2010-04-23: There's An Age For Mutants?


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Summary: Misha and Travis meet for the first time.

Date: April 23, 2010

There's An Age For Mutants?

Rating: April 23, 2010

Barnes Academy - Gym

This module is also fairly large, containing an elevated track that spans the circumference of the room, giving it about an eighth of a mile for a single lap. Below the track and the large ports looking out into the water is a central area that can be configured for anything from basketball to street hockey. Around the central area are areas with hydraulic weight set ups, gymnastics equipment, fitness stations and mats for yoga, sparring or stretching.

Even though Travis really can't play many sports anymore, six arms is definately cheating in baseball, it doesn't mean it has to stop him from exercising. He's wearing a pair of navy blue work pants and a sleeveless shirt, it's easist right now since it doesn't require six arm holes. He's lying down on one of the hydrolic bench presses, designed so that you can work it yourself without worrying about a spotter. He's going through a set of fifteen presses with each pair of arms before switching it up. He's not lifting a ton of weight but 225lbs is decent enough for someone with an althetic build.

And not having an athletic build.. Misha has been jogging some. This is new to him, but he's been enjoying it. Feels kind of guilty as he does though, for Jeremy can't right now. Still, a couple of laps are finished, and pretty much so is he, when he spots Travis. Six arms?! Means that the man has a sweaty and somewhat breathless audience after a minute or so. Sorry, can't help himself. Mikhail is wearing shorts, a Barnes Tshirt, and running shoes, but he's not as thin as he might appear at a distance. He's well defined in way of muscles. Just hasn't put on mass yet. "Hello." Said with a smile, and of course his voice is awful. "Are you being new?" Heavy Polish accent doesn't help matters any.

Wow they start 'em smoking young in Eurpoe, is Travis's first thought when he hears Misha's voice. He finds the audience kind of awkward but he finishes up till he hits fifteen and puts the weights back. At least he was on his bottom most set of arms for that set. He sits up and looks at Misha and nods. "Yup, I'm new. Fresh meat for college or something like that." He holds out a hand for Misha while another one reaches to turn off the weight system, weird high tech stuff. "I'm Travis Smith."

Well, hopefully the obvious scar over his throat will explain some of that. It's not like the teen hides his scars. Sure Misha has others, but they are covered by clothing. That hand is shaken in return, and without hesitation. "I am not understanding fresh meat in way of what we speak of, I am sorry. American slang is still being new, for I have not been here long either. I am Mikhail Androv. Freshmen level college." Still a little breathless, the teen plops down to a nearby bench and stretches out his legs. "There are not being many students here yet, so when I saw I was not knowing you I came over. I hope I'm not being rude."

"Fresh meat, like new kid. Um…usually it's like saying 'Hi, I'm the newest kid here target to all the jokes and pranks that the other new kids had to go through.' That's kind of what 'Fresh Meat' is." Travis tries to explain. "Nah, you're not being rude. Just as long as you're not insisiting I have to know the names of every dude and chick in spandex that fights crime, we're good." He says with a smile while thinking about his roommate. The scars are noticed but not commented on. "Yeah, I noticed it doesn't seem to be a full flegged crazy fest here yet. So I take it no good parties or anything?"

"Oh! Okay, I am knowing this concept." Misha grins for it. "Was not thinking that way. Am not one for pranks. Too new here for anything like that." And then the names of the spandex crowd comment is given, which brings the teen to laugh. Not a very good sound, but that's not because he's being a jerk. It's because his voice is awful. "I see you have met Teddy." The grin continues. Yes, he understood that one immediately. "And no, things always being quiet here." He looks around pointedly, and then rakes fingers back through his hair. "Is because this is being SHIELD base. You want fun, you are going elsewhere." Too much security.

"Yeah Teddy and some guy named Billy, those are my roommates right now. Teddy's a bit…I don't know. He's this intense green dude, that's all I know." Then the part about the base being pretty dead on the party front, causes Travis to frown a bit. "But this is college right, for people with the unfortunate circumstance they have four to many arms or are green or whatever, but still college. There's supposed to be parties at college." Someone's from 'Averageville, USA'. "So there's nothign fun to do around here? At all?"

Misha snorts with amusement. "Teddy is being superhero and geek all in one. Of course that he what he loves. The rest of us are not being as bad." Promise. "Sadly I am having spandex, but that is only Barnes uniform." A shrug and he doesn't seem to worried about it. "This is also high school." He reminds Travis. "Can not be having parties for that." Which is sad. "I am knowing of club in Mutant Town, but they are not serving to our age. Makes me wish for home." As drinking ages are much lower were he comes from. "Fun is where you make it, Travis. We have many gaming stations in suite, as well as good TV. Most times we gather and be social with that. Or explore city and get in trouble." Yeah, he does that. Has the bruises to show for it too.

Travis nods as the high school thing does make him realize that parties would be bad. "Also, my Mom works here so I guess that's good, I don't really want her to see me doing that." Travis says with a chuckle as he brushes a hand through his sweaty hair. "I haven't explored New York City much yet, I just kind of got here and have been underground since. I should get out, fresh air is good." He says with a nod as he leans back on two fo his arms, leaving the other four quite free still. "Maybe I can start up a sports night."

The four armed thing is amazing, but the teen is careful not to fixate on it. He knows that if Travis is newly powered that could be a sore point. Misha is well aware of how lucky he is in that his powers didn't alter his appearance. That he knows of anyway. Not that a change in eye color is anything to worry over. "I can be showing some of city." Offered easily. "Although, I warn, often trouble is finding me." All he can do is pointedly roll his eyes at that one. "Am curious too. Who is being mother? She with SHIELD?"

Travis shakes head. "No, my Mom's not with SHIELD but when…well when the approched me about the school and realized she was a teacher and they needed teachers, they offered her a job with High School English." That and they wanted to keep an eye on both mother and son who just happen to be in the witness protection program. "Apparently trouble is good at finding me too. One of the reasons…well, it's good that I'm here." Travis keep your mouth shut.

There's a smile for all that, but it's a knowing one. "I am being here for protection too." Misha offers so that Travis doesn't feel quite so outsider. "It must be nice to have mother close after trouble hit." Said as one who lost his mother a very long time ago. "And do not be worried of things that you should not be telling. This is place of secrets. I have no trouble with you keeping your own." The smile continues for that, and he shrugs. "I have not been here long either, and came for protection."

"No..no, I don't have any secrets, I'm just here cause I'm a mutant is all, really." Travis says with a smile, an obvious cover up. "Well, it's nice to have my Mom around since she's the only family I have right now. My dad passed away from cancer a few years back." At least Misha's power isn't lie detection. "And getting used to knowing that I'll be having six arms the rest of my life. Just it's weird." Travis says trying not to say too much and reverse what he's said.

Misha doesn't need a power to know that there are lies here. He merely smiles for it though, looking as though he accepts it. "You are being lucky to have mother." Says the orphan, for all he doesn't explain that he is. "I was already knowing good use of my power before here, but they have taught me much already." Especially in hand to hand. He's learning things his aunt couldn't have taught him with her illness. "And yes, it is being weird." There's a grin for that. "Having power, no matter what type, is being weird."

Travis nods at the lucky comment. "I know, believe me, I know." Travis says as him and his mother are quiet close, you'd have to be after what he went through. "I just realized I was a mutant a few weeks ago, this is all new. At least, some how, I'm not having motor control issues with the arms, it's just kind of there. The other stuff, I don't even know what I did, but somehow I can do something with my hands. Like this one." He raises the appropriate hand. "Can heal and this one." Waves another hand. "Can make sheilds."

"You are being a bit old for newly mutant." Said quite purposely, and in a curiously puzzled manner. "Must be very strange having six arms, much less powers with them! Do each have their own power?" Sitting on the edge of the bench, Misha leans forward in interest. "Were you not having many arms before this?"

Travis shakes his head. "No, I was fine before this. Just normal guy. Varisty Baseball team, two arms, ya know, just…normal." Travis says as even after his father died things were still relativly normal. "And I didn't know I was too old to be a 'new' mutant. I didn't know there was an age limit for it, I just kind of woke up and this." He says holding up all six arms, kind of looking like an Indian god or something. "And yeah, they do. I just don't know how to use them. The one time, it just happened, I wasn't thinking about it."

There's that harsh laughter again. He doesn't mean it to sound as such though. "No age limit that I am knowing of, no, but are not most getting powers in early teens?" Misha doesn't know that there are late bloomers. He just thinks Travis is lying, and poking some fun at the man. The lie isn't at all important to him either, and he has no intention of pressing for it. Just some teasing. "I was getting mine then." Not really, but the teen lies well, and does so that people assume he's a mutant. "I am hoping that it did not hurt too bad." For six arms? Yeah. That is serious. No smiling or teasing when speaking about pain.

"I didn't know that. Study of Mutants wasn't exactly a Science elective in my school. Actually I barely heard anything about them growing up, just, that they're there." For some reason, the rest of the country doesn't seem to be as much of a breeding ground for it as New York City. Travis just looks at his arms and shrugs. "Honestly, it didn't really hurt. I think the worst part was when I realized exactly what happened. Just gotta accept it and roll with the punches now, right?"

A shrug and a smile, "Here, there is being much to learn." Never mind Misha studied a good deal when he first believed he was a mutant. Of course it's not like he's McTaggert or anything, but he knows more than the average. "If one looks for it. Being mutant is normally triggered by puberty." Doesn't bother spelling the rest out to Travis, for that's getting into topics he didn't want to trouble the other teen with. "And yes, I am understanding this roll with punches idea. Well." Not quite so idly scratches over the scar on his eyes. "Was nice meeting you, Travis. I am going for shower. Let me know if you are wanting to see city." Rising to his feet, he offers a wave before heading off.

"Definately…Mik right?" Travis asks trying to remember, it's just that he's trying to get used to things. "And who knows, maybe I'm the exception to the rule with a late mutation." He says with grin as he nods to Misha. "And I'm gonna continue exercising for a bit then take a shower and go meet with the big wigs again to see what's going on with classes and training." He says with a wave. "Nice to meet ya."

"Right." A grin for being called Mik. "Could be." About being the exception. "Mutants are all about exceptions." And in a very ordinary way, Misha heads for the showers. "Do widzenia!" Or better known as Goodbye.

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