2009-03-13: The Truth


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Summary: Natasha tells James the truth about who he is.

Date: March 13, 2009

Log Title The Truth

Rating: PG

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (Parlor)

The parlor of the mansion has been turned into more of a game room than anything else. There's a big screen TV on one wall, a couch in front of it as well as a few matching chairs, and shelves on either side holding movies of various genres, displaying the… diverse tastes of those within. (As a bonus, MJ's first movie 'The Amazing Lobsterman!' can be found among the DVDs there. Peter's doing, no doubt.) There is also a pool table set up behind the couch, a rack of pool cues hanging on the back wall.

On the way out of the mansion just as the hour is up, Natasha is stopped by Tony who presses a file into her hand, whispering something in her ear before walking off to an important business meeting. Wide, green eyes turn to study James silently for a few, long moments. Natasha flips the files open and rifles through them, looking at the papers, then to James, then back. There is no way in hell..But the DNA doesn't lie, and neither does Fury. Well, that's a stretch, but he wouldn't lie about this. Of that, Natasha is sure. "Captain America did not leave you to die, James. You both nearly died trying to save each other," she explains, clutching the folder to her chest, eyes only seeming to widen more as she studies his face.

"What?" James asks, finally standing from his spot on a comfortable sofa, straightening to focus an engaged stare on the woman. "What did you find out?" He asks once again, shifting to begin approaching her.

"You both 'died' to save each other, to save Europe," Natasha says softly as she slowly rotates the file to face him. "Your name is James Buchanan Barnes." She studies him thoughtfully, trying to picture it. "Bucky, Captain America's spunky sidekick. He tried to get you off the jet, your arm was stuck. You pushed him off, into the water where he 'died'," she explains, lowering the folder to a table to and sprawling the pictures out in an array for him. "The world wept for the both of you that day. I remember listening to the radio, heartbroken. The world lost two heroes that day."

A hand raises to his head, memories flooding back and failing to connect. The information triggered something, but hasn't done the trick. "This isn't right. It's a lie. That son of a bitch…he left me to /die!/" He roars, taking several steps back and clenching his hands into fists. "This intel is wrong, Natalia."

Natasha shakes her head. "I'm sorry James, this intel is solid. Don't forget that I was alive. I was there, listening when it happened. I can't believe I never connected the dots before. You, you're Bucky." She goes let him step back, trapping him in to force him to look at the pictures, to remember the truth. "This isn't something you can walk away from. This is something you need to remember." She pushes a picture of a flaming plane, a small figure next to it, clearly shoved from the wing. He hadn't jumped off to save himself, that's for certain. "You triggered the explosion early. You saved London."

James, Bucky, reaches out and clutches the picture in his hand, squeezing it into a crumpled mass in his fist as he centers a cold glare on Natasha. “Did I?” He asks, taking a deep breath and exhaling calmly. Slowly his heart rate and relaxing his muscles, the Soldier closes his eyes and opens them once more. Calm. Without emotion. "Thank you." He replies, stepping forward and around Natasha and heading for the door.

"Do you underestimate me that much, James?" Natasha asks as she counter steps and places herself in front of the door, blocking his retreat. "I'm not sure what exactly is going through your head right now, but I can't let you go out there and hurt someone." Namely himself. "You need to tell me what you're thinking. And we need to get your real memories to the surface, learn what is subterfuge and what isn't."

"I'm going to do some digging of my own." James says blandly, grinding servos as his arm clenches tighter and tighter. "I'm going to have to ask you to get out of my way. You /really/ don't want to be in my path right now."

Well atleast he warned her nicely. That's enough for Natasha to study him for a half second before stepping forward to rest her fingers against his shoulder. "You know where I am if you need me. Even if you don't.." she steps out of his way with a long sigh, nervous about letting him go, but not willing to fight about it.

They can keep his pistol. He studies Natasha for a moment, reaching up to slip his hand by the side of her face and lean in to give her a kiss before he slips out the door. Once he gets out of here, Hydra will have some answering to do. Once he's out of bullets, Captain America is going to have a few words to share as well.

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