2009-02-22: The Vision Returns


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Summary: Vision returns to the Young Avengers

Date: February 22, 2009

The Vision Returns!

Rating: PG-13

Young Avengers HQ

It's late at night. Most people are usually asleep but Teddy Altman's not been getting much sleep lately. The shapeshifter's been wracked with worries over Billy's sudden disappearance, the fight with Cody, the domes appearing, and the sudden note from Billy. And seeing as how Tommy's been away and Dante was focusing on school, this left Teddy alone in the base. There were some accidents that led to things being broken but Teddy's been using his extra waking time to fix them. Currently in the 'Living Area,' the shapeshifter sighs and flips the couch back over after putting new legs on it. "Now just to repaint and this room is done…"

The doors to the Warehouse can be heard opening, a young man comes in, his hair is short and black, no facial hair to speak of. His clothes are normal in appearance, what an average teenager would wear in the city. Other than the door opening and footsteps he does not make a sound as he makes his way into the Young Avengers' lair.

Teddy looks up from packing up his tools back into the box at the sound of the warehouse doors opening. He's just in jeans and a sleeveless white t-shirt today but his shoulders scale up a bit just in case something comes through the door that shouldn't. When the young man appears, Teddy jumps and stares. It can't possibly be who he first thinks it is, can it?

The teenager looks about the room before looking over to Teddy. "Hello Teddy." He says, walking over to greet Hulkling. "It's been a long time." He says, his face not necessarily expressionless, but not full of emotion.

And that's all Teddy needs to confirm it's not Nate back from the future. Wrong expressions for Nate. Of course it takes the shapeshifter a moment to connect just who it could be. "Wait…Vision?" he grins moving to scoop the other teen up in a hug and lift him clear off the ground. "Haha! You're back! This is great!"

Since The Vision doesn't need to breathe, there is no groan when Teddy picks him up. The hologram disguise soon comes off, revealing the android. "Sorry for the hologram, it has been the look I have adopted since my leaving." The synthetic being looks to Teddy. "Have you been well?"

Teddy lets Vision down after a moment and chuckles. "Things…have been kinda crazy, honestly," he admits. "Crazier than usual for us," the blond adds. "How've you been?" he asks, moving to sit on the freshly repaired couch.

"I have been well." Vision moves to the couch along with Teddy. "I know my departure was abrupt, but I had to make sure that this entity was not a copy of Nathaniel Richards, that I am in fact something new."

Teddy smiles and nods. "I can sort of relate to that. Had to make sure you're you and not someone else…" he trails off, shoulders un-scaling and going back to normal skin. "It's alright, just about everyone else left too. Only Billy and I were together and then Cap called and gave us this place and said we're officially recognized now," he grins at this. "Tommy came back, which surprised us…but we haven't heard from Eli or Cassie in a long while and Kate's on some family thing out of the country she couldn't get away from. Don't know when she'll be back."

"That is good, to be recognized instead of being vigilantes in a group of vigilantes. So as of right now the Young Avengers consist of yourself, and I." Could be better. Jonas looks about. "I should inform you that I settled on a name to call myself, a moniker that sets me apart from my original designation. Jonas."

Teddy smiles a bit. "Well, at this exact moment, yes. Just you and me are here. But…Tommy will be back from his run whenever and Billy said he'd be home soon," the shapeshifter looks rather worried as he mentions this but shakes it off. "And we've got two new teammates…Dante, or Silent Image. He's telepath. And Cody…if he ever comes back…he's got some kind of kinetic energy absorbtion and redirection power," he sighs. The news of a name surprises Teddy and he grins. "Jonas? Its a good name!"

"Dante, Silent Image. I'll make a note to gather his information for the database. And cody, kinetic absorption." To the positive outlook on his name, Vision nods. "Though I will still answer to Vision. On and off of the field." He takes a moment to ask. "Have you confirmed that Patriot and Stature are still alive?" It's not the human thing to think of the death possibility, but it is one that Vision cannot help but ask.

Teddy blinks, giving Vision a strange look for a moment. "Well, I know that they were both alive atleast back in January. Eli send over some of his grandmother's cookie and Cassie called to complain about her mother," he shrugs. "Haven't heard from them since though. I was going to go by or send Tommy but…this whole business with the domes and Billy vanishing…"

"The domes, in Memphis, Tennessee and in Los Angeles, California. My investigations have confirmed that they are of an unknown origin, and not similar to any terrestrial or extra-terrestrial alien incident that has occurred before." He's been keeping up with things over here, even if he hasn't been here the whole time, not to mention that he can access most databases. Vision looks back to Teddy. "Have you done any investigations on them yourself? I assume the Avengers have been working closely with proper SHIELD personnel."

Teddy stares for a moment then smiles, appreciating his friend's work. "As much as I would have liked to…I can't. Billy vanished right before they showed up so no magic and no teleporting. And the Avengers are either ignoring us or too busy because I can't get any of 'em to autherize a Young Avenger taking their scanning equipment and a jet to head down there."

Vision nods. "I will attempt to contact Captain America or Iron Man as soon as possible. Inform them of my return and possibly get the authorization that we need. Perhaps they will respond then." Jonas has yet to ask about Billy's departure as well. But this seems to be a good time. "And where has Wiccan gone?"

Teddy nods. "Good luck. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did," he says, leaning back. When asked about Wiccan, Teddy tenses. "I…don't know," he says quietly. "There was an argument with Cody. Just miscommunication…and he teleported himself away without his comlink or a word. I tried tracking him but the signal cut off. Something blocking it," he sighs, looking down and frowning deeply. "He magicked a note to me saying he's safe and he'll be home soon but…I'm still worried…"

Vision is a bit put off at the sudden departure of Billy, but he didn't exactly deal the Young Avengers a better deal when he left. "If something is causing the software to malfunction, then it may be magical forces causing it. I assume that if he was in danger then he would call to us." The android places his hand on Teddy's shoulder. "Until then, I recommend something to take your mind off of the worry. Perhaps some training, or if the Avengers answer back this time, we could investigate the domes."

Teddy is a bit surprised by the hand on his shoulder but offers a small smile as he looks up. "Yeah, he'd call us…" the shapeshifter agrees. When Vision suggests something to take his mind off the worry, Teddy's rather surprised for a moment until the android clarifies. "You're right. Gotta do something to distract myself and I really don't want to paint tonight after fixing up the lockerroom and all the furniture in here."

The android steps up. "I would like to get settled, then after that, we could take in a video game? I've come to enjoy playing them." What? He actually did live a little while he was gone? *gasp* "I've also become quite good at playing them. Of course I don't have a preference on what to do, so the choice is yours." Vision says, waiting for a response before he continues on to his quarters.

Teddy smiles and nods. "Sure thing, Jonas. Your room's the one on the far end of the hall upstairs. Nameplate's on the door," he says. "I'll hop in the shower and wash some of this grime off before we play," he laughs as he stands.

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