2010-05-06: This Just In From Africa


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Summary: Hosea arrives at the school, ends up on the girls' hall, and meets Heather.

Date: May 6, 2010.

Log Title This Just in From Africa!

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Girls' Floor

//The third floor of the building also known as the Grey Wing. A red and blue carpet with a complex pattern stretches down the hall and meets with the wooden walls. Wooden doors run up and down both sides of the hallway as entrances to the girls's rooms. At the end of the hallway there is a bathroom and a shower room for the girls. //

In the late afternoon, Heather finds herself quite bored as is usually the case. She is just coming out of the washroom right now and she starts walking back and forth in the girl's hall, examining the walls carefully. To an observer, it would appear as though she is moving at a sprint, even though her movements indicate that she is walking. Around her neck hangs a high quality tape recorder on a string as if it is a necklace.

The doors to the elevator open, and off steps a most remarkable looking man. Hosea Ikbuku. He stands 6'7", dark skin, and while he has a very thin frame, he clearly has more muscle than most people would know what to do with. His dark skin is contrasted by a brilliantly white smile, which crosses from ear to ear. He ducks under the exit to the elevator as he comes through, and looks down the hall like a wide-eyed child, examining the doors, feeling the walls, all as if he was walking through paradise.

With a quick pit-pat-pit-pat Heather approaches Hosea with narrowed eyes. She stops and looks him over, head swivelling in quick twitchy motions as she does so, before she plays on her tape recorder, eyes wide, "Are you a new girl around here? You're an awfully ugly girl. You're very tall, too."

At closer examination, Heather may notice that there is a long scar that runs from the base of the tall man's ear, down to his throat. It looks like a brush with death at some point in his life.
The young man's smile seems to broaden from it's already large state.
"Yes, I am new heah," he says, his voice is a deep bass, and has a full and thick african accent. "I am not a girl, though," he answers, almost apologetically, patting his chest. "I am a man, you see?" His arms then open wide as he introduces himself. "My name is Hosea Ikbuku, Eet is a pleasure to meet you."

After Hosea pats his chest, Heather reaches to pat his chest to confirm his statement. "I thought maybe you just didn't have boobs," she plays on the tape recorder. Her voice is kind of emotionless, made worse by the way that the tape recorder sounds, "And I guess you don't. My name is Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip." She isn't really sure what to do with the open wide arms, so she just stands there, twitching and blinking.

Hosea lets his arms drop back to his sides. "Eet is good to meet you, Miss Brown," he thanks her. "Thees place," he shakes his head, and indicates to the building around them. "A vedy reech place I think. You country, it made of gold. Everyone ees so reech here!" He seems genuinely amazed.

"Yes, this place is very big and very expensive looking and I think there is a lot of money spent here. I don't think about it very much," says Heather, glancing about quickly. "You are from a country made of something that is not gold I take it. I don't think everyone is rich here. Well, sort of, but if you're here, so are you."

"Me?" Hosea asks, placing his large hand on his chest. He opens his smile to laugh a silent laugh for a moment, and then takes a deep breath. "You ah vedy funny!" he answers here. "I do not have any mon-ey," he says. "The vedy nice people heah, they say that I can come heah, and not pay any-ting!" He sounds nearly giddy at the idea. He obviously just got off the boat, or plane, or whatever he used to get here.

"Ah, me neither. I had nothing to my name before coming here. I lived in a white prison," plays Heather, shrugging her shoulders quickly as her machine speaks for her. "The people here are very nice. They provide a home to a lot of people who are not doing so well." She glances over towards the wall for a moment and then back towards Hosea, "I'm surprised you find me funny. Most people don't."

Hosea continues to smile. "You seem vedy nice," he tells her. "And funny. A good funny, you make me smile!" Of course, it doesn't look like it takes much for him to do that. "What is a white prison?" he asks. "Dey have separate prisons for white people, and black people in America? I wonder which they would put me in, yes?" Given that he seems to be mixed racially.

"Oh, no, the white prison wasn't for white people. There were white people in it, but there were black people in it too, I think," plays Heather, tilting her head slightly as she considers the question. "I'm not sure. It was a place that was white that I couldn't get out of, that is all." She scratches her head quickly and shrugs, "You seem very nice too."

Hosea looks like he isn't sure what Heather is talking about, but he keeps smiling all the same. "I see," he says, examining the tape recorder. "I do not mean to be rude," he says, his eyes still fixed on the tape recorder. "But, how do you have everyting recorded on that machine? You know what people will say to you befoh they say it, and record it?" He seems rather puzzled by the device.

Heather looks down at the machine and plays, "My mutant ability is time related. I need the machine to even be able to hear what you're saying and so you can understand what I'm saying. We are on different time speeds right now. You are in slow world, and I am in fast world, see?"

Hosea opens his mouth, his grin frozen, and then after a second, he answers. "No," he tells her. "But I do believe you. I think dat is vedy special, what you have. God has blessed you, yes? I heah that everyone heah has special powahs. We ah all mutants, yes?" he asks. He must be pretty fresh off the bus.

"The world is very strange for me, yes, and you will find that this place is very strange for you, too," plays Heather, nodding her head quickly. "Everyone here is a mutant, which I think is nice when you are also a mutant. People used to not treat me well, but people here are okay."

The tall young man nods, "Yes, I believe deh people heah will be vedy nice, just like you. I am sorry," he apologizes. "But I think, I need to rest, it is vedy late in Africa," he explains. "Much latah than it is heah." Hosea goes to place his hand on the doorknob to one of the dorm rooms, apparently thinking it's his. He doesn't seem to realize that he's on the wrong hall, maybe somebody should warn him.

"This is the girl's hall," plays Heather quickly, zipping in front of Hosea to try and stop him, "I think you might be a bit disoriented. The boy's hall is on the other side, you're going to walk into some girl's room and she might be naked."

Hosea quickly pulls his hand back. "Oh no!" he exclaims, putting his hand over his mouth. "I am so sorry!" He looks back and forth. "I have made a terrible mistake. Thank you so much. I would not want to make any of the women heah uncom-fort-abul." He quickly makes his way back to the elevator, his face beet red. "I am sorry!" He seems to still be smiling, even though he really isn't. It's almost like the expression is permanently etched on his face. "Thank you!" he calls back as he reaches the elevator, like a scared puppy with his tail between his legs. How embarrassing!

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