2010-02-15: This Pasta Is Delicious


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Summary: Cam makes dinner of pasta, other students a drawn in for food.

Date: February 15, 2010

This Pasta Is Delilcious

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

The stove is going, as usual, when Cam is around. A large pot boiling with pasta, and another with a tomato sauce. There are a few dishes here and there, as well. Each one has something in it to be mixed in for those that want it. Cam is in his normal kitchen wear… an apron over his clothes. He's singing along lightly with the music coming from his dangling headphones.

Humming a little tune, Eddie Parker-Mayfair strolls into the kitchen drawn along by the pleasant smells. "Hello, Cam," he chimes when he sees his squad-mate. "Whatcha cooking?" he asks. He's in a good mood, wearing jeans and a Spider-Man shirt.

Having followed his nose, Six appears in the doorway. "Huzzah!" All four arms go up as he exclaims this. "Found it!" His attire looks a little haphazard, but that's only because it's borrowed from others. That and they had to figure out how to get a normal sweater on a guy with more than normal arms. Still, he's smiling happily as he descends on Cam, wings half spread. "What's cooking? Smells great!" Lead by his stomach, oh yes. "Hi!" To everyone else here. Sorry, the guy takes up a lot of space.

It's been a long day for Robyn today, Team Practice followed by classes followed by working on the boat house so he's physically tired. He comes into the kitchen and peels off a dirty looking sweatshirt and his pants are a bit dirty. "Cam, that smells so good right now." He says walking over to a stool and sitting down at the island. "Hey Eddie, Hey Six." He says flopping his chest and arms over the table.

Perhaps Cam's cooking could be counted among his secondary mutant abilities; surely that could be the only way to explain how pasta and sides bring students trickling in from all corners of the kitchen. As Robyn drops into his chair, a curtain of red hair peeks in the kitchen door, large eyes flicking toward the stove. "Oh, my… That smells *wonde*—oh, hi Cam! Hi everyone, um… Room for one more?" Slipping in and closing the door behind her, Rashmi stands, awaiting invitation or denial.

"Wow. Every time I start cooking, lately, a crowd forms." Cam says, actually grinning. "Just a basic spaghetti. Though, I made lots of mix-ins for it. Since I know everyone has different tastes. The sauce is completely vegan, and the pasta is made egg-free, so vegan as well." He explains, grinning about. "But I did make meat for others. Sauteed Mushrooms. Parmesan… the real stuff. Not the shakey stuff." He winks, offering nods to everyone. "Should be ready in a few minutes."

"It all smells really good," Eddie says, sniffing the food. He jumps as Six enters an blinks a few times. "Hey Robyn and nice to meet you, Six," he says, offering a hand to the new student. He waves as Rashmi appears and then grins. "Are you in my Dad's home ec class, Cam?"

"Nope!" Six says cheerfully to Rashmi once Cam is done speaking. "It's all mine. I'm eating everything." A grin spreads, for he isn't a bit serious. "If I can wrestle it from Cam anyway. He looks armed and dangerous." Uh-huh. In having peeked at the cooked goods, the teen gets himself out of the way. He's been chided too many times by adults to loiter in such places, and with this he accepts that offered hand. "Hi! Nice to meet you too. I'm not enrolled here yet, but it's looking good." And since Robyn is close, "You look beat. Are you okay?"

"Heya Rashmi, damn, I have something for you but I don't have it with me." Robyn says as he'll have to find her later for that. "And Cam, that's cause your cooking is good. I actually eat dinner instead of skipping it for cookies when you've cooked." His parents aren't the greatest cooks. "Six, did you ever get a chance to talk to your Dad and explain things?" Robyn's wondering if everything worked out for Six or not.

Rashmi threads her way around the knots of teenagers, nodding and smiling a greeting to each in passing, making her way toward the kitchen counter, throwing Cam a radiant smile. "I can't wait to try it, Cam, it looks *wonderful.* How in the world do you manage to keep track of so much at once, anyhow?" Moving past, a teacup, strainer, and jar of loose-leaf tea is prcured from the cupboards, the cup filled with water and popped into the microwave to heat. "I remember you talking about that, Robyn," she calls to the teen at the table, "I can't wait to see it!"

"It's food. It's easy." Cam says with a shrug as he goes to drain the pasta, sliding the sauce off of the burner as well. He doesn't even have to watch where he's going. He just knows. "Well, there's enough for all of us, so it's good." He says with a nod. After draining the pasta, he pulls out a plate. "Help yourselves." Hey, he cooked. He's not serving.

Eddie blinks a few times. "Thanks, Cam," he says, moving to get himself a plate as well. He looks curiously towards Six, wondering what's wrong.

Joining Robyn at the table, Six drapes his wings around him and makes a failed attempt at keeping out of the way. And from there he remains to let people get their food first, no matter what he was teasing Rashmi about earlier. "Once I got mom on the phone it went oodles better. Dad was freaking out too much." He shakes his head about it. "Mom talked with some people here, and they are thinking about it. I should know soon." The smile Six wears says he's really hopeful. Once everyone has filled a plate, he jumps up and gets his own. Wings are half spread in excitement, so he might bump into people and things. Sorry! "Thank you, Cam!" For making food.

"You just make really awesome food Cam, it's your talent. So, just 'cook' I guess. So thanks for cooking." And Robyn will keep eating. "Oh and sorry if I look tired, I had squad practice and had to repair the boat house. And that's why you shouldn't punch your classmates." Robyn says smiling at Rashmi as she'll probably know what he's talking about. "So you want to stay here?" He says hoping Six does. He's a cool guy.

"Well, aside from 'it's a bad idea anyway,' yeah, detention's a pretty good reason not to punch your classmates," Rashmi replies at Robyn, wrinking her nose and chuckling. Steaming teacup taken from the microwave, the redhead sets about measuring tea into the strainer, moving to the table to let others grab their plates first. "That's really good to hear, Six, I hope they'll agree. I think you'll have a really great time here, honestly."

Cam blinks. "YOU hit someone?" He asks of Robyn. After all, Robyn doesn't seem the type. Neither does Cam, of course, but… "I plan to. Keep cooking, that is. It's part of my passion." He grins, moving to seat himself after he has his plate. "No problem." He says in general. "I can't cook for just one or two."

Eddie blinks. "Wow, RObyn…" he trails off. "Yeah, good idea not to fight one another," he agrees with a nod. "What did the other person do to get punched?" he asks. A smile is then offered towards Six. "I hope you get to stay here too. Xavier's is the best."

"I totally do." Want to stay here. "Thanks!" To Eddie. Six loads a plate with whatever is left, without much regard to combining things. All looks good to him. (Not that he eats everything.) "No punching classmates, got it." Not that he ever has, but then he's never had classmates before either. Home schooled. Joining people at the table, he nods to Rashmi. "I'm already having a great time. Got to see the danger room today. Just for a little, but it was incredible. They wanted to see how well I flew." Flopping into a chair he descends on his food. Yum. "This is delicious." To Cam, and rather mumbled due to food.

Robyn gets up to set himself a plate and once he sits back down he pushes his hair back kind of embarrassed. "It's not important what happened, it was a stressful moment and it happened. Not something I want to repeat." Since Rashmi is there he really doesn't want to get into it, also, it's becoming water under the bridge. "Well I hope your parents allow you to stay Six, and glad to see that Cam and I were able bring you here."

The tea set to strain, Rashmi rises from her chair to grab a plate, patting Robyn's shoulder in passing. "Don't worry about it… it's working out for the best, after all." Pasta, sauce… grilled chicken and bell peppers? Score! A little bit of everything is loaded up onto her noodles, and she returns to her table, grinning. "Well… now I've had restaurant Italian, and now I get the homemade! *Definitely* a good week."

"I've just been eating my own food for the most part." Cam says with a shrug. "And I don't mind it a bit. Well, I've also been trying some of Mr. Parker-Mayfair's." He explains, looking about to see how the others are actually enjoying it. It's a sweeter sauce this time. Just for the kick.

Eddie lets out a pleased little noise as he eats what he's taken. "Cam, this is very good," he says. He nods to Robyn and Rashmi. "Alright. As long as no one got really hurt and you're not still all rar at one another," he smiles slightly. "Dad's a really great cook," he chimes in after Cam mentions Christopher. "And the Danger Room is awesome."

"Sorry I was so confused at first." Six is reminded of his fears in the cafe. Nothing made any sense back then. He is articulating around his food, but well mannered enough not to spray as he speaks. "They do think it was my sister." Think? How he got here. Robyn and Cam should know what this means. "The blue doctor said she must have done some kind of warp portal, or something. Couldn't understand most of what he said. I think that's what's taking the time in deciding. They may be sending Liz too." NPC of course, but hey. Eddie is noddled to about the danger room. "I can't wait to see more." Someone's love struck with the school. That won't last.

"I was just as confused." Robyn says laughing. "And sorry Cam, you were looking at me for direction and I had no clue what to do. I'm glad that they're offering the first-aid class." He says then shoves food in his mouth. Delicious! "The Danger Room is kind of cool, which squad are you on?" He asks not sure if Six knows or not yet.

"I don't think he'll get a squad, Robyn, until he's officially signed up, you know?" Conversation pauses, as Rashmi pays special attention to her food, very nearly melting across the table at the first bite. "Oh my God, Cam… That's it. From now on, *you* are Iron Chef Xavier."

"I think they'll let you stay." Cam says, nodding. "Sorry about the confusion the other day. I was just… I've only been here for about a week myself." He explains. As Rashmi says what she does, he completely blushes, coughing and looking away.

Eddie chuckles a little and shakes his head. "Yeah. The class is a good idea," he chimes. "And Mr. Guthrie's a great teacher so I'm sure everyone will do fine in it," he says.

Six shakes his head about Squads and points at Rashmi with a wing thumb. What she said. "I don't have squad yet. Won't until things are official." Soon hopefully. "The blue guy, who's name I can't remember, took me down to see how much I knew. That's all. I'm still in one of the guest rooms right now." He laughs at the iron chef comment. "I second that. This is awesome." Compliments are free today.

Robyn continues to eat and chuckles at the Iron Chef comment. "I've actually never seen that show." He does know what it is though. "I don't watch much food network." Then again his cooking skills are nil. "I've been here since April, almost a year. Though after a while it kind of feels like you've been here forever."

Rashmi tucks into her dinner, offering Cam the best compliment she can think to give; complete and undivided attention paid the meal before her, smirking to herself at the effect of her compliment.

"There's… uhm… Tiramisu in the fridge." Cam says with another blush. He yawns slightly as he stretches. "Though, I don't think I'll be able to stay up for dessert. I gotta be ready for tomorrow." It's his first actual day in the danger room with other people. He's done a little work in there with some of the teachers, playing on his gifts.

Eddie smiles as he eats. Finishing what he took, Eddie wipes his mouth with a napkin. "Yeah, we've got a session tomorrow," he says. "Can't wait to get in there again and see what program Mr. Guthrie puts us in this time!"

Six grins at Robyn about having been here forever. "Doubt that's going to hit for a while." It's all too new for now. Not that the teen minds. "Thanks for everything, Cam." Since it seems that the chef is leaving. "Great food!" Not as good a compliment as from Rashmi, but he makes due.

"Are the New Mutants as weird as Alpha Squadron, as in the team you have?" Robyn asks as he's not sure if every team is as dysfunctional as his. "What's Tiramisu?" He's never had it before and it sounds fancy. Robyn eats at a decent pace, not inhaling his food too fast. "And you are way to eager about the Danger Room Eddie."

"Well, it is a lot of fun," Rashmi says as she finishes off the last of her meal, waving brightly to Cam as the teen beats his hasty retreat. Her arm freezes as a thought strikes her, then lowers slowly. "…Oooh… I wonder if they've got Helm's Deep programmed in…"

As he takes off his apron and grabs his jacket, Cam shivers. "Probably something worse. I'll see you all later. And feel free to have some Tiramisu if you want." He says, offering a wave and ducking out the door.

Eddie waves. "Sleep well, Cam. And don't worry about tomorrow. I got your back!" he chime cheerfully. He then blushes a bit. "It is really fun," he agrees with Robyn. "And it's part of my training to be a superhero so I'm eager to get as much time in there as I can," he says. "I'm sure we could ask about it."

The names used have Six listening closely. Assuming they are squad names, so he's learning. "The name alone should warn you." The danger room. The teen grins for it though and finishes off his meal. Was very yummy and he relaxes back in his chair. "What's that?" To Rashmi about the helm's deep. To Eddie he laughs a little. "Super hero? You really want to be one?" Not that he has any idea what Eddie can do.

Robyn looks at Rashmi and huhs? "What are you talking about, programmed in? Like Lord of the Rings stuff programmed into the Danger Room?" He then thinks about it as a possibility and is kind of amused. "You can be a super-hero all you want Eddie, me, I'm gonna get to Hollywood and work in the movies. Behind the scenes."

"Well of course, I me—" Trailing off, the redhead turns to Six, blinking owlishly. "…You've never heard of Helm's Deep. You… haven't you ever read lord of the Rings? The Hobbitt? Silmarillion? I mean come on, that's like as classic as literature *gets!*"

Eddie nods enthusiastically to Six. "Yep! I'm gonna join the X-men as soon as I can and then maybe get membership to the Avengers one day," he says with a grin. "Gonna help people out as best I can," he says. "Gonna make movies, Robyn? That's cool. I'll have to see something you make."

Six blinks at Rashmi, wings sinking down towards the floor as she kind of goes off. "…" Oh. "I've just been dropped in what I would have thought of as a story three days ago.. and you want me to remember some other book right now?" A slow grin spreads and wings rustle as they shift. "Yes, I've read them, but sorry, I'm still bedazzled by everything here. I kept wondering what here could be called that. Back down, girl." Eddie though gets a blank look. "X-men?" No, that one he doesn't know.

"I've just watched the movies, and I've read The Hobbit." Robyn says as he's not really a huge reader. Mostly what he's read in class. "Well more my Mom read the Hobbit to me when I was little." He lets someone else explain who the X-Men are to Six, he feels like there are other people in the room who know more. "Six, how are you doing with clothes and stuff? I mean, you doing okay here since you just kind of arrived with nothing?"

Rashmi blinks at Six's reaction, flushing deeply. "Oh… um… sorry… Just, I mean… Everyone here has something they like to geek out about, you know. Robyn has Tim Burton, Dallas has sports…oh my *God* does Dallas geek out about sports..Mike and James have cars…" Her eyes flick left and right, as she sinks a little lower into her seat. "…I have my Aragorn, that's all."

Eddie's jaw drops. "You don't know who the X-men are?" he asks, not believing it. He takes a deep breath before going into fanboy mode and giving a history of the X-men and some of their foes. After several moments, he stops to catch his breath and blushes. "Sorry…I'm a fanboy…"

Six waves his hands as Rashmi sinks into her seat. Yes, all four of them. "Don't worry about it. Really. You threw me is all. I've had so many terms and names thrown at me that I didn't associate Helms Deep with something I've read." The smile he gives the girl is warm. "I can't claim love for the Silmarillion, but I did enjoy the rest." Now, to Robyn. "Not great on the clothes front." His current attire proves that. "I've got a change of clothes from the borrowed pile, but it should do until everything gets sorted out. If I stay my things will be shipped." There's the shake of his head as Eddie asks. "I don't." Sorry, he didn't quite live under a rock, but close. "So I see." A grin about being a fanboy.

Robyn nods to Six. "Well, I'd over you to borrow mine if needed by I don't know about your wings…I don't have wing slots." So that might not be such a good idea. "What's the Silmarillion?" He really doesn't know cause Robyn doesn't know a ton of fantasy. He likes what he's seen but he doesn't seek it out. "Hey, Jordan is kind of the same way with sports and I think I drive Dallas crazy with what I don't know."

Rashmi chuckles. "I was gonna say, Six, you can borrow them from me anytime. Except Narnia, you'd have to ask Robyn." Blinking, she turns to the aforementioned artist, tilting her head. "Hm? Oh! That's the story of everything that happened before the Lord of the Rings. The war between the Dwarves and Elves, Skorgrim Dourhand's resurrection, Sauron's rise, the fall of the Dunedain, all of that… It's really very interesting if you like all the lore they talk about in the main stories, you know?"

Eddie chuckles as well. He starts to ask a question when his phone rings. He checks who's calling then grins brightly. "Sorry guys, I gotta get going. Ricky calling," he blushes a bit. "See ya Robyn. Rashmi. And great meeting you, Six," he says as he goes. "Hey, Babe," he speaks into the phone before vanishing through the door.

"I appreciate that." The books. A grin is turned on Robyn as Rashmi gushes about the Silmarillion. "It's a really long, dry, and often boring book with everything Rashmi said." Sorry, but Six wants to warn people. "Takes a real geek to enjoy it." Teasing you, Rashmi! "Thanks about the clothes, Robyn, but don't. Anything of yours I can wear shirt wise will be destroyed. I've enough until things settle." Promise. "It's great of you to offer though." Eddie gets a wave. "See you later!"

Robyn tends to get homesick from time to time himself and he's worried that since Six just got dropped in the school without warning, so to speak, that he might find it rough adjusting. Also Robyn's just a friendly kind of guy given the environment. "I don't think I'm gonna be reading it, I don't read much. I tend to stick more to my movies. Like Rashmi said, I'm a Tim Burton fanatic and it's most my inspiration for my sculpting."

Rashmi wrinkles her nose at Six, not quite sticking her tongue out at him, but clearly she's taking the jibe with good humor. "That's fine… I know it's not really all that exciting for everyone. ..Oh here, let me get that…" Rising from her place at the table, she starts collecting the dishes, taking it upon herself to clean up the dinner leavings.

Six has no issue with either reading, or Tim Burton, so he merely smiles and nods. "Oh, thanks!" To Rashmi for taking those plates. "I love reading, but I'm not sure I'm a geek about anything. I'm sure we'll figure it out." So not worried about it. His parents kept him a little too busy to focus on stuff like that. "What squads are you guys on? People keep talking about it." Clearly it's important!

"Well it depends on if you have anything that you kind of focus on I guess. I get really into Tim Burton films and sculpting, Rashmi loves her books and studies, Cam cooking, Dallas and Jordan love their sports…everyone seems to have a 'thing'." Robyn says with a shrug, the about the squads Robyn makes a face. "I'm on Alpha Squadron, we're an odd team. I don't know the last time I saw Antonio and I swear one of my squad members doesn't try. She is terrified of her powers but does nothing to try to get over it but whine."

"All the squads are like that, a little," Rashmi says from the sink as she scrubs up. "I'm on Paragons… James and Zack almost got into a fistfight, my boyfriend Lucas seems to think he can pull off the tough-guy jerk thing..but really he sucks at it, honestly..I hardly ever see Aleksey, and I'm still almost convinced that Leighton is just a story everyone makes up to fool me… Still. It *does* give us all some common ground for when it really matters, and in spite of his faults James really makes a point of making the squad thing matter to him."

Zack walks in, looking for osmthing to eat, a snack, somthing, anything mostly, he's still looking glum, somabey he'll nuke a hot pocket or 12

Paragons and Alpha Squadron. Six takes this all in, not interrupting. "I wonder which one I'll be on." For he clearly has no idea. He's seated at the table near Robyn, resting back in his chair. The wings are partially spread to either side, making for limited moving room around the teen. He takes a lot of space. Doesn't want to talk bad about people, so doesn't ask about the teammates who don't do anything. Zack walks in and the teen lifts a hand. "Hi."

Robyn nods and finally finishes his dinner. "Sorry, I don't mean to complain, I dunno. I know it's not a competition, I'm not looking to do better than another team or even be like Dallas or Lucas, trying to be the next member of the X-Men where powers mean everything. It's just, I have a dangerous power and not much control, I work, sometimes it feels like I struggle to get control and she just cries about it. I can't feel bad for someone when they don't try." Robyn says maybe just needing to vent over a frustrating team member. "Anyway, Rashmi, did Lucas romance you last night?"

Rashmi grins widely. "Yes, and he looked *so good,* oh my *God!* I didn't even know he *had* clothes like that! And I'd never been to the Olive Garden, it was just…" She trails off, turning to lean against the counter, hearts practically floating over her head. "It was a perfect first date ever, definitely… Oh! Hi Zack!"

Zack huhs a moment and he waves, "heya guys, how are you all doing, well I hope, sounds like you had a good time" he says as he opens up the freeze, ya, a box of hot pockets. Laying tem out on a plate and working to fix it into the nuker

"It's okay." Six assures Robyn of speaking ill of his teammates. He looks concerned as powers are spoken of, but the teen is really low on the dangerous scale, so he can't quite grasp the problem. "You shouldn't have to feel bad." Agreeing about the crying part. "Especially not if no effort is made." The date has him smiling again though, especially as Rashmi gushes. "Glad someone had a good time."

Robyn smiles and is glad to hear that Rashmi had a good time. It makes it worth it that Robyn helped Lucas out with a gift card for the clothes department. He's not going to say that even Dallas helped out. "That's awesome Rashmi. Jordan totally surprised me last night." Robyn admits as Zack walks in. "Hey roomie, how's it going. And just to let you know, Cam cooked so there's still delicious pasta left, if you want it." He hasn't gone yet to find the dessert he was talking about. "Thanks Six. I guess it's cause I try to get special lessons with Addison to try to get everything under control."

Rashmi grins. "See, that's what I love about Valentine's Day… Well, I do *now,* let's be honest… but anyway. Zack? Just so you know… I talked to James, yesterday. So if you see him again—which probably won't be soon, but just in case… just hear him out, okay? He's honestly trying to make up for being such a toad."

Six lifts those wings of his, "I've got it easy in a lot of ways. Sure I can't hide them, but it's no different than people staring at you if you were disabled.. and I'm certainly not disabled." He's rather well adjusted all things considered. Took some years to get to that stage, but his supportive family sure helped. A look to Zack as Rashmi speaks of James. "The more I hear the worse this guy gets." It's more of a question than anything else, and wings settle down.

Zack thinks about it, and he nods his head, "All right i'll have some pasta too." he says as he nukes the pockets, and a very different look comes over his face when rashmi says James' name, very…intense, "That fucker can kiss me ass" he says strongly, "you know…I came in, I told him not to use my name, and he gets pissed at me, you know, he pretended to be me and acted like an asshole, I'm not gonn astand for that." he clenchs his fist, and then sighs, "I dunno, you know what, I think he was pissed that I didn't "vist" him in the medical bay. I dunno, you know, he was possessed, fine, I'll accept that, but I don't have to like it, you know what he did, same as I, so I don't owe him anything." he says, quite upset about the whole thing, moving to step away, forgetting his hot pockets.

"I've never met James, nor really heard much about him, but I kind of have to agree with Rashmi in a way." Robyn says pushing his hair back. "There are times I want to punch her boyfriend, Lucas, right in the face." Again. "But there are other times he surprises the hell out of me and isn't always a jerk so maybe he's like Lucas. Half the time he's an ass other other half he's a decent guy. And also with the demon thing, please don't hold that over his head. Trust me, it he didn't have control of himself."

"No, Zack," Rashmi says quietly, turning back to the dishes, "you don't owe him anything. Nobody even said that. But it probably did hurt his feelings a little not to see you there… but hey, that happens. Just… being part of a team is one of the few things that he'll always take seriously, you know? I'm not saying you have to be buddies, because I'd be the *last* person to think that's possible… just… At the end of the day, we're going to have to work together. During powers training, if nothing else. Try to remember that, okay?"

A blink of surprise at Zack as he speaks of James. It has Six remaining quiet since he knows none of the people being spoken of. Not Lucas, or James, or even the teammate Robyn was speaking ill of.

Zack shakes his head again as he goes to just get a protine shake, and he'll pour it, "ya, you're right, but he certinally sounded like I stabbed him cause I didn't do that, and you know what..I don't hold it over him, but if I don't hold him to what he did then he can't complain to me about not wanting to be close to him. he thinks I'm weak I'm sure, and if he comes at me again I'm going to break his limbs" he says bluntly, "We gotta work together, fine, but I wouldn't doubt him if he tried to take a ite out of me"

Robyn shuts up as the two talk and looks to Six with a shrug. "So do you want some of that dessert Cam was talking about?" Yes it's a change of subject and Robyn hops off the stool and heads to the fridge to dig out the Tiramisu. "So who wants some?" He asks wondering if anyone else will, he does have a sweet tooth after all. He does look at Zack for a minute and then looks at Rashmi. "Does his anger remind you of anyone else?"

Rashmi's mouth snaps shut as well, in the face of Zack's steamroller vehemence. "…Quite a few people," she murmurs in reply, drying off her hands with the dishtowel and snapping it onto the oven handle. "If that's how you feel Zack, I guess that's just how it is. Don't forget your hot pockets. I… I'm sorry, but I've homework I really should finish before tomorrow."

Zack just sort of stands there, really, this incident has really taken him out of his shy demenor. He's seen a lot of street fights, and this incident with james feels just like a streetfight. The latino knows he can't back down. "Wel I'll have some of that pasta too I bet it tastes great"

"I'm sorry, I don't know you, but that sounds like one hell of a grudge." Six says to Zack. "Grudges are pretty stupid in the long run." Sheepishly he tugs at an ear, looking at Zack a short time before answering Robyn. "No thanks. I don't like Tiramisu." The smile he gives Robyn is warm though. "Good night, Rashmi. I think I'll take my leave too. Good night, everyone." No homework, but there are still things Six should be doing.

Robyn stands up and nods. "Rash, mind if I tag along with you so I can grab that thing before you turn in for the night? It's in mine and Zack's room." The room that Robyn is still surprised he hasn't scared Zack yet. "It is great Zack, and if you wanna chat later, I'll be in the room all night." He looks at Six and nods. "G'night Six, let me know when you find out if you're staying or not."

Zack will hit the microwave, "I don't have a grudge, if he stays away from me, I don't have a problem with him, but you know what, he killd a guy, we saw it, he got better, fine, and then he decided to use my name to mess with a new student, so I told him to cut it out, and he gets pissed at me and attacks me. you know what, if he's gonna attack me cause I tell him not to pretend to be me, then I'm gonna make sure he knows not to do it again. He stays away, fine, I'm cool. I'm just saying if he thinks I'm weak and tries to get to me, I'm gonna knock his teeth out. Then he'll know that I'm serious. Guys like that don't listen to words, you need to beat em so bad that they know it's a bad idea. Like two dogs fighting, need to show em who's balls are bigger. Not what I wanna do, but that's his type, and I won't back down, not here. I like this place, I wanna stay here and he's not gonna push me out." taking out his food, he just eats it, wolfing it down for chalories.

Six rises to his feet and shakes his head at Zack. "Weak? That's.. weird. We're not herd animals to be picked off by predators." Sorry, doesn't get it, and doesn't get why Zack is so focused on it. Still, his tone is a laughing one as he waves. "Anyway, night." So not encouraging Zack in this. "Thanks again, Robyn." And with that he's gone.

"Good night, Six," Rashmi says, her voice weary. "Sure Robyn, if you'd like that'd be fine." The redhead looks to the back of Zack's head, a sort of saddened disappointment coloring her expression. "I'm really sorry, Zack, if that's the way it's going to be…" Sorry for what, however, she remains silent on, and simply walks toward the door. "Meet me in the lobby when you're done with dessert, Robyn?"

Robyn looks at Zack and bites his lower lip, trying to think of what to say. He doesn't bother with dessert anymore though. "Zack…" He doesn't know what to say, so he just pats his roommate on his large shoulder. "I'll see ya in the room later." He says as he goes to leave the kitchen shortly behind Rashmi and Six.

Zack just looks over at the pair, and he furrows his brow, looking at their faces and he just finishes eating and puts his dishes away, "Fine….you guys are going back to the room, fine, I won't go back there for now, I'll just let you two talk…" almost glaring at the pair with those looks, "Fine, I'll be in later…" he mummers and just goes to head out, "I'll be around, I don't know I don't feel like working out agian"

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