2011-11-21: This Is Normal


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Summary: Business as usual in the rec room. Wackiness ensues. S.N.A.F.U.

Date: November 21, 2011

Log Title: This Is Normal

Rating: G

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Heather is in the rec room on the couch. It seems that she was having a nap, by the way that she's just getting up seeming kind of groggy now, rubbing her face lightly as the television with subtitles and the sound off illuminates the otherwise darkened room. She glances around and seems rather confused, checking her watch and pressing a button so that she may see its face. It's evening, not terribly late, but evening nonetheless.

Silhouetted against the open door to the hallway, a lone figure rests a hand against the frame but does not actually enter. Intermittent light from the TV screen shows that it's an unassuming blonde girl, backpack over one shoulder and a beaten maroon baseball cap pulled low over her forehead. Her face is not one of the immediately familiar members of the student body. Not for a while, at least. "Hello?" Jill tentatively questions the darkened room.

From further along the corridoor there is the rapid patter of superspeed feet. "Hi, excuse me but have you seen Heather around here? Relatively tall girl, somewhat messy and carries a tape recorder?" Chloe asks the back of what she presumes is a new student. "It's her turn in our chess game and I wanted to make sure she knew I was done sooner rather than later. The quicker she finishes off beating me the sooner we can start a new game I might stand a chance in."

Heather climbs over the couch and then leans back against it. "Hello," plays Heather to Jill, the girl fidgets every few moments, "Who is it there? Are you new? It's hard for me to see right now…" She looks towards the door as Chloe appears and then says, "What move did you make?"

Jill's eyes ping-pong between the two other girls before she lowers her arm from the door jamb and flips the light switch. The sudden shift from dark to light makes the overheads seem even brighter than they are. As the only one with a baseball cap on, at least Jill isn't dazzled by it. "Hi Chloe, Heather. It's me," she offers ambiguously, waving a little.

Chloe is, thankfully, largely unaffected by the lights going on. Largely thanks to still being in the brightly lit hallway outside. "Is that… Jill? From back when we were both Corsairs? Huh, feels like forever since I saw you. Perils of fastworld." She holds her arm up and waves over the slime girls head. "Pawn to A seven."

"You moved your pawn to A7?" repeats Heather, considering that, "Are you entirely sure that's the move you want to make?" The lights changing makes her raise her arm to cover her eyes, and she plays on the recorder, "Oh, hello, Jill. I remember you, but I have not seen you in a long time. It's hard to keep memories from that long ago. You're somewhere in a journal, though."

"Y-yeah, that's me," Jill murmurs, biting her lower lip in an attempt to hide her pleased and sheepish smile. They both remembered her… in their own way. "Well, this might help a little." Pressing the button on her own watch does more than light up the dial. With a nifty TRON-like derezzing effect, the holographic skin of blonde hair and peachy complexion fade away to leave a much more distinctive glassy, translucent blue visage. She edges aside to let Chloe into the rec room, if that's what she wants. "It kinda has been a while."

Chloe tilts her head, then nods. "Yeah that's a lot more familiar. There was that danger room session," she offers. "With the warehouse and the guards with some sort of laser guns." Slipping into the room she scowls at her roomie. "Are you playing mind games too? Because I'm not falling for them. I've made the move and no amount of trickery will make me change my mind."

"Okay. That was a trap, Chloe. You gave into the temptation of reviving your queen. I have a checkmate in three… I will show you in a bit." She watches Jill changing into the translucent appearance and then nods, "I remember you a little bit better now."

"Well, umm, actually, Chloe," Jill observes softly with a raised index finger. "Once you took your hand off the pawn, your move was final anyway. So you can't change your mind. Those are the rules." The blue girl fidgets a little under Heather's gaze. "How long have you two been playing this game anyway? I figured, with both of you being so…" She visibly struggles for words and ultimately gives up. "You could play a game of chess in, like, thirty seconds, right?"

"It's usually decided in about that long," Chloe agrees, shaking her head. "I knew I was losing. But this is part of my strategy. If you use up and explain all your winning moves sooner, then later I'll have an advantage." She shrugs and settles down on an unclaimed chair. "You're right about the rules too Jill, but Heather hadn't actually seen where I put the piece down. I could have rushed back, changed it and claimed the move I mentioned was a running ploy to trick her."

"It wasn't though. Chloe actually moved the piece. She's just remembering too late that she can play that kind of mindgame," explains Heather to Jill, "But if she had taken my advice to take back the move, then I would have pretended it never occured just as well to extend the game. But they usually end rather quickly. Eventually, Chloe will pick up on the strategies I use when I explain them and then will come up with counterstrategies and then… that's when the metagame becomes interesting." She smiles at that and nods once.

Having been away from a school full of mutants for a while, it's painfully easy to see Jill's thought process when confronted by it again. Confusion. Consideration. Confirmation. "Oh, right." A pause. "So she could still do it?" Jill sweeps off her cap and scratches at the top of her head, pulling away a slimy string of hair that snaps back into place elastically. She edges over to half-sit and half-lean on the back of the couch, a respectful few feet from Heather. "Maybe you two should try poker. There might be less psychology and mindgames involved," she adds with a smirk.

Chloe nods, dangling her legs over the side of her chosen chair. "About the same time Heather has grasped the art of understanding the ins and outs of a romance novel. Subjectively I'd say about three years from now. In fastworld six that is. I'm pretty sure Heather doesn't approve of poker, too much is left to chance, at least in two player."

"Wait, isn't three fastworld fifteen? That's about average…" says Heather, and then she shrugs at Chloe, "Poker is fine so long as it is understood to be what it is. It is a game where chance plays a large role, but skill can decide. It's like Risk. Now games like Monopoly are just following optimal strategy and rolling dice. That's dull."

Dull is the word that is perfect to walk in on… especially when that one is a rather large looking feline… a snow leopard by breed, but with metallic blue spots and eerily glowing blue eyes. The visage of feline glory saunters it's self right by the three girls as if they weren't there… or if it wasn't there either, and ends up going under the pool table, curling it's tail around one of the legs for a long moment as it comes back into view. Those obviously unnatural eyes stare at the three girls for a moment, and then… of course… comes the big fangy yawn and stretch.

"But I like Monopoly," offers Jill, sounding a little disappointed and clearly glossing over the sliding scale of the passage of time in 'fastworld'. It's a discussion she's not qualified to have an opinion on. "I like to be the racecar." Her vivid sapphire eyes drift to the television, where Leonard and Sheldon are yet again having an extremely geeky conversation, then back to the room. And to the large predatory cat. Large. Predatory. "Oh sh-" Whatever Jill was about to say is cut off by a sound like a flag flapping in the breeze followed by the collapse of an empty t-shirt and jeans over the back of the couch. A fluid blue blur zips across the floor and out into the hallway.

Chloe frowns at Heather. "Three years at fast world six. Meaning what would be eighteen years slow world. I thought it best to stick to personal subjective terms when it comes to my own learning speed," she explains. "Chess isn't something I expect I'll master in a short timespan. It's quite a complex game after all." She raises an eyebrow when a large feline prowls in. "Is that some kind of Siberian Tiger? And if so I hope it's a student of some sort because…" And then Jill makes like a liquid and pours. "It'll make people do that." She doesn't make any sudden movements of her own, after all if it is a real critter it's far enough away she's got plenty of distance if it proves hostile.

Nigel by comparison litteraly drops in, a door appearing on the ceiling of the room and opening followed by the transformed wildcard falling through it and hitting the ground with a room-shaking *thud* as he flattens out cartoon style. One two-dimensional hand reaching up and peeling himself off of the floor he stands and wobbles back a forth a moment before sticking his thumb in his mouth and blowing until his body pops back into three dimensions. "Woo! Now THAT was fun, of course I didn't honestly think it would work either." He looks up as the door he fell through closes and vanishes leaving no trace that it was ever there." He then notices he's not alone and waves "Hey there.. oh look a Kitty!"

"Is that Evelyn?" says Heather, then speaking to the large feline, "Are you Evelyn?" She glances between the others and then says, "Evelyn turns into a little cat, maybe she learned to turn into a big cat?" She stumbles back at Wildcard appearing and appears thoroughly confused for a few moments, playing on her recorder, "Well. Hello."

That big feline head whips around to watch the fleeing blue goo, and those haunches to up, twitching in preparation for the chase, only to be startled to hell by what Wildcard affectionately calls a standard entrance. That causes the big cat to go up on the pool table, sniffing at the air nervously for a few moments… and then crawl back off to sniff at Nigel. It growls softly, but not in a threatening way, and that growl turns into a word, "No."

Soft plit-plats of dripping water sound from the hallway outside the rec room, droplets of a transparent blue slime pattering onto the hardwood floor from above. "Is it still there?" comes Jill's urgent voice, high in both pitch and altitude. On the ceiling, no doubt. "Somebody tell me what's going on! What was that crash?" the voice pleads. "Should I press the fire alarm? I mean, even though it's not a fire it's obviously an emergency, right? Right?!"

Chloe just barely raises an eyebrow at Nigel falling through the ceiling. "Oh crap. This has actually become normal to me," she exclaims in horror. "One of the students just fell through the roof and the cat is another student, presumably new, who I hope isn't cat-like enough to want to eat anyone. It's a little messed up but nothing to justify hitting the fire alarm and risking the wrath of Ms Frost."

Nigel blinks and looks down at the large feline.. "Glowing eyes.. blue markings. Ah Cool! It's Loque'nahak! Level 76 rare elite spawn from Sholazar Basin in Northrend. Has the 4 day respawn period ended already?" He seems to ponder a moment and reachs into the air, a series of images appearing in front of him.. Word of Warcraft icons. He taps a few things minority report style opening various pack icons and then hmmms and shakes his head as it all disapears. "Ah damn, pet log is already full. Mabye if I release Skoll.. or mabye the Queen Devilsaur."

Heather looks at the images that Nigel is producing, narrowing her eyes slightly as she attempts to understand them. "I do not know anything about this Loque'nahak. I cannot offer any input on the matter." She looks out the door and says, "It's fine. This is nothing to press the fire alarm over. It's for fires."

The big head goes back and forth, back and forth, and then it just seems to sigh… and the image suddenly pops like a water balloon, spraying honey-thick clear, but blue-tinted fluid EVERYWHERE. The person inside is a young man in a sopping wet and stuck hooded top and shirt, sodden jeans and soaked sneakers. As Ahmed pushes himself up, he spits a few times, and then makes a face, "So… uhh… what server are you on?"

"It's from World of Warcraft!" Jill all but shrieks at Heather, then seems to rein herself in a little when she realizes it's not the sort of thing to say in that tone. "How about the panic button?" she tries to compromise. More droplets of blue slime patter onto the hallway floor, as if there weren't enough of it flying around already. "It's not a fire, but is it okay to panic?"

Chloe jerks her hands up to shield her face from the assorted blue-splatter which is likely doing the carpet a world of harm. "I think it's okay to be a little alarmed, but outright panic button grade panic is probably a way off yet," she says, trying to be re-assuring. "Unless this stuff stains?"

Nigel blinks and gets a bath since he's ground zero next to the feline as it pops. He looks down at himself and grimaces. "Ewwww.. he slimed me." He then spins around fast enough to be a blur to anyone that isn't already hyperaccelerated, dropletes of go flying in all directions before he stops and is perfectly clean. "Ah there we go, much better."

Heather peers at the splatter that goes everywhere, in particular on her. Sniffs it. Tastes it. She looks towards Jill and says, "I know nothing about this World of Warcraft, either." She raises her arm when Nigel tosses off the goo and then notes, "That's a pretty messy ability."

Ahmed flicks his fingers off and away as he says, "Give it a minute… it'll go away." And true to his word, given about sixty seconds of wait, the stuff evaporates cleanly away, with the slight stench of what could be dust, or ash in the air. It leaves behind nothing in it's wake, not even a stain. Now that he's clean and much more presentable looking, he replies, "Sorry… I was catnapping… somewhere… and I heard voices. In the living room with the big fireplace, I think." Waving it off, he says, "Please don't push the panic button. I don't need the panic button on my first date on campus."

Slowly, from over the arch of the door, a blue head appears upside-down. Dark black spheres instead of eyes survey the room, finding no trace of the giant cat about to eat everyone. "Right, situation under control," it says without a visible mouth. The black buttons blink once, seeing the blue-tinted mess all over the rec room and its inhabitants, save one. "Oh my gosh! Did I do that? I'm *so* sorry, but it's okay! I don't stain!" Definition returns to the face until it looks like a girl, albeit still upside down and still blue and translucent. "Can… umm… can someone bring me my pants?"

Chloe glares at Nigel when he adds to the general mess. "It goes away? Thank god for that," she says with relief. "What the hell is it? And why does it smell so weird?" She springs up and grabs Jill's discarded clothing in a superspeed blur, before balling it up and throwing it towards it's rightful owner. "At least it'd only be a false alarm panic button incident. There have been students who joined during geniune incidents."

Nigel is about to say somthing before there's a beeping sound and he looks to his wristwatch. "Aw crap.. has it been an hour already?" There's an explosion and cloud of smoke that obscures his form from view. When it fades Wilcard has changed back into Nigel. He sways on his feet a moment and nearly falls over, before stumbling to a seat. "nngh… can't seem to extend the time limit."

Heather makes a face after she tastes the good and shakes her head briefly. "Ech." She watches as it evaporates away, though, and then turns her attention towards Nigel, "I hope nobody presses the panic button. You aren't necessarily the scariest thing that's ever walked this campus. Panic is for when there is a clear threat."

"Things seem to have gone back to normal… uhh… should I turn back to keep up the weird quotient?" Ahmed asks, rubbing the back of his neck, and a look to Jill makes him do a double-take. He shakes his head a moment, and then says, "No… I don't know what that stuff is. But I sweat it… or I can make more of it." Of course, his weirdness alone is enough. He looks like a Thundercat after all.

Jill catches the clothes expertly… with her face. She retreats. There's an extended squeak noise from the hallway like fingers on wet glass, followed by a soft thump and rustle. Still buttoning her jeans, Jill re-enters the rec room with something like wounded pride but trying not to show it, looking a little viscous but otherwise unharmed. "Thank you," she asides to Chloe and pulls on her socks and shoes again. At least things are back to normal where she's the weirdest thing in the room.

Chloe gives her roomie a 'what can you do' look. "So presumably you're both new or new-ish students?" she offers to Ahmed and Nigel. "Either that or I've been so busy working on my little project I've missed a ton of recent news." She smiles. "I'm Chloe. Welcome to mutant high, it's only going to get weirder from now on. But don't worry you become numb to the strangeness after a while."

Nigel chuckles and nods "Well I came in on the summer break and this is my first semester. I'm part of Alpha squad under Professor Xorn. Oh I'm Nigel codename Wilcard, nice to Meet you Chloe." He gives a wave to Heather and the others. "Sorry about earlier, when I change I get a bit… unhinged. Part of having your brain turn into unstable molecules I suppose."

Heather nods at Nigel and says, "It's fine. I just didn't understand what you were doing. Which is normal, I suppose. Some behaviours elude me. I am Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip. I am on the New Mutants squad." She shrugs lightly at Chloe.

Ahmed rubs at the back of his neck for a moment as he crosses the room, "Ahh… no jokes please. My name's Ahmed Fadil. I picked out the codename Rakshasa. It seemed appropriate." Moving to where the games are up on the shelf, he starts going through them, "I got a laundry list of comebacks for ANY joke you've got ready."

"I'm Jill," says the blue girl, putting on a smile that becomes less and less forced until it's genuine. "I'm a returning student, been away for little while 'cause of a family emergency. Corsairs squad, codename… umm…" Her bright blue eyes roll upwards with the effort of recall. "Oh yeah. Flood. Nice to meet you." Her demeanor growing pleasant again, she twiddles her fingers in a wave to the two new boys. Water under the bridge, apparently. "Sorry I… you know, tried to bring the heat down on you." She tries to sound it out to herself, "Ahmed Fadil…" but can't see how anyone could make a joke out of it.

Chloe settles back down in her seat. "Oh are we doing codenames too? Mine's Etoile," she adds. "Not so much because it was appropriate, but more as a statement of intent." She offers Nigel a grin. "I guess there's a reason they call them unstable molecules then huh? That must be a very odd ability to have. Last Summer was.. not a great time to join the school, lot of bad stuff happening. Hope you avoided most of it."

Nigel shrugs "No Jokes here, and don't worry about calling the heat, wouldn't be the first time I've caused alarms to go off around here. Anyway always nice to meet new students. Strange seems to be more a state of mind around here given all the various mutations." He looks to Chloe "Yeah I came in shortly after all that stuff, pity though since a side affect of my changed state would have come in handy."

"I apologize that you took the time to ready comebacks for jokes that simply are not coming," says Heather to Ahmed, "Though I don't know what your codename means, either. It sounds fierce." She shifts her eyes towards Chloe and Nigel and adds, "Perhaps it would have, but personal experience is set in stone. No reason to regret what did not happen."

Ahmed waves it off as he takes down something and looks at the back of it, before turning around to face the others, "No harm no foul… when you're like… one of three Jewish guys at a Catholic school, you kinda learn to roll with the punches and hit back." But after that he grins a bit, "So… umm… back on topic… you both play World of Warcraft?" Looking at both Jill and Nigel.

Nigel nods to Ahmed "Yup not as much as I used to but still play it. The school has some truly awesome internet speed." He stands and stretchs "Sorry to drop in then run but I've been trying to extend how long I can stay transformed all day and the changing back and forth has seriously wiped me out. I don't get some rest I'm gonna pass out in Mutant history 101 tomorrow.."

"A rakshasa's like a demon or an evil spirit, one that shapeshifts and uses magic," Jill offers to Heather, looking down at her hands. Then with a slightly pointed look at Ahmed, she adds, "And eats people." Having sent that particular barb home, she spreads her hands, palms out like No Thank You. "I used to play. I'm two years clean from WoW and not going back," she says like a recovering alcoholic being offered 'just one drink'.

Chloe waves at Nigel as he scrams. "Rolling with punches and hitting back is a pretty useful trait to have around here," she proclaims. "For the most part though people don't really care about the race or religion cards at Xaaviers. The mutant thing tends to give everyone a pretty fast lesson in why it's cruel to pick on groups of people."

As Nigel leaves, Heather comments, "I didn't know he was in that class. It's sometimes hard to tell." She scratches her head lightly, detangling some of her hair carefully and then nodding after what Chloe says, "It is actually rather equitable. Those who are jerks tend to just be jerks to everyone." She pauses for a moment and adds, "Or the gays."

Ahmed walks over to where Jill is, and then smiles at her, "Yes, but there were also Rakshasa who changed sides before many of the greater conflicts… Irbis and Ounce just didn't sound cool." Waving up to her he then looks around at the other two and says, "I got no problem with anyone gay, straight, whatever… What you want to do with your own life is your own business, to be honest."

Letting out a little breath with an exasperated 'ah' sound, Jill averts her eyes but can't help a wry smile. "Touche." She takes a moment to retrieve and refasten her watch on her left wrist. "That's cool and everything, and I don't mean to be a killjoy or anything, but you're still probably gonna get the whole Us vs Them vibe sometimes. And like they said," says Jill, gesturing vaguely at Chloe and Heather. "It's pretty progressive around here, but you'll still see it outside the school. So it's, y'know, a good attitude to have."

"My one tip for life at Xaviers? Watch what you eat," Chloe proclaims, grinning at Heather. "Or as some of the students say 'beware Timeslip bearing snacks'. Anyway it's been nice seeing you again Jill and good meeting you Ahmed, but I really have to dash. I have my evening workout routine to get through followed by a fifty mile run before bed."

Heather returns the look towards Chloe and says, huffing softly, "I would say at least seventy five percent of my cooking is delicious. At /least/." She looks at the others and then nods, "Yes, there is sometimes that feeling, but it's okay, really. Sometimes I think we all might feel like outsiders. It's part of life."

Ahmed points his left hand at Heather, and then his right hand at Chloe, and then crosses his hands back and forth between the conversation, "Hooooow about this. I cook. That way you both get to see what real middle eastern cuisine is like?" But then as Chloe takes off, he just grins and says, "Anyone mind if I change back? I nicer to relax in."

"Have a good… umm… before bed workout, Chloe. It was good to see you again too. I mean, you know." Jill smiles sheepishly and waves goodnight before Chloe can dash out at some ludicrously high speed. She turns back to Heather and Ahmed, silently mouthing the words "Fifty miles?" in astonishment. She slides across the couch's backrest and sinks into a seat. "Ooh, I'd like that," she volunteers, raising her hand above her head. She shoots a conspiratorial grin at Heather. "Boys doing the cooking for us. Sweet deal. But sure, whatever makes you comfortable, I guess. You just… surprised me that first time, that's all." Defensive, much?

Heather nods at Adhmed's offer and says, "Okay, then you can cook for me, and I will cook for you sometime in exchange. How does that sound as a counterproposal?" She smiles slightly and then looks towards Jill to note, "Chloe has more endurance than I do. Her specialty is speed and agility. Mine is temporal bending. I cannot run the same distances as she can, but I can run quite quickly nonetheless. By other people's perspectives. But I experience running much like you do. Rather dull."

Ahmed waves it off as he stands up and moves over to a clear spot in the room, "Don't worry on it much… I just got kinda excited to be here and wanted to show off… but I forget I tend to nap in that form, and don't change back. But hey… with everything else I've seen here, I'm pretty tame." Nodding to Heather he adds, "Cool… but fair warning? I like to suggest fixes… so don't hold it against me?" And with that his skin takes a sheen as more of the clear goop begins to start coming out of his pores to surround him, soaking into his clothes and darkening them.

Jill folds her arms and nods at Heather. "At least we can agree on that. Running laps is boring. Even with an iPod." A pause. "Or time dilation." She flaps a hand at Ahmed reassuringly. "It's cool. Everybody likes to geek out with their mutation once in a while. If you didn't, how would you learn anything?" Trying, and failing, not to stare as Ahmed flexes his X-gene, Jill bites her lower lip and her forehead wrinkles with a kind of 'eww' look.

"Do not worry. I too like to suggest fixes," states Heather in return to Ahmed, nodding once. She takes a couple of careful steps back when Ahmed begins generating that goop, peering towards him curiously. "That stuff tastes like… ash, I think. Some kind of ash. I wonder where it comes from?"

It's about a minute as you both see him expand the clear, blue-tinted goo around him, his eyes closing and his breathing even as he tries to focus hard on keeping the stuff in it's shape. Ahmed then falls forwards into an all-fours position as the Head and the tail begin pushing out and forming. Once the shape has resolved itself, the shell forms and you see the unearthly snow leopard from before. But now much more familiar. The tail swishes as the fur begins to push out and settle, and he then walks over and sits in front of Jill, as if expecting a pet or three.

"Umm, maybe you shouldn't be eating it then, if you don't know what it is or where it comes from." Jill looks uncertain, glancing aside to Heather for confirmation before gently reaching out to put a hand between the snow leopard's ears. A gentle pat. "I'm no good to eat. Kinda toxic," she observes in Heather's direction but for Ahmed's benefit as well. Then, seeing her hand not being bitten, she scratches lightly at the base of one fuzzy ear. "Okay, that was pretty cool," she admits blithely.

"It was merely a taste," says Heather, shrugging lightly, "And if it killed me, we would learn it's poison, but if anyone is to lick it, this is probably the best place. The way it explodes it will get in someone's mouth eventually." She peers towards Ahmed and then asks, "How well do you speak in that form?"

Ahmed growls out, "Nugud." And his ears flatten to his skull a moment. The scratching does cause him to push at the hand, petting his own head and neck against it a moment before he turns to give Heather some of the same treatment. He feels soft, warm, everything seems like it's a real thing. just LARGE. So he sits down once more, his tail flicking over to cover one of Jill's feet a moment, "Talk… Harrrrd." The R coming out in a rumble.

"But if it *was* poisonous, you would have just-" Jill makes a few awkward starts at followup words, frowns, then shrugs in resignation. She regards Ahmed in his feline form. "Oh yeah. You'll get all the girls cooing over you if you look like that. If they don't, y'know, run away or anything." Reaching down, she picks up the huge fluffy tail and gives it a flick so she doesn't step on it when she stands up. "I've gotta go get my beds set up before it gets too late. Mr. Summers said it got here alright, but I need to check for cracks anyway. Last thing I want is to wake up all over the floor." She shoulders her backpack and snags her discarded baseball cap.

Heather offers Ahmed some of the pets when he is nearby, but her expression doesn't change much as she does so. The girl nods towards Jill and says, "Okay, then you have a good night. I suppose you sleep in some kind of containment, so not to get all over the place?" She purses her lips lightly and shrugs. Heather glances towards Ahmed and says, "I imagine it /would/ be hard to talk with a mouth like that."

Ahmed rumbles out the word, "Sooleeep…gudea" The L hard to manage in this state, and the big feline gives one last friendly feline gesture, a push of his head at the girl's midriff before he turns and begins padding off towards the dorm and his new room.

"A fish tank," Jill confirms with a nod and not a hint of shame. "I've gotten better at staying solid when I'm asleep, most of the time. But I'm just tired and melting sounds *sooo* good right now." She smiles dreamily. "I'd suggest you try it sometime, but… y'know, you've got all those bones and organs that get in the way." The blue girl hesitates before leaving, a hand on the door frame. "It was good to see you again, Heather. Thanks for… not forgetting me." Without waiting for a reply, Jill heads off to the dormitory as well.

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