2011-09-27: There's A Dingo At The Docks


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Summary: Dingo sets some mutant hunters up using kids as bait, it doesn't go over well.

Date: September 27, 2011

Log Title: There's A Dingo At The Docks

Rating: R

NYC - Docks

Off from the bustle and crowds of South Street Seaport, a small dock stretches over the east river, which was once convenient for fishes, now lays almost forgotten. The wood here isn't as polished as the rest of the docks as splinters can be seen here and there. At night there is an eerie shadow cast over the place from the tall ships docked several feet away.

Considering it is the end of September, the cool weather is to be expected. It is a bit cooler than it has been the past few weeks, however. A pleasant breeze wafts in from the direction of the ocean, bringing with it the sounds of distress. "Help! Somebody please help us!" Mixed with this is a bit of unfriendly laughter and some rather tasteless anti-mutant slurs. A teenage boy runs through a valley of boxes, pulling his younger sister along behind him. Behind the two a group of bikers are giving pursuit.

Just happening to be in the area is Robyn. He's wearing a black Jack Skellington hoodie over a black pair of pants with a back of art supplies in his hand. Upon hearing the shouts for help he starts running in that area. He waves around several boxes trying to get towards the bikers. Just a little bit closer, Robyn tells himself as he pushes himself to run as fast as he can.

Going for a walk to process how his training session with Tex went Kai has found himself wandering down towards the docks,he's dressed in black jeans, a t-shirt patterned like a composition notebook, a black peaked beanie and dark grey converse. As he heads towards to water he hears the shouts for help, walking over he spots the source of the noise, "Huh, another anti-mutant attack?, FoH again?", he spots the teen in the black hoodie running, "Looks like theres a new player".

Nathaniel works a number of odd jobs to pay for whatever his extra college grant money can't. This is the only reason he's out near a creepy dock after dark, propped on a bicycle as he tries to examine the address on a package that seems to fit into a setup on the front of his bike. He feels the fear before he hears the voices, a sharp, piercing sort of emotion that's difficult to ignore. He stuffs the package back into the basket and reacts like Robyn, admittedly likely somewhat faster as his bike's wheels slide over the mist-slick boards of the dock. He feels Robyn, vaguely, as he comes near, but while it makes his stomach clench, he ignores it. He waits until he can get at least within range of his powers, then sends out a sudden irresistable urge, a moral imperative, straight towards the bikers - figures of aggression and violence - to sit down. He's not close enough to get all of them, but hopefully it'll trip up a couple.

Heather arrives at the docks, also happening to be in the area, but possibly she was just looking for Robyn after spotting him a little while ago, and it lead her here. She's wearing just some regular but mismatching thrift clothes and a pair of tinted goggles. She plays on the tape recorder, "Robyn?" At seeing the other mutant running, she looks forward and hears on her playback the shouts. She hooks the tape recorder on her belt and then ZIPS! over at superhuman speeds, listening for that putrid green of the distant slow wolders' voices.

The two who are being pursued look back over their shoulders as a stranger on a bike barrels through the bikers. There are about twelve of them total, the boy manages to knock two of them down before the others jump out of the way. "Damn kid! Take him out!" A few of the bikers turn to go after Nathaniel, while the rest continue to pursue the teenagers.
As the teenagers pass by one of the crates the boy smirks, glancing over his shoulder once more toward the men as the wall of the shipping container burst open, a massive sand dog leaping out into the path of the gang. Dingo jumps off the top of the damaged crate and lands on top of his creation. "Good work kids." The sand dog raises a paw which comes smashing down on the nearest biker, pressing him against the ground. "Just keep back until they stop breathing."
There are twelve men chasing the two teenagers through the lot. Three of them sit down suddenly mid-pursuit and one or two seem to waiver for a moment. Another two stop suddenly to look at their friends in a confused manner. "Get up! What's wrong with you? You gonna let a bunch of mutie freaks get away?"

Robyn keeps running after the kids with the bikes and when he gets close enough he lets his consciousness pass into the closest kid on a bike. His eyes flash purple before his body falls limp to the ground as his consciousness slips into the body of one of the anti-mutant bike riders. While he's in the mind of the biker, Robyn turns the bike so that it steers into the water. Before bike and rider crash into the water, Robyn's consciousness slips back into his own body.

Kai watching as more people head towards the commotion, the biker driving into the water gets a raised eyebrow before the sand dingo bursts out of the shipping container, "Wow, it's all going on tonight, doesn't seem to be any firearms though, may aswell take a closer look", he jogs down towards where Robyn's standing switching bodies.

Nathaniel is forced to swerve around the inert body on the ground, not realizing it's Robyn; really, with his mind floating around, he's not emitting any emotion and is sort of a blindspot for Nate right now. He slams his bike to a stop at the sight of the sand dog and a familiar sort on the crate, nearly pitching over the handlebars but curving the bike around just in time to come to more of a swaying halt. He's behind the bikers now, looking through them towards Dingo, expression decidedly surprised. Breathing? It takes a few seconds, but he eventually manages, "You can't /kill/ them!"

Heather stops when she arrives at Robyn for a moment and plays on her recorder, "I am uncertain of what's happening. It seems that the threat to those mutants has been contained?" She offers Robyn a hand up and looks forward, "But the new threat to the humans has not been, though they are the original aggressors. What is your take on the situation? Your moral sense is better than mine."

As one of the men drives himself into the water another one calls out to him, "Hey! Don't be affraid men. We kill off that one and the rest'll go easy! You guys get up! We outnumber him!" The ones still on bikes dismount and pull out weapons. There are a few crowbars, a baseball bat, a couple chains, and some handguns. Dingo brings a hand to his chin as though pondering something. "You…You DO know who I am, right?" The paw comes up and slams back down on the captive biker, eliciting a cry of pain and a cracking noise. "You think your human weapons will do anything to me?"
Dingo glances up suddenly as he hears the voice in the distance, quirking a brow as he sees the sudden collection of random mutants. "Oh? Come to help out, did we? Yes. I can kill them. It's easy. Their bodies are fragile and weak." The Dingo raises its paw off of the first victim, the man is not moving at all. The paw moves forward swiftly and knocks another man into a metal crate. "It's the only way to protect our kind." There is a gunshot and a flash of sand in front of Dingo as the bullet is contained. "You should get out of here."

Pushing himself back up, Robyn looks up at Heather. "Oh Timeslip. Thank goodness your here." He says looking around. "Um, not much time but those bike guys are attacking someone and we have to make sure Dingo doesn't kill them." He starts to rush forward. "Dingo, if you start killing them I'll make you stop. Right now we should be defeating them, not killing them. I don't want to have to fight you too but I will to make sure I can save their lives." He looks over at Heather and gives her a smile. "I trust you can disarm and take out a few of these guys?"

"Murdering bullies on docks? Using kids as bait? /That's/ your ironclad fucking plan?" Nathan answers, starting in surprise as the paw whacks the guy into a crate. Now that he's in close proximity, the spatial limits on his powers aren't a real issue anymore. He frowns at Dingo, then at the men, then at Dingo, but ultimately he focuses on the humans. He sends his mind out, issuing two of those overwhelming urges: the desire to drop the weapons and run. He isn't thinking this through terribly well as 'running' would involve 'towards him' at this interval, but he's mostly trying to make sure people don't get killed. Er, except for the dude on the ground, there's not much he can do about that.

Heather nods once at Robyn and says, "Naturally. Long range deadly weapons are presently priority." She rights herself and furrows her eyebrows slightly, quickly assessing the situation and the presence of weapons. Her first action is dash over to one of the men with a handgun and attempt to disarm him with a very fast chop to the hand. If successful, she'd also attempt to shove him over into the ocean. Given her speed, the momentum would be quite enough to make him go splash.

The man who shot his gun is now on the ground with his face burried beneath the massive sandy paw of the construct. Dingo shakes his head at Robyn, "Stop me? Why would you want to stop me? I'm the only one willing to do what it takes to protect our people. I didn't lure all these dangerous humans out here just to slap them on the wrist and let them go." About this time Heather manages to knock one of the men into the water. Dingo laughs, "That's the spirit! Now take his gun and finish him off!" Dingo now shakes his head at Nathaniel, "Are these your friends? That one's dissappointing, this one's ok. And it's a pretty good plan, by the way."
The man under the Dingo's paw is flailing a little less with each passing second. He probably can't breath under there. Two men are down from earlier attacks and two are swimming toward the dock. Three of the remaining men charge toward Dingo while the other four focus their attention on the mutants behind them. Well, it seems that way at first anyway. Two of them drop their bats and seem to be running right past the group. One of the other two swings his chain at Nathaniel and the other levels a gun at Robyn.

"I warned you." Robyn says as right now he's putting his trust in Heather's speed and choosing to possess Bruce over the guy pointing a gun at him. His eyes flash purple and his mind slips into Bruce's. Once he's inside the head of The Dingo the sand that is holding the man down just drops to the dock. "No one is getting killed here tonight, not you not us, no one." He doesn't have any exposure to Bruce's powers so the connection with the sand is starting to overwhelm his sense a bit. "Timeslip, I don't know how much longer I can stay in here." He growls out.

Nathaniel doesn't like being attacked by chain-like objects, especially when they actually happen to be chains. He doesn't do much of anything outwardly, but his expression turns angry and he issues some sort of order with his power that will ultimately cause the biker attacking him to more or less drop like a rock. No breathing, no twitching, just unfocused eyes and a complete lack of activity. Nathan eases up anxiously after a few seconds, followed by sidestepping as the man takes off down the dock, weaving slightly, as he tries to catch up with the friends Nate already sent running. He saw Heather disarm the others, so isn't too worried about the gun, focusing his power instead on the men running towards Dingo to get them to turn around and run in the other direction, away from the possessed sandmancer.

Indeed, Heather merely tosses the gun into the water, figuring nobody will pick it up and use it /there/, in order to focus on the man who has the gun focused on Robyn. She dashes in that direction to attempt to smack the gun out of his hand as well. She does not reply to anyone for the time being, her tape recorder hanging around her neck.

The sand above the man collapses leaving a three legged dog with a vacant looking Dingo standing atop it. Two of the men charging at Dingo stop suddenly and run in the other direction, causing the little girl behind Dingo to cry out, "Dingo! What are you doing? They're getting away! Kill them!" The girl points at one of the running men and he falls on his face, seemingly unable to move for the time being. The man remaining strikes the sand dingo with a crowbar and stops, turning to look behind him at his fallen and escaped comrades. "Um…You Muties gonna pay for this! E…Eventually." He releases his crowbar, leaving it sticking out of the construct as he runs past the group to follow those that ran before him.
There is a gunshot as Heather manages to make contact with the remaining man, but it appears as though the gun was knocked out of the way in time. The man frowns and aims a punch at Heather, "Where did you come from? I'll kill you, bitch!"

While still inside the Dingo, he looks at the two kids. "It's because we're better than them that we don't kill them. Just because we have the power, doesn't give us the right." And that's the last thing that Robyn says as he slips back in his own body just in time for the gun to fire and barely miss him. With a jump he looks up at Heather and gives her a smile. "I knew I could trust you." He says to her before looking at Dingo. "I told you not to kill anyone."

Nathaniel is pretty sure Heather can handle herself just fine, but that doesn't stop him from picking up an abandoned chain to more or less just ball it up and throw it at that biker's head. It's just a fit of pique at this point. He looks away from her in time to see Robyn, which, for just a second, makes him look like all of his hair is standing on end. Not the main issue here, Nate. He focuses on Dingo instead, turning towards him and taking a couple small steps forward, "Setting traps for them isn't fair. How'd you get the kids to lure them here, anyway?" He doesn't appear worried about Dingo turning that sand-dog-thing on them, but he lives in either an optimistic or resigned world.

Heather's head twitches back lightly as she takes the bunch, and then she just rights herself as if it didn't really occur to her to properly react to being punched. Instead, she quickly reaches to grab the man in front of her and push him so he's definitely in the way of the chain that Nathaniel happens to be throwing. She replies with her tape recorder, "Of course you can trust me. You are my valued friend, and therefore a priority." She offers a smile and a quick nod, at least if the man who punched her gets hit by the chain.

Dingo shakes his head and glances around quickly. "What just happened?"
The boy points to Robyn, his eyes are glowing faintly "That one. He was inside you." The chain to the head was enough to knock the one standing biker to his knees. He's a bit dazed and probably won't be causing any trouble for now.
Dingo quirks a brow and glances over at Robyn. "Really? I generally remember when another guy's inside me." He frowns as the sand leg on his construct reforms itself. "Do you know how much trouble we went through to get them all in one place? And now what?" He takes a quick look around. "Five? That's less than half. Those that get home will just recruit more hunters." The four on the ground are hardly dead. The first one that was crushed is in pretty rough shape, but they're all alive for now. "How about you all just head out of here and let me do my job."
The construct's left forepaw raises up and the claws become exceedingly long and cruel looking. Dingo glances at Nathaniel. "Is it not fair to set traps? I knew they were out here. I just had the kids walk around, use their powers in view of the bikers, and lure them here. If they weren't dangerous to our kind they wouldn't be where they are now." He glances over his shoulder at the kids. "Them? From mutant town. Their parents were killed by the Huntsmen. Those other schools are training mutants to control their powers and live peacefully with the humans. I'll train them up for the coming war."

Robyn looks at Bruce as a realization clicks. "You set them up!?" He screams at the guy. "What if they killed them?" He's pissed and it shows in his face and the volume of his speech. "If you weren't trying to kill them they wouldn't be trying to kill us! You're the reason they're afraid of us you…you…asshole!" He screams at Bruce as he charges him with a blind anger, a purple psi-blade forming in his hands as he rushes forward to stab Bruce with it. If the three foot long blade stabs Bruce it would by pass any body armour and leave no physical harm but it would give him one hell of a mental push attack.

"Huntsmen? Hunters? These are mutant hunters?" Nathaniel says with lifted brows, looking at the men now either knocked down or out, the only ones left on the pier. He looks back up at Bruce and takes another step towards him, not paying mind to the sand dog for now, "Wait. I want to talk to you for a minut - fuck!" He ducks and dives partially to the side and forward when Robyn suddenly spouts a blade and radiates anger, mostly trying to get out of the way. Gah.

Heather kicks the other gun into the water, adjusts her goggles slightly and then plays on her tape recorder, "Why is it necessary to kill them? Why not break their feet?" While this is playing, though, she zips over towards Bruce and leaps high into the air to offer Bruce a slap at the base of his neck, to try and throw him off balance. "Death is a waste of resources."

Dingo shakes his head, "Of course they weren't in danger. They're with me, aren't they?" He frowns as Robyn darts toward him, "Alright now just cool yer jets buddy." He doesn't hear the kids behind him calling for him to look out until after he feels Heather make contact with the back of his neck. The man falls forward and makes contact with Robyn's blade…With his face. He lets out a cry and rolls to the side, grasping his head and kneeling down for a moment. The construct collapses to the ground in a heap of lifeless sand.
The man who was hit in the head with the chain seems to have recoverted a bit by now. He gets up and runs off. The two kids seem rather unhappy that Dingo is being attacked and move foreward in an agressive manner, but Dingo manages to stand up and hold out a hand to them. "Nope. We're not gonna fight with our own kind here." He glares at Robyn from behind his goggles. "Don't know what you are, but you're wasting your tallents. Keep fighting for the humans and you're likely to get shot some day. Little miss blinky blink won't always be around to knock all the guns out of your face." He turns to look at Heather, wanting to keep tabs on her. "These kids knew what they were up against. They volunteered for it."

Robyn stands over Bruce and narrows his eyes at him. "I've been shot before. I've been beaten up, hit by a car, possessed, turned into a frog and many more things all because of what. I. am. I'm not just fighting for humans, I'm fighting for me and I'm fighting to keep this world sane. People like you don't make this world a better place no matter what you think. You make it a worse place." He looks over at the two kids and shakes his head. "I pity you. Both of you. Listening to what people like -him- tell you. You know what, I'm a mutant, and proud but I'm doing what I want in life too without fearing an attack. The only attack tonight, the only reason it happened, was because of him. A mutant. It was him who chose to put your lives in danger." He says as he stands his ground. "And just because we're both mutants, it doesn't mean I'm you're kind."

Nathaniel gets over his shock at the sudden blade and straightens up, moving off to one side and wincing as he gets some feedback over that sudden cry. He steps forward, tucking his hands into his pockets and glancing at Heather before he looks to Robyn, "Mutant hunters, Robyn. Hunting mutant kids." Another glance at Dingo and the kids as he shifts, feeling distinctly uncomfortable but muddling through it, eyes returning to Robyn, "Get out of here, guys. Those kids don't really need to see a bunch of us fighting and I can… handle this, I guess." A small wince, followed by, "You know I can. It might be better to make sure those guys don't come back and… I don't know. Reinforcements?" It'd be impossible for him to look more uneasy, but he's standing his own ground now, albeit a careful and subtle sort of ground as he's not quite standing directly in front of Dingo - just a bit to the side of that. He nods to Heather and adds, with a faint smile, "One of you can definitely catch up to them faster than the rest of us, after all, right?" He's trying to defuse the situation as best he can, shifting from one foot to the other.

Heather slides down the sand as the sand dingo collapses, dashing after the one gang member who is trying to get away, stopping in front of him and clapping her hands together at sufficient speeds to create a small sonic boom, playing on her tape recorder, "I can crush your head like a grape." She gestures back at the group of people he ran away from, "And I can run at highway speeds. Do you want to try and run away? Or will you wait for the proper authorities?" This is just a threat, since Heather does not actually want to engage.

Bruce wipes the back of his hand across his mouth, cleaning up some of the blood resulting from the fall into Robyn's fist. "You idiot. You goddamn idiot. Look at what not to become, kids. He admits to being shot, beaten, hit by a car. They want him dead and he would protect them." Dingo's eyes go dark, "If you want to die that badly go jump in front of the subway. Don't take the rest of our species down with you." His eyes dart toward Nathan, "Yes. They're all around. They don't stop. Even if they're not as organized as they once were. The humans hate us. When they attack, I fight back. What's wrong with that? You have no idea what they're capable of." He glances now over to Heather, "What's with all the threats? You know the police won't hold them. If you can crush his head, do it." The man looks less enthused about this idea. He was knocked prone by her attack and now looks up at her pleadingly.

"You're wrong Dingo. They should look at me and see someone whose survived, grown stronger and learned to defend himself. They should look at me an see a mutant whose never given up on his dream." Robyn says as he looks around and then smiles. "You asked earlier who I was, I'll answer you this. I'm just an art student." He says before looking over at Nathaniel and points a finger at him. "We are not judge jury or executioners, they should be left to the police not for /us/ to judge." The look he gives Nathaniel is less than friendly. "If you let him kill -anyone- I will find you and do worse than what you did to me." Robyn threatens Nathaniel before looking to Heather. "I'm leaving now, but I'm going to find my friend Summoner and talk to her about what happened tonight." He says as he turns and starts walking off.

Nathaniel freezes up slightly at the threat, breathing in deeply as his eyes narrow slightly at Robyn, "So we can't judge, but you can? I'll keep that in mind. Get out of here, Robyn. You're the last person on the planet I want to use my powers on, but it's not like you don't pray to the altar of Xaviers just like everyone else does. You're as much of a zealot as Dingo." He says it bitterly enough, but he frowns and shakes his head, raking his fingers through his hair and making general shooing motions in their direction, "Just get the fuck on, already. Christ. Everything's an issue with you people. I promise not to let him kill any of the nice mutant-killing bikers, okay?" He looks back at Dingo and adds, with an exasperated sigh, "And could you just… not, for five minutes? Just… stop for a minute."

Heather glances around offers a polite nod to Robyn and then shakes her head at Dingo, "I avoid killing. It is a waste of resources." She looks down to the biker and says, "But… You were trying to murder innocent children. I cannot be your judge but I need to understand why a person would do such a thing. I am not good at understanding people. They are mere children and you are a grown man. What has made you the judge for their lives?"

Dingo gives Robyn a mocking salute. "Nice to meet you, art student. I'm the Defender of Mutant Town. Maybe you can make a statue in my honor after I end up saving your ass from the humans." He seems to quiet down for a moment at the mention of Summoner, mumbling "Yeah wonderful. The last thing I need is her busting down my door at three AM…" He sighs and rolls his eyes, "Fine. I won't kill them. But they're not going free. And they're not going into police custody. You want them judged? We'll have them judged. I'll hand them over to the boss. Magneto always knows just how to handle these situations." Dingo shoots a glance at the two kids, "You two get out of here. Head back to the safehouse straight away. If these two try anything with you just hit the button on your phone, ok?" They nod and walk away reluctantly.
The man Heather is speaking to seems to be less affraid of her now, though the mention of Magneto did seem to make him wince. He spits at Heather's feet. "You monsters disgust me. You think we'll just stand by and let you take over our government? Teach in our schools? No fucking way. I'll see you all dead!"

"A statue, seriously?" Nathan says in that same exasperated way, but then he's crouching down by the man on the ground. Nathan is an art student, but he's a number of things, so when he grips the man's hair and hauls his head back, it's not exactly a weak touch. His voice is quiet and sort of weirdly curious as he asks, "Will you? Will you really?" Again, he doesn't seem to do much outwardly, but the man's eyes will get wide - huge, to the point of dangerous pressure - and he'll make a gurgling sound in his throat. Nathan straightens quietly, tucking his hands in his pockets and watching as the man starts writhing and screaming on the dock. It's pretty easy to see what's wrong. The man is terrified out of his mind fairly literally. It's all animal sounds and likely wet trousers from here on out. Maybe it was the bit about death, or the bit about schools. Either way, Nathan is driving the man insane with fear, jaw set a bit angrily. Uh. Don't mind him.

"Your mouth based lubricants don't bother me," plays Heather, shaking her head at the man in front of her, "And you are the worst of your kind. Purposefully militant, inciting something which you will not be able to handle. It is a move that is tactically unfortunate, and harms all of us but you most of all." And then then Nathaniel does what he does, and she tilts her head slightly, "Is he having a seizure?"

Dingo watches the kids as they head off and turns back to the man Nathan seems to be affecting. He lets out a bark of a laugh and shakes his head, "Brilliant. I love it. Mighty useful I bet, if you were to say…Need to get information out of them? Such as…Where they're home base is." He looks at Nathaniel. "Hint hint." The man snaps his fingers and his sands come back to life, shooting out tendrils to pull the unconscious men together and line them up on the sidewalk. "I suppose I should get them to Magneto." He walks along by them and crouches down to inspect the one he crushed, "Hmm…This one might die anyway…Mouth based lubricants? Who talks like that anyway?" He glances at Heather and tips his head to the side. "You're much more pleasant to be around with Negative Nancy gone." He waves a hand in the direction Robyn went.

Nathaniel considers the question from Heather without taking his eyes off of the man on the ground, who is now doing a good job of twisting and screaming himself hoarse, "Something like a seizure. Don't worry. It won't kill him." He glances away from the man to look at Dingo, then exhales and looks back at the man he's using his powers on, "I don't know how comfortable I am about you diving into a nest of these guys and slaughtering them all. Robyn was right at least partially - they should get some kind of chance." He pauses, considering, then glances again to Dingo, "I don't need to torture him to find out where his base is. If you can promise they won't be killed without some kind of trial, I can take you to them." He looks back down at the man, finally easing off; the man relaxes slightly, but it looks like he's going to be wrecked for a while. His eyes are wild and he looks like he may actually have gone a little nuts, "Or, if there aren't too many, bring them somewhere. Maybe… fifteen at a time?" He scratches the back of his neck uncomfortably, frowning at Dingo, "Only because they hunt little kids, dude."

"Who talks like what?" replies Heather through her tape recorder, looking actually genuinely perplexed at the question. She then looks in the direction that Robyn is going, "He is a very good friend of mine and better with matters of morality than I am. The reason I object to killing is because every person contains certain unique elements of knowledge and to kill is to make it irretrievable. A waste of resources, as I had said. I understand that there are other reasons that it should be refrained from, but that's the one sufficient in creating the behavioural imperative." She fidgets with her hair lightly and untangles some of the knots, putting the goggles up onto her forehead and blinking quite rapidly a few times, "In this example, these men has knowledge of where to go next. And the men there may have other knowledge you might want, but would recklessly destroy. They should be tried, but by those who do not hate mutants. In a metahuman court. And then, they should be punished."

Dingo seems to consider what Nathaniel said for a moment. "Well I can't promise that I won't kill them. Depends on what the boss says. But why do YOU think they need to be tried? Do you think they sit around and try to decide which mutants "Deserve" to be killed? Do you think they have a trial for every mutant they attack? Of course not. The majority of the mutants who were killed in the Mutant Town Shootings posed no threat to them." Bruce suspects that this gang is not affiliated with the Huntsmen, but he'll pretend that he does if it'll get Nathaniel on his side. "There probably aren't that many more. Maybe another dozen…Unless they joined up with another gang."
Dingo glances at Heather. "Ah I see. Well by your thinking, these men SHOULD be killed because they are continuing to kill our people. The people they kill not only have their knowledge lost, but also their unique abilities. And we don't need to keep them alive since Mr…Uh…I forgot your name…" He looks down at the crazy man. "Mr. Nightmare Guy here knows where to go next. Or we could just keep one alive. Only need one. And only need him until I have that knowledge. Then in order to PRESERVE knowledge we would kill these ones."

Nathaniel's eyebrow twitches and he glances along at Dingo, staring at him for a few seconds before he says, "You're lying to me about something." He looks back down at the man, who is now trying to dig his way through one of the wooden planks of the dock. He shrugs after a few seconds, frowning and looking at Dingo again, "So kill them like they'd kill us? Are you going to start hunting human children, too, just to even things up? They deserve to be punished, sure, like, er, she said, but just killing them seems… too far." He scratches the back of his neck and licks his lips, nodding to the guy on the ground, "I don't know if he'll be useful for a couple days. If you want a lead, you'll have to wake up one of the other ones. Not really anything I /like/ to do, but they were going to kill kids. You don't do that."He frowns further, uncomfortable, but then he's darting another look over at Bruce, "If David finds out about me helping you, I'll take it personally. Okay?"

"It's like I said, why not just break their feet? There is little waste of resources there. If they are contained, there is no loss to anyone," asks Heather, seeming genuinely confused, "At this point, killing them makes absolutely no sense, but if it was a dilemma situation, then it becomes a calculation of what's the best option, but if they are somehow prevented from continued aggressivity, that is the solution that preserves the most."

Dingo folds his arms. "Of course I wouldn't kill the children. Mutants don't become mutants until they hit puberty. I could be wiping out our own kind." He shakes his head, "Also I mean…I only kill those who are a threat to our species. I leave the other humans alone…For the most part." Except that one time he was high on Kick and tried annexing China Town into Mutant Town. "And what do you mean, "LYING" to you? I mean…Sure I can't be certain about whether or not these men are the same as the ones who were shooting up Mutant Town a few months back, but they seem to be." Not. They're distinctly less organized.
Bruce starts walking along the downed men again. He raises a hand and a smaller sand dog forms, places its jaws around the leg of one of the men, and bites down. There is a crunching noise and the man wakes up suddenly, screaming in pain. "Well I suppose if I have to keep them alive, it's not a bad idea to keep them from running. And maybe if I'm lucky they'll die of shock."

Nathaniel turns away from the man on the ground, narrowing his eyes at Dingo even as he answers Heather, "It's an emotional issue, ah, miss. They hurt us, we hurt them. It's not a particularly reasonable reaction, though I guess it's pretty balanced." He takes a step towards Bruce when he walks over to that man, adding, "You're lying. You don't believe they're the ones who shot up Mutant Town at all. I'm not helping you with shit if you're going to lie to me, Bruce." Huff. He glances down at the guy suddenly screaming, wincing slightly only to crouch and poke at the smaller sand dog. He tries scratching it behind the ear out of some ridiculous impulse, "Extermination of them isn't any better an idea than extermination of us. We're not… Daleks, for fuck's sake." NERD ALERT. Cough. He straightens up again to put his hands in his pockets, frowning at the guy with a broken leg on the ground. He looks from him to Bruce, eyebrows lifted, "I'm guessing you were hoping to do this now?"

"What's a Dalek?" says Heather, staring blankly at Nathaniel. She glances between the other two and then plays on her tape recorder, when Nathaniel seems to be unable to come up with a name, "I am Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip. I usually stay at the school. I am not suppoed to be away without an escort, but I am. These things happen." She raises her eyebrows at Bruce and says, "Avoid making them die from shock. You can also contain them in a place. I don't know much about human physiology."

The dog seems to look at the boy curiously, tipping its head to the side. It feels surprisingly soft, like beach sand. Nate may realize that Dingo is giving him a similar look as the dog, which is probably not surprising considering the fact that the man controls the construct. "I can't lie to you? That's a pain. Remind me never to date you." He glances over at Heather. "Nice to meet you Timeslip. I'm…Well most people just call me Dingo. You're not supposed to be away without an escort? Away from where? One of the schools I suppose…Xavier's or Barne's? You know…Those schools shouldn't be keeping you locked away. You should be free to walk the streets as you wish."
Then Dingo seems to consider what Nathaniel said about hitting the base. "Maybe…Well I mean yes I do…But maybe it would be best to wait after all. Magneto might have some specific plan for them. And if they have time to prepare then more of them will be present when I strike. Then I don't need to hunt down as many." If he knows what a Dalek means he makes no indication. He probably assumes it's some American slang.

"Not easily," Nate says, glancing up at Dingo with a somewhat wry look, though he follows it up with a dry, "Thanks for the consideration." He straightens up, brushing a bit of loose sand from his fingers and focusing on Heather, "Are you from another planet? It's nice to meet you. Er. Well, a bit awkward, really. I'm Nate. Daleks… uh… I watch a lot of television. They're killer robots on a television show." He ruffles his fingers through his hair, looking at Dingo again and nodding his head, "All right." He looks thoughtful, licking his lips and crouching down suddenly in front of the injured man, who is likely cussing up a storm. Rather suddenly, he looks at Nathaniel as if they had known eachother for years, as if Nathan was his brother, and Nate smiles faintly, "Hi. Ah… what's the address for your base?" The man will blink, confused as to why Nathan needs the information, but will answer him trustingly and without a hint of doubt.

"They rescued me from the White Prison," replies Heather to Bruce, raising her eyebrow at him skeptically, "And that I am presently on the streets without anyone coming after me tells me that I have plenty of freedom. It is just recommended that I have an escort, which is because of something I do not presently want to get into." She glances towards Nathaniel and says, "I am from this planet, yes, or rather, I am from an illusion which took place spatially on this planet, but was nothing /like/ this planet. And yes, I understand that I am a bit overwhelming to meet."

Dingo chuckles. "Ah, well that's a pretty useful trick. Now I just need to…" He holds up a hand and a bit of sand appears there. It seems to solidify into a stone, the address being etched into it. The man glances at Heather and gives her an odd look before shrugging. "Eh, I don't judge. Some of my customers are demons. There's plenty I don't quite understand and plenty I don't need to. You helped me take down these guys, so you're ok. Just…Don't knock me down from behind anymore, ok sugar cake?" Dingo cocks his head for a moment. The sound of sirens can be heard approaching the docks. "Oh wonderful. Looks like your friend decided to call the police after all…" He seems to consider the men on the dock. "I could kill them…But then Rashmi would be banging on my door all night. And he probably told them Dingo was here so then they'd be after me." He shakes his head, "And I don't really have time to move them all…And I have the information I need…" The man sighs, "I GUESS I can let these ones go. But don't expect me to go easy on their friends."

Nathaniel pats the man on the shoulder before he returns to standing, rubbing his back absentmindedly. The man will look confused, then likely incredibly pissed, as Nathan stops what he's doing, looking at Heather with an arched brow, "Uh, not really. Just awkward, with all this going on. If you were a couple stories high, wreathed in fire, horned, and yelling something, that would probably be overwhelming. I think we can check 'otherworldly' as a viable option, either way." He checks his watch when the sirens are heard, groans and cusses heatedly under his breath, then licks his lips and shrugs, "I'm late for my delivery." A flat look for Bruce, "Thanks for that." He wanders over to his bike, hefting it up and checking the package carefully, then straddling it, "Easy for a bunch of rough bikers? There's a joke in there I'm dying to find."

"I would have been surprised if he had not called the police. I am not particularly concerned but I suppose I understand why you would be. And as for knocking you down from behind, I make no promises. It depends on the particular circumstances of the situation, honestly," plays Heather to Bruce, tilting her head lightly, and then looking towards Nathaniel, "Fine, I am awkward and otherworldly, I am fine with these attributions." She looks in the direction of the sirens and says, "I should probably go home. I do not want to be on the news."

Dingo sighs and offers a half hearted wave to the two of them. "Yeah yeah. I suppose I should head out as well. Before I end up starting ANOTHER war with the police." His sands collect up around him and swirl up into a cyclone of dust before funneling up into the sky and moving off toward Mutant Town.

Nathaniel arches a brow, shaking his head at Heather and starting to explain, "No, no, this /situation/ is awk - nevermind. Go on home." He hitches up on his bike and turns it, pedaling off in the direction he was originally heading for. It'll be a late delivery, but hopefully the incredible one of a kind collectible My Little Pony will soothe whatever anger he might run into when he hands it over.

Heather nods at Nathaniel as he leaves, and then runs off in the opposite direction, zipping out through alleyways so that anyone pursuing her would be deemed rather insane, heading back towards her home base.

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