2010-03-16: The Speedster And The Smoker


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Summary: Pietro runs into med-bay escapee, Kenta, while on the phone.

Date: March 16, 2010

Log Title The Speedster and the Smoker

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

Kenta has been recovering from his runin with Brian the old fashion way, stitches. His chest was sliced open and since has been stitched up and there are some bandages covering most of his chest. He's outside, sitting on a bench, with just a pair of pants and untied boots on. He can't feel the cold so why bother with the shirt? He's finally gotten a chance to get what he needs, a smoke. It's been way to long and with Doc /and/ Hank out of the medbay he's been able to sneak out. There are a few brusies but they're hard to see with the black dark force marks that cover his arms and torso.

Phone to ear, a tall, white haired man emerges from the main building. He's wearing his costume, so is likely easily identified, but the phone is a little strange. Especially since he's a phone to one ear and a comm device in the other. "..only want to know that you're alright." Wait with some worry. Pietro lets the door close behind him and he moves slowly down the front steps. Too caught up in the call to be in a hurry. "No, I don't think that's important. ..Yes, really. ..Wanda." A heavy sigh and an exasperated look as he comes to a stop not too far away. "It's been a long time, dear sister, and I've changed. Please, all I want to know is if you are alright."
He listens a while, nodding. "Alright." Just little words here and there to keep her talking. However, in spite of the assuring tone, his features say he's not entirely comfortable with this. Not too certain. Finally the call ends, and without much satisfaction on Pietro's part. Looking at the phone as he closes it, he shakes his head. "Distinctly odd." Oh, he did notice you, and he then looks over. "A victim of Sinister?" Asked as the phone is tucked into a glove.

Taking a long drag, Kenta looks up at Pietro. "Quicksilver." He mutters, identifying him as an Avenger once upon a time. "Kinda sorta. Best friend is the victim of Sinister, I'm the victim of the best friend. I can heal myself but I didn't think it was a good idea to go draining the life force of all the students here to heal myself." He says with grin as he holds out a hand, the one without the cigarette. "Darkstar, or Kenta."

A silver brow arches at his name, but there's merely a curt nod for it. Not about to shake that hand though. Mostly for the cigarette and not for the being drained idea. "Pietro. You already know my other name." Shifts somewhat to a more comfortable stance, and looks at the memorial to Jean. His emotions don't show for it, but that he looks at it somewhat over long may say something. "So you sit here because you have no other option." Said more because he understands very well. Then Pietro looks back, eyes so very bright. "Does anyone have any idea what the game is this time? Everyone else I'd spoken to has little idea of what Sinister is up to. This all appears very random."

Kenta moves his hand back with a shrug and shakes his head. "Nope, I sit here so I can escape the medbay and have a cigarette. Do you have any idea how upset Hank gets just mentioning, in a joking manner, that I'll start smoking in there if they don't let me out?" Kenta really can't help his addiction and he's tried to quite many times. "There have been somethings said. And also the note on that one kids chest…" Kenta winces. Sometimes it pays to be a teacher. "I know there's something about the Maruders, that's about it."

Pietro folds his arms over his chest, but there's an amused snort and he looks off. "I've known Hank for nearly twenty years now." So yes, he knows how upset the good doctor can get. "Telling me there have been things said doesn't do me any good, Kenta. What things have been said, and what note? Marauders are lackeys, nothing more. No, this all seems fairly foolish for a man as old as Sinister. Openly kidnapping students? Robbing banks? There are even indications of some assassinations. There must be a goal tucked in there somewhere."

"I'm really not sure Pietro, I just know this isn't the first time he's taken Brian or Daisuke but, who know how a psycopath thinks." Kenta says finishing his cigarette and immedately taking out another, what he hasn't smoked in days. He has to make up for lack of tar in his lungs. "I really don't know Pietro. Sometimes some people do all this shit for nothing more than entertainment." But Sinister doesn't seem like the entertainment type.

Pietro shakes his head again. "Sinister isn't the type for that." While disagreeing, the speedster doesn't chide you about it however. Not like either of you knows what's going on inside of the madman's head. He shifts his weight, then turns somewhat to look at the statue again. Lost loved ones make him think of Wanda. Even if he got a surprise call from her today. The call doesn't answer most his questions and was briefer than he'd have liked. "Hmph." Disgusted with it all, he motions sharply with his hands to just vent that energy he always has. "You aren't cold, are you?" Change of subject, sorry!

Kenta just watches Pietro as he looks at the statue and then 'hmphs'. At the question, Kenta shrugs. "Nope, not at all. It's the dark force. It's always running through me as you can see. It prevents me from getting cold." If one were to touch Kenta, they'd notice his skin is always cooler as well. "So have you run into any of this trouble or just mostly heard about it?"

Looking back, there's that Magneto family glower. Pietro doesn't mean it at you though, and instead the topic. Sinister. "No." The trouble hasn't found him. "Which is distinctly strange." Doesn't mention he scouted and found no trouble at all. How weird is that?! "Hank asked me to stay and help, so I'll be around a while, but nothing's happened when I'm here." No, as luck would have it, it's always when he's elsewhere. "Nothing beyond strange phone calls at any rate." Sour, that look. Disturbed even as he's thrilled she's alive.

"Well I'd think the help is appricated. They're a lot…stonger then they were. Brian was someone I trained with constantly and he did stuff I've /never/ seen him do." Since when did Brian get energy weapons? Kenta's not to sure. "Anyway, thanks for letting Hank talk you into helping out, I really think we need it. It took Magneto to capture Jono…I really hope he's okay. Two of my teammates, fuck."

It took who? A dark look passes over the man's features for news of Magneto. No, Pietro doesn't much like his father. None of this news is good, and with hands on hips, he looks to his toes and thinks. A motion not many people in America have seen. Then again most who know Pietro assume him rushing off, not seemingly thoughtful. "Don't thank me just yet. I haven't done anything." Well, beyond scout. Not mentioning that. "Your news means I have to remain full time. I thought I could get some more done, but that is clearly not the case." A faint sigh for that as he looks off again. "As for your teammates, that is honestly no surprise. Sinister has the means to improve on existing abilities. That appears to be a common means of his." Says that like it tastes bad.

"Hey, you're here, that's what matters. Any little bit helps." Kenta says looking at the last bit of his cigarette before tossing it away and letting out a long exhale of smoke. "Flithy habbit." He says before looking up. "Yeah well…I'd love to beat the ever loving shit outta him for what he did to Brian but who knows, I'll await my chance." He says standing up with a bit of a wince. "Fucking brat." He mutters in regards to Brian slicing him up and the pain.

Pietro motions in a dismissive manner with a hand for that he's helping. Think nothing of it. "Yes, yes it is filthy." Said in such a way that you should stop it. Looks at you side long too. "You'll get your chance, never fear. That's how these things work. The only question is how long you must wait." With that he smirks a little, eyes brightening with the wry emotion. "I think I'm going to get a feel for the grounds. Take care of yourself, Kenta. We might need your ability soon." Even puts on a little smile for it. Darkforce could be very useful.

Kenta nods and smiles back, there's a bit of wrecklessness behind that small. "Nice to meet you too Pietro, I'm sure you and I'll be seeing each other again." He says as he heads back into the mansion grumbling about medbay's, uncomfortable beds, Hank, lack of cigarettes and Doc.

A firm nod and Pietro looks back to the memorial again. His thoughts are his own, but he doesn't linger there. Instead he is soon gone. Going to scout the school grounds. Time for the tireless Avenger to become a proper protector.

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