2010-03-19: The Will To Create


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Summary: Marshall wanders into the art room and meets Rashmi and Robyn.

Date: March 19, 2010

Log Title The Will to Create

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

Ever since last night, Robyn's been in the art room. He might look a bit tired and dishevled but he's working intently on a project. At the moment there appears to be a round dish made out of clay on the table with a few pieces of what looks like sculpted rubble on it. What he's working on though appears to be a broken vase. It's an oval cylinder that's broken in half and held, sperated, appart by what looks like mesh wire. Robyn seems to be intently focused on getting the cylinder onto a base and molding it together.

He only arrived yesterday evening. But, that hasn't left Marshall at all shy about wandering around. They told him where he was allowed to go and where he wasn't, and to him… that's that. Making his way into the art room, he takes a peek inside. Seeing someone working, he just watches for a moment before stepping in. It's not something he's ever seen before. Or someone, but that's only a matter of perspective. He figures he'll get to know everyone around here eventually. He doesn't say anything at the moment, preferring to just… observe.

Some minutes later, a short, dark-skinned girl slips into the Art Room, a Tupperware container in hand. Noting that Robyn is currently very much busy, she bobs her head and smiles in greeting to the other in the room, moving off to one side and taking a seat.

If Robyn got any sleep last night, it was some rest with his face planted on the table here, but he doesn't care, he's sculpting again. He doesn't notice Marshall walk in, but keeps on working. He doesn't even notice Rashmi walk in several minutes later when she's sitting off to the side. It's when he looks up to brush some hair out of his face, hands covered in the gray clay, that he spots Rahsmi and Marshall. "Oh…uh hey. Hey Rashmi." He says as the two get a small, almost sheepish, smile.

As Robyn speaks, Marshall just offers a light wave. He points to the dish, the clay, and to Robyn with a bit of a tilted head. He turns to Rashmi and offers a smile as well, noting Robyn spoke to her. He apparently didn't note her arrival, himself. But then, he has his own reasons for that.

Rashmi chuckles, rising from her chair and moving over setting the Tupperware down someplace close by but away from Robyn's workstation. "I figured as much… When was the last time you *ate,* mh? Here. Curry and rice, like I made before that one time." With a sigh, the redhead tousles Robyn's hair briefly, looking up and beaming Marshall's way. "Hi! I'm Rashmi. Are you new here?"

Robyn actually ponders that question for a bit of time, his hands still smoothing the base. Before he can answer, his stomach rumbles as if answering that question. "I think I had dinner last night." Just don't ask him what he ate. "Hi, I'm Robyn." He says waving a hand. "Okay, let me finish this up a bit and then I'll eat."

Rashmi happens to be where Marshall's eyes are, when she speaks. "Mah-chaww." He says with a firm nod and a smile. Robyn's speaking is missed until the last bit. When he notes, out of the corner of his eye that Robyn's speaking. He looks back and forth between them fairly quickly, as if waiting to see who speaks next. He runs a hand through his hair and moves back just a little, to keep everything visible.

Rashmi nods, leaning against a nearby table, tilting her head at Marshall and wearing the faintly puzzled look of someone who didn't *quite* understand, that time. There's a pause, a sharp blink, and she points to the boy, her ear, and makes an X with her forearms. Not really sign language, but the question put across is relatively clear. "Well," she says when the question is asked, "you've finally broken your block, Robyn?"

Robyn runs what Marshall said through his head a couple of times…mahchaww…chaww? What's Chaw? Then with a combination of thinking and Rashmi's gestures he understands. Marshall, and he's deaf? "Hi." He says with a wave not really knowing how much to say to a deaf person if they can't hear you. "Yeah Rash, I finally got an idea for something and of course, it's not a small project, but I wanna get this done." He says adding some water to the clay to make it easier to work with and to prevent it from drying up.

Marshall nods brightly to Rashmi. "Yet. Deaf." He makes the sign for it. A d-shape of fingers touching mouth and ear. "Can weed lip." He offers another grin. He pulls a cellphone out of his back pocket and types in his name and offers it for Rashmi. "Jut came latt night." He says, watching between the two. "You make?" He points to the dish Robyn's working on.

Rashmi blinks, peering at the cellphone and smiling brightly. "Oh! Marshall! Good to meet you!" Handing the phone back, she straightens, brow furrowing for a moment as she makes a mental note to stop by the library later. "Robyn likes to sculpt," she explains, glancing at the black-clad teen with a chuckle. "He's actually really good, too… You *are* almost done, right Robyn?"

"Almost done?" Robyn asks with a certain amount of shock in his voice. "Of course not, I've still got to make all the little creatures to go around it, get a spiderplant, work the small pieces of plastic in front of the wire, but I'll eat, don't worry." Robyn says looking over at Marshall and nodding. "Nice to meet you Marshall." Thank god he can read lips. "I'd offer you a hand but they're kind of messy."

"Unnertan." Marshall nods quickly about the hands. He makes a motion to feel free to continue, he's just here to watch and meet people. "How dis place like?" He asks, using a little bit of a differing form of english, but it still usually gets the idea out.

Rashmi chuckles quietly. "Well, it's…. different. It's pretty much like any other high school, I guess… except the science teacher is fuzzy, blue, and is in love with twenty-dollar words, the staff doctor can just touch you for anything short of major surgery to fix injuries… Oh. And instead of sports, all the kids are put on training squads to learn teamwork. Which… usually helps… most of the time."

Robyn nods along with Rashmi, not trusting himself to say too much at the moment. "The other students here are cool, I've made a few really good friends. Also the classes aren't bad here, I couldn't ask for more in tearms of art supplies." He says and since it's been a considerable amount of time since Rashmi came in with food, he figures it'd be best to take a break and eat before it gets cold. "Thanks again Rashmi." He says before taking a few bites of food.

"Ooooh. No need aht supply. Never learn." Marshall says with a nod, considering some of the things that they've said about the teachers and students. "Squad. I'm on Pah-agon." he says with a nod. "Puhpoh." Purple? He makes an unamused face with a shrug. "Hope it be ok."

Rashmi pauses a moment, mouthing out the word pertaining to squads, then brightens. "Paragons, that's my team!" Her entire expression dials up a few lumens, but melts away with a sharp blink. "…Oh. Hm. We'll probably want to intorduce you to James before he finds you himself…. …Don't worry, I'll handle it." As Robyn digs into his lunch, she pats his shoulder. "Not a problem… *someone* has to look out for you now and again…"

Robyn rolls his fine and grudgingly says to Rashmi. "I'm fine." She knows the truth behind that answer though. "I'm in Alpha Squadron, we're green. I think whoever has the Yellow or Orange costumes has it the worst. But what I really hate, is the white. Why can't we have it like black and green or black and purple." Says the kid who wears all black 98.5% of the time. "You've got a good squad Marshall, James and Rashmi are great people and my roommate Zack."

"Got it." Marshall says with a nod and a chuckle. Well, more like a guffaw, but he can't really help that. He's just enjoying actually meeting people and watching them interact. At least the first few people he's met have been friendly. It could always be worse. He DID go to public school. "What twaining we do?" He asks, tilting his head.

"Well," Rashmi says, scooting a chair out and plopping down, "mostly it's powers training and teamwork kind of stuff… You know, so you can handle stress without losing control of your powers, learning how to work with people, that sort of thing. A *lot* of obstacle-course work, usually, sometimes combat if the team's teacher thinks you're up for it…"

"Also getting better and getting controll over your powers. And we have quite a bit of combat." Robyn says with a shrug as he continues to eat. When you have a squad leader who ex-miliary, you bet there's training sessions involving combat..and jumping jacks…and push-ups…and laps… "So what are your powers Marshall?"

Marshall nods along as he watches what the others say. When Robyn asks the question, "Pfff…" He enunciates as a hand touches his forehead before turning away. He shrugs at the same time. "As of now… We know I have headache." He nods. "An' active Eck-gene. No idea what it do."

Rashmi nods slowly, chewing on the inside of her lip for a moment. "…Well don't worry," she says to break the silence. "Probably it won't be very long before you've got it figured out… Also you'll want to see Dr. McCoy… the science teacher? He's… well, kind of a really big deal with genetics and the X-gene stuff."

"Headaches? I used to get those a lot before my powers manifested. I wonder if yours are mental based like mine." Robyn says as he finshes eating and he goes back to sclupting, grabing a new hunk of clay to start making some little creatures. "Dr. McCoy is really good with gene stuff. And there's crazy Alien tech down in the medbay. It's kind of surreal, so, they probably could help you figure it out."

"Not worried. Everything happen when should. No early. No late." Marshall says with a firm nod. "I come here. It work out." Marshall shrugs again. "Could be anything." He seems in really good spirits at least. Always a good thing. That, and he's more friendly than a lot of the newer ones.

Rashmi tilts her head, her grin spreading widely. "You know… I think we'll get along just fine, Marshall. It's really nice to see someone new to the school in such a good mood. Usually we're all pretty terrified or in denial or shock. …And well yeah, teenagers, so there's hardly ever a shortage of bad moods sometimes," she amends with a shrug. "It's good to see another smile, though."

Robyn listens to the two as he continues to work, slowly forming the beginings of what looks like something out of Where the Wild Things Are. "Rashmi's right, you have the right feel of things. I don't know, I think everything happened so fast for me I didn't have time for denial or shock at first." Robyn admits cause withing two weeks of his powers manifesting, he was here. "Sorry Rashmi, I try to keep happy but sometimes…" He shrugs and continues to work.

"What the point of negative?" Marshall asks, tilting his head. "Even if suck… still life. Unless you stop livin', you still have to DO it. So, enjoy." He says with a firm nod. He winces slightly at the oncoming of a headache. Quick and sharp, but not as bad as they have been at times.

"I know, Marshall, but it's… hard, sometimes." As though searching for the right words, she leans back and sighs faintly. "We've had… problems here, lately. They've hit Robyn harder than most of the rest of us, and trust me… we've all been having some serious problems because of it. It's just… you know, hard to remember there's a sun sometimes, when the clouds are *really* thick, you know?"

"I… am going to go down to the medical area. I'm getting one of my headaches, and they said to let them know when they come on." Marshall says… cleanly and clearly as he rubs the bridge of his forehead. There's no… oddness about his speech now, and his volume is well under control and appropriate. "I'll see you both around." He says with a nod before heading for the door, eyes squinted.

Robyn winches as Rashmi says that, he's trying not to seem so down and depressed around a new student and it makes him feel awkward around him now. "I'll be fine, really, and okay Marshall." Robyn says with a bit of confusion to his voice as Marshall is talking normal. "Get that headache taken care off." He says looking to RAshmi. "Was he just…?"

Rashmi blinks quietly, sharing a look with Robyn and shrugging. "Looks like… I guess maybe we'll find out his power sooner than we thought? And hey, don't worry about it, okay?" Reaching over, she squeezes the boy's shoulder. "You're doing really good… except for the not eating thing, anyway…"

"It was just one night of not eating, I just kind of got caught up in this." Robyn says as it does look like he's been working on the base for quite a while. The two nights of barly any sleep though, that's a problem. "You don't think he was putting us off do you? Like that'd be something James or Lucas would do, pretend their deaf until the last minute and walk off."

"Mmmmn… He doesn't… really seem like the type, you know? And it's sort of hard to fake that kind of talking… Which reminds me, I should pick up a book on sign language. … …Oh! And I wonder if they have anything about those military hand signals? …*That's* an idea…" Blinking, she shakes her head, returning her attention to her friend. "So, anyway… what *are* you making, anyhow? It sounds like a really huge project."

"I hope he isn't, but he seemed really nice." Robyn admits as he starts to grin as she asks him what he's making. "Oh yeah! It is. See this is going to be a building that's falling apart. As you can see it's already split, I want to plant a spider plant in it. So I'm gonna put a hole in the bottom. This here.." He says pointing at a round 'dish', "Is gonna be for if there's too much water, and I'm going to put pieces of rubble on the dish along with few monsters. The monsters will also be on the plate, building and in the plant so it's like this weird attack of plants and monsters going on." He says blushing a bit once he's finised talking.

There's some silence after Robyn's done describing the work laid out before him, Rashmi's eyes growing wider and wider with each detail. Finally, she coughs, looking to the half-finished piece in amazement. "My Lord, Robyn… You really *don't* do anything in half measures, do yo—oh! I wonder! D'you think they have a crafts fair in town? Honestly I think you'd do *really* well if they do. You're *really* talented, after all, people should see. And… well, y'know… pay money, because that's always a bonus, right?"

Robyn blushes a bit and shrugs. "I..I don't know. I just…I really wanted to make something to leave in Jordan's room when he came home. Maybe just something..and I dunno. I thought a plant would be nice, then I thought plant holder then this came to mind. I'd love to learn how to work with resin some day."

Rashmi bobs her head, smiling brightly. "That's a really good idea, actually! And, um, I didn't mean to sell *that.* Just, y'know, other things you might make… People really eat up handcrafted things anyway, right?"

"I know Rashmi..I just..never thought of that or anything." Robyn admits as he starts to put some stuff away to it stays a bit moist so he can finish it up later. "I think I'm gonna go take a shower and get some sleep. That curry was good but it also kind of reminded me that I haven't had more than 3 hours of sleep in the last two days. I'll catch you later and I'll definately show it to you when I'm done." He says grinning as he gives Rashmi a big hug before heading to the boys dorms.

Rashmi returns the hug, wrinkling her nose at the clay smears left on her sweater and chuckling. "Yeah… GO TO SLEEP already, sheesh… And i'm glad you're feeling better."

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