2011-01-16: The Solution

Players: David and Rashmi

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Summary: David and Rashmi meet up to plan to help Hosea

Date: January 16, 2011

Log Title: The Solution

Rating: PG

NYC - Tanzore Restaurant and Lounge

A favorite of NYC's upper class, Tanzore is famous for its Indian Modern dishes, a 'contemporary movement of Indian cuisine toward more modern taste and culinary sensibilities', as it says on their menu. The decor is dramatic and color, leaning toward the warm color spectrum. There are private rooms available, as well as seating for business meetings, romantic dining or any special occasion. Outside dining is also available for those who prefer to people watch over Central Park as they dine.

A maitre'd sits the young African-American mutant to a table. David dressed a little nicer than usual, grey slacks with a blue button down and long white trench coat. An Indian waiter offers to take his coat, but David replies <No thanks.> in Hindu, much to the surprise of the waiter. David continues, <I'm waiting for my friend. We'll order when she gets here, but some chai would be nice. Two cups.> The waiter nods and goes back to the kitchen. David looks to his watch having arrived a bit earlier. He looks about at the restaurant as he thinks this place is a bit too formal, but ponders bringing someone here on a future date. But for now, he looks over the menu as he waits for Rashmi.

Rashmi isn't long in showing up, dressed in the charcoal-grey suit and overcoat typically reserved for work. Exchanging a few words with the maitre'd, she finds herself guided toward David's table, bobbing her head and smiling brightly as she takes her seat. "…I didn't even know this place existed," she confesses once the maitr'd returns to his post. "Are you sure it's not too expensive? Because I don't mind picking up my own check."

Standing up when Rashmi arrives, David smiles and pushes a seat out for her, "Not too worry. I didn't think this would be as fancy as it is, but it's fine." He takes his seat, "Plus, now that I'm actually getting paid to be at the Institute. I should be able to cover it." He ponders a moment, "I wonder if this would be considered a business lunch." He smiles as the waiter brings out two chais for the young mutants. David responds, <Thank you.> and reviews the menu, "Don't worry about the cost, Rashmi." He eyes the menu and seems to stop at chicken tikka masala.

"Oh probably," Rashmi says to David's musings, scanning her menu briefly, eyebrows rising at some of the more daring fusion items for offer. "But I'm going to worry about the cost anyway. It's just part of growing up where I did, you know? …Ooh. Veal Biryani…" Setting her menu aside, she takes up her chai, blowing gently across the top of the mug. "So um… I'm guessing this is to do with the question you asked at Nowhere?"

The waiter takes their orders and goes off to the kitchen as David follows suit with the chai after taking a sip, "Wow this is hot." He blinks, "I'm not too big on Indian cuisine, though I love gulab jamun." He exhales and nods, "Yes, I know you said you had a pretty busy schedule. But I would really like your assistance on this particular." He pauses to think of the word, "Mission? Intervention?" He smirks, "Still getting used to this life at the Institute and the lingo that goes along with it."

"Well… what I *didn't* get to say is, I'm *always* busy. It's just sort of a consequence of having as many balls in the air as I've managed to gather, you know?" Lifting a shoulder, she sits back in her chair, tilting her head slightly at the young man across the table. "If it came to it, I'm pretty sure I could clear some time to help out… Maybe if you told me what's looking to be done, I'd be able to give you a better answer."

"Of course." David responds as he gestures for the waiter to bring some water as well. The chai is a bit too hot for this young American. "Hosea confided in you regarding his battle with Kalindi. I was actually there and it's one thing to hear about. It was another to have witnessed it." He sighs, 'Witnessed and not done much about it." He exhales, "But it's concerning Hosea. The fact that he told you what happened, leads me to believe you are both close. Is that a fair presumption?"

"Well," Rashmi says, clearing her throat, "I wouldn't say *close,* but, our faiths have enough commonality that we can talk. For a little while, at least… he's… got a hard time grasping things like synchronicity, but I try not to hold that against him… Honestly? We're not close, but if I can help him, I will."

David seems confused, "Your faiths have enough commonality. I don't want to make an assumption based on your nationality. But what is your faith?" David then continues on about Hosea, "Well, one things that is a big part of Hosea is his faith. He has to be one of the most devout Christians I have ever met. I had thought that 'the power of Christ' , so to speak, would get him to stop his attack on Kalindi. But he seemingly ignored that. Despite the vicious attack on her and on Robyn, I think the most distressing thing is that, he seemingly ignored his faith." David is perplexed, "Hosea's whole life revolves about his beliefs. His faith. And he seems to have lost that."

Rashmi raises a finger. "Well… first off, my parents belong to the Mar Tomas Syrian Church, which is how they raised me… It's a very old Christian church, that believes after Jesus died, the Apostle Thomas left across the sea to tell His story to other lands… Which apparently happened to be Bangladesh and that area. And I'm not… *sure* you realize exactly what happened. He told you about how he grew up, right? Well… From everything he's told me, he just saw a threat, and everything he learned as a child just… took over." Shaking her head, the Hindi mutant sighs. "He hasn't lost his faith, David… but he *has* been faced with the fact that his past isn't as over as he thought it was… And I don't think he's equipped to understand what that means for him."

Nodding, David places a finger on his chin for a thought as the waiter brings over water and the orders placed. Chicken tikka masala for David and veal biryani for Rashmi. David thanks the waiter in Hindi and as he walks away, David continues speaking with Rashmi, "Well, I think he could use a guide to see him through his problems. In his files, there is mention of a minister. Avraham. I mentioned to Hosea, perhaps, making a visit to his homelands. One to speak with the man who saw him through his earlier troubles and also to go to the place to confront, learn, and move past the past, so to speak." David ponders, "Hosea, at first, didn't realize that the possibility of a trip is much easier than purchasing an expensive ticket and going on his own. I've spoken with the appropriate staff and I have been authorized to take Hosea to Nigeria." He smiles, "I'm actually opening it up to some students to learn about life there." Sipping the water and then cutting into his chicken, "I was hoping you would come with us."

While the food smells excellent, at David's request Rashmi seems to, if temporarily, lose her appetite, nudging small cubes of veal with her fork, eyes unfocused as the girl thinks deeply. "…Nigeria is a dangerous place," she says, slowly. "…But if staff authorized you, they must be confident it won't be too bad." Taking in a deep breath, she looks back up, eyebrows rising. "But what I still don't understand is *how* I could help, you know?"

"Well, I am part of the staff, but I've requested that Dr. Mayfair-Parker comes as well. He is Hosea's s squad leader. Having a psychologist and Hosea's direct supervisor should be incredibly helpful. I was also going to request that Ms. VonReginleif comes as well. She has worked in Africa before the Institute. So with three staff members I think whichever students go should be protected." David takes another bite of his chicken, "Wow. Really good." He smiles, "Anyhow, while you may not feel that you are close with Hosea. I think he may think you are close. He hasn't opened up about what happened to anyone outside of those who were present. Anyone, that is, except for you. That must mean something."

Rashmi nods slowly, conceding this point and taking a bite of her own food. "Oh wow… This *is.*" Clearing her throat, she looks up, nodding slowly. "Well… I don't know how well SHIELD is going to react to missing a bunch of school, but, after the Tegu-Haaz thing I'm *pretty* sure I can clear it, as long as it's not another month and a half. Work… probably the same, but I hate running out on Ms. Walters. …The Embassy I know will understand. So… yes. I'll go, and see how I can help."

David smiles, "You like the food? Well, then it was good spot I picked." He is also enjoying the food, "And thank you for coming. I am sure your presence will help alot. As for SHIELD and Barnes, well I don't know them, but maybe I can ask Ms. Frost or Mr. Summers to speak to them on your behalf. Or, since this is also an educational trip, maybe we can open it up to some Barnes students?" He sips his water, "Since we are doing a joint dance maybe a joint field trip could work as well?"

Rashmi shakes her head. "A dance is harmless fun, Mr. Alleyne. A mission to Nigeria could end in injury or casualty. That kind of stuff is *way* above my clearance, but I'll take it to SHIELD and see what they have to say about it."

David nods, "Thanks. I appreciate that." He winces a bit when he is called Mr. Alleyne. "And Rashmi, please call me, David. The students don't even call me by my last name." He laughs, "And I am only a year older than you." David finishes up the chicken and gestures for the waiter to bring the check.

Rashmi wrinkles her nose. "I'm sorry, it's habit," she says after another bite. "You're in a position of authority at a school, so my reflex is to call you sir. It's… sort of new, being close to the same age as a teacher or staffer, I'm sorry. David."

The waiter brings the check and David passes a Xavier's Institute card which the waiter takes back to pay the bill, "It's not a problem. If anything it is a sign of respect. Trust me after I graduated I didn't see myself coming back. Necessarily. When I first got there, I wanted to make it to the big leagues and join the X-Men, but having a 'quiet power' I thought I wouldn't make the cut. So I went to get my degree, I felt I should come back and help after everything the school did for me. It's the least I can do." The waiter comes back and David signs a the check and takes the card back. He mentally calculates the tip and the waiter smiles at the amount.

Rashmi chuckles, nodding. "Now that, I can understand. Even if I don't want to join the X-Men, helping out the school is the reason I go back there Sundays. It's not much time, really, but it's all I can give, and I'm happy to do it, you know?" Pushing her now-empty plate away, she smiles at the young mutant across from her. "Tell Hosea I'll be glad to join him, and if there's anything else I can do, just ask."

David grins, "Perfect! I'll let him know." David finishes his chai and then extends his hand out to shake Rashmi's, "Thanks for helping out. I can tell you care alot about the school. I wish some of the other alum cared as much as you do."

Rashmi lifts a shoulder, reaching out to take David's hand. "Everyone cares in their own way," she says. "Just, some can't get past the bad to remember the good, you know?"

Sighing, "Yeah it is true." David shrugs his shoulders, "Well, I guess. so how're things at Barnes? And how is it working for She-Hulk? What do you do exactly? And you work an embassy on top of that?"

Rashmi chuckles. "Well, I'm basically just a legal assistant, which means filing papers, organizing schedules, doing research, and taking notes when she goes out to talk to her clients. Normally it'd be pretty boring stuff… Except Ms. Walters' clients aren't always on the planet, or the dimension, you know? So it can get pretty wild… At the Embassy? Pretty much the same, only less important. Intern stuff, so getting coffee and sandwiches on top of putting reports together."

"Well, even doing boring stuff. It's got to be pretty amazing working for the She-Hulk. I wonder what she is like in person. I've never met her or any of the other Avengers." David smirks, "And the Genoshan embassy, right? Their suite is pretty amazing. Magneto let me and some of the students crash there during the snow storms when we helped out with the reconstruction after those attacks."

Rashmi bobs her head. "Oh yeah, it's *great.* A lot of hard work, on top of studying law, but, it's *incredible* where I work, and frankly I'm happier doing that than going to, y'know, a hundred college parties wasting my life getting drunk, you know?"

Nodding his head, David agrees, "I was never into the college party scene either. Having been younger than my classmates, I could really drink or whatnot anyway." David shrugs, "Well, we should be leaving Wednesday for Africa. I look forward to the trip. Might be a chance for me to get in touch with my roots too."

Rashmi nods. "Thanks again for lunch, David. I'll have to do some fast talking, but, I'll be there. …And probably have a SHIELD locator on me in case of trouble. So… see you Wednesday!"

David stands up and bows, "I'll see you Wednesday. And thanks, Rashmi. For the company and helping with Hosea."

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