2010-05-25: The Wrath Of Envy


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Summary: Eris gets into an altercation with some thugs in the park. Rashmi and Lucas try to save said thugs. Eris fights back and She-Hulk shows up to chase her off.

Log Title: The Wrath of Envy

Rating: PG (LV)

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.


The park is actually rather populated considering the late hour. The day's heat has kept the denizens of New York indoors for most of the day and now that it's cooling down people have come out to jog and walk their dogs. A few people walk quickly from the direction of the lake, they look slightly concerned and a few of them are saying things like "Probably should be getting home now" and "That's no way to settle such an argument."
Anyone who investigates the area everyone just vacated will find an angry looking woman yelling at a group of three men. The woman is wearing a pair of black pants with black boots. Eris has a green tanktop and a few pieces of expensive looking jewelry. Despite her feminine dress she looks rather furious. The woman points viciously at one of the men. "Disgusting human! How dare you say something like that!? You're lucky one of the chosen hasn't killed you by now, but I think your luck has just run out!"
You aren't carrying anything.

Evening has fallen, and a pair of teenagers hurry through the park. "C'mon, Lucas," the redheaded girl pants, threading through the milling pedestrians. "We've got… maybe… a half hour… before the subway leaves. We'll want… to be at Grand Central… *really soon.* I've already… called the school… but we don't… want to be *too* late…"

Lucas is hurrying along as she pulls him. "They'll live if'n we don't make it…" he mutters as he pushes past a few pedestrians.

The three thugs begin to circle around the woman that is yelling at them. "Shut up mutie. Who cares if a few freaks got shot in freak town. Serves em right I say." They pull out knives as they encircle the woman, but she seems unconcerned. The few civilians left in the area decide now is a good time to leave.
Eris just smirks at the men. "Oh knives. That's not going to save you now, humans." She turns to face the one she sees as the leader, stepping forward without fear. "How about you die first?" She stomps on the ground and causes a trail of crystal spikes to erupt from the ground toward the man. The civilians leaving the area begin to run away, a few of them screaming.

Rashmi blinks sharply as the crystal spikes erupt from the ground, the spectacle causing her to skid to a halt. "Oh no," she murmurs, a weary sigh pushed past her lips. "*This* is just all we need…" Frowning at the tableau before them, she looks over her shoulder toward Lucas. …So who needs more help, her chasing them off or them getting away?"

Lucas stops right beside her. "You help them run. Ah'll take the girl." He then runs towards Eris, not waiting for Rashmi to respond. "Hey! What the hell's goin' on over here?" he shouts, trying to get Eris' attention. As he runs, he scoots his left hand beneath his right hand glove, preparing to take it off if necessary.

Eris turns her head as Lucas yells at her, the momentary distraction causing her spikes to stop moving. Her target is knocked back but he's still alive. Eris's eyes flash dangerously as she turns to Lucas. "Who the hell do you think you are? These rats are going to die today, and unless you want to join them you should go home." She charges at the fallen leader and holds out one of her hands. A large ruby sword seems to grow out of nowhere.

Rashmi charges forward on Lucas' heels, peeling off to angle herself toward the would-be assailants "No… they… *won't!*" At her final word, glowing blue spheres fade into view, orbiting her body in rapid, nearly-random circles, one streaking out toward the tremendous ruby sword. Should it strike, it'll impact with the force of a speeding car against the crystal structure, with predictable results. "Go!" she cries at the shocked thugs. "Get out of here! *Hurry!*"

Lucas yanks off the glove, revealing the brilliant, fiery glow of a nuclear reaction that envelopes his hand. He pulls his arm back, cocked to throw a burst of energy Eris' way. He hurls it, the ball of energy crashing to the earth just in front of Eris' charge, the ground exploding upward as he tries to bring her to a stop without targeting her directly.

Eris raises her sword to strike at the thug on the ground. He holds up an arm in defense but it turns out he does not need to. Just as the woman is about to strike him her sword is knocked out of her hand and onto the ground several yards away. Then the ground erupts and she is knocked back, allowing the humans time to scramble away.
"What was that?" Eris turns toward the two and narrows her eyes. "Fellow mutants? These humans agree with the actions of the shooters in Mutant Town. They don't deserve to live. I don't intend to let them. And if you would stand in my way then you must agree with them." The woman holds one of her arms back as though preparing to throw something. A large crystal throwing star grows in her hand. She spins and hurls the star at Lucas, deciding his powers are the greater threat at the moment.

Rashmi skids to a halt as the thugs scramble away, eyes blazing in fury at Eris' rhetoric. "That is one of the *stupidest* things I've ever heard!!" A second orb streaks out, arcing to put itself into the path of the throwing star. "Even *Magneto* isn't that black and white!!"

Lucas turns and looks at the guys running away. "They was FOR shootin' mu—" And then the orb explodes through the throwing star he didn't even see coming at him. "Gah!!" He flinches as the pieces of the star shatter past him, and then he furrows his brow, looking at Eris. He takes one step closer, widening his stance a bit in a confident, powerful pose as his right hand balls into a fist, still covered in the nuclear energy. "How about y'all check yourself, an' bring it down a notch, huh? We ain't your enemy, lady!"

Eris is fuming. "Magneto!? Magneto is weak! He is too forgiving of the humans foolishness." She frowns at her downed star and surveys the situation. Two mutants, but the area is wide open. The one seems to have explosive blasts and the other has some sort of ball energy. She turns to Lucas, "Not my enemy? You let them get away! They were willing to stab me for defending mutants. They're probably the shooters you idiots. And now they're free to go out and kill again." She begins walking away from the two of them. "If you're really on my side you'll go home. I have to hunt them down before they hurt one of the better race."

"They were *stupid thungs,* lady!" Rashmi yells, nodding towards the general direction they'd taken off in. "Stupid thugs with loud mouths! Go to the police and get them arrested!" The spheres whirl and spin around the redhead's body, her eyes narrowing. "Killing them just makes things worse for *everyone,* lady. That's all that happens when you're 'not weak.'"

Lucas takes another step towards her, glancing at Rashmi, then back at Eris. "You go after them, Ah drop you." He narrows his brow a little, in seriousness.

Eris seems to ignore Rashmni's little speech. She does respond to Lucas's threat to drop her however. She stops and looks over her shoulder at the man. "Do you children have any idea who you're talking to? How many people have you killed, boy? Are you sure you have what it takes to stop me?" She turns around and begins walking toward the two, smirking. "It is my job to kill. And I will kill those thugs eventually. But perhaps I should stay here and teach you two a bit about meddling with things that don't concern you." She stomps the ground again and sends a trail of spikes erupting from the ground toward the two of them. The spikes are aimed between the two. Her intention is to separate the two.

Rashmi catches Lucas' eye as Eris starts to talk, nodding past the blonde, to the park beyond. As the crystal-shaper speaks of her murderous occupation, Rashmi slips her cell phone from her book bag, flipping it open and smacking the panic button… and leaps to one side as the line of jagged spikes burst from the ground in their direction. "NOW!" she calls to Lucas, circling to one side as she touch-dials 911.

Lucas charges straight at Eris. As he reaches the line of spikes coming at him, he leaps into the air and blasts his nuclear hand into an even brighter, hotter sphere that undulates with energy as it's powered up. It superheats the air beneath him, and he flips feet over head to a handstand position, his momentum continuing to move him forward as he rapidly floats on the bed of heated air beneath his outstretched hand. The heat burns his shirt off in an instant, and as he gets to the front of the line of spikes, he flips his legs back down, landing on the ground just a few feet from Eris. He immediately leaps at her to tackle her with his gloved hand.

Eris glares at the girl as she sees the cell phone. She laughs. "The police know of me. Most know to leave me alone." But then Lucas is flying at her from the other direction. She steps to the side and grabs his outstretched hand while dropping to the ground. She places a foot up to the boy's side and pushes once she's rolled, flinging him in the general direction of Rashmi. She jumps back into a standing position and snaps her fingers, causing the crystal spikes to shatter into dust. No need to leave those lying around if she doesn't need them. "Nice try, but you'll need a bit more technique to take me down." She flings her hand forward toward Rashmi, throwing a crystal spike the size of a pencil toward her. She's aiming for the phone, but its moving around a lot and is a rather small target.

Rashmi doesn't stop moving, but hisses in pain as the spike grazes her forearm, opening up a deep, bloody line in her dark skin. "Yes," she says once the operator answers, voice tight with pain, "I'm in Central Park, between 79th and the Lake… There's a mutant woman wearing jewelry, throwing crystal spikes everywhere… Please, ma'am, have someone call the Avengers, she's *really* dangerous." As she speaks, the spheres whirl and dart… and then streak outward, half a dozen separate curved trajectories, all centered on the bejeweled mutant.

Lucas tumbles to the ground with an, "Ooof!" His back scrapes and slides along the ground, and he growls, glaring at Eris with anger. "Fine!" He pushes himself to a sitting position, yanking off the second glove. "You wanna know how many folk Ah done killed? It's seventeen." He then slams his two fists together, the nuclear energy exploding in a powerful blast that heads right at Eris.

Eris sees the spheres moving toward her and decides to create a wedge wall around herself. She ducks down quickly as two walls of sapphire grow out of the ground in front of her forming a wedge toward the other two. She tends to use diamond when fighting with someone that has physical attacks, but Lucas's fire has her a bit weary about using such a flammable crystal. The spheres strike the sides of her walls ineffectively. The fire also appears ineffective against this particular wall.
"Seventeen? Not bad, not bad. But that was probably with fire. That requires little skill." Eris calls this out from beyond her crystal wall. She does hear the woman talking on the phone about the Avengers, however. That could get a little annoying. But Rashmi described her as wearing jewelry, she'll just ditch it before she takes off.

The woman on the other end of the phone will actually hesitate for a moment before responding to Rashmi. "She has crystal powers? Does she have red hair? I'll see what I can do…" She sounds slightly unhelpful.

*Please,* just…. all right *fine,* I'll get someone out here *myself* too, just please, let the police know okay!" Snapping the phone shut with a huff, she flips it open again as she advances on the wall. "Lucas! I'll meet you at the station… or the school! Either way, I won't be long and I'll call you to let you know, okay? Just go!!"

Lucas scowls at Rash, "Yeah, right. An' let you guilt me the rest of my life if you die? No way." He pushes to his feet, and once again advances on Eris. He begins following Rash's lead, and is just tossing energy ball after energy ball at Eris' wall. He's almost to them as he begins slamming the energy harder and harder at the wall.

Eris is not terribly concerned about her wall. Her Sapphire can withstand about 15 tons of pressure before they'll crack, so that's not a concern to her. The fact that Rashmi is trying to get the Avengers out here is of slight concern to the woman however. If she can just take one of them out the other may lose the will to fight. Unfortunately the woman can't see through the wall she has created and she is in no hurry to leave the protection of the crystal. She places a hand on the ground and sends up a few quartz platforms on the other side of her wall. She can't see the other two, but if she's lucky she'll hit one of them and maybe knock them down.

"*No,* Lucas, that's not it at all! Just—Augh!" A platform surges upward under one foot, throwing her onto her face and causing the assault to stop… for a moment, at least. Rolling to one side, she starts hammering at buttons on her phone, telekinetic spheres flailing away at the sapphire barrier. Perhaps they're not making it through, but, as long as the walls are up it means the woman is hemmed in and kept busy. "C'mon c'mon c'mon please please please be there…"

Lucas is concentrating so hard on slamming blast after blast against the wall, he doesn't even see the earth beneath his feet begin to swell until he feels it lifting him up and tossing him backward. He waves his arms for a moment to try to catch his balance, but it's too late, and he lands hard on his back, his head catching the edge of the sidewalk, knocking him out. A small bit of crimson creeps onto the cement from the blow. It's nothing serious, mostly he's just out cold.

Rashmi rolls over to push herself to her feet, phone held up to her ear as the spheres continue to batter away at random spots on the part of the barrier she can see. She seems to be talking hurriedly to *someone* on the other end, and she starts to creep around the barrier, unable to stifle a shriek of panic as the spikes lunge out of the soil. "Please, Ms. Walters! *Hurry!!*"

Eris sees the girl creep around the other side of the barrier. It appears that she has not noticed that Eris is no longer in there. The woman opts to leave the back section of her wall open for now. Maybe the girl will venture inside if she's lucky. If not she's always got this unconscious boy to use as collateral. Eris steps away from the wall and backs through her garden of gemstone spires toward the unconscious boy. Those spheres seem like they could be a problem, but she's willing to be the girl will leave her alone if her friend is in danger.

Rashmi blinks sharply as the open back of the barrier is revealed. "Oh god, Ms. Walters," she breathes, "she's not in there… she's not in there oh God I can't see her where is—LUCAS!" Pelting around the side of the barrier, she screeches to a halt at the sight of Eris approaching the passed-out blond, eyes wide.

It's not hard to see where the battle in Central Park has been, due to the large, emerald structure in the middle of it, and crystalline spikes around all over the place. There's a few crashes as something fast and strong makes a bee line towards the fight, sometimes having to push a tree or two out of it's way. Once it finally clears the trees, it's obvious that the fast moving object is She-Hulk running at full tilt, all dressed up in her Avengers costume, ready for combat.

Eris turns quickly as she hears the rampaging woman approach. She looks rather annoyed at the moment. An Avenger. Only one Avenger, but not something she was looking forward to dealing with tonight. She calmly stands next to the unconscious boy and folds her arms, looking from She-Hulk to Rashmi and back again. "What? They started it. Some of those thugs who shot up mutant town tried to stab me and they stopped me from defending myself. I could only assume they were on the same side."

"YOU WERE GOING TO KILL THEM, YOU STUPID HARPY!" Having seen what Eris is capable of, having her stand over Lucas' prone body has Rashmi's hands trembling, the bowling-ball-sized spheres start to whir as they whirl around her at top speed, their orbits as erratic as their owner's grasp on calmness. "GET AWAY FROM HIM, NOW!!"

She-Hulk is close enough to hear what Rashmi has to say, and her expression, if anything grows a bit more dim. "Step away from the boy and surrender quietly," she commands. There is no if, since it seems that it's fairly obvious what the consequences of disobeying might be.

Eris sighs at the woman and holds out a hand toward the boy. "How about you just go off and catch those thugs before they kill a bunch of people who are actually worth saving, hmm?" A crystal sword grows out of the hand she's holding toward the boy. "So you do that, and leave me be. Step any closer and this human sympathizer dies, got it greeny?" A forty foot long diamond wall erupts from the ground between herself and the two women. She darts backward, assuming the wall will at least slow down She-Hulk. The hero probably won't risk knocking the wall onto the unconscious boy. Eris runs down one of the paths and forms another wall before turning sharply and running at an angle. She'll try hunting down those thugs later, but she's used a bit too much energy to face off against an Avenger right now.

She-Hulk curses as another wall gets thrown up, and she dashes after Eris, running parallel to the wall until it's safe to just smash through it and not hurt Lucas. However when she smashes through, she just finds another wall, and Eris long gone. "Dammit," she growls, and runs back to her future intern and her boyfriend. "Call an ambulence!" she shouts to Rashmi, until she gets to Lucas. "I can keep him stable until they get here." Things will not go so well for Eris the next time they meet.

Rashmi is already punching up 911, this time asking for an *ambulance* to pick up the unconscious blond, and showing remarkable restraint by *not* asking for the name of the operator who seemed so hesitant about sending police units their way. Once the call is complete, she lets out a shaky breath, weaving towards She-Hulk and Lucas on legs shaky with adrenalin crash, and sinks to her knees. "Thank you," she tells the dispatcher on the phone. "Yes, I'll stay on until they get here. Thank you very, very much." Pressing the microphone against her shoulder, she looks up at Jennifer, expression weary but visibly grateful. "*Thank* you, Ms. Walters… I'm sorry to have to bother you, just… we didn't know if we could get away without her trying to stab us or something, you know…?"

She-Hulk opens up a little pouch that rests on a hip from her costume and gets out some kind of fine, translucent bandages that are incredibly thin and incredibly absorbent and uses them to stop the worst of the bleeding. "Don't be sorry," she says in a soft, worried tone to Rashmi. "Never be sorry to call me about things like this, and never hesitate." She studies her handiwork to make sure she isn't missing anything obvious and shakes her head sadly. "I'm just glad I live so close to the park." She turns walks over to Rashmi and gathers her up in a motherly hug. "You did good, Rashmi,"

Rashmi closes her eyes, resting her head against the oversized green shoulder and returning the hug tightly. "Thank you," she murmurs. "Thank you… You know…" Cracking her eyes open, she manages something like a short chuckle. "…I never thought I'd find anyone more out of their mind than *Magneto…* But she was just… *really* out of it. I mean I know they were going to attack her and stuff, but… The *better race?* I actually want to *warn* him about her."

~ Fin ~

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