2010-05-19: This Is A Stick


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Summary: Deadpool, Proudstar, Mikhail and Robyn share a morning.

Date: May 19, 2010

Log Title This Is A Stick

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Morning at Xavier's means breakfast, showers, getting ready for classes or for some, just slacking off. In Robyn's case, he doesn't have any classes until later today, lucky for him. So he's spending his morning, not in the art room, but in the rec room. He's actually working on his homework in here as he waits till last minute to do it. He's in the process of reading a few chapters in his U.S History book and then filling out the questions that are on the worksheet from the teacher. Ah the Revolutionary War is fun!

Fresh from the showere perhaps, Proudstar is awake and ready to go it would seem. However, instead of visiting the warming spring air outside the Mansion, James finds himself coming to the recroom. Not thinking too much on it, instinct drives him to the entertainment consule and he looks for a remote. Despite TV and cable being right there to turn on with a finger, the remote is much more adept at channel surfing or flipping input to throw down some games even. Its not here, not put back right where it should be. He looks around the boxes, the TV, and other items around the consule. Shuffling some WII remotes, he is disheartened that none are for the TV. Turning to look around, his face is stern - looks like we have a mystery on our hands gang. Turning to the first body he seas, one with an open US History Book, he ponders. "Seen the remote?"

As of perhaps two days now Deadpool's been lurking around the X-Mansion, not once has he hinted at his true intentions yet covering it up with what he believed to be coy and reasonable excuses of just wanting to be around the X-Men and learn to 'do good' /of course not the case, never is with the Merc-With-A-Mouth. No snores escaped his slumbering form as it was curled up into a ball neatly behind the Rec-Room couch (fortunately fully clothed), the remote Proudstar was seeking along with his pistols and sword were wrapped up and clutched to his chest with his LBV. The voices and activity in and out of the room didn't in the least seem to have stirred the unconscious man, " No Skeletor you can't have my Bea… " rumbled forth from the sleeping masked figure.

Yawn, Mikhail slept in today, he's usually up before dawn but today he only got up a half hour ago, but in that time he's showered, found his school books in the mess that is his side of the room and got dressed, he's come down to the rec room because he has to watch Romeo and Juiliet before class, he's not a huge fan of Shakespeare as it's very confusing, it sounds like English but isn't, weird, he's dressed in dark blue jeans, black sneakers, a white long sleeve shirt with two blue stripes halfway down the upper arm and 42 on the chest and back, when he enters the room he walks over and thows himself on the couch Deadpool is behind.

"Good Morning Mr. Proudstar." Robyn says with a smile and a shake of his head. "No I haven't seen the remoote, that's why the television is off." Seems another is too lazy to turn it on without the remote. "Oh, I don't know if you heard but Connor got his roommate switch." There's a jump as there's a voice from behind the couch and Robyn looks down at Deadpool? "Who is that?" He asks as he doesn't recognize the masked man. His fellow Alpha Squadron gets a wave and smile. "Hey Mikhail."

"That's good news," grins James, following the mystery voice behind the couch as if it were a clue at the scene of the crime. A chin nod is given to the latest arrival as well, as he is moving to peek around said couch. Its a half crunch such that he's almost ready to pounce even. With an eyebrow raise to both students, he puts one knee on the couch, a hand on the back. Like an Apache warrior on the deserts of Nevada, sneaking on the settlers … he peers up and over, then groans. "Its Wade," he announces for everyone's satisfaction. Then he stands up, "I don't want to touch him while he's sleeping - might get the kooties." So he goes to the pull table and grabs a stick, asking, "Do you think he'll feel it if I slide the remote away from him with this?" Its a good stick, straight, 21 ounces.

Perhaps it was that 'being spoken about' un-ease or the fact they were closer whilst he slept, whatever triggered it his eyse shot open and he sat bolt upright remote clattering free of him yet amazingly firearms and swords remained in hand. " Had a horrible nightmare Proudstar wanted to poke me with his stick! " His eyes both shoot towards those visible landing on the Native American he lets out a high pitched rather squeemish noise that didn't sound right coming out of the normally rough gravel sounding voice. " How did Theresa manage to wake up to that? " A visible twitch and cringe coursed through the lean form of the mercenary as he looked around. " Drool on my facE? What? Why're you looking at me? I didn't do it. "

"Heya Robyn", Mikhail waves from the couch, when Deadpool is pointed out he sits up to look behind the couch, "Oh thats Deadpool, he's a hired gun, apparently he's here cos the X-men like him and he's good at killing stuff", when Deadpool sits up and drops the remote, he quickly grabs it and throws it to Proudstar.

Robyn just nods to Proudstar that it's a good thing. "Yeah, Connor and I are now roommates." Then when Deadpool wakes up, Robyn just can't help but look at the strange man blurting out weird things. He doesn't say anything until Mikhail says what he does and Robyn's head turns towards James. "Wait, they keep a guy whose good at killing stuff, and is paid to keep people around because the X-Men like him?" Oh yeah, that makes it easy to sleep at night.

Stick in hand as if he was going to do something with it indeed, Proudstar changes stance to lean on said stick as if waiting for his turn to shoot some pool even though the table is unoccupied. "Don't rub it in," he says, not saying directly that they (Theresa and he) never had the opportunity to wake up next to each other, but he doesn't go there completely eitehr. Turning with a dumbfounded look at how blunt Mikhail made it all sound, he shakes his head, "Not quite like that. Technically, there's a lot of guys good at killing stuff around here … its just he's been known to work for hire as the case might be. The X-men are definitely not keeping him on the payroll and its a stretch to think most or even some of the X-men like him. Consider him a good acquaintance at best." Then more for Robyn's benefit even, "More like, good to have him here for the moment cause at least you know where he is and what he's up to … mostly."

" Oh ho that kind of stick not THAT stick, whew. Proudstar stop waving your wood around what kind of example do you think you're setting! " The quick snare of the remote had Deadpool's gun snap out as quickly as it slung out it slammed back into its holster, " Oops. " He said with a whisper, waving a thumb towards Mikhail, " This kid, he's something else I tell ya. " His voice unreadable in this statement, but the slight constrained chuckle that followed said more than enough. " Aww, you put good in there, I think I'm growing on you Tonto. " Looking over at Robyn he sniffed the air then waved, " Yeah. I'm harmless. "
"He does seem pretty harmless, he hasn't tried to kill me yet, he likes to point his gun though, and he's got an odd phone number", Mikhail starts rifling though his bag for his English book.

Between the gun being flashed and then the inuendo and Mikhail stating that Deadpool hasn't tried to kill him yet, Robyn just kind of tenses up and doesn't really move much. Right now he's internally debating if the Library is a better place to get home work done, or his way to clean room. "But the X-Men keep a guy like this around for the students to come in contact with. Sounds like a wonderful thing." Robyn mutters as this is one of those moments where he really wishes his life was normal.

Shaking his head, Proudstar mirrors Deadpools comment, but inversely, "He's not harmless." Echoing perhaps Robyn's own thoughts on the topic. Taking a few steps, pool stick till in hand, he returns to the area around the entertainment center. "And he's not for keeping around. It was supposed to be a /night/," eyeroll towards the red/black masked fellow. "It seems its turning into a short stay now. Should have his own bed at least and not out encouraging the students - let alone interacting with them. Though, this is a common room I suppose. Perhaps more the reason to see about getting a rec room for the dorms, eh?"

" Well… there is a I'm good at what I do and what I do ain't pretty catch line fellow here and a Magneto, I mean… the X-Men aren't the brightest when it comes to keep the children away from the bad men. Whats to stop you folks now? " He forces his hand up over his mouth and forces an audible faked, cough. " Probably toss some more names into that list. " His mouth under the mask forms into a large smile, " Yeah, I did say a night didn't I? Well there was a Golden Girls marathon and next thing you know… whammo it's like two days later. "

Mikhail starts flicking though his book trying to figure out what this Romeo guy is talking about, "What is wherefor art thou supposed to mean?", he really needs to speak to his English teacher about this thig.

Robyn nods to James. "Well I guess you could talk to Scott about making the main room there a rec room? And I know Jono moved out so there's that extra bed at the least, isn't there?" Robyn says as he can't help but feel uncomfortable around Deadpool, and then the names are droped. Taking a deep breath he looks over at Mikhail. "It's just a really wordy way of saying Why are You….are you reading Romeo and Juliet?"

Well that seems more settled and the remote has turned up, Proudstar puts the stick down. "Golden Girls … there you've lost me. If you'd of said Designing Women, I might of been interested." He seems to gloss over who's good at leaving the children with the bad guys conversation for the moment. "There is that, for all I know, he's a place to sleep … he's just choosing to crash in here. It gives him a sense of control you know, holding the remote." James doesn't push his innuendo any further on that topic. "Romeo and Juliet - the Eurocentric history of the US," and eye towards Robyn's homework, "I really don't know who picks this stuff to begin with. I suppose you can at the least imagne Wade here as a good lesson from real life. Study all this boring stuff, don't do drugs, stay in school … and you'll turn out all right."

Standing up with his book, Robyn shrugs. "Whatever dictacts what kind of stuff we need to learn to have an offical high school education? But on that note, I think I'm gonna get my homework done in the library. Less…crowded." Tense was the word he wanted to use. "Take care Mr. Proudstar and Mik." He says as he leaves to head to the library.

Half torn at this conversation of staying here some part of himself was curling inwards and dying, absolutely revolted whilte the other part of him was excited and intrigued. His hands came up to fold together as he seemed to phase out for a moment staring off before blinking, ' This is just a short vay-kay, hanging with my fellow X-Men and what not. Got jobs to do and what-not'um'n'such. " The talk of Romeo and Juliet bored him, as did arguing the finer things about the Golden Girls that Proudstar simply wouldn't understand, he hummed quietly as he considered, " Hey wheres Forge by the by? " Hopefully that wasn't being too obvious. " Aww no take care for me. That ones off my buy dougnuts for list. "

Mikhail nods, "Yeah, i am", then waves as Robyn leaves, he turns to answer Deadpool's question, "Forge is down in the sub-basement, he's usully hanging around the hanger", he lets out a frustrated groan and chucks the book at the wall, making a crack.

"Ok, new rule," instigates Proudstar, "We don't help Deadpool unless he's dying." Moving to take a seat on the couch, "Not if he says he's dying either, but if you look at him and say … he's lost a leg, or there's a gapping hole in his chest, only then we help him." More quietly to Mikhail, though loud enough for the other to hear, "Its like giving water to a lost puppy, he'll just keep coming back you know?"

Deadpool quipped up, " I have cancer, I'm always dying. " Drifting casually over he plucked up the book with the cracked spine, toying with it by flapping it about in his hand a moment before studying the two mutants present. " So, what goes on around here daily? Has to be more than just sitting around fighting over remotes and doing school work, all that do-gooding and crime fighting, got more than two injuns here wheres the weekly pow-wows? "

Mikhail gives Proudstar a confused look, "No i don't know, I've never given a puppy water before, why is he part puppy due to a mutation?", he then turns to Deadpool, "If you're dying you should go down to the medbay, they have mechines that heal really well, but i don't need them i heal on my own", he then shrugs, "Well not much happens, some people got kidnapped a while ago and there were demons but now its normal".

" Feh, I'm going to go… that… way. " His hand came up and one finger pointed off towards the door, slowly he began to edge that way as if following an invisible line he'd made with the digit. " Seeya later Mik me boyo. Don't eat anymore paintchips today! "

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