2009-04-03: The Sword And The Paper


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Summary: Just some chilling at the warehouse with the YA boys

Date: April 3, 2009

The Sword and the Paper

Rating: PG

NYC - Seaside Warehouse

This warehouse is like any other. It's cold, somewhat damp, there are boxes stacked up about the place and a second floor that only wraps around the inner edge of the building, made to look over the floor below. Only there is something odd about this place, as those boxes and rooms hold the property of the Young Avengers. Training ground and living quarters for the young team.

Sitting on the couch in the main area of the Young Avengers hideout, Teddy Altman's dressed casually right now. Just jeans and a jersey with the number 09 on it, he's got his laptop as he's resting up. Checking his e-mail, the shapeshifter just hums a little tune and waits for Billy or the others to get back.

Billy's been away checking on his parents. Now that everything's fine, he's just walking in the door. Holding out his hand, the sword appears in his fist. He opens it, and it vanishes. He repeats the maneuver as he walks. "Neat."

Terry has been almost glowing since his fight with the people of the other universe, he never would have thought that it was going to be that much fun to take on an army of people…or get to fight Daredevil. Lucky for him it is still day time so the occasional glow goes unnoticed as he tap tap taps his way to the YA hangout. Grinning like a maniac he follows into the building right behind Billy callingout, "Hello!"

"Agent Crash?" Teddy murmurs, closing an e-mail. He looks up at Billy and smiles. "Hey, Babe. Playing with phallic symbols again?" he teases. When Terry walks in, Teddy chuckles. "And hello, Terry."

"No, I'm trying to figure this thing out. It's weird. When I want it, it's there. When I don't want it, it leaves." Billy says, tilting his head as he looks at it. "Oh, hey, Bat-Boy." He offers to Terry as he moves over to sit next to Teddy. "Agent Whatnow?"

Terry smirks, "Whats this about phallic symbols, and why was I not invited to play with them too?" Terry slips into the room and finds a nice chair to sit in leaving his bag by his legs. "Blind jokes? I am sure you can do better than that, especially since I spent most of the fight at the Staples Center flashing the enemy…and doing a good job at keeping them distracted while I was at it."

Teddy waves it off, closing down his e-mail. "Just some e-mail from a guy that plays a game I used to awhile back. Guess he found my old profile…" he trails off. "Billy's magic sword," he explains to Terry. "Well…you got it from the other you…maybe we need to do some research."

"Mm. No, it's more than a blind joke." Billy says, patting the seat for Terry to sit down if he wants. They're both small. They can fit with Teddy. "It's because bats aren't REALLY blind, but people think they are. They have better developed other senses than people know. And they still know where things are." He grins. "Yeah, Though… I don't know what it is, really."

Terry decides to sit with Billy, more fun to have several people all squished up together. "Hmm there is that, but what I do is not quite echo location though. Well if you don;t know what it is, have you tried finding someone that knows more about that kinda thing, like a powerful wizard or someone that is an expert on mythic weapons and stuff?"

Teddy leans over and kisses Billy. "Well…that one blonde girl that was there said she used to have one. Maybe if we find out if she had a counterpart here and find her, that version will have one of those swords too," he suggets. "Or we ask the Avengers for Dr. Strange's number."

"Probably. What did they say her name was? Illyana?" Billy says, trying to remember. "I wonder if we could find anything by asking about Illyana and sword?" He says, thinking about things as he shrugs. "I dunno. And Dr. STrange… funny. I didn't run into him while I was doing my world tour of magery."

Terry shrugs as he reaches into his bag and pulls out a sketch pad. "Any chance I could get a look at the sword, I can give you a good picture of it, something that you can show people when asking about it. Who knows, if there is any writing on it we could always get someone to look at it and translate it to see if that gives any clues."

Teddy nods. "Yeah. Illyana…she seems kinda familar but I can't quite place it," he shrugs. "Maybe Dr. Strange wasn't available. He seems like he'd be a busy guy," the shapeshifter guesses.

"No real need, Terry. We're card carrying Avengers. I can show it to people. It's not like I'm going to use it. And, if I go to a magic user, they won't be able to sense anything from a drawing. All I can sense is… myself." Billy shrugs softly, snuggling closer to Teddy. "But thanks anyway. Whatcha got in there?" He asks, pointing at the sketch pad.

Terry shrugs and grins, "Well I was more thinking if you asked around with people that might not know your a hero and all, but if you go through official channels I guess no deed right? Well, its just my sketch pad…at lest the one for this month. I don't have much in it at the moment, just a couple of line drawings of the people on the team I have met, and one of a cute guy I spotted on the battle field the other day facing off against the trapster."

Teddy frowns as he gets another new e-mail notification but shrugs it off. Slipping an arm around Billy, the hybrid looks up. "We should check the Avengers Database to see if the records have anything," he advises. Looking over at Terry, Teddy quirks and eyebrow. "Drawings of people on the team?" he asks.

"Oh? Can we see?" Billy asks, cheerfully. He's actually met Dai. Waaaaay back in the day. He'll know who he is. "Maybe they will." He says with a nod, thinking things over. "Who's that one from?" He snickers.

Terry grins innocent at Teddy and Billy, "Sure I don't mind sharing at all. Nothing too great in there though, mostly ideas I keep getting for pictures or something to fill the time since I tend to only sleep three hours a night and need to keep myself from getting bored. Although, you might want to skip the last page…there are some test sketches there you might find….a little more interesting than others."

Teddy smirks a little. "Flirting more?" he teases Terry gently. Teddy's sitting on the couch with his computer on his lap and his arm around Billy with Terry nearby this nice evening. He quirms an eyebrow at the news of the last page. "Oh? Why's that?"

Billy does take the pad and look through it, giggling. Of course, where does he go first… those last few page. He can't help but laugh. "Dude, you could have asked, I would have posed." He points a couple of the pictures out to Teddy before he flips back through it. "Ooooh, isn't that Dai? The kid that used to sometimes hang with Laura and Art?"

Elijah steps out of the kitchen, munching on a chicken leg. "Hey guys…" He leans in the door frame. "What's going on?"

Terry is in his civilian clothes sititng on the couch right next to Billy and Teddy letting them flip through a sketch book of his. "WEll I did not know you that well, besides it is mostly a guesse…and of course I am flirting agian. If I did not flirt all I would have to talk about is art and physics."

Teddy chuckles as he looks over the pictures. "Yeah, Terry. I'd pose too. How about us three get together and you can do a proper sketch," he offers, grinning to Terry. Looking over, Teddy waves to Eli. "Hey, Eli. How's it goin'?" he asks.

"Definitely, Terry. We're vain enough to consider it flattery to be drawn." Billy winks, tossing a wave up at Eli. "Oh come on… You're eating Chicken? You know I cook better stuff than that." He says, rolling his eyes. "Speaking of, I'd better get myself in gear and get to cookin'." He says, getting up. Once more, he brings his soulsword into his hand before vanishing it. "Still cool." He steps into the kitchen for a bit.

Elijah watches Billy walk into the kitchen. "No, you don't. Grandma made this, and it's the best in the country." He smirks at him and chuckles. "Doing all right, Teddy. How's everything here? Looks kinda casual. That's fine, always good to have some downtime…"

Terry grins and nods at Teddy and Billy, "Well if your interested I can always set up some time at my studio, who knows if I get a good pose or two I might do a watercolor for my showing." Terry waves at Elijah and grins at him as well. "Hello, given we just went to war not long ago down time might be called neccisary."

Teddy gives Billy a kiss as he goes then leans back. "A showing we probably shouldn't do, Terry…might get us into trouble. But you're welcome to it for your private gallery," he says with a smirk. "Yeah, Eli. I was out patrolling this morning so I'm just resting up until my night patrol."

Elijah nods. "Sounds good." He finishes the chicken leg and tosses the bone into the trash. "Terry, do you have an exhibition coming up soon?"

Terry laughs a little shaking his head, "I would not have anything that would identafy you, as your heroic selves or your civilian Ids…unless you have a noticable tattoo." Terry nods at Elijah and starts to dig though his bag, "Yeah, my agent put together a small exibition that was supposed to open a week ago, but the whole thing was put off for a while because of the whole alternate reality invasion. We just started to reschedule things, the date is not firm yet but we will probably end up opening at the start of May."

Teddy chuckles. "Billy doesn't have any and I can't get them," he says. There's a small sigh, remembering the one he'd gotten while younger as a bit of a rebellion against his mother…and then it healing away a few days later. Sure, he can shapeshift whatever he wants on but it's not the same. "You should pose for a drawing too, Eli," he suggests to the team's leader.

Elijah ponders the idea for a moment and nods slowly, sitting in a nearby chair. "Sounds good. It's not like I'm that well known outside of my costume." He shrugs with a grin. "Is there anything specific I should wear, or any instructions on how to pose properly?"

Terry grins and stops to look at Teddy with a questoning look before he says the first 3 things he thinks of. "You can wear what ever you want, even the traditional choises for life modeling, and how you pose does not matter as much. Ahh Hah!" Terry grins as he pulls out a brochure that he had stuffed in the bag, and offers it over to anyone that wants to look. "This is what we had marked up for the showing before things went to heck."

Teddy, still on the couch with his laptop, is dressed casually. He shrugs in reply to Terry's look, not sure what it means. "I meant more that we don't want to chance IronMan or one of the other Avengers recognizing us and giving us the lecture," he chuckles.

Elijah looks at the brochure and nods slowly. "You're quite talented, I'd love for you to do a sketch of me, or whatever medium you would like." He hands it back with a smile.

Terry is likewise dressed casualy, sitting on the couch with Teddy with a Billy sized space between them. He takes the brochure backa nd offers it up to Teddy in case he wants to see it. "Thank you Eli, I can call yo Eli right? I just have a talent for it, hmmm, oddly I think a nice light out of dark portrait would work…maybe waist up with a bare chest to show off those great muscles…"

Teddy takes the brochure and looks it over. "Nice," he says. Hearing what Terry has planned brings a smile to Teddy's face. "That does sound good," he remarks, handing the brochure over to Terry and then typing something on his laptop.

Elijah nods to Terry. "Go ahead, everyone does." He looks around and stretches. "Nice to have things quiet down."

Walking into the Warehouse is Dante, he was off visiting his mother and just returned now. He looks around the room a bit surprised at all the people there and offers a smile and wave. Telepathically he speaks to Teddy sinec he's the one he's most comfortable with. ~Are we having a team meeting?~

Terry is not using his powers at all, so he has yet to notice the mute telepath enter the room yet. "Its one of the first thigns that I could think of after I got a peek at Eli's face the day we met. The good news about doing it that way is You can choose weather or not you want to wear your pants to pose Eli."

Teddy leans back to peers towards the door when he hears it opening. He smiles to Dante. "Hey, Dante. No team meeting. We're just hanging out. Billy's making some food for us now," he says. "I don't think you guys have all met yet…" he trails off. "C'mon over and meet everyone, Dante!"

Elijah looks over to the newcomer and stands, hand extended. "My name's Elijah, but just call me Eli. Pleased to meet you." He grins at him.

Dante walks over and shakes Elijah's hand and opens up his mind link so he can talk to everyone mentally and they all can 'hear' him. ~Nice too meet you Eli, I'm Dante. I apologize for speaking like this but this is the only way I can talk.~ He says with a smile, he gives a confused look about Eli wearing his pants to pose.

Terry blinks and holds a hand to his forehead as he suddenly has someone talking inside his brain. "Woah, that is…woah." For an instant his mind rushes to a speed that can only be described as relatavistic as he uses his powers to take a look at the new comer before shutting it off and slowing his mind to a rate closer to a normal humans. Terry waves to Dante, "Hi, you can call me Terry."

Teddy smiles, glancing at his computer and typing something up before hitting enter. "Man, if Tommy and Jonas'd pop in we'd have the entire team together…" he trails off quietly. "How ya been, Dante?" he asks. ~Don't mind Terry. He's an artist and likes to flirt. Eli's gonna pose for a picture. Me and Billy too.~ he hopes the telepath 'hears' him.

Elijah shakes his hand and grins. "Interesting, I've never experienced telepathy before. It'll take some time to get used to, but I have no problems." He grins at Dante and sits back down. "Have a seat, we're just relaxing. How're you doing?"

Dante smiles and takes a seat, he does 'hear' Teddy and just nods to him. ~I'm doing pretty good, was just visitn my Mom. I need to hit a computer shop and get a few more parts for the new computer I'm working on." Dante loves his computers and building or programming them. ~It's nice to meet you Terry. And again, Sorry Eli, I'm mute so this is the only way I can talk."

Terry nods at Dante and grins. "Nice to meet you too, bit of an odd experaince considering the fact that I know my rain tends to run a bit different than others. Never had much luck with computers, of cose that can be explained by my upbringing in the commune.

Teddy smiles and nods. "Oh yeah, Dante. Now that we have it fully and and running…the computer room over there's open if ya wanna use it sometime," he gestures towards the mentioned room.

Elijah smiles. "No need to apologize. It just will take some getting used to, is all." He stretches and looks around the room. "Well then."

~Computer room?!~ And there's a bit of excitement in Dante's thoughts as Teddy brings that up. He doesn't mean to filter it through but all sorts of computer programing ideas form in his head and start getting 'sent' to the others. ~Sorry, I'm just a computer nerd, I love working on computers. And it doesn't matter Terry everyone has their interests.~

Terry grins as he sees the computer ideas flicher through his mind and can't help himself. Terry holds up his right hand and creates a hologram of the computer chip from the second Terminator movie float over his hand a moment. "Funny thing is, light is my interest, either in art or the physics behind it."

Teddy nods, starting to say something when the info-flood happens. Shaking his head, Teddy blinks. "Don'y worry, Dante. And it's super advanced sttuff. Jonas worked on it…and it's connected to the Avengers Database," he explains.

Elijah nods. "You're all into things I have never done before, and it's all amazing." He smiles. "I feel… I dunno, kinda jealous you can do things I can't."

The words about it be super advanced just peeks Dante's interest more as he grins brightly. He loves computers and the techincal programming side of them. ~I'm really goign to have to check that out then and sorry Eli. I just love computers, I absorbed myself in them since I was young.~ When you're mute and don't have many friends you find what ever hobby you can, and that you love, to absorb yourself into.

Terry nods at Dante and his being absorbed by computers at a young age. He can kind of understand how he feels, remembering the scary points in his life where his sight was failing and how comforted his mother's voice made him feel as she explained how light worked. "And I am sure there are a few things your into Eli that we have never been close to."

Teddy glances over at Eli, giving him a smile. "I know what ya mean, Eli," he says. The shapeshifter glances towards the kitchen containing his mystic boyfriend. He goes otherwise quiet save for the occasional typing. Just working on a few material request forms he's gonna give to the Avengers later.

Elijah nods at them. "I've never really had much money, nor did my family, so I couldn't afford anything. Mostly I was either into sports or reading." He shrugs. "Never had much time outside school or work for hobbies. I like music, and I play a few sports. I dance, kinda…"

~Neither did I Elijah, it was just my Mom trying to make ends meet for the two of us and..well..afford all my speical schooling when I was young." Dante says and that's why he got a job as soon as he could to help her. ~Computers, comics and fantasy, sci fi stuff for me. I did a lot of stuff at the computer lab and computer classes at my high school….in between the swirlies.~ The last part wasn't ment to be thought outloud.

Terry shrugs, "Money never really figured as anything in my growing up. We raised our own food, everyone took turns working the compost heap, and we al helped in the kitchen when we could. I miss it sometimes, then I remember just how boring it got with no clubs to go to or anything to do in the middle of the night."

Teddy looks down, feeling a bit bad about a few things. Mostly just how he and his mother stepped into a carefully arranged prepared life that was designed for them to always be well off. Then Dante brings up swirlies and Teddy thinks back to some of the things he regrets doing in the past while with Greg Norris. Letting out a little sigh, he focuses on not looking at any of his teammates for a few moments.

Dante nods to Terry. ~My father left my mother after I was born so it was just us. Clubs, I've never been to a club.~ His friend circle right now is the Young Avengers and Dante really is a geek. The long hair, the Star Wars t-shirt, his obession with computers and fantasy…he'd rather stay home trying to figure out how to over clock his PC.

Terry nods and at least always had the loving, if increadibly strange, family. "Yes clubs, small dark places willed with people rythmicly shaking to loud techno music while strobes flash. If there is nothing else to do at 3 am in New York there is always a dance club somewhere that is open…and blind or not I am told that on the dance floor I cam pretty fly for a white guy."

Teddy looks up and gives Terry a -look-. Shaking it off, he chuckles. There's a pause, the shapeshifter frowning at his computer again. "Alright guys, I'm gonna go check through the Avengers Database for Billy. "I'll be back in a few," he says, standing up and stretching. "I'll be in the computer room if you need me."

Dante lets out a slient laugh at the 'pretty fly for a white guy' comment. ~Wait, mind if I join you, I really want to take a look at the machine!~ Dante says getting up. He looks over to Terry and waves. ~It was nice finally meeting you Terry!~ He thinks anxious to see this computer.

Terry nods at Dante and Teddy. "Nice to meet you guys too. I think I am gonna stick right here and sketch out a couple of ideas."

Teddy chuckles at how Dante sounds. "Alright, alright…just don't take it apart or anything or Jonas will be all," he quickly shapeshifts in Vision and gives Dante one of the 'Stern Vision Looks!'. Laughing, he shapeshifts back to himself. "Alright, Terry. See ya at dinner," he says, making plans to talk with Billy about something later.

Dante gives that silent laugh again and shakes his head. ~Okay, okay, I'll try not too. At least when Joans isn't there. See you around Terry!~ Dante 'says' as he follows Teddy into the computer room with excitement.

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