2010-04-19: The Setting Sun


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Summary: Robyn finds James; James finds a new way.

Date: April 19, 2010

Log Title The Setting Sun

Rating: PG

Xaiver Mansion - Spuyten Dyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

After James and Jono spoke, the hyena did go on his walk to see the stars. Taking a seat at a treeline not far from the cove, James sat there all night reflecting on life, the universe spread out in front of him, and everything. And when he awoke the morning, still he sat; missing the classes, DR, and so on. And now it's evening, and the creature has nearly finished his 24 hour vigil, watching one chapter of his life end with the upcoming sunset, and a new one begin with the onset of dusk.

There's been a lot on Robyn's mind, and worry for James has been on top of that list. He's gone around looking for his friend and finally he's heard that James is down by the cove. He's made his way down there and Robyn spots him just sitting there. He just walks over quietly with his hands in his pockets and sits down next to James. "How you doing?" He asks knowing that it's probably not that great.

Staring across the lake at the upcoming evening, James hardly moves when Robyn sits down next to him, "Ehhh…" It's said with a sigh, "Abiding." Making due. With his legs pulled up to his chest the hyena lays his head on his knees and looks over at his friend, "You?" He smiles a little, "Place makes it hard to hide. Between my phone and Jono, I can't go missing for long." Not that it means he wants to.

"Sorry if you want to be alone I'll go on my way. I was just worried about you." Robyn admits as he doesn't say how he's doing, not at the moment. "I heard, Rashmi told me about what caused you to freak out yesterday. I'm really sorry James." As Robyn really wanted to believe that James could change back some day. "I just wanted to be here for you, if you need friend." A friend who won't judge him.

James puts an arm around his friend, "Naaa…stay here. I came into this day alone. Be nice to finish it out on a positive note with a friend." He leans back against a tree, pulling Robyn close, "I keep hoping that Dr. McCoy was wrong, you know? But…there's little chance of that, isn't there?" He blinks hard and snorts, "Jono said shifting was 'killing' me. Leave it up to me, eh?" He shakes his head, "Haven't called home yet. Dunno that I can."

Robyn is easily pulled against James as he's much smaller but he doesn't mind either. He just puts an arm around him in return. "I hate to agree but it Dr. McCoy said that, you probably can't. If it matters anything, you do have friends who don't care what you look like. And some who find it pretty neat." He looks up at James and nods. "You don't do things in small doses, do you James?" He says with a small smile.

James chuckles giving Robyn a fond look and a headshake, "Never have." He looks back towards sky outstretched before the pair, smiling at some inner thoughts, "Parents 'haaaaated' that about me." He coughs a little, "You know…this is how super villains are made." The large animal's head tilts towards Robyn, "All the small, compounded disasters. And then, a final insult." There's a shrug and a little squeeze of that arm around his friend, "But the real challenge is not giving in and taking the easy route. And we both know I can't do anything the easy way."

Robyn looks up at James gives him a look that might make Rashmi amused. "James, if you go badguy villain, I'm gonna have to make you my arch-nemesis and we know that wouldn't be fun." He teases as Robyn couldn't be evil even if tried. He's just got too big of a heart. "That's what friends are for right? Being able to help hold each other up when the shit hits the fan. Though…I'll admit to being scared about what's gonna happen next."

James grins, showing off too many teeth, "Promise?" He shoulder bumps the boy and looks off at the mention of the future, "Yeah, I'm discovering what friends really mean. I've been in the dark for a few months, but, well…if not for you, Rashmi, Lucas…and several others…who knows how things would have gone." He clicks his tongue and sighs at the mention of what’s next, "I have my ideas. But you tell me yours first."

"Promise which part? That I'll make you my arch-nemisis? If that means trying to knock some sense in you when you go evil, sure." Robyn says bumping James back with a smile. "I don't have any ideas, that's why I'm scared. I mean the schools probably gonna blow up and all will go to hell, or some other mad scientist is gonna kidnap another one of my good friends and I'm going to have to go through that worry and helplessness again. Or one of us is gonna end up dead."

James nods, giving Robyn a totally, scary honest look, "Yes. And then next month it'll happen again. And then again." He sighs and tightens his jaw, "But, you…" And he pokes Robyn with a claw tip, "Can escape this. You can be something wonderful." James looks back at the sun and shrugs sharply, "And so can I. It's just, for me, I have to start 'here.' This school. So…my future starts tonight. And it starts with me putting away all my childish things. Because, who knows when the school is going to blow up next. But, when it does, I need to be there and be there doing the right thing."

"I know, I've been here longer than you. First was that green thing that stole our powers and for a while I had Mr. Summer's powers, then I got kidnapped by MGH dealers, then Jordan and a few others did this weird time travel thing, then I got turned into a frog then the whole demon thing and now Sinister, it doesn't stop." Robyn says as he's seen a lot more and he doesn't know how he's stayed sane for so long. "Oh and then there was the plane hijacking on the way to Florida. I really don't hate my powers James, I don't hate being able to use them to stop villains and stuff, I just hate the side effects like the demon stuff or getting kidnapped to be made into drugs." But he's vented this stuff to James before. "But you're right, you really are. And I'm happy for you James, that you're brave enough to handle this."

James smiles, eyes narrowing in that non-threatening way he can manage when he tries, "Gotta be. If not, people get hurt. And too many people have already." The hyena watches the sun as it starts to sink below the lake, having several minutes left before it's gone until dawn, "My parents couldn't afford college. So, I was going to enlist—just like my grandfather. I just didn't consider, until now, that I have. Just fighting a different type of war now with a different type of army." He lets Robyn's statement soak in a little, adding, "How about this weekend, a bunch of us go out to the Mall.. What…what? Hijacking?" If a hyena can look surprised, James is doing a great job of it."

"Connor and I were talking about getting a group of us for a bad movie night. It was Connor's idea but I think it could be fun. I suggested Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. And Mall also sounds good." Robyn says as anything to fee normal for a bit. "And yeah, hijacked by some group call The Crazy Gang? It's…weird. There was a talking door mouse and naive and it was like a weird version of Alice in Wonderland oh, and then Captain Britain from another universe showed up and…well it wasn't really that bad. Jordan and I saved the day?"

James stares at Robyn for a long moment, "Wow…if I ever go to Florida, I'm taking the bus." He shakes his head, taking that all in, "Now see…perfect example of being the good guy. Who knows what would have happened if you hadn't been on that flight. Maybe…maybe the thing for you to do is to treat this place like a self defense course?" He shows off his teeth, stretching for some advice that sounds convincing, "You know…graduate, leave, use it when you have to?"

"I want to go to art school." Robyn just kind of blurts out. "More than anything. Maybe I have to stop saying it's impossible cause of the vampire thing. If you can move forward, so can I." Robyn says leaning against James. "I like using my powers to help, I really do James. Like I've said, I don't have my powers, it's just, I hate waiting for the other shoe to fall." He shrugs before smiling up at James. "So you gonna join us for a bad movie night?"

James grins at Robyn's outburst, "See…you can work around it. Won't be so bad." He looks back across the lake as the sun's tip disappears in the horizon and sighs, "So, that's that." It's a rather wistful sound, not sounding as positive the conversation was a moment ago. The hyena's gaze falls back onto Robyn, "Yeah, sure. Sounds like fun. We've been talking about doing that anyways. So, its about time, right?" He nods a few times and takes his arm back, looking as if he's going to stand in short order.

Robyn moves a bit as James removes his arm from around him, there's something comforting about being next to the Hyena teen. The strength and the fur just make it comforting. "And I gotta finish up what I was working on for you James. It kind of got ruined and I had to start again but it's no problem." Robyn says with a grin as he nods. "Yes, it's about time for a movie night. We'll get Rashmi, Jono, Lucas and whoever else."

With the sun gone and the light fading, James decides to go too. He picks himself up off the ground and dusts off, wiping his hands on his pants, "Sure…I'll find something crappy and Japanese. You bring Vampire Jesus Slayer Massacre Man and call it a night." He smiles down at Robyn and offer a hand up, "And, yeah…we need to invite Jono. He needs it."

Robyn nods and grins. "I like Jono, you, Rashmi and Jono are like the siblings I never had." Robyn says pushing himself up as well. "James…I'm glad your doing better, I really am. So this weekend movie and mall and just a fun weekend. Something we all need." He says as he takes James' hand and lets himself be pulled up.

James grins and pulls Robyn up off the ground and then pulls him over his shoulder, "Sure!" An arm hooks over the boy's legs as he walks back towards the Mansion, his friend prone in a fireman's carry, "Gives me a few days to get used to the image thing." Finally. "You ever seen’ what I looked like?" He phhhts, "Think I'm a freak now. Just wait."

Robyn laughs as he's thrown over James' shoulder, he really can't fight that nor does he really. "You know I can walk." He says joking around. "And I can only Imagine, James, a face that only a parent could love." He says in response to that as he reaches a hand up to ruffle James' head if he can. "And you should call your parents when you get the chance, I think they'd want to know. I'll be there if you want, when you call them."

James shakes his head, "One day at a time, my fried. One day at a time." And with that, the hyena heads back towards the mansion, leaving the lake behind, his future ahead—and Robyn over his shoulders.

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