2020-06-19: The Traitor



Summary: The Traitor from the Rebellion meets with the man who’s been manipulating him.

Date: June 19, 2020

Log Title: The Traitor

Rating: R (L)

The Future - Salem Center - Mutant Camp

Off in the distance, the crumbling remains of a school in ruins is stark contrast to the brilliance that once represented Xaviers dream. Now converted into a mutant camp, the surrounding area offers a humbling experience for those familiar with the grounds original purpose. Now best described as an open-air prison yard, tall walls, robot guards, and automated defenses keep depowered mutants inand yet-to-be-caught fugitives out. Oppression is heavy in the air. The sound of laughter and innocent screams replaced with something darker: A non-stop orchestral movement of roving Sentinels, anguished cries, and the shuffling of mutant feet to and from any of the many residential buildings, work sites, or sparse mess halls.


As soon as the portal vanishes, Dingo lets up on his sandstorm, reforming himself into human form. He holds up a hand and disinters some Hunters he buried earlier, releasing them from the chambers he'd been hiding them in. He glances around the dwindling chaos, trying to discern who is currently in charge of this area.

( One of the helicopters lands and a man, in a suit no less, steps out with two Hunters next to him. No 'M' is on these hunters faces, there are good ol' flatscans doing their 'American Duty'. "Dingo…you lied to us." Are the first words out of the man's mouth who has been working with him. His name is Daniel Kinsley and he's never smiled one time he's seen the mutant. "You said there would be three of you but there were more. You let all of them get away." )

Dingo turns when the chopper lands, the dust that it kicks up seems to part before coming in contact with the man, collecting around him in a ring before settling. He does not seem all too thrilled to be speaking to the man. "I don't know who those others were. The ones in capes? I wasn't told they'd be here tonight. They must be those Harbingers I heard about. No one knows who they are…I think." He shakes his head, "I was a surprised as you. I took out their weapon stash, I protected a good number of your hunters, and I planted tracing devices on two of the escaping mutants." He shrugs, "Not my fault if your guards aren't trained well enough to defend against an attack they knew was coming."

"Who are these Harbingers Dingo?" Daniel asks roughly, this is news to him. "We want more than 'I didn't know' excuses. Too many Hunters died and we lost more mutants than we can hide from the public and you expect us to excuse this? I should have my men execute you right now." There's a glare and a few moments of silence before there is a smirk. "But no, I think I'll let you live today. You and Jack. The only reason you're not dead is because of the tracking devices, but I don't think this deserves Jack's freedom."

Dingo does not fear for his own life. There is enough dust here from the rubble that he could survive just about any attack, but the mention of Jack certainly gets his attention. The sands around him swirl in an angry manner, moving into the air like tendrils of smoke. "I did everything in my power. I didn't know the Harbingers were coming, I didn't even know they were real. They're a rumor in the tunnels that's all. They say that the Sentinels can't even detect them, but you'll have to check your machines to verify that." He looks furious, "I did everything that you asked, and you agreed to give Jack back to me. I thought you prided yourself as being a man of your word."

"A man of my word? Dingo, I a man of my job. There's a difference." Daniel would admit that he's a man to go back on his word, especially if it meant getting the job done. "No…we're not done with you, or that little mutant rebellion. Volk, the one who calls himself Buff, Arsenal, Domino, These…Harbingers, the Handicap…we need them eliminated." He says but he doesn't give Dingo a straight order. "You want to see Jack again…meet me on the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday for you new assignment." He then turns to leave and head back into the Helicopter.

Dingo's sands seem to move out as though they're preparing for an attack, but they stop moving. Dingo will come after this man himself once he gets Jack to safety. For now he'll have to bide his time and play along. "I have no love for those people. The Harbingers…Will be difficult. I don't know how many there are. I don't know what their powers are. I'll ask around and see what I can find." He shakes his head, "I think one of the escapees figured me out too. I'll need to take him out and I'll get who I can."

Listening to Dingo, Daniel stops and turns around. "Oh I forgot to give you something." And he tosses an envelop at him, inside are three pictures of Jack, the 'M' tattooed over his right eye and he's in a dark room somewhere. "Just so you can see your boy toy again, faggot." He says as he isn't too keen on mutants or gays but then when you have them under, what you believe, your control, they are wonderful people. "Wednesday, just do what you can till Wednesday."

Dingo does not directly catch the envelope. He allows the sand around him to catch it for him and brings it close to him. He likes to show off his ability in front of this man, letting him see that he still has power and that he's not afraid to use it. So long as Jack is not safe, he'll stay his hand. Dingo opens the envelope and closes his eye. They'd marked him, those bastards. His sands flare up at the slur, but he still takes no action against the other man. "I will handle everything. Don't worry about that."

With his back turned to Dingo, Daniel just says "Good." The smile on his face is audible in his tone. "See you Wednesday Dingo." He says stepping onto the Helicopter with his two lackies behind him. Once strapped in the Helicopter takes off, leaving Dingo there.

The sands around Dingo finally react when the other man leaves, forming a large fist and punching one of the toppled walls before turning away from where Daniel left. He casts a dark glance at a couple of the Hunters looking at him. "Clean up this mess! What's wrong with you? Can't even handle a few mutants?" He spits on the ground and walks off, preparing to return to the tunnels. He'll need to figure out a way to deal with the targets Daniel wants killed.

~ Fin ~

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