2010-7-16: Thinking Too Loud


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Summary: Topher and Star get to know each other and bond over carrots and cookies. Plans are made to 'go out'.

Date: July 16, 2010

Log Title: Thinking too Loud

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Roughly dinner time at the mansion and most everyone is in the dining hall instead of the kitchen. Rather a scarce sight around the school since her brother returned, oddly enough, Star is quietly puttering around and preparing a small dinner for herself. It looks like the empath is having a hard time finding food that fits her criteria of 'organic', though, since she's scowling into the cabinets and has just a few baby carrots on a plate on the counter near her elbow. She mutters quietly to herself as she stands on her tip toes to try to look into one of the top cabinets, "Why can't anyone be environmentally conscious around here…"

Need foods, drilling though all the other thoughts in Topher's head is the need for something to eat, prefurably something sugary, wearing black skinny jeans, a music themed blue shirt, and red converses, as usual he has his headphones in, playing his current favorite song, he realises Star's there when he feels her presance in his head, he sighs and answers her question, "Cos it costs more".

There's a small squeak of surprise when the other student sneaks up on Star and she turns to glare at him for a moment, tossing her hair back over her shoulder, "Well, that's not a good enough reason…" Or so thinks the rather spoiled girl. She's dressed in a simple, light weight denim sundress and a pair of black strappy sandals with a few small pieces of jewelery to finish the outfit. The empath puts one hand on her hip and sighs, "I just want to have something that's not soaked in pesticides is all."

"Then sorry to tell ya, those are on their way out", Topher's eyes turn black, the refridgerator opens and a soda flies into his hand, "Mmm, sugar", he opens the can and chugs about half the can, "If you want special food, i think you're gonna have to buy it yourself, or talk to the headmasters".

Star rolls her eyes, brown taking over as the dominant color for a moment, "There's still plenty of it in South Boston." And she's only been at the school for a month, so she's still accustomed to being able to find what she wants when she wants it. She sighs and shrugs, grabbing another handful of carrots and moving to the island to eat her little snack, "I guess I'll have to do that…" As long as they don't get peas. Blegh! She rolls her eyes at the dramatic acquisition of the soda, "I swear… It must be something about boys: You all like stuff that's bad for you."

Topher grins, "All the best things in life are bad for you hon", he walks over to the cupboard and begins looking for more sources of sugary goodness, "Names Topher by the way".

Star picks up a carrot and looks at it for a moment before she responds, "Carrots are pretty good." She takes a bite out of the end and chews slowly, "I like them, anyway." She watches the other teen poke through the cabinets and quietly crunches on her carrots for a minute before she introduces herself, "I'm Star." Older (twin) sister of Cloud Rosen, "It's nice to meet you, Topher." At least she's polite, even if she is a little irritated by the lack of organic foods in the kitchen.

Topher makes a yuk face, "Currots are unpleasant", her name is Star?, ok hippy alert, a box of cookies float out of the cupboard to the table, he picks up on the twin thought but doesn't comment, people don't like you being in their head, he closes the cupboard and heads over to his cookies.

"Carrots are good. Lots of good vitamins." Star grins a little impishly at being able to gross out someone by doing something as simple as eating healthy. Happily, her eyes slowly fading into a mellow hazel-green, the girl munches on her plate full of carrots as she watches the box of cookies thoughtfully. There's something she's willing to get off her organic, health food high horse for… Not that she'll say as much, but it's still her one food weakness. Well… That and peas. Cookies she loves; peas, not so much.

Topher grins at the girls pleasure at grossing him out and floats the box of cookies over to her, as much as his powers are killing his head they are fun sometimes, "Chuck me a corrot then and we'll see".

Star eyes the box of cookies for a moment as they float her way, but is really unable to resist for long before she grins, "Alright." She picks up one of the little vegetables and tosses it his way as she reaches into the box and fishes out two cookies to place on the edge of her plate. No sense in getting greedy, after all, "These are pretty sweet carrots, too." She's had some that are about like chewing on a stick, but they were old and tough, not nearly as fresh as these.

Topher catches the thown carrot and puts the box back down, after taking a bire of the carrot he makes a face, "What did i do to you that would make you let me put that in my mouth", the carrot is literally shot at the bin, and he gives Star a look that just says why.

"Carrots are not bad." That's her story and Star is going to stick to it! "Thanks for the cookies, by the way." Yum. Dessert. For the moment, though, the cookies are left alone while she focuses on the carrots. Determined to get through her 'dinner' before she allows herself her little treat, "And healthy food won't hurt you, anyway." It's never hurt her, at least.

Topher shrugs, "Whatever you say, you have your tastes and i have mine", he leans back in his seat and looks up at the ceiling, moving his finger to spell out a T then an M, the two letters being carved into the ceiling, "You doing anything later?"

Star leans on her elbows on the island with a carrot in her right hand, not really paying any attention to what the other teenager is doing at the moment, "That's true, I suppose…" She's quiet, her thoughts wandering to the birthday that's coming in just a few days, at least until he asks his question and is brought back into the moment, "Huh?" She blushes very faintly a having been caught not paying attention and shrugs, "No, not really. Probably just going to go back to my room and practice for a little while." She's been neglecting her trombone lately and feels a little guilty about that.

Topher does a zig-zag pattern around his initals before looking at Star again, "You wanna do something?, get outta the mansion?", the girls got a birthday coming up?, hmmm, i wonder how old?

Star blinks a couple of times at the question and shrugs, "Um… Sure, I guess." She's been spending more time out of the mansion than she has on the grounds, but that's been by herself and wandering around alone really isn't as much fun as hanging out with someone else. Especially when that someone else is a guy that's kind of cute… "Do you have anything in mind?"

Topher grins when she thinks he's cute, "I'm sure we can find something to do", he might be able to find a rave somewhere, "And by the way, i might be cute, but you are hot".

Star takes a bite of the last carrot and nods, "Cool." Then he's commenting on her thought about him being cute and she gives him a slightly puzzled look, confusion forming an invisible cloud around her, "But I-" Then the rest of his comment sinks in and she blushes, lowering her eyes to her plate for a moment, "Um… Thanks…" What's the proper response for being told you're hot? The only guy that ever told her that ended up being zapped by Cloud when he saved her from the jerk being a little too pushy…

Not that Topher would be pushy, but he still makes a mental note to avoid Star's brother, "Your welcome?", he grins a little when Star is unsure how to react, at least she doesn't react like LA girls.

The carrots are finished and the empath picks up one of the cookies, breaking it in half before taking a bite, "So, uh… How long have you been here?" Star's a little uncomfortable with the conversation's unexpected turn and seeks almost desperately to change the subject, though she does wonder exactly how he knew she'd been thinking he's cute. The elder Rosen twin is really new to the whole mutant thing, after all. She isn't even sure exactly what her power is, though she's almost positive it's got something to do with emotions and how she always seems to know the general emotional state of those around her and they seem to echo what she's feeling. Usually, anyway.

Topher shrugs, "Since december, i've been here a while", longer than he wanted to be, but he's he for his own good, best place that can deal with his problem, 'my head still fucking hurts', "what about you?"

Star nods, frowning faintly at the thought that's most definitely not one of hers and looking at him for a moment before answering the audible question with a shrug, "About a month, I suppose. Cloud's, he's my twin brother, been here since the first part of the year." She may say twin brother, but she thinks 'baby brother' quite clearly. Still don't know what my stupid power is, though… Not even sure I've got one. Maybe they made a mistake and wanted one of our older brothers instead… Self-doubt about the existence of her abilities races through her mind for a moment, but she quickly squashes it and gives him a concerned look at the faint comment she thinks she heard, "You okay?" Her eyes slowly shift towards gray as something similar to worry drifts around her.

Topher catches the baby brother and the worry about it maybe being one of her brothers not her, he wouldn't know that feeling himself, he doesn't know if he has siblings being adopted an all, her question catches him off guard, "Yeah i'm ok, bit of a headache but other than that fine, why?"

Star shrugs, "I don't know… I thought you said something about your head hurting, or something." She offers a sheepish look, "I've got some Advil in my room if you want some. I'd just need to go get my purse." The joys of a dislocated shoulder: They give you mild painkillers to tide you over until it's totally healed up. She just got the sling off today under the understanding that she wouldn't lift anything too heavy with her left arm.

'How did she know that?', "No thanks i'm not a fan of painkillers", he used to be on a load of them aswell as meds to slow the deterioration of his brain, but his time at the institute has helped and he is gaining control over his powers.

"That's cool…" Star nods at his insistence that he doesn't like painkillers, though she gives him a funny look for the wondering about how she knew. She already told him: She thought he said it. Sounded strange, though… kind of quiet. She shakes her head, a faint hint of exasperation entering the air around her as she finishes off the last of her two cookies and stands to take her plate of crumbs to the sink and wash it quickly, "So, anyway… When did you want to leave?" Does she have time to get a little cleaned up? Does she need to get changed?

Topher shakes it off, "Bout an hour i guess?, thats enough time for you to do whatever you wanna do to get ready right?", this time he hasn't realised he's read her mind, he telekineticly opens the cupboard again and puts the cookies back.

Star nods, "Yeah, sure." She doesn't think anything about him questioning how long it would take her to get ready to go as she dries the plate and her hands on a towel and puts both away, "That'll be plenty of time, actually…" She took a shower this morning and it won't take her long to run a brush through her hair and decide if she wants to keep the dress on or change into something else. For a moment, she wonders what he thinks, but doesn't bother to voice the question aloud; he's a guy. He likely wouldn't care anyway, "So I'll meet you out front, then, or have somewhere else in mind?"

Topher smiles, "You look great, but remember all guys aren't the same", he finishes the last of his soda and throws the can in the trash, "Yeah sure, meet me out front".

Star blinks a couple of times at that and blushes lightly, "Thanks…" A small frown draws her brows together for a moment and a little wary caution joins the blend of emotions that hang in the air around her, "You can, like, read minds and stuff, I'm guessing, right?" Because she certainly didn't say anything aloud about what she's wearing. Oh, wait… maybe it's not polite to ask about another mutant's powers? Gah! She just doesn't know what's outside the realms of good manners anymore and she has no desire to offend any of the people she's going to be going to school with next year. Especially not a cute guy…

Topher nods, "Yeah, yeah i can, not by choice, people just sort of end up in my head, i can't really keep them out, hense the headache, it gets crowded", he points to the earphones still in his ears, "The music keeps people out for the most part".

Star winces in sympathy, "Yikes. Sounds unpleasant." To say the least. She sighs and bites her lower lip for a moment, "Well, I'll promise to try to think quieter for you." No clue in hell ow she's going to do that, but that's alright. She'll manage. She turns and starts for the door, giving him a little wave, "Well, I'll go get ready right quick and be right back. Won't take me long to grab my purse." And run a brush through her hair. Maybe she should- Woops! There she goes thinking loudly again… She's going to have to try to work on that.

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