2010-03-07: The Voices In His Head


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Summary: Addison keeps getting mystery messages telepathically, Kenta comes to talk to him about finding the others, Kael wants to help.

Date: March 7, 2010

Log Title The Voices In His Head

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Communications Tower

This large metal tower has many mysteries and stories surrounding it. Deep in the woods it supplies most of the radio frequencies of the school. Danger and High Voltage signs hang all around the tower, but that doesn't stop the occasional group of students from trying to climb it.

Crazy thoughts have been entering Addison's head lately. Not crazy in a bad way, just crazy in an… 'I don't know if that'll work' way. Right now, he's near the communications tower, staring up at it. He's standing outside the safeties, just thinking. Pondering.

While there may have been some natural winds wafting around the area before Kael was flying over, those've stopped now as the aerokinetic flies in at a rather slow speed. He lands on a branch, looking down at Addison before he lets out a soft hm. He waits for a few seconds before he says, "Hey, Addison." From his branch seat. It's comfy. Kinda.

Kenta has been looking for Addison which has led him out here. He's kind of glad that it's in the middle of nowhere away from prying ears…..and then there's Kael. "Hey guys." Kenta says not caring about hiding his appearance when at the mansion. "Addison…I gotta talk to you."

Staring upwards another moment, Addison offers a nod skywards. "Just a moment." He says before looking around him. Kael and Kenta. "Oh, hi. Sorry. What's up?" He asks, looking between the two. He must be slipping a little if two people snuck up on him without him noticing it. He blames the voices in his head.

Kael looks over at Kenta, giving a wave to him before he slips off of the branch; floating down to the ground as leaves swirl away from him. "I was just flyin' around." He shrugs a bit, he's bored. Not much else to do. But, he stays quiet when he looks over at Kenta. Giving him verbal room to talk.

Looking at Kael for a second, Kenta waves his hand and shakes his head. "Fuck it, they whole school will pretty much know soon. I ran into Jono yesterday, he seems to blame us for holding him back and making him believe he's a cripple. I think…we'll lets say I'm pretty sure that Mr. Sinister really fucked with his mind."

"Yeah, probably. I can only imagine what he's done to Brian." Addison says, a bit off as he looks up. "I said shut UP. I'm working on it." He glares at the sky before turning back to look at the others again. He bites his lip. "But we'll do what we have to to get them back. If Sinister has messed with their minds, I'll fix them. It may take a while, but I can undo anything he does to their minds. I can't do anything about their bodies…" He says, with a bitten lip.

Kael bites his bottom lip as he hears this. First he hears about Jono. Then he hears what happened to James. "I really hope he doesn't do much of anything to them." His voice quiet before he sighs a bit. "Sinister took a friend, a close one. I'm not looking forward to any chances of going against him."

"I'm not a telepath Addison, but I know you are. I just think you're one of the few hopes we have for Brian and the others." Kenta says as he takes a deep breath and nods. "I don't know Kael, I really don't. I wish I could say that things were better but it's looking kind of grim for them. Not grim as we can't fix it but grim as in what they're going through now. If you want Addison, you can read my mind and see what happened yesterday." Sometimes the best way to go over it is to just let the telepath dig around and see for himself.

"If… If you're ok with it." Addison says with a nod before reaching out to take a look for himself. He frowns at what he sees, but there's nothing he can do about it. What happened happened. "It could always be worse, Kael. And mind control… I've lived with that for a huge portion of my life. I understand that better than anything else."

Kael sighs a bit, slumping down against the tree behind him and sliding down to rest on his rump. "Everything could always be worse. It never seems to get better." He runs a hand through his hair and smiles just slightly before he looks back up. "Do ya think… we can break the hold Sinister has on them?"

"That's what I'm hoping this man can do." Kenta says in regards to Addison. "I'm just worried about Brian and Jono and the kids. But I pretty much let Jono attack me yesterday without fighting back, hoping to jog something in that memory of his that we're not the enemy here but he seemed to think we are. I dunno, I guess we gotta wait for one of them to just show up again and hope we can get there in time to see if Addison can reverse whatever was done?" Who knows.

Addison growls and looks up towards the night sky. "I said I have a crisis on my hands. I'll try to find you later." He says to the empty air above his head. He shakes his head and nods. "It looks like typical brainwashing. Sinister's got a habit of that, with his old Marauders. I wouldn't have put it past him to do that to our bunch. But, with the exception of Jordan, all had been under his hands before."

Kael quirks a brow as Addison talks to the air above him. "Just… who are you talking to, Addison." He looks back at Kenta and sighs a bit. "Makes me dread leaving the grounds. Incase I do run into Dai, or Jordan. Or anyone else. I don't think I could handle going against them." Thankfully, he could run away easily from most except Daisuke.

Kenta was just ask Addison the same thing. "Are you sure you're alright man?" He says as talking to people that aren't there could be just an everyday mutant sign or a sign of something not so good. "Well let's just hope your awesome enough to reverse it Add." He says as he takes out a cigarette to light it, nice nicotine to calm the nerves.

"Someone… or something is up there. It's been very chatty with me lately. but I can't get Cerebra to pick it up, or get it to tell me more than 'I can help you. You need me.'" Addison says simply. "It's not trying to get in my way, and it's not trying to force anything. So, right now, it's just an annoyance." He says with a shrug. "I can and I will undo it. I'll use Cerebra to help me if I need to."

Kael's eyes flick over towards Kenta as he lights up that cigarette and in an instant the light breeze flowing through the area reverses direction. Blowing the smell of it away from the group. He looks back at Addison and says, "Well… I do hope that you can find out what it is, or who it is and get them to actually talk more. I think we're going to need all the help we can get…"

"Or next time I'm just gonna hav eot suck it up and try to hit someone I consider a friend. Beat them down and drag them back here unconscious." Kenta really isn't serious about that as hitting Brian isn't on the top things he wants to do. "Wait, some mysterious voice is talking to you Addison…weird.

"That may be the only way to stop them long enough for me to get in there and break Sinister's hold." Addison says with a shrug. "He… or she won't tell me anything of import, Kael. That's why I don't know if I can trust it or not. But, if it comes down to it, I just may reach out to it." He says, shrugging. "I don't think any of them would be mad if you hit them, Kenta."

Kael glances back at Kenta. "Could always think that hitting them will knock something back in place." Might work for Kael. He looks back at Addison. "So… it just repeats the same thing over and over?" He tilts his head a bit before he stands up to lean against hte tree behind him.

Kenta can't help but look up at the sky as Addison talks about it. "Huh…let's just hope it's not some other shit about to hit the fan and things are gonna get worse cause right now Addison, I hate to say this, I don't think we could lose ya on our side." He says meaning it before nodding about the hitting them thing. "Well I can drain life force, but never enough to kill so if I can bring them back here unconscious, maybe that'd be the best." Yeah, Kenta's gonna go off and try to see if he can find any of them and pick a fight. Who knows how easy that will be but it'll be more of a patrol thing.

"That might be the best bet." ADdison offers to Kenta. "Drain them down and bring them back. We could keep them where we kept Lucas. They don't have demonic enhancements, so it should hold." He turns to Kael and considers. "Something like that. It keeps promising me that it'll do what I need it to to get the job done. But it won't give me any detail. Though, the voice is very warm."

Kael looks over to Kenta and says, "I can come with ya if ya want. If anything. I can keep them forced down." He lets out a laugh. "I don't think many people can withstand strong gusts of wind when they're on the ground." His gaze goes back to Addison and hms. "Well… if it sounds warm. … And this is going to sound very movie cliche on my part. But, maybe it's helpful?" Because heaven forbid things be ironic in Kael's mind.

Kenta puts a hand on Kael's shoulder and gives him a long, almost sad, look. "Kael….I know you want to be helpful but I can't bring a student along with me. I know you can't, I don't doubt you can but I'd feel horrible if anything were to happen to you." Having a son, even if he's a lot younger than Kael, just makes it feel odd to him. "Let's hope this warm voice is helpful. And who knows, it could give us an edge we need."

"Kael, we couldn't let you come along, even if we wanted to. We're staff here. It'd violate what we stand for. We're here to PROTECT you… not let you walk into danger. Yes, you're strong. We know that. But… if Jono is as strong as he looked in Kenta's mind, then he may give me a run for my money. And if I can't handle him one on one, then… no offense… but you're up shit creek." He's learned an expression!

Kael looks between the two of them, and he slumps back down on the ground. A low grumble of anger from the aerokinetic. On the side of the tree he's leaning against, three splintered dents form as wind just smashes into it. "I know I'm a student. But, it sucks just sitting here. Doing nothing. While everyone is worried."

"I know Kael, I was a student here years ago too. I remember not being one of the 'big guns'. Hell I'm still not one of the big guns." Kenta says with a shrug. "Jono cracked a few ribs and dislocated my arm with one hit. He was putting out moves that I've never /seen/ before. Hell I didn't even know he was a telekinetic." Kenta admits with shrug as he tosses away his finished cigarette before going over to ruffle Kael's hair. "Just watch out for your students and make sure they're okay. That's doing something.

"My world's version of him was different. I knew that was there." Addison says with a nod as he looks about. "If you have to do something, Kael, focus on getting yourself in fighting shape. Train yourself. Focus. Get stronger. Gain control. Then, in the future, you can help us. For now, just keep yourself and your friends safe."

Kael grumbles once more, his hair still pure white as Kenta ruffles it. The wind around them just dead. Not moving at all. He lets out a breath that he didn't know he was holding before he looks up at Addison. A determined smile on his lips as he says, "Working on it." He looks back at Kenta, letting the winds go of his control as his hair goes back to brown. "It's hard to say that I look after my friends. When two of them have been taken."

"Well watch out for those that haven't been taken. You're not the only one who couldn't save their friend Kael. Don't forget, Addison and I couldn't do anything to stop our teammates from being taken." Kenta doesn't say teammate and boyfriend, he doesn't think it's necessary. "Like Addison said, keep practicing, who knows what'll happen."

"Look after those you can. And look after those closest to you. I couldn't look after Brian enough." Addison says… barely whispering. "I'm going to head back to Cerebra, to try something different." He says with a nod, flames illuminating his body as he rises into the air.

Kael watches Addison fly back to the mansion; the aerokinetic's hair going full white once more. "I might as well take a fly around the school. To calm my nerves." THough, the words from Addision makes Kael look back at the school. "Or…" He looks back at Kenta. "We'll get 'em back. We always do, right?"

"I came back after being gone ten years so I'm going to say, more than likely." Kenta says trying to be confident for Kael, Addison and himself. He looks at Addison as he flys off and sighs. "And I hope he gets Brian back and you get your friends." He says patting Kael on the back. "Take a fly, it'd feel nice. I'm going to kill myself a bit more with another cigarette then do the same."

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "Agreed." He looks back up at the sky for a second before he takes off running down the path. Winds swirling around him before he takes off into the sky, heading towards the lake most likely.

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