2010-03-02: The Start Of Something New



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Summary: Mr. Sinister begins his experiments on Jono.

Date: March 2, 2010

Log Title Start of Something New

Rating: R

Sinister's Lab

Days of waiting, designed to keep his captives on edge. Finally Sinister made his move. From outside of the room, he telepathically put everyone a sleep and now Jono is just waking up, strapped to a table. He's in a hospital gown, and yes that table is cold against his back, with the wrapping still covering his mouth and face. At the moment Sinister has his back to Jono and is at a table with a syringe in his hand, seeming like he's about to get ready.

Is that a draft? Jonothon wakes to the chill, and the first urge is to roll over and find some blankets. That's when he finds he's strapped down, and is immediately wide awake. «….» Guess the waiting is over. Struggling against his own fear, the Brit starts fighting the no attack powers thing. Odds are he can't do anything, but he's known for being stubborn, and puts that to work now. Strange how someone who never wants powers, now strives with all his might to have them function.

Turning around, Mr. Sinister flashes a smile and walks over to Jono and starts to clean a spot on his arm. "Hello Jonothon. Glad to see you're awake, I don't want you to miss any of this." He says as one the spot is clean he starts to take some blood samples. "So much power, so much fear of it."

Jonothon has only a dark look for Sinister. If looks could kill, and all that. Only makes him more determined to struggle against the hold on him. Not the physical one, for that can be dealt with if he removes the other. «Bugger off. Not interested in your games.» He doesn't play well with others, sorry. «Penny shows went the way of the dodo a long time ago. So should have you.»

Making a 'tsk' noise, he just shakes his head. "Fight all you want Jono, it's just going to take energy and you'll be tired later." Essex says as he takes three viles of blood, he'll grab more as he needs it. "Soon you'll be loyal to me Jono, and there's nothing you can do about it. Let's check out your potential." He says as he searches through Jono's mind, looking for what he can do with this powers, what he might not have been able to bring himself to do. "Interesting."

Then he'll be tired. Not one for doing what's expected of him, sorry. Thanks for the permission though. Jonothon fights enough to where his eyes shift to flame, especially as the exam begins. There's so much potential there, and all of it wasted. A molecular level telekinetic and a full telepath. Even untrained his abilities have impressed others. When they know about them anyway. «You're such a hack. Nothing you do last. You can trick me up all you like, but it's temporary.»

"I could definitely use this." Mr. Sinister says before he reacts to Jono's words, sending a telepathic push attack at Jono. Not enough to knock him out but enough to rattle him and hurt. "I am Mr. Sinister, I am one of the best at what I do." He says as he heads over to his work table to start doing some tests. They'll be done later. "Just because you can't realize your full potential, doesn't give you a reason to be mad at me. Be mad at those who held you back all your life."

«Yeah, and it's all in your head.» Jonothon manages weakly after being rattled. «Hack.» Determined to be an arse about it he is. «You wanker. No one's held me back but myself. You'll never have me willingly turning against my mates. There's nothing you have I want.» And it's true. Not even his face. «You're just a hack who has to steal from others and fake it.» Which isn't true, but is fun to say when you're being rude to the man who's got you tied down.

Walking over to Jono, Sinister just looks at him for a bit. "Well, I guess I'll start your conditioning sooner than lately. Let's see what's in there." And Sinister telepathically dives into Jono's brain. Before ripping it apart though, he starts to look for memories where Jono's failed, people he's let down, trouble he's had with is powers. He's trying to make Jono feel more helpless than he is right now before getting to work on things.

If he had the means to cry out at the invasion, Jonothon would have. There are so many failures. It could be said they far out number his successes, and yet he continues on. Not much of a life, but he's stubborn about it. The failure of his parents, who left him mostly alone, and then tried to put him in an asylem when his powers manifested. The people who drove him to shut down telepathically. Xaviers who never taught him to use what he has beyond the blasts. (For all it's more due to allowing Jono to come to grips with himself than anything else.) The people who fear him, both for appearance and being a mutant.. it goes on and on. Really, he already feels damn helpless. Yet even at the worst of it, he manages a, «Hack.» It's all he has right now.

Ignorning the 'Hack' comment, Sinister starts to maneuver his way through Jono's mind. "I wonder Xaiver's always seemed to suppress it's students powers, not help them realize their potential. I'll be the best teacher you ever had Jono, and you'll be faithful to me for it." And he's not lying, he's going to make sure of it. He's putting suggestions in Jono's mind, subtle at first, things designed to get Jono under his control.

Fighting through the pain is tough, and Jonothon starts having trouble with putting together words so that he can communicate. «Only.. Because you'll have made me into someone else. I'd never serve willingly, and I'll break it. I always do.» Which is true. Jono has always broken mental holds such as this. Reconditionings. There's very little he can do right now beyond slow the process down, but he tries. Clinging to himself as best he's able.

It doesn't last, even if it takes longer than Sinister probably wants. Little by little those controls start taking over, and the process grows easier. Gradually Jonothon slows in his struggles, and merely lays there, looking like he's drowsing.

He's not going to do it all tonight, no, Mr. Sinster is going to take a few days, stretch it out. Jono's personalty won't be gone, yet, but his mind will be fractured a bit. Like there are cracks in his psyche. "That's good for now, now let's see what we can do about your DNA, you're going to be one of the greatest telekinetics the world's ever seen Chamber."

«But I don't want to be.» Still stubborn, for it'd take a lot to move that. Jonothon has never wanted power. Not even a small bit of it. The tone is plaintive though, for he's still hurting and confused. «I've never wanted that.» Just to be clear. It's so hard to think, but that he knows. That he's always known.

"That's just the school talking for you." Mr. Sinister says trying to push that thought in Jono's head, which just might cause to confuse him more. He grabs an unlabeled bottle and a second syringe and nods. "Let's see how you react to this." He says cleaning a spot before injecting Jono with…something. It burns as the needle injects the liquid into him.

«…» It is? Broken thoughts shift around, but slowly Jonothon shakes his head. «No. I've always felt that way. …Haven't I?» Uncertain now. Old beliefs are slipping away under the assault of new commands. The injection makes him radiate the burning. Not that it would affect Sinister, but the man might be aware of it. «Burns.» Been a long time since he felt something like this. «Feels like..» Doesn't finish that thought.

"Improvement." Mr. Sinister says to Jono before putting before moving to inject something else in Jono. "You'll have a different opinion of me soon Chamber, the right opinion." As this time what he's injecting in the British male is designed to render him unconscious so that he can move him back into the other room. When Jono wakes up, he won't be under Sinister's control yet, not fully, just things will be a bit fuzzy and just muddled.

And so Jonothon slips into sleep. What else can he do?

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