2010-01-15: Things In Common


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Summary: Jono is there when Addison wakes up from his poisoning

Date: January 15, 2010

Things in Common

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

You wake in the infirmary. The place is quiet excepting for the machinery, and the lights purposely dimmed. Not that you can't easily see the room. It's just not as bright as it normally might be. If anything this makes Jono stand out all the more. Jonothon sits not too far away, his psy-fire lazily wafting about him. It pools on the floor, a spreading, ever-shifting pattern of fire. With one elbow on another bed, his on hand, he rests there. Poor, aching head. The pain patch sure helped, but it's taken the whole time you've been out for the pounding to subside.

Show that you are awake at all and the Englishman lifts his head. «…You feeling okay, mate?» Asked with concern as he sits up more properly to face you. Hopefully you don't wake up violent.

The good thing about being a telepath is that you can feel what's around. Safety. Security. All of that is around Addison, so he opens his eyes. Of course, everything is spinning, so the first thing he wants to do is hurl. Thank goodness for that wastebasket beside the bed. After a few minutes of letting everything out, he moans lightly. "Never trust a student that looks demon-tainted." He murmurs.

…ew. That's one thing Jono is damn glad he doesn't have to deal with. Very, very glad. Waiting for you to finish, he levers himself out of his chair and heads off to wet a cloth. This is brought to you along with a dry towel. Here, clean up a little. Wastebaskets are changed as well, and without any fuss. «You're powers of observation are amazing.» That's about the student who's demon-tainted. The fire-like glow reflecting off various things around the room, Jonothon returns to your bedside. «Bad news is that he manipulated students into following him. They wouldn't listen to me. Don't know where they are going for sure, but I think it's Central Park. Had this urge to go.» But he just kept blasting.

"The good thing about…" Addison pauses, holding his chest. "Nathaniel's power. Low-range. If he sped on past them, then they're on their way back by now." He reaches out mentally, and a little shakily, to feel for them. "Thanks for getting me down here. Yes. They're free. They'll be heading back soon." He says with a nod, looking up. "Perfect timing to come back. Newest crisis and all. Gotta love that little X." He laughs, looking a little less green.

There's relief radiating from him at that news. Doesn't change the fact that Nathan's powers could have been amped, but since you check, Jonothon takes your word for it. He settles back into his chair, psyfire coiling around his legs. «I've always had bad luck in that regard.» Returning in time for trouble. «Not the best first impression I've made.» Sour that, and because he hasn't even been here a day before accidentally blasting, then intentionally hitting a student. «You're welcome by the way.» For getting you down here. «Makes me glad you didn't fly off when I offered. It would have been worse without you.» Sure of that.

"My main job here… is keeping the kids safe and sound." Addison says with a nod. "I've got more combat training than many of the people here. But… I don't like fighting." He says with a nod. "I do what I can. Anyway, as I was meaning to do earlier…" he extends a hand. "Addison Falk. From last year's invading world. The ones that were mind controlled. I apparently don't exist here as anything other than a technological construct made a few years ago and destroyed." He chuckles.

You extend a hand and it's taken. Jonothon shifts and stretches out an arm until he can grasp that hand. «Hey, I'm a bloke who shot his own face off. I'm not one to talk.» Eyes narrow in what little smile he can make, laughter wrinkles shifting into place. Once he's settled back into that chair, looking worn and especially tattered, he adds, «Not wanting to fight is a good thing. Can't say I know much about the invading world though. I've been really out of touch. Among other things.» Like struggling with memory loss. «You need anything while I'm here to fetch and carry?» Since you don't seem to mind his present condition any.

"No, I'll be fine. I think… whatever this was… it's not deadly. Either that or my flame killed some of it." Addison says with a bit of a shrug. "Oh. Basically, Amahl Farouk was banished from this dimension and ended up in mine. He took over while my people were weak from fighting off an alien invasion. He used the telepaths to amplify his abilities, and forced the entire world into war against this one. Heroes of this world seeing themselves hurting people. It wasn't pretty." He says with a nod. After all, Addison lived it. And other things. "What brought you back?"

The explanation has the man wrinkling his nose in distaste. Not one to make light of such things, neither does he really have anything to say about it. Beyond, «I'm sorry.» Apparently things turned out well. «Why'd you stay?» Clearly this isn't your world. Why not go back home? Asked why he came back, that has Jonothon looking away. Ducking his head slightly has hair covering his eyes. So many ways to hide even in plain sight. «No where else to go.» The simple truth, no matter he's hiding so much else.

You can easily pick up things if you are inclined to telepathically. Jono has a quiet mind, not giving off thoughts like many others do, but neither does he have shields. Peek inside and you can see the trauma from the mind wipe, that the family he was with was attacked, so he was forced to leave. Literally he had no where else to go with no ID, no money, and no means to contact anyone in England. Don't look and he doesn't explain it.

"To make amends for what they did. And, because… I had nowhere to go back to. Everyone else left to make the world back to something hospitable. I… I wanted what was here. The chance to have a real life. So did my mother. She's here somewhere. Since this world's version of her is dead…" Addison says with a soft nod as he considers it. He doesn't peek into heads if he can avoid it. After all, he has to teach his kids not to do it. But things do sometimes slip in there. "I can understand that. Sometimes, those that you spent the most exciting time of your life arounda re all you have."

It makes sense to Jono, especially since he did much the same. «How have things been here for you?» He motions with a hand, kind of vaguely, expressing as he speaks. «As in, how are people treating you? You getting that life you wanted?» It's something that has always eluded Jonothon, so he's curious. That and in spite of himself you are allowing him to feel comfortable in how accepting you are of the chamber. After Rashmi shouted at him he's a little tender on the subject. «Not sure Summers will let me back, but I'm going to ask. At the very least maybe they kept my stuff.» A shrug and he spreads his hands helplessly. Out of his hands now.

Rashmi pages, "…Heh. James is about to wreck our shit." to Zack and you.

"Not too bad, honestly. It's not quite what I expected. Having no true identity here makes it hard to do many things, but I study and I help the kids out. I see what they can do when they can't. They let me do one on one power work with individual students. Though… some of them… when they find out my history, well… they stop my history. You're much like my world's version of you. Only not so… hmm. Destiny-oriented." A log of people from ADdison's world were odd, according to some of the ones here. His Emma was flat-chested and Brunette.

Rubbing at his nose, expression hidden in hair and gesture, Jonothon doesn't look at you as you reply. Mainly because he finds it amusing, and kind of scary how similar he finds your two situations. He's in much the same boat. It's only when you speak of his alternate that he lifts his head. Dark eyes difficult to see through dark hair. «Destiny oriented?» Doesn't get that one. «You don't have to worry about me shunning you for your history. I'm not that much of a hypocrite.» Just mostly one.

"Everything with him, before we were enslaved… 'This is our DESTINY'. We HAVE to do it, Addi." Addison chuckles slightly. He shrugs a bit. "That, and like I tell everyone, and some have seen her. Emma there was all natural. No implants. No bleach. Just… Emma. And quiet." He grins. Nobody ever believes that, but it's true. "It's not so much hypocritical. They don't understand what it is to be controlled and forced. But either way… I'm sure Scott will accept you back. Why wouldn't he?"

Brows arch and he gives you an odd look. Destiny? «Weird.» About Emma too. «Can't picture her that way, and I've seen her sisters.» One of which was brunet. «Can't say I much believe in destiny.» A shrug and he leaves it there. Jonothon is too stubborn to be accepting of things he doesn't like. To blindly accept like that? (Never mind he'd be better off if he could.) «I hope they never understand.» About being controlled and forced. He understands only too well. Eyes on floor, he keeps them there as you ask. «Not sure.» Why Scott wouldn't take him back. «I bullocked up a mission.»

Just talking about it makes the man uncomfortable, and he rubs his hands on his thighs a moment before calming. «People died. I got controlled. I return with nothing, likely to be followed by trouble, and he's a school of kids to think about. Not sure I'd take me back with all that.»

Addison really can't help it. He starts to laugh at all of that. "No offense, Mr. Starsmore… but that's exactly what I went through. People died during the invasion. I got controlled. And I'm often followed by trouble. But I'm here, and one of the first lines of defense for the children." He grins. "I don't see how that would matter."

Head hanging some at your laughter, it's more because Jono's trying not to laugh in return than any real anger. Sure his pride wants to get all ruffled, but he's tired and aching… so laughter is far easier. «You and me have a lot in common I see.» Said as eyes shift to laughter wrinkles. «I know my imagination is running away with me, but I'm still uncertain.» A shrug as that smile remains. Certainly helps lighten the mood around him. «And I really think you understand.» That look grows speculative as he returns it to you. «Sure you've still your face, but you've that history, and your powers. I want the same things you do. I've come to accept that I'll never get normal. That's okay, but I want family again. When I had it I made a mess of it. Threw it away. Learning slow, but I'm learning.»

"You obviously don't know my ancestry either, yet. I also have THAT hanging over my head." Addison coughs and shakes his head. "That's what Xavier's is for. Family. Acceptance. I don't think you'll really have to look far. And knowing Scott, you'll be welcomed back… if not with open arms, at least with the closest you can get from him." He winks, reaching out mentally to pull a glass of water to himself. He takes a sip as he thinks. "We do. But that's not a bad thing. Hell, he may stick you on X-Force with us."

«I don't think I need to be told.» About your ancestry. Nose wrinkling he gives you that smile. But after that he looks away and hair hides it. «It's kind of obvious for anyone with the right information. That and first time I saw you was over the monument. Bloody obvious.» Underachiever doesn't mean he's stupid. Falling quiet, Jonothon listens and nods slightly about what Xaviers is for. It's what he threw away, but hopefully he can come back and fully accept it. «…X-Force?» Asked with confusion. It must mean something different now. «…What about the X-men?»

"Yeah, that's PART of it. She's obvious. The two male aspects… not so much." And that's what Addison leaves it at at the moment. "X-Men are the elite. The kids have the training squads. Those of us that either need teamwork training or other particulars, but are perfectly fine on our own fall into X-Force. We… also do some of the things that the X-Men can't be involved in, sometimes. The X-Men are still there. You could be there. I… do both. I still need team training. But… I was the only mentalist in the school. Until Topher came along. And now with you here…" Addison says with a shrug. Hell, he may be pushed back down. He doesn't care. As long as he's got his classes.

Jonothon shrugs about the male aspects not being as obvious. It was to him. «You know that's a good thing, right?» That most people won't assume you're related to Jean and Phoenix. He's seen far too much to feel too shocked over it. There's a slow nod about the squads. «Well, I'll leave it to Scott.» He was an X-man once. «Doesn't really matter what team I'm on, or not. So long as I can remain and help out.» What he will do here at the school he doesn't know yet, but that doesn't mean he won't be useful. Perhaps as school support staff. There's always paperwork and ordering to be done at a place like this.

"True." Addison says with a nod before leaning back into the bed again. He's getting a little tired again. This time, just because of his body burning through the toxins. "He should be around sometime. He's probably just been extremely busy. It gets like that around here. Speaking of which…" He yawns. "I need to say something to Dallas, Lucas, and Robyn. Nother fight." Yeah, he's tired.

«This new situation may make seeing him difficult.» Nose wrinkling, he doesn't mind really. So long as he can stay he's content. You yawn and the man rises to his feet. «Want me to go so you can rest?» Jonothon stayed just in case you needed help. Clearly you are healing just fine. «Well, I think there are going to be more than just fights around here for a while, so rest up before you attempt anything.»

"You can stay if you want, but I'm probably going to sleep." Addison says with a nod. "And there's a few available rooms in the mansion proper. The kids sleep in the dorms behind the mansion." He says, waving a hand upwards. "I don't think it'll be anything to say it's fine for you to stay. AFter all, once you wear an X… you always wear an X."

«Thanks.» Jonothon picks up the remains of his jacket and lays it over a shoulder. «You sleep. I'm going to poke around a little. See if my stuff is in storage. Cheers, mate.» Lifting a hand in farewell, he takes his leave of you, psyfire trailing afterwards.

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