2010-01-15: The Stars Against The Demon


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Summary: A Demon fight breaks out on Broadway!

Date: January 15, 2010

Log Title The Stars Against The Demon

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Broadway

Broadway's not just a street in New York; it's where all the biggest musicals and plays in the world aspire to be shown. With street after street of theatres, gift shops, and restaurants, Broadway is a lively place. Bright lights fill the streets with the glowing and flashing billboards promoting the latest shows. Time's Square leads right into Broadway.

Though everything's been changing around the city, some people have been so wrapped up in their work they haven't tried to go home yet. That and the news reports telling them to stay indoors. But DJ has a cat at home. He has to get there to make sure he's ok. Because of this, he's stepped outside of the rehearsal stage, wrapped in his jacket despite the heat. He's doing his best not to be seen by anything. Of course, he hasn't really SEEN anything yet.

Flying above the city is Kenta, he's looking around and trying to see what is going on. He doesn't like stuff like this, not at all, and he's prepared to fight to make sure his son doesn't have to grow up in a world taken over by…well…not humans. He lands on top of a glowing sign a few stories above the city, black, batlike dark force wings visible and in his purple and black X-Force uniform. He's just watching right now, trying to see what he can spot.

Despite the things DJ has seen in other places, the rumors he's hearing actually have him scared. He doesn't know what to think of it. He's moving quickly, but there's really no way for him to hide as he walks. He's wearing standard clothes, since that's all he owns. He's taking long strides as he goes, trying not to look up.

Kenta's eyes glance over the area, trying to figure out what's going on. "Okay, this area seems to be clear." He says to himself as he goes to fly off, but unfortunately for Kenta, he was looking down. He's heading towards another area of the city when he gets slamed from behind by something with dark blueish black skin, large horns, bat wings and a pointed tail. The two go spiraling down to the street, slaming into the ground right in front of DJ.

The star of stage and song is walking. As the creatures land right in front of him, he does what any brave actor of his calibre would do. He screams like a little girl and scampers off to the wall nearby, trying not to be noticed. Fat chance of that with his scream. He DOES stop it, fortunately.

The scream catches the attention of the Demon and stands up, stretching to it's full seven foot height. Kenta is down on the ground and is pushing himself up, glad that he was able to use his wings to buffet his fall a bit. While he's getting himself back up though, the demon turns on DJ and starts to charge him, batting away a civilan with quite a bit of strength.

DJ sees it coming. It takes him a second before he realizes that the demon is, indeed, charging after him. Once he does, however, he knows the best thing to do in situations like this. Run like ya done slapped ya mama! And that he does, coat trailing in the air behind him. Of course, running with all this heat and wearing a coat isn't a good idea. It'll wind you VERY fast.

Kenta is back on his feet and sees the demon chasing after the man without powers. Man, the scream like a woman and run like a bitch powers remind him of when he just started. He charges after the demon and sends a dark force blast at him, knocking him off of his feet and sending him flying forward. There's a scream from the being as he uses his wings to propel himself forward to try to take DJ down with him.

As the demon falls, it DOES snag DJ and knock him to the ground. The man lies there for a few seconds before trying to scramble away. Of course, the demon has a good grip. More than he can break as he is. "Lemmegolemmegolemmego!" He shouts. He's pulling and tugging at his leg, not really even paying attention to anything else. Not even that feminine voice in his head.

Kenta rushes up and gets between DJ and the Demon, why the Demon picked this guy, he's not sure but then Kenta doesn't know about DJ's godly connections, which is what probably attracted the demon. "Leave him alone asshole." He spits out as he forms a dark force blade in his hand and goes to attack the demon with it, as he does the demon turns around and deflects the attack with his clawed hands, letting go of DJ. Making soild objects out of dark force is something DarkStar can easily do. "Run!" He shouts to the other guy, hoping he has the demons attention.

There's a loud THUD as DJ's hand hits the ground. He's not looking at himself, but beneath his hand the pavement cracks. He feels so heavy. He pops his neck, crackling like tires over Gravel. "What the hell ARE these things?" He asks, trying to start running, but unable to get his feet to move that fast. Since he can't, he simply turns around. He doesn't notice that he's gray and… heavy.

Kenta and the demon are going at it, in an interesting sort of combat as it's mostly on the ground but they're both using their wings when needed. Kenta at the moment has two blades, one in each hand, made of dark force and the demon is using it's claws. It's a parrying game with the two, both occassionally getting a few hits in. "They're demons I think, invaders, and they're not fucking invading my city!" DarkStar yells as he's giving it everything he has.

Raising his arm to try to pull off his jacket, DJ notices his arm… and the color of the flesh. Along with that, the sheer hardness. He looks up. "Maybe I can help." He says, just going with it. After all, she DID say he'd be like her son. He'll deal with it as he can. He looks around for something to pick up and throw. Hell, a mailbox will work. Hopefully he can lift it. He's assuming if he's this hard, he should be able to.

The demon is gettig the better of Kenta, bleeding in several different spots along his arms and chest. It looks like he's struggling. "Please, do." He says getting rid of the blades to give the demon a full out blast in the face, and as he staggers back, Kenta geta back into a fighting position. The demon seems to be getting distracted though, looking back towards DJ, the godly one.

As his hands rip the mailbox out, a grin crosses DJ's face. This is new, and an interesting experience. Making sure that Kenta isn't in his path, he flings the Mailbox outward. It may not be the strongest thing around, but hey, it'll do in a pinch. And when you've never known yourself to do something like this, a pinch is all you have. "So that's what she was talking about. Pele, you old biddy." He laughs.

The mailbox flys through the air and hits the demon square in the face, stunning it for a moment and Kenta sizes the moment and goes to stab the demon with his 'ghost sword, the blade that absorbs life force. Lucky for him, the demon has it, even if it feels, weird, Kenta does start to regenerate a bit of his wounds. "Just keep hitting it!" He says as the demon screams from the life force being drained from it.

DJ hears what Kenta says and nods. He looks for anything he can grab nearby and just starts flinging. If he runs out, he'll go up and do it himself. Hell, he's rock. What can hurt rock? At least, that's how he feels. "Ha! Who says stars are useless?" He laughs, actually enjoying this for the moment. Though… who knows in a minute what may happen.

"Hey, there's nothing useless about stars, I'm DarkStar!" Kenta answers as the demon gets pelted with obeject after object, it's finally starting to look a bit worn down. "I hate these things." He says hoping back, using his wings to carrier him further than just he legs can and hits him with a dark force blast with all he's got. "I think we can take him."

"Aight then. On the count of three." DJ says with a chuckle. He pulls back a fist, trying to focus everything he can into this one punch. "One." He waits for Kenta to be there and ready. "Two." He starts a vague running movement. As close as he can at his size, anyway. "THREE!" He lets loose a howl as he slams his fist forward at the creature. It's new. It's interesting. He… He LIKES it.

Kenta readies himself and aims for the other side, as soon as DJ hits three, he hits him with everything he has via another dark force bolt. It's a combination of the two that cause the demon to scream in pain and fall over, defeated. Kenta though, having a bit of a dark side for things like demons, rushes over and forms a blade, stabing it with all his strength, and it takes a bit to break through t he sking, to try to kill it. "Thanks…why did it keep going after you?"

"Dunno. I blame Pele." DJ says with a firm nod, enjoying the rush this has given him. He's smiling broadly as he breathes in and out. Sure, he doesn't have to breathe as a rock, but… he enjoys it. "Either her or Kua Pua'a."

"Pele? Kua Pua'a? I shouldn'g ask." Kenta says offereing a hand. "Darkstar, and thanks for being out here. I don't think I could have taken it on my own, and than god it was just one right?"

"I just hope I don't break the stairs going up to get home. I… I don't know how to turn this off." DJ says with a half-laugh. "I mean… ya know? Suddenly, you're a big old rock." He shrugs. "No problem. I'm just… wow. That's the only way to put it."

"Need help getting home? I'm have to pick up someone then I'll be on my way home, but if you need help, let me know." Kenta still does have an apartment in Greenwich Village even though he has a room at the mansion. Sometimes he needs to crash after work. "First time?"

"Yeah. Pretty much. Nah, I think I can handle anything they throw at me like this. And if nothing else, I can crouch down and look like a rock." DJ says with a shrug. "Anyway, yeah. Thanks! I need to get home. I have a cat to check on."

Kenta reaches out and pulls something from one of those places where you wonder 'where the hell did he keep that in an outfit like he's wearing', and hands it to DJ. "If you need help, call me. Seriously, or if you need anything. There's bad stuff out there, really bad stuff, and frankly, it really is gonna be rough."

"I'll keep it on me. Any idea just WHAT this is?" DJ asks before he begins trying to see if he can get himself moving fast enough for a run.

"A demon of some sort." Kenta says kicking it, hard. "I just hope it's dead. Just…take care of yourself Pele-man." He doesn't know DJ's name and he heard him say Pele more than once. "Hopefully we can find out what's going on."

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