2010-02-10 The Strange Conversation


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Summary: Rogue and Jono have a frank conversation

Date: 2-10-2010

Log Title The Strange Conversation

Rating: R.

Xavier Mansion - Library

Like most Libraries, this one has that respected quite hush about it. A desk to check out books sits next to the door, next to the desk sits a statue of an Orangutan with a sign saying Return your books or else. Row upon row of books goes up and down the room. In the middle of all the shelves are two computers for looking up titles and a group of tables for students to sit and study. Along the back wall are windows with padded window seating for students to read in quiet.

Jonothon can be found on a padded window seat at the back of the library, mostly sprawled. Legs splayed, only one heel on the floor, he's slouched there to text someone on his phone. It's one of those with a full keypad, and his eyes are on the screen as he types away. Considering he uses full words, this actually takes a while. Thumbs work over the key pad as he basks in the weak winter sun. Winter sure returned with a passion once Inferno was over. Really, not doing anything exciting, but neither is he hard to spot. Right out there in the open, the skinny black clad Brit.

Sure, he would be in one of the belle's own favored places to tuck away and hide. After all, what place is more repellant to teenagers than the library? She's got a book in hand, dark auburn and white loose around her shoulders over a deep green, long sleeved sweater. Short black gloves, dark jeans, heeled boots. "Well now, don't ya just look comfy in my favorite spot?"

Duh, why else would he be here? Jonothon too is looking for a place to hide from the near constant stream of kids he's been dealing with every day. You talk and brown eyes slide towards you as he tilts his head. Has to look through his hair, but that's no real obstacle. «Finders keepers.» Said with amusement. No, he's not going to be a gentleman today, but the Brit is willing to share. Pausing in his message, the man pulls himself up and turns somewhat to lean against the window proper. There, now you have even most of the seat to sit on. Isn't he generous? Legs are crossed at the ankle, but the phone is laid n his chest. «Don't see you often.» Noted in way of making conversation.

Rogue arches a brow, though the arch look is spoiled by her beginning smile. "Not many people would try to take something from me, afraid Ah might take off the gloves." She takes up some of the room made for her. A shrug. "Ah prefer quiet, over tons of screaming kids. Come out for books, food, and to work out."

There's a shrug for that. «You want to absorb my powers and blow up the library, who am I to stop you. Are you really that shallow?» Eyebrows arch at that, for Jonothon wouldn't have believed you are. His expression is highly dubious, so he shows that he doesn't believe it. «Heh.» Screaming kids. «Yeah, that's why I'm here. Don't mind them most days, but I need some alone time too, and my room feels like a closet.» Never mind it's quite comfortable. Of course he's not much allowing you quiet, is he. «That why you haven't joined the teaching team here? The kids?» Asked in curious amusement. Jono does grasp that you might not because of your powers, but asks anyway.

"Ah said most people would be afraid of it, not that Ah'd actually /do it/." Rogue points out with a smirk, flipping open her book. "Most of 'em are good kids, but they're either weirded out by, afraid of, or a little too fascinated with my powers for my comfort levels." She explains readily enough. A glance up when she's asked about teaching. "Don't have the faintest idea what Ah'd teach, really."

Jonothon wrinkles his nose at you. No, he doesn't get why people would assume you'd do that. It's like him blasting anyone who irked him during the day. That'd be a lot of blasting. «Not like I'm teaching.» Not a professor here. «Sorry, just curious. You aren't listed on the team rosters, and you don't help out here at the school, so it leaves me wondering what you do, do.» A hand lifts though. «Don't mean to suggest anything bad, or be rude. I honestly have no idea what you've been doing with yourself, and that's what I'm asking.» You could be taking college courses, or working a job he doesn't know about.

"Ah passed high school here well enough, never really took to college classes. Could go back, Ah imagine, but.." A shrug of her shoulder. "Not listed, because Ah was away. Ah probably have to talk to Scott about gettin' put back on the team and all that." A wave of a gloved hand. "Now, did Ah get all huffy an' hurt, like ya were bein' rude?"

A finger points at you, but the tone is amused, «Yes, you got snide there. Sorry, I didn't mean to hit a nerve.» Jonothon is honest in his apology. «I'll leave you to your reading if you like.» Does have his texting to return to. Didn't mean to get you to snide at him like that.

"No, just …Ah don't like talkin' about the fact Ah was gone. That Ah'm not all stalwart like Scott. Ah.. have to get things right in my head, ya know? Not always an easy task, when you're me." Rogue glances down at her book. "Didn't think Ah was gettin' snide. Wouldn't snide be pointin' out ya ain't doing anything?"

Hands are lifted in a surrender posture. «I've been gone five years, Rogue. They thought I was dead. I am not at all saying you are wrong in being gone. Nor am I saying you should be doing something here. Why are you claiming things I haven't been saying?» A puzzled frown. Would use 'why are you putting words in his mouth', but he doesn't for obvious reasons. «I really didn't mean to get you on the defensive. I also have been doing stuff.» A blink of surprise with that. «I help train the kids, I'm with both X-men and X-force, and I also help out Hank with his teaching.» It brings him to take up his phone and rise to his feet. «I'm really sorry, but maybe I should give you your sport. Everything I've said today gets a bad response.» Apologetic that.

Rogue sighs, a hand up through her hair. "Jono.. Ah'm sorry. Just a bad day. Singles awareness day is comin', and all. Not my favorite time of year. And Ah'm feelin' bad Ah haven't been on Scott to put me to work, really. Just… cranky. Forgive me?"

Looking down at you, he shakes his head, but it's not in an angry manner. You apologize and he sinks back to that spot. «It's okay.» Apology accepted. Jonothon holds his open cell loosely in one hand, it mostly forgotten. «I totally understand about the singles day.» Hand hangs briefly before he looks back. «Not like I've got people lined up at my door.» Wry that. «I don't think you should feel bad about the school though. I totally didn't mean to infer that by living here you should be doing something. This is your home, right?»

Rogue smirks. "We could be all anti love, and watch horror movies and eat junk food, on the 14th. If you wanted, that is." A casual offer, looking up from her book. "We'd make an interestin' pair. Ya know tha gossip hounds would go nuts." A hint of a smile. "Only home Ah got."

Jonothon's shoulders shake and his eyes narrow, but it's in laughter. All the signs are there, even if he can't smile. «That sounds great.» A much better way to spend the day than sulking in his room. Never mind he can't eat. «You mean gossip hounds need truth to post things?» A befuddled look that he's clearly faking, and he motions with a hand. «Same for me.» Only home he has. Or at least the one he allows himself. «Meant that this is your home. You don't have to prove yourself to be here. Or be 'useful'.» Even motions the quotes around useful. «Bet Scott would say the same. I'm helping out only because I'd go crazy with boredom otherwise.»

She forgets, about the eating thing, sometimes. "See we can have the anti-date date. Horror movies. Stalk people getting all kissy faced with silly string. Water bombs." Nodding, a smile that's pure mischief for a moment. "Scott would likely give me that look, though. The disappointed one."

«Then we can silly string him when he gives that look.» Jonothon has seen it before, oh yes. It's okay, he doesn't mention the eating thing often. Most people have to, and being aware of his lack makes for discomfort. «What's he going to do? Blast us?» Not likely. «We should bring a camera too. Just in case.» If only to catch Scott kicking both your asses for it. That'd be worth it.

Rogue laughs, bringing her knees up, to hug them to her chest. "Good idea. Means we need like a case of silly string, though." Nodding seriously, sending a lock of white into her face. "Have to document everything."

Jonothon wrinkles his nose. «That wouldn't be hard to get. It'll be harder to keep it out of the hands of the kids.» And the clean up.. oy. Not looking forward to that. The man looks to his phone, looking at it thoughtfully. As he speaks he types out a few more words and then hits send. Doesn't want to forget it. «Or we could get the silly string to the kids and get them to clean it up afterwards. Doubt anyone would be fooled though.»

"We use it first. Then hand off some to the younger kids, and let them take the rap and cleaning duty." Rogue plots, eyes gleaming. "You always this evil?" Teasing.

Is he always this evil? «Yeah.» Said blandly, but there's a gleam in Jonothon's dark eyes. The phone is closed and tucked into a pocket. With this the man slouches back again, stretching out his legs. «Well, there are telepaths around here, and those kids can't lie about who they got the string from. We should just enjoy ourselves while we can and deal with cleanup later. Maybe we'll get our chance to cover Scott. Then give him a few cans so he's forced to help. The bloke does have a sense of humor in there.» Somewhere.

There's laughter out of the southern belle. "Should have known it. Dirty Brit." Teasing, a poke at him with the toe of her boot. "He might even be willing to get in on the plan. Ah know he's got a sense of humor." Rogue has an honest fondness for Scott, almost sisterly. Which, given how often they butt heads, might be appropriate.

Jonothon gives off a shrug, trying to look modest. It doesn't really happen. «We only look conservative.» Kind of, mostly? Some of the humor fades as he remembers something, and the man looks back to you. «Have to warn you. Sinister marked me a while back, and that mark's been burning the last few days. I start doing something I shouldn't, feel free to smack sense into me and put me somewhere I can't hurt anybody.» The man simply doesn't know what may happen, if anything at all. «..And what a way to ruin the mood, sorry.» He's good at that.

There's another snicker and smirk, that fades swiftly at the mention of Sinister. Green eyes go serious a moment. "Well, who better to smack you back into good sense and fly you off somewhere you can't hurt someone better than me?" Pretending to buff her nails on her sweater, ignoring the gloves. "It's not ruined."

A slow nod and he appreciates that. «Thanks. I did warn the others, and hope nothing comes of it, but I'd be an idiot to ignore it.» And Jonothon is trying not to be an idiot. He's been ignoring the mark as best he can, but it creeps in when he isn't thinking about it. «No idea why Sinister would want me. He's already got all the good mutants.» A roll of eyes and he idly scratches at a ruined cheek. «When is the singles day anyway? Or whatever you call it. Should I go out and buy silly string tonight just to be ready?»

"Hey now, he hasn't got me. Now what kind of a complete set would it be without me?" Trust Rogue to make light. "Valentines Day. The day all single people are fully made aware they are single."

Another wrinkles nose, «Can I simply be grateful he hasn't taken you?» You know, because you are really very, very scary power wise. «Such a bollocks holiday.» Jonothon does not approve. «No, I'm not bitter at all.» Rolling eyes at himself. «I'll see about the string. How about you get the movies? There are some new ones out I haven't seen yet.» Mainly because he's been missing for years.

Rogue arches her brow. "Awww, thanks, Jono. Maybe." A curious look. "He ever takes me, he'll need to put up a helluva fight to keep me, you know." A hand through her hair, tugging it over her shoulder. "We can be bitter together. At least you could hold hands with someone." She points out, a gloved finger aimed at him. "Could be worse, buddy." A chuckle. "Oh, Ah've got a great collection of new horror flicks. We should watch all the Saw movies back to back."

Laughter shows back on his upper features for your curious look. «Take it as the compliment it was meant as.» After that he nods about it could be worse. «Yeah. I know.» Said in a subdued manner. «Don't know how you manage really.» Said because he knows he couldn't. Jonothon doesn't touch often, but he is VERY glad that he can. «Sounds good.» The movies. «Don't bother worrying about junk food for me.» Rubs a finger on a chin he shouldn't have, yet does with the black mask up.

"In other words, Ah'm just too badass for Sinister to dare. Ah know." A mock cocky air, tossing her hair back. But it evaporates, at that mention. "Who says Ah manage? Ah don't, you know. Ah fake it. But then again, women have been fakin' it for years, right?" A crooked smile, sitting back. "More for me. Cheap date, Jono. Ah might have to like you."

«Exactly.» Too badass! Jonothon gives a firm nod to that. The humor shifts to serious as you claim you don't manage. There's quiet for a moment and slowly he nods again. What can he say to that? After a moment he says, «You know what I hate? Everyone constantly insisting that it will be okay. You'll be okay. Just be patient and it will change. That magic day will one day come..» Sarcasm as he shakes his head. «I know it could be worse for me. A lot worse, but those with everything just don't get it.» He looks out the window. «You understand. Don't doubt even better than I do.»

"You mean the people with perfect control, who get to skip through the fucking sunshine and can pass?" Rogue asks, a hint of bitterness in her tone. "Telling us how we're fine, there's nothing wrong with us, one day we'll wake up and suddenly everything will be fucking roses? That we'll have control, and someone to celebrate it with, and all that shit? Yeah. Ah understand." Her own eyes shift to the window.

Eyes shift back to you as you give your own bitter account. Oh yes, you understand. Jonothon seeks to touch your knee if he's able. Somewhere safe for you, but still trying to touch. He's not afraid to. «Exactly.» The touch, if allowed, doesn't linger. «When I realized I had to come back here, I realized I had to accept the reality of it all, and not the dream people keep spewing.» He leans on that hand, weight shifting and he tilts his head to nearly where his cheek almost touches his shoulder. «Sorry.. it's just nice to have someone who gets it. No pretty stories that are full of crap.»

Rogue glances back to your hand, then your face. "See, the part that kills me? People still edge around me. Knowing Ah can't hurt them when my skin is covered. So why do Ah dress in layers?" A shrug. "We can have our own no bullshit club. It can hold the first Anti Valentines day party here at Xavier's." A faint smile. "People still like to spew the dream at me. It gets hard to ignore, some days."

Jonothon shakes his head. «That's the part I don't get.» About people edging around you. «You cover up. You try and be as careful as you can. You don't worry me, Rogue.» Not in and of yourself. He shrugs, «I just don't touch people often.» A bit sheepish there. It's not you at all. «Sounds brilliant.» Having the no bullshit party. «Christ yes.» It bring hard to ignore. «All light and sunshine in your face.» He rolls his eyes in an exaggerated manner. «I want to punch people.»

A flicker of her gaze down to your hands. "Ah noticed. Ah can count on one hand, the number of people who've touched me since Ah've been back. One of them hardly counts." Quietly. "At least you understand what it's like to not be able to kiss anyone, huh?" A roll of her eyes. "Ah've managed a couple times, but.." One shoulder shrugging. "Christ, if Ah punched someone, Ah might shatter bones. But gawd, Ah'm there with you, sugar. Next time Ah might just yell in their faces to shut up."

Another nod, «It's been a while, yeah.» Since he could kiss anyone. Jonothon shrugs about you shattering bones. «That's why I said punch. I can't kill someone that way.» Well, not easily. Doesn't have the training, or strength, for such things. «Yelling is a good option for you.» He pauses for a time, then looks to you. «May I show you something?» Eyes scrunch up in a smile, for he can't do it any other way. «It's not dirty, promise. It's just something I don't feel I can show anyone else yet. I.. I just hope it doesn't bother you with what we've been talking about.»

"Well, you can punch them for me, and Ah can scream at them for you. Deal? We can do this. It's all about teamwork." Doing her best Scott impression for the last two sentences, before she laughs. A brow arching. "Ah wouldn't have assumed it was dirty, until ya said that." A grin. "Yeah, Jono. Ya can show me."

«Deal.» Even offers you his hand to shake. He then lifts a hand and shrugs, «You said I was a dirty Brit, so just in case.» Still laughing though. «I've been working on something, but it's still bollocked right now. Can't hold it long.» Jonothon Sits himself up and closes his eyes. The air actually grows heavy as he attempts something power wise. It's an effect that is very familiar for someone who's worked with telekinetics before. It takes him longer then he wants, and you get an apologetic look, but before long the cracks in his skin disappear. Jono then pulls down the black mask to show you a whole face. If this is what he looked like originally he's quite the handsome man. «Doesn't solve most my problems of course.» Said ruefully. «But I may at least get to kiss someone, someday. …if I can hold it.» Which isn't long now.

"Hey, nothin' wrong with bein' a little dirty, sug." A wink from the belle, who settles in patiently. She's used to watching new displays of power. You'll get to see her look change, jaw dropping open slightly. You are sort of a hottie. Then she manages to shut her mouth, a smile. "See? Don't worry, Ah won't tell the sunshine brigade. But that's awesome, Jono."

That jaw drop helps. More than you probably know. Jonothon's been so tired of being a 'monster'. Never mind he never was, and that's just his opinion of himself. He even manages a bit of a smile before works that black back into place. «Thanks.» For not telling, and thinking it's awesome. «I've had to accept a few.. aspects of my situation that I didn't much like.» Rueful again, and he knows you understand. «Part of it was that I've literally destroyed myself a couple of times. As in down to atoms. Yet each time I reformed whole, to once again explode and lose the face. Figured there has to be something I can do about that.»

Rogue has never thought of you as a monster, really. She's always known you're sort of a brother in arms. Someone else on the outside of the people who can control everything, have life figured. "Ah'm thinkin' Ah might be kinda jealous, of whoever she is." A teasing grin, a waggle of eyebrows.

That catches Jonothon by surprise and with it the crack lines spread back through his cheeks as he blinks at you. «…What?» But he doesn't have anyone. Isn't he cute when he's clueless? Ducking his head, the man rubs at his nose a little before looking away. «Heh.» Oh. Finally got it, sorry. «I wouldn't join you on Sunday if that were the case, but really, I think I'll have more fun with you.» So must get silly string.

The belle laughs, shaking her head. "Whoever it is you pick, when you get it all worked out, sugar. Ah might be a little jealous." Finger and thumb held an inch or so apart. "You'll come tell me though, right? That's the sort of hope even a case like Ah can believe in." A poke with her toe. "We are gonna have a killer time."

A firm nod for telling you. «Even people like us need a little hope. I'll tell.» Even if it's very little hope. Beggers can't be choosers after all. «Brilliant.» Jonothon looks forward to Sunday now. «Listen.. you need to vent, you come find me, okay? There's no point in being alone in this, Rogue. Sure I can't help much, but I can be there for you.»

"Ah should tell you, then. Ah got kissed, a couple weeks back. Erik. He's..magnetic whatsitcalled. He makes like… a forcefield. He can touch me." Her eyes are lowered, a blush on her cheeks. "He's not bad lookin', an' it makes it temptin' as hell, but.."

Jonothon's expression, such as it is, brightens as you talk. There's a guy who can kiss you? «…But?» Curious about that trailing off there. «You don't like the bloke?» Shit like that happens after all. A good looking guy doesn't mean someone you like.

"But Ah don't know him. He's…he seems nice enough." She doesn't know if him being Magneto's kid from…wherever is common knowledge, so she can't explain that it makes her ill at ease. "Him bein' able to touch me doesn't mean he likes /me/. An' Ah'm afraid Ah let him touch me…that Ah'll lose my good sense, ya know?"

Thinking about this, he frowns and finds he can't quite see what the issue is. Sorry, a bit shallow in some regards. «Well, I suppose that depends on what you want.» Jonothon scratches at his cheek again. «Rogue, I don't know your beliefs, so I'm working blind here, but I don't see any problem with you letting this guy touch you if it helps you. Gel, you don't have to love, or even like, someone to enjoy time together. And yeah, I'm talking sex.» There's that smile again. «If you're intrigued, spend time with him. That's the only way you are going to know, and if you get a little crazy… so?» He shrugs, «You've more than earned the right.»

"Ah don't know what Ah want." Her cheeks heat suddenly. "Jono, Ah know that. Got enough guys in my head, to know ya don't have to love someone to screw them. But Ah've never gone that far, ya know? It's supposed to mean somethin' and all that. And Ah don't want him thinking, that that's all Ah'd want him for, is because he can."

Accepting that, the man touches his own nose. You hit on it as he was thinking. «That's why you need to spend time with him.» Jonothon says with a nod. «I totally understand it's hard.» And boy does he. You've had so many failures and rejections that it's got to be hard to even think about this as a possibility. «But he kissed you, right? If you're uncomfortable then take it slow. If he wants to, he'll go along. All I can suggest is that you need to be up front about it. You want to see if you two get along. If you like one another. Gel, you can't know unless you try.» Says the hypocrite. «And no, I'm not promising anything.» A wrinkling of his nose. «No sunshine, no dreams, just this guy you might want to date. Treat it that way, take things a bit at a time, and find out if you are comfortable.»

"Date? Christ, Jono, who said anything about dating? Would you wanna date me, if you could touch me, because of your powers? He'd have to use them any time he wanted to touch me. Ah don't even know how long he can keep them up. Ah just… it would be nice. Bein' touched now and then." She's blushing hotly, head ducking to let herself hide behind her hair. "He's a lawyer, and all smart and crap. Why would he wanna date me?"

Why? Leaning back somewhat, Jonothon looks at you like you were crazy. «Are you serious? Rogue.. not only are you beautiful, but you're smart and highly capable. Who wouldn't want to date you?» Yes, he's very puzzled at this, but gradually he puts things together in his head and that expression settles. You've many of the same same esteem issues he does, don't you? It has him motioning a sigh. «Rogue, it's true. You're even prettier when you blush.» Okay, teasing you there. «Yes, I would date you if I could. So would many other guys. It's the whole passing out and being drained part that makes the problem, not who you are. Really, what have you got to lose? You can try and end up right back where you are now, or you can try and maybe get some touch time in. There's nothing wrong in it.»

"He's a /lawyer/, Jono. Ah never even got a degree past high school." Rogue points out. A playful kick at you when you tease her about being pretty when she blushes. "You would be willin' to date me, even if ya had to use your powers anytime ya wanted to touch me?" That's where her doubt is, it seems. "Ah haven't seen him since Ah found out he could touch me."

Shaking with laughter as he's kicked, he's clearly unrepentant about teasing you. «So?» He's most of a college education, but not much more than you. «And yes. Rogue.. I /am/ constantly using my power. The only reason I'm sitting here now is because I'm too stubborn to die. Why would it matter if that's the only way? At least there would be a way.» Jonothon settles back on the window seat, legs stretched out. It leaves him with his side to you, but that means you keep most the space. «You're really caught up on that power aspect, but I can't see how it matters. Don't make up reactions for him when you don't know the man. Isn't it his choice whether or not he wants to use his power to touch you?»

Rogue toys with a bit of her hair, white lock stark against black glove. "Ah'm just…what if we're in the middle of somethin', and his powers stop workin'? Ah mean come on, Jono! Ah got enough crap in my head, ya know?" She's blushing again. "Ah guess Ah'm worried that knowin' he can touch me might mess it up. Make me want him even if Ah shouldn't."

Jonothon can only spread his hands in a helpless gesture. «What if? What if they don't and you have a great time? Gel, I'm saying you should spend time with the bloke, not tackle and drag him to bed.» For all that might be fun. «So what if his powers don't hold? If you're sitting like we are, talking, does it matter? Stop talking yourself out of this before it even starts. Dinner, a movie.. that's not dire, is it?»

"Jono. Ah… Grr." She mock shakes a fist at you. "Ah mean what if we're gettin' all hot and heavy, and suddenly he's got power burnout. It would be a disaster!" Hands gesticulating. "And how do Ah spend time with him like a normal person, when Ah know the minute he's there, my mind is going to be thinking about him bein' able to touch me?"

«You don't.» Know. And all in spite of your threatening. Jonothon knows you don't mean to hurt him. «Did you know that your fears are the same as millions of others?» The tone is gentle there. «It doesn't take powers to make you uncertain about relationships. I think you're thinking too far ahead.» Motions back at you, but in a teasing manner. «Stop the 'what ifs'. Gordon Bennet, woman.. all I hear from you is 'But! But! But!' and no real issues. Say hi to the man sometime for Christ's sake. By the time you're ready to do the horizontal tango you're going to KNOW whether or not he's going the distance.»

Rogue snorts. "Jono, do you realize that he's kissed me already, and Ah know jack about the man? Ever think me bein' touched might sorta turn me into some airheaded slut?"

The man smacks his head. «Are you deaf?» Jonothon asks as he shakes with laughter. «Hi first. Dinner maybe. A few weeks of continued His, and then maaaaybe. Maybe. Maybe maybe you can get to the slut part.» Even motions with his hands for each instance.

Rogue sighs. "Jono. Ah know what you're saying. Ah'm saying did it ever occur to you that being touched might make me skip steps? Be just that damned eager?"

«Guess it's time to learn a little control then.» Said teasingly. Hands spread and Jonothon shrugs. «Keep a calendar with you, I don't bloody care. Keep track of how long it's been, what you've done. Just stop talking yourself out of it before you even try.» There's a pause as he tilts his head. «Want me to tell him you're hot for him?»

There's another of those not really kicks at the Brit. "Oh yeah. That will totally help him take me seriously and want to go out to dinner. Ya tell him Ah'm hot for him, he's just gonna try to nail me."

Jonothon's being an evil Brit most certainly, and the gleam in his eyes don't help hide that. «Guess you'll learn if you can hold back then, huh?» Nope, not being less evil. «In all honestly you'll know whether or not you can, Rogue, but that takes spending that time. Look at us. I dare say you've been having a good time and you haven't even started throwing yourself at me. Why would he be any different?»

A roll of her eyes. "Why would he be different? Ah wouldn't kill him. There's the difference. He could touch me. Hold my hand, even. Christ. It's… Ah'm worried Ah'd get greedy."

«Then be greedy.» Seems so simple to Jonothon. «In the end you've got to learn to trust yourself. You don't run around touching people randomly, so I can't see why you'd just jump into bed with this guy. Let him kiss you a few times? Hold your hand? Yes, but more? No, you're too afraid to hurt him for that.» Perhaps he sees more in you than you do.

"Ah don't run around touching people because Ah can't." Rogue argues. "If he thinks he can, an' he hints of pushes even a little, Ah just…Ah get the feelin' Ah'd be in bed with him in no time."

Jonothon shakes his head at you, auburn hair flopping over his eyes. «I doubt it. Not with how stubborn you're being right now. Hell, Rogue, drag me along those first few times. Safety in numbers? I don't enjoy being the third wheel, but it's not like those first times together you want to be intimate, right?» If you can't trust yourself..

"Ah don't want him feelin' like Ah think Ah need a chaperone, either. Ah.. Ah don't…christ, it's stupid to even talk about it!" Hands tossed up. "We don't even know if he likes me, or if he took pity on me, because he could kiss me an' knew Ah don't exactly get kissed very often."

«And how will you know if you don't try?» The man counters, imitating your gesture. «Would you rather remain as you are?» Jonothon asks that more seriously, tilting his head. «You don't have any of those answers until you say hullo that first time. I can't make you do anything, Rogue, I can only encourage.»

"Ah have to see him, first. He's a busy guy. Lawyer an' teacher an' all." Not that she's chicken or anything. "What, remain a friggin' nun? No."

Jonothon eyes you, knowing that tone, «And avoiding him makes it so much easier, huh.» He's so mentioning this to Erik if the two ever meet. The phone in his pocket beeps, but the man does little more than pull the phone out to stop the sound. Doesn't even read the screen before jamming it back into said pocket. «Nun or talking to him. You're choice.»

"Not avoiding him." Stung, drawling a little heavier. "Ya know Ah don't spend tons of time out of my room." A flare of color on her cheeks. "Ah'll say hi when Ah see him."

Resting back against the glass, Jonothon folds his arms over his chest. «Avoiding him.» He insists. You know, because he's never, ever done anything like that. Oh no. /sarcasm «He teaches here, Rogue. You can easily find out where he'd be. After kissing you and you avoiding him, he probably thinks the worst already. Why not at least assure you don't find him disgusting?»

She's blushing. "Considering once he did, Ah sure as hell kissed him again? Ah doubt he thinks Ah think he's disgusting. And he's a busy guy. When Ah see him, Ah will!"

The smile creeps back in over his remaining features for you blushing. «Seriously, you're much prettier when you blush.» He'll gladly take the kick for that. «You'd better.» Talk to him. Jonothon doesn't mention that if he kissed a girl (Ignoring the impossibility of that right now) and she avoided him afterwards, yeah, he'd think she didn't like him at all. «Too bad it's so close to singles day. Maybe you could have been dating for it.» See, hope. You both have it, even as broken as you are.

No kick, just a serious glaaaaaaare. "Ah said Ah will, damnit!" No one questions Rogue when she says she'll do something! "You are such a pain in tha ass. Remind me why Ah decided to like you again?" She doesn't mean that, of course. "Shit, Ah'd still rather spend it watchin' horror movies. Too much emotional pressure, that day."

Why do you like Jonothon? «I'm the evil arse who's probably one of the only ones around here who actually gets it. That's why.» He's smiling because you said you like him. That's a damn good start as far as he's concerned. «I'm still getting silly string.» You get the movies.

"That's right. Yeah." A smirk. "You better. Be very put out, Ah go to get all those movies, and you don't keep up your end of the deal, sugar." Rogue pokes him with a toe again. "And when he kisses me again, I'll tell you." When, not if. See?

«Deal.» And that's for both. Silly string and being told when. «I'm afraid I should go though.» Jonothon says that with regret. It brings him to reluctantly move to stand. «Hank's expecting me. You going to be okay with your book?» He really is Hank's teaching assistant. This translates to grading a lot of papers most of the time. «Totally wasn't lying about you being beautiful either, Rogue. You are.» Not even a hint of exaggeration either. Doesn't linger after this though. Jono tilts his head at you, and then quietly takes his leave.

"Ah'll be fine with my book, Jono. Ah like bein' alone, remember? Give Hank a hello for me." She's blushing again, at that compliment. "Thanks, sugar. Ah'll see ya later."

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