2010-08-29: The Serpent Bites Its Tail


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Summary: Dingo is drawn into a battle with Gale & Hellion. After realizing that the battle can have no winner Dingo decides to leave.

Log Title: The Serpent Bites its Tail

Rating: R (LV)

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.


The 7-11 isn't terribly crowded this time of the morning. Most people have already popped in and grabbed their morning coffee and doughnuts. A few people wander through the isles picking up this or that, and a couple of police officers are standing next to the news stand discussing the recent arrest of the mutant known as Envy.

There is a man atop the building next door to this shop, glaring down at the police car parked out front. Dingo had seen on the news last night that they had arrested a mutant he had heard was working for mutant rights. Of course the news did not specify where this woman is being held, but he suspects that the police might have some idea. Dingo snaps his fingers, causing the lids to come off of two crates behind him. A large amount of sand streams out of them and gathers around him before he leaps off the roof. He turns into sand and slams down in the middle of the street before reforming in his Dingo costume. Several people yell out in alarm and run away from the mutant.

This early in the morning, and one of the mutants is in the store; snagging some snacks to bring back to the school. Some drinks for his boyfriend are in order! The aerokinetic is standing within the 7-11, sucking on a slurpee as he reads one of the comic books in the store. When Dingo appears in the street with that loud and massive thud, Kael just takes a long drink as he watches for a moment. He blinks a bit before he slides his hand down towards the phone in his pants pocket. He stops for a moment before he sets his drink down, not pressing the Panic button yet before he moves to the door; to watch what happens. Though the winds do start to pick up as a precaution. But it may be a passing breeze.

The sands behind Dingo form into a massive sand dog which follows behind him and makes threatening gestures. The man approaches the 7-11 and calls out to the police inside, "Where is she? What cage are you holding that mutant in? The one in the papers who's only crime is being an advanced species?" The dingo dissipates for a moment and sweeps forward as a wave of sand, catching the police cruiser and tossing it into a truck several yards away.

The police inside seem rather concerned. One pulls out a gun but frowns at the approaching mutant. "Well shit. I think I read bullets don't work on that one."

Kael's eyes follow the police car's flight towards the truck before he looks at the policeman next to him. He tugs the trim of his shirt away before he shucks his shirt off. Showing the shirt of his training uniform at Xavier's. The yellow X clearly visible over the torso as he moves outside. Winds whipping around him before he gulps slightly. He's seen this guy on the news, who hasn't? He mumbles under his breath, "Going to get in so much trouble for this…" Then he says louder, "Hey! Anyone ever tell you that it's not polite to throw cars around?"

Dingo turns his head slightly as Kael approaches him, frowning slightly at the boy's approach. "What the hell do you want? This is none of your business." He waves a hand at the boy dismissively, moving toward the doors again and slamming a blast of sand into the doors. The glass shatters and one of the doors falls off it's hinge before the sand begins to snake its way into the store. It appears that he intents to forcibly interrogate the officers.

Dingo frowns as his sands are pushed back toward him. Seems that wind he felt earlier wasn't a natural thing. The man turns toward Kael and shakes his head, "So you are one of the superior race. Those men know where another of our kind is being wrongly detained. Help me to free her. People like us, we were born to rule this world. Help me to protect our people." As he speaks his sands return to him and encircle him, forming a large ring around his body which shifts unnaturally.

Kael draws the winds back around him, leaves on the ground swirling around him as they're caught in the air. "Heh. Superior race? I'm here to stop ones like you. I'm here to protect them," He points back at the policemen in the store, "From the likes of you." He shakes his head, quirking a brow before he grins. "Now go back to your little sandbox and play nice." He even makes a shooing motion with his hand to accentuate it.

Dingo shrugs, "Fine. Seems yer one of them brainwashed types who thinks humans are right in attacking our kind. Maybe I should knock some sense into ya, hmm?" He holds up a hand and the sands rise back up behind him, reforming the giant sand dingo. He holds out an arm and points a finger at Kael, causing the construct to bound forward in an attempt to crush the boy.

Kael lets his jaw drop at the sight of the construct. He's in shock for a bit too long to leap out of the way so the ducks down, bringing his hands over his head as a dome of wind swirls around him. The winds swirling around him at a 60mph, maxing his speed out from the getgo as he watches that construct come down at him.

The construct comes down on the wind dome in a pounce and is skewed off to the side by the winds. It turns and comes down on the dome again, attempting to bite down on the dome and failing. Dingo frowns. "What an annoying ability. Though it could be useful if you woke up and realized exactly the way this world will turn out if people don't start listening to Magneto." He steps closer to Kael and his construct. The sand dingo attampts to bite down on the wind user again and presses its face into the wind dome. The sands of its face are eroding away, but it appears to be beginning to press its way into the dome.

Kael grunts as the construct slams into the dome over and over. His eyes watching it before he looks back at Dingo as he starts to come closer. As the construct starts to press its face into the dome, he turns it into a wall; straightening it upwards into the air before he explodes it towards the man in a blast! "And what if I think you're spouting bullshit!" yells Kael as he leaps backwards; floating in the air as he pants slightly.

The construct appears to be having some difficulty with the wall of air, but it is still managing to slowly push its way beyond the barrier. Dingo stands there with his arms folded for a moment before he is struck by the burst of air from Kael. He is sent flying back and explodes into a pile of sand when he lands. The sand dingo slumps to the ground in a heap. It seems that Dingo was pushed out of his field of influence. The pile of sand that was Dingo reforms and the man charges forward, taking control of the construct once more and circling around Kael again so that Dingo and his construct are standing side by side.

Kael lets out a laugh as he knows Dingo backwards, a smile on his face that's quickly erased at the man reforms and then charges forward! The aerokinetic floats up higher into the air, the winds underneath him swirling before he looks down. He blasts himself backwards, landing on top of the building before he sends three blasts of air at the man on the ground. Each of them about the side of a softball. Traveling at a good 40mph.

Dingo frowns as the aerokinetic launches his attacks at him. The first wind blast strikes him in the chest and knocks him back slightly. He straightens himself and moves forward again, perfectly round holes being punched into him as the second and third blasts strike him. The holes fill with sand and disappear. "This is pointless. Wind cannot harm the sand." The construct charges forward toward the building, slamming into the side of it with a loud crash. The windows of the store shatter and a few cracks form in one of the walls, but it still stands. The construct rears up on its hind legs so that it can reach the roof easier.

Kael lets out a grumble as he stabilizes himself. "Mother fucker." He reaches down into his pocket and presses the Panic Button. At the same time, he glares at the sand construct, and a pure gust of wind comes crashing down. Kael pushing it as fast as it can go to just flatten that beast down against the pavement. "I told you! Go back to your sandbox!"

The construct is pushed down by the wind blast, its claws leaving deep gashes on the roof where it had latched on. Dingo charges toward the building and leaps through one of the busted windows. He pulls the sands of his collapsed construct in with him and glances around the store, cussing. It appears that the customers and police officers have all left through the back door. "Some police. Running from trouble." He looks up at the ceiling and narrows his eyes. He raises his hand up and sends a spire of sand up toward the ceiling, slamming a spike of sand through the roof.

Kael lets out a curse, watching that construct cling to the edge of the building. "Goddamit." He looks down at the ceiling, not able to see Dingo on the ground out front and he disperses the wind. The aerokinetic floating up off of the roof; putting some distance between him and the roof as a spire lurches up through the building right under him, catching him on his shin lightly. "Hey!"

The sands continue to stream up onto the roof, some of it climbing up over the edge of the outer wall and the rest streaming up through the hole in the ceiling. The sands collect on the roof before Dingo himself rises out of them, looking up at Kael in the sky. "Running away?" I thought you wanted to be a hero and stop me from helping out those who are opressed." The sands sweep up toward Kael, forming great spikes as they approach him. They stop short. "Go home. Let me do what I need to do. You can read about it in the news."

The thing about panic buttons on a Saturday night, there is always someone close by. Julian was coming back from a dinner in the city, and on the way, his dash system alerted him to the panic button. Julian's face at the sight of the alert would have made the ancient vikings scared.The Telekinetic pulled over and set his car security on. He's dressed in a three-piece suit, black and white. He lifts up off of the ground and takes off to the 7-11 where he was called. An angered Julian lands on the concrete, cracking the pavement a little with his landing. "Hey! I heard there was someone here trying to start some shit." He calls out to Dingo. The cavalry is here, Kael.

Kael lifts himself higher up in the air at the spikes of sand, and only catches his breath as they stop short. His heart hammering in his chest as he glares down at Bruce on the roof, "More like getting some distance so I can think of a way to clobber your ass!" That is so an empty threat from him. But, as Julian arrives; Kael's torn between feeling happy that the calvary is here and feeling scared that Julian is the calvary that's here. He flies over, putting more distance between him and Bruce as he nears Julian.

Dingo frowns at this new arrival. "What the hell? Why do you people always show up in groups? How come random people never show up to help me when I need it…Other than that exploding man that one time." He ponders for a moment and shrugs. The man collects his sands around himself and sends them cascading down the side of the building in a great torrent of sand. He leaps down and joins the sands, which twist up to form back into the sand Dingo when it lands. The construct does not hesitate before charging at the two mutants.

As soon as the student is behind him, Julian erects a barrier around Kael. Julian just looks at the sand dingo and laughs. "This is going to be good." He says, smiling and raising up to the dingo's level. Hellion takes his arms and uses his abilities to erect a wall between Dingo and himself.

Kael blinks as he's behind that barrier and he lets out a soft huff of aggravated air before he looks at Dingo once more. Now that he's on the ground, he quirks a brow as he sends more softball sized blasts of wind at him. From random angles too. About 5 of them.

The wind blasts sent by Kael tear small holes in the sand dingo as it approaches. The wounds repair themselves quickly as it charges. The construct slams into the wall put up by Hellion and explodes into a pile of sand. The sand rises up again and slams repeatedly into the barrier before Dingo realizes that he may be unable to get past it. Dingo rises up out of the pile of sand and taps his foot impatiently. "You couldn't just go home, could you?" He swirls his sands into a sandstorm and obscures himself from view. The cloud of dust encircles the three of them, searching out the shield for an opening or weakness.

"Not when you attack one of my own." He rebuts to the villain. Hellion keeps a bubble around him much like Kael's as the sand starts to engulf everything around. Sadly, there aren't any openings or weaknesses around either of them. Though Julian's boastful laughing can be heard through the barrier. Through the sands, telekinetic force swipes around the area, throwing trashcans around in the process.

With the sands wrapped around the two of them, Kael closes his eyes as a swirl of air forms around his bubble; a dome of air that seems to start to expand. He opens his eyes, and speeds the winds up faster than he can control. Betting on the explosion of air that follows soon after to disperse the sands.

Dingo frowns as he contemplates exactly what to do about this bubble. The trash cans are generally non-concerning to the mutant, since he can track their movement as they pass through his sands. One of them would have struck him once, but he manages to dissipate his body as it crosses his path. Kael's wind explosion manages to knock Dingo to the ground and scatters his storm, sending most of it out of the psammokinetic's field of control. He sighs and collects up what is around him, turning himself into a mini-storm and does a quick sweep around the area to recollect his sands.

Hellion holds his hand on one side and watches the sandstorm collect. He's not exactly sure on what this fellow is trying to do. But he's set on an idea. If his original show wasn't intimidating enough, then perhaps another is. Large forcefields slam into the storm, trying to find the mutant inside. The telekinetic isn't really pulling off his usual theatrics, but this is suiting him. Everyone can't have a giant dingo of DOOOOOM~!

The forcefield does strike the storm and sends it back a bit. Because Dingo is currently part of the storm it does not cause him any harm. The storm seems to hesitate for a moment, swirling in place in the form of a twister before dissipating and blowing off to the south. This battle is not worth Dingo's time. He came here for answers and ended up with an unnecessary delay. This battle seems pointless to the mutant. From what he has seen of the powers of these two, none of the three can actually harm one another. This battle could drag on for hours with no winner. The storm continues toward the City, Dingo can find the answers he needs there.

The sands travel away from the 7-11. Dingo abandoned the fight, meh, it's not something Julian takes offense to. The telekinetic lowers himself to the ground level, and releases the shield around Kael and himself. "So, why did the walking dune decide to go after you?" He asks, forming a platform under the student, gonna fly him and Kael back to the car and back to the mansion. He probably won't turn the guy in to Scott for this one though.

Kael lets out a sigh, running a hand through his hair. "I was getting a slurpee. Seemed rather harmless. Then that jackass showed up and started to attack the policemen. I couldn't very well stand by and let him do that. So, I leaped into the fray." He sighs a bit, putting his hands into his pockets. "Left my shirt and food back there too. Dammit." Least he has the receipt for the food.

~ Fin ~

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