2010-08-05: The Woods At Night


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Summary: Robyn, Jinx, Lucas and Connor have a quick chat in the woods.

Date: August 5, 2010

Log Title: The Woods At Night

Rating: PR

Xavier Mansion - Woods

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

It's later at night and it's warm and humid out. Most students are inside avoiding the humidity but Robyn is not one of them. With a two liter bottle of cherry coke, a few turkey sandwiches and plenty of cookies he's out in the woods having dinner while doing something he rarely does, sketches. He's not a good drawer but sometimes he sketches before he sculpts and he -needs- to find his inspiration again, or that's at least what Robyn thinks. It's not hard to find him in the woods as his music can be heard as he has his mp3 player on with a pair of portable speakers playing 'A Little Respect' on repeat. It's his song of the moment thanks to Erasure.

Jinx sashay's up the pathway. "I try to discover… a lil something to make me sweeter…" she sings along with the song as it plays on the speakers. She has a bag looped across her chest, and sports a brand new tank top; this one has a screen print of a tire track across the middle. "Heya Robyn. Whatcha drawin?" Seems a natural question of someone with a pencil. People love to see what artists are sketching, assuming most want to share.

Robyn looks up at Jinx and grins. "Heya Jinx, I dunno what I'm drawing, I'm just drawing doodles." He says handing the book to Jinx and it's just a bunch of little people with glum faces in different outfits, raincoats, scuba gear, hat and trenchcoat and such. The drawnings aren't anything great it's obvious it's sketchy concept art. "I've had this…block when it comes to sculpting and just…with not feeling to great it's been hard to get past it. So..wanna cookie?" He says offering her an oatmeal craisin white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. "And I'm glad you know the song." He says with a grin.

Jinx smiles. "Yeah. I'll take a cookie," she smiles and reaches for the offered confection. Chewing the edge, she eyes the book, turning it one way then the other. "Maybe you're pushing too hard," she suggests, her mouth full. "You know. Let it come natural and stuff. Think about forms rather than things."

Robyn's phone begins to buzz in his pocket, Connor dialing him up from the room while currently staring at the ceiling, his laptop on his chest and something random playing in the background.

The woods light up a bit as Lucas strolls along, his left glove is off, the light brilliantly flickering off the tree canopy. He's staring at the hand, and the glow grows brighter, and then slowly grows less bright, nearly going out but not quite, before getting bright again. He doesn't notice the others.

"I'm a cookie addict so…" Robyn grins nd then shrugs. "I dunno, I've never had this much trouble before. It's like I want to sculpt but I just can't. I…damnit." He says as his phone starts to go off and he notices it's Connor. "What's up?" He says picking up his phone. While talking to Connor, he nudges Jinx and points to the glow in the woods. "What's that?"

Connor mumbles into the phone, "Bored now, movie's over… Planet Bob is safe once more to live on. Anything going on?" All said while he shifts the laptop off his belly and starts to shut it down, "Just nowhere too hot please. How can you people stand leaving a room with air conditioning." A bit of a chuckle at the end of his statement.

Jinx looks over towards the glow in the woods. Her fur prickles and she steps in front of Robyn defensively… not that she could do much anyways. That is when the scent hits… Cinnamon PopTarts. "Oh. It's Lucas," she glances back at Robyn as he picks up the phone, and stuffs the remainder of the cookie in her mouth and wiping her hands on her skirt.

Lucas wanders along, and then he hears his name, "Huh? Who?" He squints, looking around in the darkness. "Jinx? That you?" The hand bursts to its full brightness, and he begins to work the glove back over it. "Hey you two. What's goin' on?"

Speaking into the phone Robyn gives Jinx an apologetic look. "I'm out in the woods with Jinx and..oh Hey Lucas. Not much is going on, I'm just cheating on Jordan with Jinx here as she's incredibly cute and I think the 'gay' thing was just a phase." He jokes as he goes back to the phone. "So yeah, just hanging out with Jinx and Lucas, I'm gonna go cause I don't wanna be rude, later Connor." Robyn says hanging up his phone. "So what's up Lucas?"

Jinx eyes Robyn, and as he teases about his gheyness being a phase, she helps by rolling her shoulders and bending, giving him a nice show of cleavage he'll never fully appreciate… nor want! She sticks her tongue out at him and gives him a playful shove with her foot. "Brat," it's all affection for her friend. As Lucas comes in with his hands lit up, she laughs. "Hey! You're a Night Light now! See, all that time with the little kids is paying off!" She grins.

Connor frowns as he's him up on, and grumbles, "Fine… don't tell me where." But then he flips the phone to text and types out the words -Port Pic?- At Robyn before sitting up off the bed and locking his computer away for the moment, adding, "Do I even want to go down there with… oh hell with it… not like it could get any worse."

Lucas shrugs, "Just out practicin'." He scowls at Jinx, "shush," he says, not wanting the kids thing to be public knowledge. He looks at Robyn, then back at Jinx. "Hey, Ah could be gay for that view!"

There's a grin as Jinx flashes her cleavage. "You know, I think I'm feeling inspired now." He says with a laugh cause hey, gay men do enjoy boobs, Robyn included. His phone goes off again and he sighs. "Will it shut up…and port a pic?" He says reading it outloud as he raises an eyebrow a the phone. "Then that wouldn't be 'gay' Lucas, but if you want a gay view I have a few pictures of Jordan on my phone." He jokes as he takes a picture of the area and sends it to Connor hoping he can get an idea that Robyn is in between two trees and a rock in the woods.

Laughing, Jinx brushes the bangs from her eyes. "Hell, Lucas. I thought you'd be gay for any view," she grins wider, obviously teasing. She curls her fingers at the blond. "Okay, so show us what you can do. Can you turn one hand off yet?" Her tone is positive, and her tail swishes along the ground lightly. She looks back at Robyn with a grin. "We should have sent a picture of down my shirt."

The pic is enough, and after a few moments, there's a ripple in the air before the appearance of a form… but with the pic as reference, Connor appears five feet in the air, "What th-… AUGH!" Ending up on his butt in the dirt about ten feet away from the group. Exhaling hard as he stands up again, brushing at his pants, "So much for graceful." Sounding a little petulant as he digs out a hanky from his pocket and starts to work on getting rid of the rest of the dirt spots.

Lucas opens his mouth to answer, but then Connor appears. He laughs, "Careful," he says, kindly. He offers to help Connor up, and then looks at Jinx. "Ah can't turn 'em off yet, but Ah been focusin' on those feelin's what you were showin' me, an' Ah can get them to dim down." He smiles, "Little more each day, too." He looks at Connor, and he just grins.

As Connor lands Robyn is about to get up to help him but Lucas is there first. "Hey Connor." He says as he looks to Lucas. "That's awesome Lucas, about the progress." Robyn says as he leans back on the ground grabbing another cookie. "You know…I just really wish I could go home for a bit, I wish I had my powers better under control."

Jinx steps back as Connor comes into the scene. She can't help her fur from bristling up a little. "Hey Connor," she murmurs, growing more silent and thoughtful. Of her pair of companions, she is the only one who has not seen Connor since he has been 'back'. She hooks her thumbs into her waistband of her skirt. "That's what we're all here for, Robyn. Control."

"What… I don't even get a 5 for the dismount?", Taking Lucas' hand and getting himself up before patting him on the shoulder, and Connor looks around, "So… am I missing anything?" Looking around at the group before he stops and then sees Jinx's settling from the bristling, "Uhhhhh… Hey." Back to Lucas, he then says while he continues to try and get the dirt off his pants, "Control? Control is good… but not being afraid of your abilities helps too. Respecting them, sure… but not fearing them. It'll hold back your full potential. At least… that's what Doctor McCoy would say to me in Danger Room sessions."

Lucas looks over at Jinx, and he nods a bit, sort of a quiet expression for her to relax. He smiles at Robyn, "Ah'm tryin'. It'll get better." He turns to Connor, "That's one of the big problems here. No one's teaching the kids it's okay to feel like a freak, because we are." He shrugs, "Nice to see you out and about, bro."

Robyn lays down on the dead leaves and gives a bit of a smile. "I've always been a bit of a freak." He says as he's always been the 'weird kid'. "And no Connor, you get a 3.5 for the dismount." He jokes as he looks at Jinx, noticing the bristle. He reaches a hand out and takes hers to squeeze it in a friendly way. "I know Jinx. So…if I ever get the okay to leave the school grounds, we should do something. I need to get away for a bit."

Jinx adjusts the strap that hangs across her middle and wills her fur to smooth down. As Robyn takes her hand, she looks to him in silence a moment. Her emotions flicker back over the link. She bites her lip and nods. "Yeah, we should," glancing to the other guys, she breathes a small breath. "Look, I need to be getting back. Summer school Final tomorrow," she flickers a smile, and raises a hand, her finger sliding free of Robyn's grip. "I'll see you guys around, okay?" Crossing towards Lucas, she places a hand on his shoulder. "Nice seeing you, Conner." She makes to move off.

Connor offers a wave as Jinx departs, and then moves off to one side with his hands in his pockets and then settles down to one side as Jinx's backside sashays into the distance, "Ever get the feeling like you killed the mood?" Flicking his eyes back and forth between the other two guys before he sighs once and then adds softly, "Not that I blame her… for any of it. But it's all water under the burned bridge, right? So… Lucas… how's the auth-or-ah-tah working for you? Kenta got you cleaning all the instruments yet?" Adding a bit of a smirk at the end.

Lucas smiles warmly at Jinx as she touches him and moves past. He watches her walk off, staring after her a little longer than normal. When Connor speaks, he turns, "Huh? Oh, um…" He furrows his brow a little, "No, not so much, really. To be honest, Mostly it's been settin' up his gradebooks an' takin' inventory of instruments." He shrugs, "It's worth it to stay here with my friends." There's a little grin then, "You doin' any extracurriculars?

Robyn waves at Jinx. "I'll find you later, okay?" He says to her as he'd like to just chat with her for a bit and then he's left with Connor. "I'm glad you're sticking around Lucas, I wouldn't be the same without you here." He says looking up at the sky. "Right now, I'm not doing anything extra just going to struggling artist cause I don't…really. I think I have an idea." He says quietly as something hits him. "Connor, I'm probably not gonna be in the room tonight." Again.

After a roll of his eyes, Connor replies, "I'm taking physics over the summer, and all the math that goes with it. It's the best what to get what my gift does. It's why you don't see me after lunch until or around the evening most days. Since the Doctor seems to be off-campus on something, I've been studying under Miss Dane." He then pauses and looks at the pair, "Yeah I know… geek-stupid, huh? I have the whole summer to goof off and my first choice is more schoolwork."

Lucas smirks, "You don't have the whole summer, brosef. It's over." He nods at Robyn, "Don't forget that team you joined," he says with a wink. Looking at Connor, he steps over to the other boy. "Ah'm startin' a team. Above the students in the Danger Room thing, but still beneath XMen level. We'd handle the sort of low ball crimes what cops can't handle but the XMen have better things to do for." He smiles, "Whadya say, Connor?" He tilts his head, "Would ya join us?"

"We need a decent name for the team, something better than 'Alpha Squadron'. I mean, what's Alpha about our squad? Certainly not Jaidee or Cloud…oh did you hear Cloud and his sister Star got bused for drinking beer on campus?" Okay Robyn has to share the rumour he heard about his teammates. "I'm actually really looking forward to the team Lucas, any word about extra practices or anything?"

Connor laughs a bit, "Dude… we live at a school with how many adult telepaths? Seriously… If you're going to pull something, do it off campus, or get lucky." Shaking his head a bit he looks up at Lucas, and then quirks a brow, "This like the Team James thing? I already told him yes… doesn't seem like a bad idea, to be honest. I could teach you a few things… once I get in the zone, I -do- happen to be one of the best hand to hand guys on the campus." Winking once before he nudges Robyn with his elbow, "You should check out the team I'm on… Seriously. Max, Heather, Chezlie, Cam, myself, and one of the new guys. Team Disfunction anyone?" But he's grinning at it.

Lucas laughs, "It's exactly like the thing JameSelene tried to put together. It's where the idea started." He punches Connor gently on the shoulder, "Thanks. So, that makes it me, you two, James and Jinx. Not a bad combo." He shakes his head at Robyn, "No name yet. My appointment with Scott for final approval hasn't happened yet." To Connor, "You just wanna wrestle with me, hot stuff." He chuckles, "Did Ah tell you, future you said Ah was awesome?" Lucas looks at Robyn, "Because he did. He was all, 'You grow up to be awesome, Luke.'" He smiles, goofily.

As Lucas mentions what future Connor said about him, Robyn just kind of looks away and closes his eyes. "I think I'm on team social reject." He mutters but before shrugging. "Anyway, I like the idea. I liked it when that bitch first brought it up and I thought she was James. I'm just glad that it's all over though and James is back. And it isn't a bad combo at all Lucas."

Connor looks back and forth between the two, and then exhales hard, "Okay you two… I think we need to agree on something… let's not talk about the future anymore. It's waaaay too much drama. We've got all sorts of other drama to look forwards to anyways. Seriously." An added chuckle as he reaches up to slug at Lucas' shoulder in reply, "You're awesome anyways, didn't need anyone else to tell you that. So's Robyn, when he remembers to be. Sometimes… I can try and be awesome, but usually I fall flat on my backside. Like with the port."

Lucas grins, "Ah'm glad to have you on board, Connor. You two, Robear." He smiles wider, "Anyway, Ah need to get back to my room, but it was good hangin' with y'all." He flashes them both an eyebrow waggle, "Night, dudes." He turns, and begins heading off into the woods.

Robyn pushes himself up and nods. "Yeah, I'm gonna head inside too. Gonna hit the art room for a bit and see if anything happens." He says as he nods to Connor. "I'm really looking forward to this team. Night Lucas." He looks at Connor and smiles. "I'll see ya in the room later." He says as he wanders off towards the school.

Connor points in opposite directions as the two guys walk away in opposite directions. He watches Lucas, and then Robyn… and sighs as he replies, "Later, guys…" And after that he drops his hands and looks at him, before he takes a deep breath and says softly, "Right… is it my breath?" Lifting up one arm he sniffs under his arm, and then shakes his head, "Seriously… when did I become the social murder…"

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