2011-06-28: The Teacher The Teen And The Child


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Summary: Kenta and Ashley meet for the first time, along with Kenta's Son Armande.

Date: June 28, 2011

Log Title: The Teacher The Teen And The Child

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Ashley has made his way down to the kitchen this morning for some time to his own thoughts. And for some breakfast. As ever, a pair of black cargo pants clad his lower half, no notice given to the summer weather there; although he's traded the hoodie for a lighter windbreaker, unzipped and hanging about his upper frame with the hood up over his head. He's seated himself at the island, perched up on a stool, one arm leaning against the countertop and curled around a bowl of cereal. The other hand mechanically works the spoon, up and down, while the youth peers into the depths of the milk-filled bowl.

"Oh yea?" Kenta says to his son as a young kid seems to be rambling on and on as he walks hand in hand with his Dad. Kenta is dressed in a CBGB sleevless shirt over a pair of ripped jeans. The black markings that cover his arms and his solid black eyes are exposed. "Our teacher told us that Captain America was frozen too! And the Avengers found him and unfroze him so he could fight for America again." Kenta seems amused by his son's ramblings as he nods to the kid. "Alright, well how about we make you some pizza lunch?" He says as he walks over to the freezer. "Go sit at the table." There's a nod to Ashley from Kenta. "Yo. Hope you don't mind my son keeping you some company, he might talk your ear off though. With school out he's hanging around with me more."

The teenaged pyrokinetic is so lost in his contemplation of this bowl of cheerios, that he doesn't even notice the entry of Kenta and his talktaive son, missing out on the kid's exuberant explanation of where Captain America came from. Kenta's more direct acknowledgement of Ash brings him around though, looking up with that faraway look before he blinks himself back to the present. "Oowah?" he 'says' in that brief instance of returning to reality, then he glances between Kenta and son. "Yeah, sure.." he says, motioning to the otherwise empty kitchen, "…don't let me stop you."

"This is Armande and I'm Kenta." Kenta says introducing himself. "I'm the music teacher here but none of that Mr. Gilpatrick, Mr. Kenta or any sorta Mr. or Sir crap." He says as he pulls out a chair fo Armande to sit down on and goes to the freezer. "So, Armande, what kinda pizza do you want?" "Cheese!" The seven year old answers as Kenta prepares to throw the frozen disc in the oven. "So, new kid, how are you enjoying your summer here so far? Anyone hang your boxers from the flagpole yet?"

Ash's blue eyes watch father and son as he munches away on sugar-coated cheerios. Those 'so healthy for you!' ads on the box generally mean eating it without a bowl of sugar, but eh. Kenta and Armande are introduced, and Ash finishes his mouthful of cereal to politely offer up his name: "Ash." Well, not his full name, but then again he doesn't exactly go around using his full name either. So it's good enough. Another bite of cereal is consumed as Kenta poses the question, giving him time to think of an answer. "It's… interesting, to say the least…. no, no boxers up the flagpole."

"Nice to meet you Ash. I knew an Ash once, he was a Hellhound. Really nice guy." Kenta muses. "Man that was a long time ago, probably when I was your age Ash." He pushes himself up to sit on the counter as he waits for the oven to heat up. "Well I guess that's good, I probably would have done the boxers up the flagpole on the new kids when I was a student here." He says grinning. Armande looks at Ash and just asks him. "What are your super powers? I want superpowers like my Dad or my Mom someday! Then I can be a superhero like Thor. Thor's the best Avenger cause he has a cape."

From the mouth of babes. Any questions Ash might have as to what a hellhound is quickly sidetracked by Armande's rather direct. The youth shifts on the stool, turning towards the kid. "Well, Armande, I'm a pyrokinetic, which means I can create and control fire." he says, rather serious sounding. "…or so they tell me. Still working on the control part." he muses around a mouthful of cereal. His head tilts to the side at the comment on Thor, having heard enough about the rest of the world out in the boondocks to recognize the name. "…well, you gotta be careful with a cape, you don't wanna get it caught on anything."

"My Mom could control fire! And the other elements." Armade says as he makes a face about the capes. "If you're a superhero you get a supercape that doesn't get caught on stuff. Do you ever see Thor's cape getting caught on stuff?" Kenta can't help but chuckle a bit as his son rambles on. "Sorry, you have to excuse Armande. He's got some big dreams due to both his parents having super powers. Don't ya kid?"

For random mutations, pyrokinetics and its ilk seem to be pretty popular. No matter, Ash just chuckles at Armande's insistence on a supercape, as he finishes the last of the cereal, lifting the bowl to pour the sugary milk goo down his throat. Wiping the back of his arm across his mouth, he nods to Kenta, "I'm sure I would have, if I grew up exposed to it to." he comments.

Kenta shrugs. "Yeah, well being a single father and having to have Armande come here a lot with me he sees a lot of kids with superpowers. He's kinda like the mascot to my music class." He teases his son as he goes to throw the frozen pizza in the now preheated oven. "So, Ash..am I gonna be seeing you in my classes at all next year? Any secret talents of being a trombone player or a fiddler?"

Broad shoulders shrug under the ligh windbreaker, as Ash slips from the stool to drop the empty bowl into the sink. "I don't know, really. I'm not sure what I'll be doing next year." Beyond 'repeating his Senior year,' but that information is clear enough. And then his brow lifts a bit as he leans against the sink, turning back towards Kenta and Armande, "…fiddler? No, no, definately not. I don't think I haev a musical bone in my body…"

"I'd always rather have been a musican than a super hero but you got where life takes ya. I think I like the calm of here now." Kenta says as walks over and sits down at the table. "And that's too bad, you'll be missing out on a fun class. I cover everything from blues, to jazz, to modern rock." Armande then chimes in. "Dad says I have to learn to play the guitar."

"As well you should." Ash replies to Armande, "…since if you don't get superpowers, that way you can be a rock star, and still wear a cape." he says with a grin to the boy. Then back to Kenta, another shrug, "…like I said, I haven't even given much thought to what I'll be taking next year. I figure that'll happen in August, or something. So I dunno, maybe music'll be a requirement or something."

"Like David Bowie?!" Armande asks sounding delighted. "Yes." Kenta responds. "Like David Bowie." He shrugs to Ashley. "Armande here is subject to all my music tastes. Our apartment in the city has vinyl records all over the place. And music isn't ever a requirement. It's an elective type of class. I try to make it fun more than work so after that long day of Mutant Ethics kids can have some Daft Punk to look forward to."

The pyrokinetic nods as he listens to Kenta, "Well, maybe I'll have space on my schedule come September." the teen offers with another shrug. Ash doesn't seem to the type to make long term plans, anyway, so that's better than nothing.

"We'll see, we'll see. Then Armande can bug you more but then Armande's going into second grade next year, aren't ya bud?" Kenta says to his son as he nods enthusiastically. "I like school, it's fun." Armande says. "Recess is the best but the other kids don't have a cool Dad." He says as Kenta shakes his head as he goes to get the small pizza out of the oven for his son. "So did you get to ride on the Blackbird here or did they just ship you over on a train or car?"

Ash chuckles a bit at Armande's enthusiasm, "Enjoy it while it lasts. You don't get recess once you get through your first few years." Then Ash's eyebrows climb up his forehead in response to 'Blackbird.' That would answer THAT question, even if he didn't shake his head, "Train." Which is better than 'police escort,' which was always a possibility for him. "Too far for a car, so I got a train ticket." he shrugs a bit.

"The Danger Room is recess…duh." Armande says. "I like trains, they're cool. I go on one when I visit my grandma and granpa in the city!" Kenta puts the plate of food in front of Armande and goes to sit down again. "The Blackbird is pretty cool though. Since I can fly I don't really use it but I've been on a couple of times. Unlike any plane in existance."

From the look crossing Ash's features, he doesn't quite share Armande's assessment of the Danger Room. But he's yet to be tortured… I mean, trained in the Danger Room yet, so it remains to be seen. He does chuckle at the kid's proclamation that it is recess, giving a bit of a nod. "Super secret jet, huh? No kidding, sounds pretty slick."

"Well this is a school that is all the Headquarters for the X-Men so…I think a super secret jet would be expected." Kenta says with a shrug. "Sam runs the Blackbird training classes for those who wish to learn to fly it. That guys got balls of steel willing to teach kids to be able to fly." He says shaking his head. Armande is too busy stuffing his face with pizza to really say anything.

Ash's interest perks up there. Flying lessons to. Huh, maybe this school isn't so bad. "Seriously? They teach flying lessons here?" he asks, wanting to make sure he didn't misunderstood Kenta's last comment. And here he was thinking it'd be all boring schoolwork.

"Well they teach two types." Kenta explains. "One is how to fly with your powers, that sort of stuff even I can teach since I can fly using my dark force or my wings. I prefer the wings." Which aren't visible at the moment. "The other is how to fly the Blackbird. You need to be eighteen and have a drivers licence to fly that baby."

That explanation brings a moment of silence from Ash, as he muses on something. Chewing on his lower lip briefly. Well, Xorn was asking him about what he wanted to learn, looks like 'flight' just climbed way up his list of things to do. As Kenta mentions wings, however, the teen does glance at the man's shoulders, expecting to see a pair of wings there. "Eighteen and a driver's license…" he murmurs to himself.

"Nah, I don't have the wings out. They're made of energy, my dark force energy and I can call 'em up at will." Kenta explains as he notices the look. "And if you don't have a drivers license you can learn how to drive here. I think Dr. Parker-Mayfair runs drivers ed. So! HOw old are you Ash if ya don't mind me asking?"

"Eighteen." Ash answers easily enough. Which would explain his interest in flying a super secret X-Men jet. "..and I'm licensed to drive." At least in Michigan, since they didn't suspend his license after that little incident.

"Well if you're interested talk to Sam. If you know anything about the X-Men he goes by Cannoball. He's been doing the superhero thing since he was sixteen." Kenta says shaking his head. "As sixteen I was too concerned with girls and music."

Ash nods, making a mental note to approach Sam in regards to flying lessons; powered and.. uh… powered. He'd be lying if he wasn't a little bit jealous when he noticed that Jem could fly with her powers. But this isn't something the youth brings up here. "Thanks, I'll definately follow up on that with Mister Xorn, he should be able to point me in the right direction."

"Yeah he probably can. He works more with Sam than I do with Xorn being an X-Men an all." Kenta says as he gets up and heads over to fridge and pulls out a can of soda. He looks at Armande and ruffles his hair. "How about we go visit Mom's grave today since it's the holiday coming up and then go to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner?" He asks before Armande nods. "Okay!"

Being that Ash is in Alpha Squadron, it makes that sort of thing easy. The teen lifts a hand in a wave to Kenta, "Have a good one…" he gives in departure, giving a good-bye wave to Armande as well, "Have fun, nice to meetcha, Armande."
With that, Ash slips out of the kitchen, leaving Kenta and Armande to their father-son stuffs.

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