2012-10-27: The Short Goodbye


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Summary: Jill gets a note from her roommate, Sophie.

Date: Oct 27, 2012

Log Title: The Short Goodbye

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Jill and Sophie's Room

The room's pale beige walls are broken by two closet doors and a large paned window on the far end. On one side is a bed with purple sheets, clean and neatly made and seems hardly slept in. At the foot of the bed, facing the window, is a short chest of drawers with a broad glass fish tank on top, a small wooden step stool leading to it like a staircase. The desk is a typical walnut computer desk with stacked paperback books, a lamp on a jointed arm, and a white netbook hooked to external speakers under four neatly framed Alphonse Mucha art nouveau prints. The other side of the room has a bed with plain white sheets neatly made like the other one, and a similarly plain white desk. No art is in evidence on this side, nor a lamp for that matter. There is a laptop computer, and a number of books neatly arrayed, all written in braille (but not all of them in English) on the desk.A music stand is usually tucked away in the corner, and a flute rests on a shelf above the desk, along with a further variety of books.

The door to the room shared by Sophie and Jill opens, the undead blonde of the pair still towelling her hair dry from a shower. She pauses on the threshold, sniffing curiously at the air. "Sophie?" she asks the quiet room, even checking in the small closet. Odd. She should be here, unless she's down in the medbay again. Jill loops the damp towel around her shoulders and slumps into her computer chair to waste a little more of the evening.

Sophie is, indeed, not present. Her side of the room is in perfect order, as always; this being something the blind girl has made it plain she relies on, and it's not like she has any reason to put up posters or anything like many students do. In fact, a passing observation would reveal only one thing out of place, aside from Sophie's absence. Sitting in the middle of Jill's desk, rather than Sophie's, is a plain piece of white paper that has been neatly folded up. The words 'To Jill' are visible on it, written in very careful looking handwriting with… whatever color of pen happened to be available on Jill's desk.

Jill has just wiggled the mouse to wake her little netbook from its screensaver when her wrist touches the folded sheet of paper with her name written on it in purple ink. The girl turns in her seat slightly, checking for some reason that the room is actually empty. Eyebrows knit and frowning a little in confusion, she wipes her hands on her pajama pants to make sure they're dry before picking up and unfolding the note.

The note itself is actually printed, having been typed up on a computer. 'Dear Jill,' it reads, 'I write to you to appologize.
'I am sorry that I cannot say this to you in person, and I am sorry that I will not be there to help you with your homework or… simply to be your friend, and I do not know for how long. It has become clear to me that I must leave the safety of Xaviers, and this is a thing I must do now, before I think to long upon it and lose my nerve. I intend to turn myself in and register, and be sent into the ghetto that Mutant Town has become. There are no medical facilities there, and it will not be long before people are hurt, or become sick. God has granted me a great gift, to banish any hurt or illness; I cannot sit idle and let this gift go unused. I intend to sneak out immediately, as I know the staff here will not otherwise permit me to go.
'Please, Jill, understand that you are a great friend to me, and I would never abandon you; it is my sincerest prayer that we shall see each other again, soon.
'With great love, Sophie.'

The look of confusion on Jill's face bleeds slowly into shock and finally to horror and worry. "No…" she whispers as if the single word will deny the note's content, nullify it and make everything the way it was before. She stands, pushing her chair away with the backs of her knees. Still gripping the printout, Jill goes quickly to the window in the vain hope of seeing Sophie still in the act of leaving, but there's no-one visible outside on the grounds.
Her face falls, bottom lip trembling as her eyes worriedly dart around the room that suddenly feels far too quiet, far too empty. The vampire moves to the door, intent to tell the staff, hope that they can find Sophie before she gets too far…
And stops, hand on the doorknob. She dithers, visibly upset. Her fingertips slip from the door, both hands clutching the paper carefully, afraid to wrinkle it. With leaden feet she stumbles back to her bed and sits down heavily, covering her mouth. Tears well in her ruby eyes.
She wants to cry. She even wants to yell, to get mad, to have someone get mad *at*. But there isn't anyone. "Sophie… why?" Jill asks the empty room, voice thick in her throat. She knows the answer. The letter says as much. But still. She should say something to the teachers.
"I really hope you know what you're doing," Jill says aloud, as if she were still speaking to her roommate. Sighing, she places the note onto her bedside table and curls up, hugging a pillow tightly to her chest with both arms, worry lines wrinkling her forehead.
She'll have to tell the staff. But… first thing in the morning. When she "finds" the note. By then, it'll be too late to stop it. Sophie will have made her choice.
"God help you, Soph…"

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