2013-03-16: There Are No Penguins


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Summary: Nicholas, Shane and Cloud hang out in the rec room.

Date: March 16, 2013

Log Title: There Are No Penguins

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Rec Room

In the middle of the two dorm floors is a rec room and small kitchenette for the students. The kitchenette is a small crowded separate room with a table for four, refrigerator, sink, microwave and oven/stove. Students are asked to clean after whatever they cook. In the main room are couches and chairs galore. In one corner of the room in front of a large bay window is a pool table, ping pong table, a small game table and couch. The other side of the room has a large entertainment center that can play various forms of media with several video game systems and a seventy-inch flat screen television mounted on the wall. Large curved couches sit on either side with a round table in the middle.
Another curved couch sits in a corner with a table in front of a table intended for those who wish to socialize, play cards or board games. On the far wall are two large bay windows with two arcade systems filled with over 200 classic games. Next to the two games is a large bookcase with a variety of board games. In front of one of the bay windows sits some large chairs for students to relax in.

Saturday night's most teens are out hanging with friends, heading out to diners, going to movies, having parties and other such misadventures. Nicholas isn't most teens so he's hanging out in the rec room of the dorms with old episodes of Wipeout playing on the television. His shoes are kicked off, he's lying down on one of the sofa's and his eyes are closed as he's dozed off, snoring lightly.

Even over the frenetic announcers depicting the latest spill taken by the contestants, the *clomp clomp clomp* of Shane's boots can occasionally be heard, as she heads into the Rec Room. Slung over one shoulder is a couple crinkled bolts of fabric, in black velvet and deep blue satin, and tucked under her other arm is her laptop. She pauses as she comes into view of the TV, eyebrow rising, and clumps up behind the couch. There, she simply waits in silence, wondering if a nudge might be in order.

The clomping of the boots is enough to wake Nicholas and he sits up, looking around wide-eyed. "I wasn't sleeping." Not that he was asked. "What time is it?" He asks looking around. "Hey Shane, need help with anything, seeing as you have your hands full?" He looks at the television and makes a face, reaching for the controller to channel surf. "Saturday Night and I'm bored as all heck."

"So'm I," Shane grunts. "Better question; y'got anythin' y'really much *wanted* t'do?" At the offer of help, she shrugs, shifting the laptop in her hand as she waits for her answer.

Nicholas shakes his head. "Honestly not really and I think that's what's bugging me a bit. Video games just seem boring, Star Wars…I watched that so many times while in the medbay on my laptop, I played some pinball earlier but wasn't able to beat out Ahmed's high score. Anyway, whatcha working on tonight?"

Cloud pokes his head round the door frame before coming the rest of the way in, giving a nod of greeting "Hey, how're you two doing?", he runs a hand though his hair, "Any chance you've seen my sister about? she's got something of mine".

"Dunno," Shane grunts. "FIgured I'd sit 'n fonta th' sewin' machine, 'n stare at th' velvet til somethin' bit. Fuckin' hate dry weekends, but goin' out just ain't gonna happen." When Cloud pokes his head in, she turns her head, blinking once. "……Y'gotta sister? Like, here?"

"Hey there Cloud." Nicholas says from his lounging position on the couch. He lifts a hand in greeting to him. "No, haven't seen anyone really. And likewise, didn't know you had a sister here." He looks over at all the black velvet and a small grin forms on his face. "Ya know, if you get some white velvet to go with it, you could make a penguin costume, the softest penguin ever."

"She's not a student anymore, she stayed on as a TA when we graduated, called Star", Cloud shrugs, "Well if you do happen to spot her, she's about so high, looks kinda like me but girl and has a tendancy to assume you need her help… why do you wanna dress like a penguin?"

Shane turns a poisonous glare onto Cloud, then on Nicholas. "…Yeah," she says, voice utterly deadpan, "'N after I'm done makin' th'most 'spensive fuckin' Prinny gear ever, mebbe I'll go t'Stables, 'n puff-paint a cutie mark on Orion. Like a compass, mebbe?"

"Sorry, I haven't seen her. I don't even think I know who she is." Nicholas says with a small frown "I'm totally leaving this on Wipeout now, you two need to laugh." He's one to talk. "Or is it, I'm totes leaving this on Wipeout?" He knows he's pushing it. "What's a cutie mark, and why would it be a compass, I can't even figure out how to work one of those things."

"Yeah, the cutie mark thing's totally gone over my head too, has it got something to do with penguins?", Cloud looks over at the tv, "Is this that show where things keep knocking people into the water?"

Shane drops her face into her palm, sighing. "…Cripes," she mutters. "*Any*way, no I ain't dressin' up like a penguin, Nick just thinks he's funny. Sometimes, he's right. 'Cept he ain't got th'Valley talk down." Clearing her throat, she widens her eyes, adopting a vacuous smile that looks entirely out of keeping with her day-glo green hair. "Like, omigaw, Becky! I'm like totes leavin' it on Wipeout, f'reals! It's just *so* the *coolest!*"

"The penguin was a joke Cloud, there are no penguins." Nicholas says chuckling a bit. "And yeah, it's like a next to impossible obstacle designed to see people get…well Wiped out." He looks at Shane and gives a half smile at her accent. "And do people really talk like that in California? Is that the dialect of your people?"

"That's where I've heard your accent before, the stereotypical cheerleader accent", Cloud smacks himself in the forehead with his palm, "You're the one who made that dress for Frost a while back right?"

"….Yeah Nick," Shane says, smirking. "The dialect of my people. Wee-dawgies, son, you jes' quicker onna draw'n'a one-armed gunslinger with a gas mask inna opium bar, ain't'cha?" Blinking, she coughs, her voice going back to her sullen murmur. "…I get th'dialect o'y'people down, Nick?" Shaking her head, she glances at Cloud, shrugging. "…Yeah. Jus' want'd t'make up f'r th'other one gettin' burned up'n'shit."

Nicholas shakes his head. "No, I think that's more southern than where I live, I'm in North Dakota, a lotta people talk like they do in that movie Fargo. CAuse you know, Fargo North Dakota, don'tchaknow." He purposefully puts emphasis on all the vowels. "But I do like to think of myself as something of a cowboy. Anyway, I finally figured out a codename to use for the danger room."

"A friend of mine showed me a picture, you're good, how long have you been doing that for?", Cloud chuckles, "So you guys gotta be pretty close then, as you're at the level of mocking each others accents, what did you decide to go with then?"

Shane shrugs a bit, shoulders hunching ever so slightly; by his long association, it's clear to Nick that the compliment embarrasses her. "…Long time," is all she says in answer to Cloud. "…Jus' somethin' I like t'do."

Nicholas looks over at Shane and grins. "It's true, you are good, and yeah, Shane and I are be eff effs, or something like that. We're in the the brokenhearts club and the you've been dealt crap squad. It's like a pep squad but with more complaining. Anyway, I decided on Orion."

Cloud grins, "Sounds good, always found pep squads to be a little too peppy myself, can be exausting people to be around", he nods to Shane, "You should keep it up, apparently designer types make loads", he leans against the wall, "Doesn't your horse have dibs on that one?"

"Hey," Shane says, "It ain't Captain Awesome, 'least. Codemane don't hafta do with y'powers, anyway, 'n what's good enough f'r Indiana Jones's good enough f'r you Nick." Blowing out a breath, she shakes her head. "Yeah, but they gotta put up with bitchy models, double bitchy runway fuckwits, ultra-cockbag factories…. Fuckit. X-Men'll do f'r me, 'n if people want a dress *really* hard? Ms. Frost c'n tell'm where I am 'r where t'shove it."

"And somehow I think she'd enjoy telling people where to shove it." Nicholas says. "Anyway, Orion isn't a superhero, or super horse, so I figure I can use his name, especially since it's a cool name. And Indiana Jones is awesome."

"You're gonna design the uniforms for the X-Men or you're going to be an X-Man? Either sounds cool. Actually you could do both, kick ass and make sure the team doesn't clash", Cloud nods, "Yeah you look after him so only fair he says what he can".

"Uh," Shane says, eyebrows lowering, "no. Not just no, but hell no. Like, no fucking *way* am I gonna be team Mom'n make sure they ain't puttin' their undies on th'outside. An' mebbe she was funny, but I *ain't* Edna. Besides, anime cosplay's what'm good at, 'n somehow I don't think nonea th'X-Men wanna be runnin' 'round inna blue'n'yellow maid's dress." Leaning against the back of the couch, she nods at Nick. "Hell yes, Indy's fuckin' great."

"No, yellow and blue maid's dress does not sound like good superhero fighting stuff." Nicholas yawns and shakes his head, trying to shake away the sleepiness. "Edna…oh…Incredibles! You're way cooler than Edna but you do have that same sort of attitude. I can see you yelling at someone 'No capes!'

"Depends on the X-Man I reckon, you never can know what someone is really like, unless you're Frost and can take a look around someones head", Cloud hmms, "Edna's the loud one with the glasses and the bob right?"

"*Thanks Nick,*" Shane says with a snort. "Cos that's who people wanna be, th'loud one with th'glasses 'n th'bob. An' Iunno f'I'd ever *wanna* look inside someone's head. Least now I could always be *wrong,* be fuckin' miserable t'know f'sure."

"Hey, I just said you were way cooler than Edna. I don't think you're short and crazy looking, you're a lot prettier. I can just see you yelling 'No capes' at someone like Ahmed or something." Nicholas says, another yawn escaping him. "Oh man, I'm sorry Shane and Cloud, I think I'm gonna head to my dorm. I'm just tired. It was good running into you again Cloud and Shane, hope you figure out something to do with all that fabric, g'night."

"You could be right there, I just nab personality and even that can be a little sketchy, must be even worse to have access to the whole thing", Cloud shrugs, "See ya Nick, if you come across my sister on the way, let her know I'm looking will ya?"

"It's velvet'n'fuckin' satin," Shane grumbles, "whatever I do better be goddamn genius, otherwise I should'n't'a bothered. Later, Nick." With that, she shifts the bundle of fabric on her shoulder, blowing a breath out through her nose. "I guess I better get on t'th'Art Room, jus' so I don't gotta keep holdin' this shit like an idiot. 'F I find anyone says they're y'sister, I'll let'cha know."

"And you're assuming she'll admit that willingly?", Cloud figures as the room's clearing out he'll do another sweep of the school and if he doesn't come across her he''l head home, "Nice seeing you both".

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