. For a moment, she stares into the middle distance, then her shoulders begin to shake. Sitting next to her as he is, Dallas can hear a very quiet, relieved laughter.

John shakes his head grinning a little at the boy on the roof, "Right everybody seatbelts on, we heading back to he Institute, somebody call ahead, we're gonna need help when we get to the medbay".

Dallas settles back in his seat after Mikhail leaps to the roof of the van and closes his eyes. He does indeed note that laughter and shakes his head once. "Our dramatic exits, as a group, kind of suck. Must be a senior class." Something hits him and he opens his eyes, looking towards Zack and John. "Good job, guys. Let's go home?" Credit where credit it due, after all. He shrugs at the call ahead part, given that his cell phone is a plastic slag nugget somewhere back at the zoo.

Once Mikhail jumps on the roof Robyn sighs and just turns to look out the window, ignoring the rest of his friends at the moment. He knows he should say something, but he doesn't know what. He's a teenager, they're not the best with dealing with strong emotions. "Thanks." He eventually mutters to John and Zack, still not looking at anyone. It's like he's almost afraid to face them.

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